Wire Writing Secrets – How To Make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

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Making Simple Wire Name Jewelry

No Matter What your Previous Experience


Other Marketeers were Constantly Amazed at how much money I could make twisting bits of wire !


Andy, I bought the ‘How to Make Wire Names” book and I am GLAD I found it. I am a 66 yr old disabled man on dialysis and now I have a way to make a living!

Doing wire names at festivals and farmers markets and my worst day I made $100. Usually I make between $200 & $300 a day. Not bad for “working” 10 hours on a weekend.

I love what I am doing and the people I meet making wire name pins and pendants

Thanks for showing me this opportunity…

Peter Lansing, Milford, OH, USA – Peter@Scho-Lan.com  






  Jewelry skills anyone can learn !
  How to Generate $1,574 a week using just a few tools..
  How to become skilled at making wire names, even if you’re brand new to making jewelry..
  I am about to reveal the CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS of the ancient skill of wire writing
  These Unique Names you can sell at craft markets and they areGUARANTEED to make you money..
  A Business you can start that DOESN’T COST THE EARTH to set up..
  If you are in the Business of making your own Jewelry, this is one skill you Must Not Ignore
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A Conversation with Andy The Name Bender.. 

I was wondering how to tell my story, so I got a friend of mine to interview me..

   “So tell me how you started selling Wire Names?”

“I’ve been doing it for 25 years now and most of the time its been my only income and i’ve been really grateful to the guy that showed me, he was never protective about showing me the skill

In fact he didn’t really show me that much, he basically, gave me an alphabet in wire and then I just taught myself and every day I went up to him and showed him a sample of what I’d made and said hey whaddya think? (laugh) is it any better? and he’d say “yeah, better better” (accent) because he was Japanese this guy

Eventually there came a day he left town usually he was moving around a lot, so, he didn’t even mind the competition in fact we set up together one time I remember

I remember making one name I had this crappy little display with one name on it, and the name was Maria, in Greek, because it was in Greece we were selling, which is spelt with a p it’s spelt with an english p so its Mapia instead of Maria so I made this name Mapia or Maria and it was probably the commonest female name in Greece at the time, and probably still is


This was in ’85 and or ’86 can’t remember which, and yeah basically I just (laugh) I had this little tiny display with this one name on it when this guy left and I just put it up and just to see what would happen and lot’s of lookers I remember and I must have sold one eventually because I had to replace it


So you know, once I’d sold one name that was it really, I mean then it gives you the confidence of being able to sell stuff and I just basically built it up from there and created a bigger display and brought it off the ground so it didnt look so, so crappy and er yeah that was the start of it that was 25 years ago and still making them today (laugh)”


“Tell me about this Scandal you had with another Name Bender?”

“Yeah, so one day I was checking my email and I came across this email saying you’ve got a new Youtube message, I thought great, someone’s commented on my video…



So I went to Youtube had a look at my comments, and there was this broken english type of, type of comment that, basically saying that I was ah giving away all the secrets of the Name Benders of the world, and that what I was telling people was that, it shouldn’t be told


Which I thought was really strange, because here’s a guy thats obviously been making these names for donkeys years, and he’s trying to protect his own, his own real estate so to speak


He’s got the idea that he’ll make more money the fewer the people know about this thing so this is a really strange point of view in my eyes, because there’s plenty of people on this earth to learn this skill and in my eyes what it is that you can, anyone can learn it, and anyone can make money and, this is what I did when I first started in 1985”

What is name jewelry exactly? Never heard of that ! – Someone told me one day when I was selling my earrings, “There’s this guy selling Names round the corner” – Huh? I went and had a look…


When I saw what It was…. A guy making peoples first names out of wire and using pliers to twist it – just like this  


That got me thinking…. Hmm.. I make basic jewelry, make a pittance and it takes me hours to make it

This Japanese guy making names, does two hours work, makes a Heap of Cash, packs up and leaves

I don’t know about you, but I knew which I preferred !

It wasn’t rocket science I guess, so I started to learn how to make peoples Names from wire every day from there on in..

Today I just sell them over the Internet, but then I sprung on a great idea ..

What if I could put all my knowledge I have learned over 24 years into a book? Well, more specifically an Ebook that teaches this amazing craft to other people

Sure it makes me money, but it potentially can help thousands of other people (like you !) to start a low cost small craft business where you can set your own income by selling at craft markets, shows, festivals etc. or just on the internet?

Or even just the thrill of knowing a new craft skill as a hobby?

Here are a few hurdles I came across when I first started out on this venture which could be the very questions you may be asking..


  How long would it take to learn this new skill ?
  Could I do it ?
  Would I be nervous selling to the public ?
  Would my work be good enough ?
  Where do I get all my supplies ?
  Could I afford it ?
  What if it turns out that I commit to this and I fail miserably ? I would have wasted my time and money..
  Will I do what I usually do – start something and never finish it ?

