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Attention smokers: Flush out your lungs and go from chain smoking to no-smoking in a few months.

LUNG DETOX – The First And Most Important Thing Every Smoker Should Do To Clean His Lungs And That Will Also Help Him Quit Smoking – Immediately And Permanently.

Help your lungs go from black and clogged to pink and healthy in under a year!

If you’ve been smoking for more than a year now, your lungs would look like the chimney of a factory – charred and black with smoke, dirty with sticky residue of nicotine and tar.

Doctors and med magazines tell you that it would normally take you fifteen smoke-free years to get your lungs looking pink and healthy again.

That’s true – to an extent.

But the scientific community has missed a small but vital link that’s staring them in the face!

A secret combination of the right food supplements, vitamins and exercise can rinse out the toxins from your lungs in less than 1 year!

March 10, 2007

From: David Rhodes

Subject: Highly effective treatment to flush out stubborn toxins stuck to your lungs from years of smoking. Added benefit – it will make you WANT to quit smoking.

FACT: Smokers often feel that they blow out most of the smoke they take in. In reality, however, they exhale only 10% of what they inhale. That means 90% of what you puff is lodged in your lungs!

Dear Friend,

Is this you?

If you’ve answered even one of the above questions with a “yes”, then you’re probably pretty depressed with your efforts to quit smoking.

To make matters worse, I have some depressing statistics for you (I wish I could spare you this, but there’s no running away from the truth).

Did you know that after 2 years of smoking …

Why is this so?

When you smoke, your lungs soak up the noxious fumes of tar and nicotine – much like a piece of sponge soaks up water.

Real Customer Testimonials

“I’d been smoking for 8 years when I watched Oprah’s show on TV. For the first time, I saw how black and tarred a smoker’s lung can be. The pair of lungs we saw was rubbery and flaky.

Scary to think that my own lungs were like this.

That’s what prompted me to stop smoking. But I was in a hurry to detoxify my lungs. I wanted to do something – anything – to clean out my lungs. I read and researched and in the middle of it, I came across your product.

I decided to give it a try because it seemed easy enough to do. And I’m happy I did.

When I started using it, I could actually feel the effect on my body. After 5 weeks of use, I feel better and healed already. My dry cough has stopped altogether. What’s more I’ve even lost a little excess weight.

Thank you for this wonderful package. It works!”

Dan Croft, Oklahoma.

It is true. I can feel my lungs being purged of tar. Sometimes my lungs did feel sick but after each time I felt so much better. I’ve only been using it for a month and I feel like I’m nearly finished. Thanks

Terry Lane., Houston

I’m so glad I found your website. I had no idea there was something so simple that could actually get rid of all those years of tar. My lungs feel great and feelings of joy are increasing every day. It’s amazing how having healthy lungs actually makes you feel happy. All that time I was depressed I just had sick lungs. Thankyou so much!

Rebecca B., New York


Cigarette tar contains some of the most carcinogenic substances known to man – and a lot of that is lodged in YOUR LUNGS!!

So, maybe you’ve quit the habit or maybe you’ve decided to stop smoking (which is in itself a supremely difficult task – we’ll get to that soon).

But what about the damage that’s already done? What about the toxins already lodged in your lungs? The toxins in your body are putrefying there even as you read this. It is waiting for a chance to become cancerous. Your toxin-filled lungs are like a ticking time-bomb within you. It could go off any second – and you’d know about it only after it’s too late.

Of course, this bomb would slowly become inactive IF you stopped smoking. But doctors and med journals don’t paint a rosy picture for ex-smokers. According to them, you’ve got to stop smoking for at least 15 years (probably more) for your lungs to get back to normal.

 15 years is a long time. Do you really have that kind of time to spare? Does anybody?

Our life today is full of accidents waiting to happen. The stress, strain, pressures and busyness of life can itself push you over the edge. In such a scenario, your body takes a lot of battering and takes a longer time to heal itself. So, the 15 years they’re talking about could stretch to 20 or 22 years.

To make matters worse, an ex-smoker living in the city is STILL exposing his lungs to a lot of noxious fumes and carbon from vehicles and factories. Short of relocating to the top of a secluded mountain, there’s nothing you can do about this.

