What Men Like In Women

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After talking to Laura it was clear that she had no idea on how to activate primal instincts in men. She had no idea how to control the feelings in her man towards her.

She is not alone in this. A majority of women have no knowledge about “Men’s Want List”. They have no idea on how to use it to make their man feel strong desires for them and make these feelings last forever. So they focus all their energy on reaching milestones like getting him to go on one more date, getting him to say I love you, having him call back, have him return affection and getting married. They feel these milestones might change his feelings and bring stability + longevity to their relationship. 

But this rarely works…the harder you try to get him the more distant he gets.

You may be able to attract a man in the short run but unless you activate his bonding code using the “Want List” – he will loose interest and leave you sooner or later.

In order to help Laura, I prepared a cheat code.   

I took all the notes from training my make clients and put together a collection of notes, videos, and images to help her understand what men like in women and how to trigger their primal instinct so they fall in love with you and desire to spend their lives with you.

Through these cheat codes, I taught her triggers to make a man bond with you. I gave her the deep understanding of what it is that men crave on the biological level. These are the only desires that matter – rest is just politically correct and socially cool messages to not get punished by society. And unless you can appeal to these desires in him, something will keep telling him that you both are not on the same page and he will not want to be with you.

Laura and I spent about an hour to go over all the material. She took these messages to heart and made simple changes. This information caused a quick change in her interactions and attitude.

8 months forward she is a different person. 

Last time I spoke with her she told me how she cannot leave her home without some man approaching her. 

She told me how men at work often take over tasks for her and that recently got a promotion. 

She also mentioned that she met a great man a few months back and is now engaged to him. He treats her special and loves her children as much as she does.

Laura kept going on dates hoping for men to make an effort to connect with her. She would go tired when they would not engage in deep conversation, reveal stuff about themselves or lacked the effort to bond.

It is frustrating when the guy who is dating you and seeing you regularly is still not opening up to you or trusting and committing to you.

But this is what men do!

Men are confused creatures. Most men do not know what they want. They assume spending extended time with you and getting good sex will somehow make love happen.

When this does not happen they start thinking about seeing other women hoping they will feel different with other women.

Whereas your focus has shifted to bring permanency in your relationship. You try to get a commitment out of him.

But he is not there yet.

Pushing him or chasing him will not work because, right now, he does not want you as much as you want him.

It will only bring him feelings of being trapped in a relationship and this will scare him away.

The only time a relationship will succeed is when he wants you as much as you want him.

So instead of trying to pushing him into a relationship, learn to trigger desire in him for you using his “Want List”.

And I do not mean the superficial want list he mentions to look cool, I mean the deeply rooted male want list on the biological level that triggers desire in his subconscious mind and the minds of every single man on this planet.

This is the want list that most men are not even aware of.

I discovered long ago that: “what men ACTUALLY desire in Women and what they THINK they desire are completely opposite things”. I discovered that men have different superficial ideas on what they want in women but that only leads to one-night stands and broken relationships because these superficial items are not actually what is on their real “Want List”.

And when they met a woman who matched their “Want List”, it was game over for them. They bent backward, ignored their superficial list and went against the norm to be with her. They left no stone unturned to end up with her because she was unlike any other woman they had met. And all of this because she met the want list over other women.

How I Discovered The “Male Want List”

Over the years, I interviewed male clients that came to my workshop because I wanted to have a better understanding of them and their genetic want list. So I started compiling a list of things that mattered most to them and crossed off the items from their superficial list that did not match their real want list.

Most of these men were not even aware of these deeply rooted wants. Even I was shocked to see some of the things there because you just did not expect them to be that important to men.

And before long I had an ACTUAL BLUEPRINT not some superficial list of WHAT MEN REALLY WANT AND LIKE IN WOMEN!

And until a woman meets this want list, she will always struggle to make a man love her and stay forever.

Once men find the woman who activates their primal drive they will stop at nothing and go out of their way to be with that woman. I am a living proof of that and I have hundreds of clients who stand testament to this theory.

My clients and I dated hundreds of great women but did not settle with any of them. When we found the right woman, who met the want list, it took us weeks not even months to marry and settle down. Things move very fast, even for players, when the right woman shows up.

For now here is a story of one of my clients who settled down the minute he met a woman with want list. 
He is a young, handsome doctor. After training with me, he became amazingly good with women. He dated multiple women and had numerous one night stands. Until he met the woman who activated his primal drive because she met his want list. He had a one night stand with her and before the night was over he asked her if she would marry and have a child with him. They have been married for over 4 years and have 2 kids. 
This is the power of primal attraction. Watch the testimony he gave me for my men's website:
So if you want to settle down with average men, I have nothing to offer to you other than wishing you good luck. But if you want a high-quality man then you need to learn the triggers that activate primal instinct in men and use it to create an eternal bond with the man you like.

I created this simple system that has helped hundreds of my private clients go from tired and frustrated with men to having the man they’ve always wanted treat them with such passion and devotion that many tell me personally that it’s “exhilarating.”

In fact, what makes this program both powerful and life-changing is that I’ll show you how to release those qualities within yourself that men simply can’t resist.

This guide will bring a level of respect, love, and security into relationships that you never imagined was possible. It’s been specifically designed to be something you can use tonight and start seeing amazing results in your man and relationships immediately.

You’ll be able to understand any man, know his inner desires and be able to draw him in by using this “Want List”. 

This program will teach you how even the hardest men like me melt when bonding codes are activated. You will learn why a man like me who never wanted to marry, rushed into marrying my wife. What was so different about her, what did she have to offer that other 500 women did not have. Understanding this secret is the key to successfully attracting and keeping men in your life.

Men will soon begin to look at you and desire you. It does not matter whether you are single or married, you will have men under your spell. They will experience extreme attraction for you which will make them putty in your hands. You will never have to play any games and feel childish or insecure. You will control men and direction of your relationship – every single time!

Instead of chasing men you will follow what you have learned here and rest will take care on by itself.

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