You may relate to one or more of these, a couple of them were real problems for me ! I got my friend to interview me again with those very questions above:


“How long did it take you to learn the skill of wire writing?”


“Well, that’s a good question, I remember I was making basic earrings so I bought all these beads and wire and stuff from Covent Garden in London down to Greece in my backpack and I first started selling beaded jewelry


Pretty simple jewelry, but there was heaps of competition for that, so when I actually started to make the names it probably took me about 2 months and I really wasn’t practicing that much


I practiced in my spare time while I was selling beaded jewelry probably about two months before I was selling to the public I actually learned it quicker than that, it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to sell them though”


“Did you ever doubt you could do it?”


“I might have had a little bit of doubt there but really it was just a question of survival, it was either that or pick oranges and tomatoes and stuff like that with my friends who were earning horrible wages and were coming back from their days work covered in this green stuff, which I think it was some banned chemical like DDT they were using


Everyone was getting infections, so I thought, no way, I’m not doing that so, yeah, no I didn’t really doubt I could do it, I just did it”



Until I came across “How To Make Wire Names”  by Andy, I did not expect to find a way to make some extra income, I was convinced that everything on the internet was a scam..
I bought the book and to my surprise this book works!

Andy had gone to great effort to include everything I knew I needed and what I did not know I needed. 90 Days later I am selling my work!

Everyone Likes the work Andy has taught me in his book. My first day out at a school “Fun Day” I was told to expect poor sales by the other vendors

I made the most sales of all the vendors, $116.00 for a four hour day. People are calling and placing orders too ! Getting repeat orders is a good sign

I can not say it loud enough! BUY THIS  E-BOOK NOW!


Dennis Rietwyk, FL, USA  



“Were you ever nervous selling to the public?”


“Oh yeah, that was a big one for me, I remember I made all this jewelry and I had a stack of it ready to sell, this was before I started selling the names, and I just couldn’t pluck up the courage to go out there and just face these people looking at me and thinking I was some kind of weirdo


Yeah it was very weird, a weird feeling. (Sigh) I dunno one night I basically waited till I’d got down to my last dollar, really, my last drachma or whatever it was, I just had to go out there and make money and that’s how I got over it”


“Did you think your work was good enough?”


“Yeah, I practiced a lot to make sure I got it perfect but its just one of those things you just had to test it, you know, you hope the people are gonna like it obviously, but if they don’t like it they won’t buy it basically, and it probably happened a few times I don’t really remember but I just got better and better as I went along, yeah I just think it was good enough”


“Where did you get your supplies?”


“At first I was on this island of Crete and there was (laugh) very small towns and I dunno I was just lucky I guess, there was this craft shop in town, or hobby shop, or whatever you wanna call it, it sold these packets of silver plated wire


I just basically bought them out, bought the wire from this shop and the tools, I don’t remember, I must’ve got them from the same shop


There wasn’t much to really worry about because I only had to buy round nosed pliers and some snips and the wire, and I just made a basic display out of some type of cork board or something, I can’t remember now, yeah so the supplies weren’t really a problem”



“Could you afford it at the time? To start this Business?”


“Well, could I afford it – I had a dollar (laugh) to my name when I first started and you know, I had all the jewelry made up, yeah look, it started from nothing, basically, almost zero


So I wish I’d known the skills that I’ve written in this ebook now (laugh) when I’d started I mean it would have been really helpful, but, yep like I say, one dollar, that’s all I started with”


“Did you ever think it would become a Business for you ?”

“No I, I had no idea, in fact, this is gonna sound really stupid but I think, I didn’t even realize it was a business until I think probably, ten years later after I started, I didn’t really treat it like a business, it was just a way of making money

Then I finally became aware of entities like (laugh) sole traders and all this kind of stuff, yeah, I didn’t even think about it, but now it just became a business, and I treated it like a business, and it’s still a business today

I quit selling at the markets mainstream in 2004, and now just sell mainly on the internet, and at the start of 2011 I started to do the odd craft market here and there and yeah, its been a great little Business”


 So the problems that I had when I first started can be Your Opportunity…

Introducing my Ebook – Now with 162 pages jam packed with Instructions and Photographs. This Skill could make all the difference to how you make money in the future..  





Heres a quick preview of what you will have at your fingertips..