An ex-smoker is also a victim of his peculiar circumstances, which makes it difficult to avoid cigarette smoke altogether. As a smoker, you likely have a number of friends who continue to smoke. Obviously, you can’t drop your friends just because you’ve decided to change your habits.

This means that even if you stop smoking TODAY, you could be breathing in smoke released into the air from various sources. Your lungs are still being subjected to a load of irritants.

Of course, people who’ve never smoked are also taking this all in, so why are they not under the same threat? A non-smoker’s lungs are more than up to the task of dealing with pollution, smoke and a little passive smoking.

But, this is not true in your case. Why?

A smoker’s lungs may already be on their last legs. You have already subjected your lungs to years of smoke and fumes. Let’s face it: years of misuse have reeked quite a bit of damage and your lungs may be 50-80% more prone to cancer than a normal person’s.

FACT: At the turn of the century, lung cancers were almost unheard of. Today, it is the major cause of death from cancer.

But, there is hope.

The human body’s capacity to reinvent, recuperate and recover is nothing short of amazing. When left to take care of itself, your lungs may take 15-20 years to clean out the debris of cigarettes, but what happens if you were to give it a little help?

If only you could put your smoke-drenched, tar-blackened lungs into a cleansing solution that sucks all the dirt away, and leaves your lungs as clean and pink as they were BEFORE you started smoking!

It is possible!

There is a product that can…

Did you know that there is a certain vitamin that can actually break up the toxins lodged in your lungs and flush them out of your body? When taken properly, and in the recommended dosage, this vitamin melts the nicotine, tar and carbon residue in your lungs and releases these into the blood. These toxins are then flushed out of your body through its natural cleansing processes.

What’s more – this vitamin acts like an antidote to the fumes you take in while smoking. So, it’s easier for you to chuck your habit for good.

Real Customer Testimonial

“I had smoked for 15 years and never succeeded in quitting.

I started taking the vitamin as directed and after about 4 days I didn’t want a cigarette at all. My lungs felt so sick that the thought of a cigarette was truly disgusting.

After a month I am feeling a lot better but there is still more to come out. I can feel the tar and toxins being released all day but I can see that the end will come soon. I can’t wait, it’s so exciting that I can clean my lungs this fast.

I’m gonna be healthy in no time. Cheers…”

H.F, Tasmania.

If you’re concerned about your lungs, or if you’ve been smoking for more than a year, you’d be absolutely crazy not to try this.

Give your battered lungs a little help … today!

No other product can clean out your lungs as easily as these natural vitamins. Since they’re natural and they’re vitamins that your body needs, there are no side effects to worry about.

How do you know if the system is working for you?

Let me give you a small peek into what’s in the book.

If you’re using the product in its recommended dosage, you’ll FEEL the difference. It’s possible to feel a little sick and thirsty during the first few weeks. In most cases, after a few days of use, the thought of a cigarette will make you sick.

Here’s what one happy customer had to say:

“I had not smoked for 2 months and my lungs felt ok.

I had taken this vitamin for 3 days and was upping the dosage. On the fourth day so much tar and toxins were being released from my lungs that I felt like I had just smoked a pack of cigarettes. I am not kidding!

The way your lungs feel after a night out on the town and you’ve smoked a pack in a night, that’s how I felt. “

Quit smoking – once and for all.
For the first time, here’s a product that will actually make you WANT to quit smoking.

Imagine, if you could just look at your favorite brand and turn away from it, without the slightest pang!

Imagine if you could watch your friends smoking and feel – not desire – but only sympathy for what your friend is doing to his/her body!

Imagine being able to quit your habit naturally and easily, without having to resort to gum chewing, patches or other placebos!

Imagine getting your first day, week or month of smoke-free air and walking proud and erect in front of smokers – WITHOUT feeling the need for a drag!

FACT: Many smokers resort to placebos or fall for some other addiction to get rid of their first addiction.

You may have heard this before:

“When I tried to stop smoking, I put on a lot of weight. The moment I started puffing, I lost it all again. Man, I’m not gonna quit smoking – it’s good for me!”

Or, how about this one….

“I used the patch they gave me, and it’s good. But the day I forget the patch, I feel totally washed off. I mean, I sweat, feel grumpy and just out of it. In the end, I was smoking and wearing my patch. I just can’t do without a drag.”

