Yoga For Healing

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How do I access the materials?
You will gain instant access to a members only portal where you can stream videos and download other materials. Please note that an internet connection is required to stream the videos, and they will not be available to download for offline use, due to extremely large file sizes.

What are the system requirements to access the materials?
A stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 768 kb/second is necessary to stream video content from the site. In order to access the .pdf materials, you must have a program capable of reading the documents. (ie. Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Are the video’s available on DVD?
Not at this time.  This program is only available online as a membership site.

How long does my site membership last?
For the lifetime of the course. If for some reason the site must come down you will get advanced notice and a chance to download all materials.

What if I don’t receive my registration or log in information?
Check your Spam folder. Sometimes it accidentally gets sent there.

It’s difficult for me to do normal everyday activities, will I really be able to practice?
Yes! You get to take things at your own pace and take breaks. It’s okay to simply sit in stillness or lay in savasana as long as you need. It’s wonderful to have permission to just be still.

Will I lose weight by doing this course?
I have no idea. That is not what this course is about. We are working towards functional movement of the body and getting at deeper internal healing both physically and emotionally.

Do I need to be flexible to take these classes?
No. You will most likely gain flexibility with consistent practice but it’s not a requirement. If a posture isn’t accessible for you do only what feels right or take a break until we move on to the next posture.

I do a power yoga class regularly, should I take your course?
If you are looking to expand or deepen your yoga scope in new ways, or if it seems like power may be too much for your body at this time, then of course.

What activity level do I need to have?
You need to be able to sit on the floor and do some standing, although you can use the wall or chair for support.

How often should I practice?
Only you know the real answer. Here is what I suggest: No matter what carve out the time for yourself each day to put on a video. If the postures are too much, either sit or lay in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Day 7 includes an extended guided savasana which you could do lying in your bed if you needed to. Eventually the goal would be to work up to doing 1 practice per day.

What type of music is on during the videos?
The videos don’t have music this way you can choose what you want to listen to. Music can either get you into a deeper relaxation and release, or it can be distracting. I will provide playlist and artist ideas and links to my playlists just in case. Just put your volume on your music player down to about 50% and push play on the video.

How long are the videos?
They are varied but range between 40-60 minutes.

Do I need any props?
You do not need to purchase anything extra. We use things you can find at home like blankets, a wall and a chair. If you have props and are confident in using them you are welcome to.

Can I type in the journal?
No, you will have to print the pages and then use a good ol’ fashion pen, pencil, crayon or marker. We could all use a little less screen time. I love the trees though, so if you already have a journal feel free to use that.

What are Tera’s credentials?
Tera is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and has completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through Corepower Yoga with over 100 additional training hours. She believes experience has been one of her best teachers and has hours of practice, a healing struggle, practiced at many studios all over the country, studied different instructors and styles, and devoured many books.

What if I don’t receive my log in information or password?
Check your Spam or Junk folder.  Sometimes it accidentally get’s sent there.

I have additional questions and/or I need tech support
Contact me here! I will respond to your email within 72 hours. Please don’t ask me medical or health-related questions, I won’t be able to answer those!