  Starter Tools, and Tools to use for the Professional (Pages 6 – 10)
  Different types of Wire you can use and Stiffness of wires (Pages 10 – 12)
  How to grip and position the Pliers (Pages 12 – 14)
  Commonly used Wire Bends and Loops in letters (Pages 16 – 24)
  How to make All Capital letters A to Z with full diagrams and instructions (Pages 26 – 74)
  How to make All Lower Case letters a to z with full diagrams and instructions (Pages 76 – 125)
  How to Embellish your name with a heart symbol (Page 127)
  Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Name Pendant (Page 130)
  Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Name Pin (Page 135)
  How to make Special Combinations of letters (Pages 138 – 142)
  Stall / Booth setup (Pages 145 – 147)
  Selling your Names (Pages 148 – 149)
  How to make the Numbers 0 – 9 in wire (Pages 150 – 160)
   Appendix – Suppliers (Pages 161 – 162)




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OK, where do I get my figures to back up my claim of making $1,574 per week?

Here was my typical income from craft markets only in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia – A small town (pop. Approx 90,000) in 2001…


Thursday night craft market

 $242 – $726

  5 hours work

Friday night craft market

 $40 – $161

 4  hours work

Saturday morning craft market

 $40 – $202

 4 hours work

Sunday morning craft market

 $40 – $161

 5 hours work

Sunday night craft market

 $81 – $323

 4   hours work



Total: $444 – $1,574 Per Week 


 Now, I wanted to make sure you had some more bonuses to help you along, so..

In addition to my Ebook I’ve put together these extra special bonuses for you..


FREE Extra Special Gift Bonuses !


In PDF Ebook pdf  format, some tips are basic, and others more advanced, all designed to make you a Master with your wire writing skill

$9.95   – FREE !

20 Tips to help you with new skill of wire writing 

Using techniques explained in the Ebook in a downloadable or watchable online file,  I will be running through the video with step-by-step instructions vocal instructions, so if you have pliers, cutters and wire at the ready – give it a shot !

$14.95 – FREE !


Downloadable Printable Cheat Sheet - Common Wire Bends for quick reference so you don’t have to keep referring to the computer to find the right bend.

$9.95    – FREE !

 cheat sheet for common wire writing bends

 In PDF Ebook pdf format – Great for naming any baby girl additions you may be planning for your family ! Contains every name under the sun you can imagine so you will never be stuck for a name again when it comes to choosing one for that special Baby Girl

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 Absolute list of female first names every name you need to name your baby

PDF Ebook pdf - Great for naming any baby boy additions you may be planning for your family ! Contains every name under the sun you can imagine so you will never be stuck for a name again when it comes to choosing one for that special Baby Boy

$24.95    – FREE !

 All the male names you need to know to name your baby





“Okay, enough ! How much is this Ebook going to cost?”

I’m sure you can appreciate my reason for this.. Your Ebook should you decide to download it contains 26 years of my knowledge, all compiled into a jam packed 162 pages complete with full instructions and easy to follow diagrams.

In fact, it’s much more than a book it’s a full blown instruction manual so I figured I could easily get $97 for it, but don’t worry, I’m not that greedy, I wanted to come up with a price that would be fair for both of us

In fact one of my buyers agreed with me, “Most other sellers of the same or similar product wanted too much money trying to sell the business and tools I already own”

So instead of $97 I’ve made the price a low $49







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I never get to handle any credit card details (clickbank does everything automatically) so your details are secure.

If you decide within 90 days after your purchase that you don’t like my ebook, I will gladly give you a complete refund through clickbank of your purchase price.

All I ask is to let me know what dissatisfied you about my ebook so I can review it for possible improvements. You can’t lose with my 100%, ironclad, money-back guarantee


90 day full money back guarantee


Okay, so let’s Recap..

 What you Get


Your Cost

Wire Writing Secrets Ebook



20 crucial tips on how to make a better personalized wire name



Downloadable video file



Downloadable Printable  Cheat Sheet



List of Female First Names



List of Male First Names



Total Value  $161.75  
 Your Cost  


 Your Saving




Procrastinating could be a costly mistake – as you can see you get the works, so take the opportunity while it’s staring you in the face !




 Solve your money worries now…

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The biggest risk in life is not to take a risk, you never know – it may change your life !

So there you have it..

Would you agree you’ve really got nothing to lose?

You can have all the skills under your belt that you need in this ebook to make a constant $1,574 a week, or even more, you can sell more from the comfort of your own home through a website or ebay !

Or you can just add to your hobby list with the added bonus of being able to make Birthday and Christmas presents !

If you decide to purchase, I really wish you the best of luck with this amazing skill that has seen me through all these years..

All the best,





 Yes Andy ! I want to make money whenever it suits me !

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This is what you will see on the checkout page:


Clickbank checkout page for wire writing secrets



Last Chance to become Financially Independent..

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P.S. – Let me remind you that purchase of this Ebook is backed by my Rock-solid 100% no risk money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Act now before this offer ends

P.P.S. – Remember, the risk is entirely on me. You can use every strategy and technique from this powerful skill for two full months and prove to yourself that it works as well as I’ve promised

P.P.P.S. – Remember access is instant… You can potentially make your first piece of name jewelry within a few days of purchase, if you act fast! 

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