The X-pain Method

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3 Simple Techniques You Can Use Now To Ease Your Pain Immediately!

From the Desk of: Dr Graeme Teague, Christchurch, N.Z
Re: Your 3 Techniques To Ease Your Pain Today
Dear Friend,

I was once asked by a friend for 3 techniques he could use to ease pain quickly.


Well, he was on holiday and had injured his back. Not wanting to spend the rest of his holiday in pain he thought he’d give me a call.

So I thought hard about the 3 techniques I knew would be most effective to ease pain quickly. Ones that he could perform easily, that could be explained easily also.

Below are those techniques, the ones that allowed him to be pain free that night and enjoy the rest of his holiday.

If you or a loved one is currently dealing with any sort of back pain, and it’s causing you stress, discomfort, and frustration … I’m about to show you something that simply makes life better for you right now.

Before I start though, let me explain a bit more about how these came about…

Who I Am And Why I Can Help You Get Rid of Back Pain
Dr Graeme TeagueMy name is Dr Graeme Teague, and I’m a qualified Chiropractor, Homeopath, Applied Kinesiologist, and Acupressure practitioner here in New Zealand.

And the reason why I can completely sympathize with your current situation is… I’ve suffered from back pain for most of my life as well!

I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to live in constant pain from it. It can cause a lot of stress and frustration… negatively affecting your day-to-day happiness.

In fact, my back pain caused me to feel uncomfortable all the time. As time went on, it only got worse and started negatively affecting every area of my life.

The inability to do the things I loved the most, like sports and working out, really made my life stressful and frustrating.

I Tried SO Many Different Treatments…
rmitBut just when I was about ready to throw in the towel and give up, the most amazing thing happened.

I came across a Chiropractor who used various reflexes as well as a technique called Applied Kinesiology on me.

And the most amazing part was, my back pain disappeared.

Because of this almost “magical” ability he used to get rid of my pain, I decided I wanted to do the same with my life.

So I went on to study Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Applied Kinesiology.

When I graduated in 1991 from RMIT in Melbourne, I worked closely with that practitioner.

But My Back Pain Soon Returned…
I found that when I went away on holidays… my back pain would return.

When I got home, I’d have to have treatment that just provided short-term relief.

I was told that I needed to continue with treatment if I wanted to keep my back pain from returning.

So, once again… over the next few years… I continued to spend a ton of money on expensive therapy.

Finally, when I got sick and tired of dealing with the pain, as well as the huge amount of money I was spending, I decided to research the problem myself.

How I Discovered The Solution to My Back Pain When So Many Other Things Failed…
I started reading hundreds of medical journals and books on back pain and all the related techniques that were currently being used to treat it.

I spent countless dollars attending seminars and courses … hoping to find THE answer to my back pain.

I literally spent hundreds of hours trying many different techniques to see what worked and what didn’t.

And what I found out simply amazed me.

Did you know …
back_stretchStretching is the LEAST effective way to remove back pain – pain literally returns quicker if all you do is stretch. But if you use a certain type of stretching you can COMPLETELY REVERSE this result and become and stay pain free.

Adjusting joints long term means you will ALWAYS need to be adjusted – great if you are a Chiropractor (it’s good for business if you always have pain). However, target the foundations of your spine and you can remain in balance easily.

lifting-weightCertain reflexes protect you when you are in pain, they even turn on after injuries. If left untreated, no matter what you try – stretching, exercises, adjusting joints – pain will never respond well and will ALWAYS return.

That exercising and lifting weights is prescribed as a cure for back pain … yet is listed as one of the most common causes!

I was literally amazed and frightened by these studies and now knew why so many techniques and programs failed.

So I Developed A Foolproof Solution…
It’s called the X-Pain Program and it remains the most effective back pain program on the web.

However, there is a problem. It is very comprehensive; it covers every aspect of your pain and its designed to remove both your pain and ALL its causes.

For most people though (including my friend Don when he called me) is that you simply want to ease pain now!

So from all the techniques I teach, I worked out those that clients said were the quickest and most effective ways to ease pain …

The Pain and Discomfort Completely Disappeared!
Yes, this was the most common response I got back from those using these techniques.

Here are just a few responses to the techniques you are about to learn:

Just think of how happy you’ll feel when you’re finally free from that nagging and irritating back pain.

No more days of pain, suffering, and aggravation. You’ll feel better… healthier… and more energetic. You’ll feel more vibrant… and more alive!

Here Are The Exact Tools You Will Use To End Your Pain … Permanently!
I’ll keep this short and sweet as I know you are most likely reading this in pain.

And nobody likes sitting reading web pages for hours when you can ease your pain in just minutes from now.

Inside you’ll learn:

A simple technique that clients call the “Wonder Cure” for back pain.

Whether it is low back pain or upper back pain.

Just a few minutes doing this and you can release the muscle tension that causes most of your pain and also help ease joint tension.

How To Literally Turn Off Pain Signals

Acupressure has been used for centuries to ease pain. In fact there are both acupuncture points and acupressure areas that can be used so people can have surgery without anesthesia.

Inside you’ll learn the points that control pain relating to your spine. Press these and just turn off your pain…

A Simple Reflex To Get Joints Moving

You may not be aware of the many reflexes that control how your body moves and functions.

For example when you tap below your knee, your leg shoots out – a common reflex you may be aware of.

There are many reflexes that when stimulated can ease joint tension, reset muscle tension and ease pain in a few short seconds.

Inside you will learn a few reflexes that cover your pain – again whether it is low back pain or neck pain.

Yes, 3 simple techniques (actually there’s a couple more inside to make sure you get results fast) to help ease pain today.

I’ve never released these before, they are usually part of my X-Pain Program and I have never broken this down before.

But after numerous requests for some simple pain relief, I’ve relented.

And I’ve priced it accordingly, an entry price so that everyone can get results without the burden of an expensive price tag.