Or maybe this one…

“I tried hypnosis tapes and self-healing techniques. Everything went well at the beginning. But after the first smoke-free week, my craving hit me like a bombshell. I just had to smoke once – once ONLY. I couldn’t stop myself. Now, it’s been 4 weeks since that incident – and I STILL can’t stop myself.”

Let’s face it – smoking is a habit, and like any habit you develop, it is impossible supremely difficult to stop smoking.

Can a vitamin really help you to quit smoking?

Yes, if the chemical composition of its molecules act on your body in such a way as to put you off smoking.

Most smokers say that when it’s time for their puff, they feel faint, dry in the mouth, elevated heart beats or a general feeling of unease and strong craving that subside only after they have their smoke. This shows that your body has become dependent on nicotine and has developed withdrawal symptoms.

The vitamin you’re about to take has an action opposite to Nicotine. So it suppresses the natural withdrawal symptoms you’d normally feel. Additionally, it acts on your body to quell your cravings. Quitting becomes much easier than it previously was.

Detox your lungs now and say goodbye to cigarette smoke, tar and nicotine immediately!

The ebook you’re about to get comes straight from my own experiences. I was a chain smoker who’d voraciously puff at a pack and a half every day. In fact, my wife used to say that she always knew when I got in – not from the banging of the door – but from the immediate whiff of smoke that always enveloped me.

Nothing could convince me to stop smoking. Except death – or the fear of cancer.

The turning point came when I had a relatively easy (but terrifying, nonetheless) brush with heart attack. My doctor warned me that I HAD to stop smoking –  NOW. Even so, they told me my lungs were in bad shape and I had to risk it for 15-20 years before I became completely risk-free.

I struggled with my cravings and often fell back on my evil old ways at the slightest pretext. I just couldn’t stop smoking. And I was a nervous wreck worrying about my sick lungs.

When I came across this product, I was desperate enough to give it a try.

The effect was astonishing – and IMMEDIATE. I started feeling better almost immediately, and I left off smoking for good. I lost weight and my triglyceride levels came crashing down.

I realized that a product that could do this much good could really help others!

So I shared what I knew with some of my closest smoking friends. Each one of them reported a radical change that left them feeling better and healthier. I understood then that there would be others who needed help – and quick. Being a “reformed” smoker, I know what a struggle life is for most smokers. I want to help.

This e-book will teach you the following:

That’s not all – the vitamins you take and the exercises you do will bring you some great added benefits!

It’s a fantastic coincidence that you’re entitled to a host of added benefits once you start practicing these dietary changes.

Here’s just a small list of things I’ve discovered. You’ll soon be able to:

Real Customer Testimonials

Yes the times of feeling sick are true. For about a week I felt like I was smoking constantly but I hadn’t had a cigarette for a month. I really could feel the tar and chemicals being released, it felt awful but now that its gone I feel fantastic. It was so worth it to speed up the process. I can’t imagine having to wait years to feel like this again. I feel so lucky that all the abuse of my body could be healed. Thanks a million!

Simon Willard., Victoria

I had tried to quit about 10 times and failed miserably every time. This time my goal was to clean my lungs instead of to just stop smoking and it worked. I haven’t had a smoke for 6 months and I can feel the crap coming out of my lungs. The super vitamin did get rid of cravings just like you said and all the other methods you taught worked just as you said they would too. I know I still have a way to go but I am so glad that at least I am doing everything possible to fix my lungs. This was probably the best money I have ever spent!

Yours Truly, Mike Novak

I smoked from the age of 14 and now I’m 37. I had never even come close to succeeding in quitting until I read your book. It worked and I haven’t had a cigarette for 8 months. It was actually pretty easy and I just wanted to thank you. I hadn’t read or heard of anything like what you were saying but you were right. I showed your book to 2 of my friends and they have both started doing it too… Thankyou and God Bless

Dorothy Burke., SA

The dreaded nicotine patches never worked. I could go a month or 2 but always relapsed. I’d even smoke with the patches on. Well I tried your vitamin and it eased my cravings significantly. I haven’t lit up for 2 months now and I know I’m gonna make it this time. Thankyou David

Vicky Dal., Whistler Canada


Are your Lungs more important to you
than 4 packs of cigarettes?

OK, so let’s get down to the money business. How much is it going to cost you?

You’ll be paying the cost of 4 packs of cigarettes for this e-book – a mere $35. I’ve priced it such that anybody who’s smoking more than a pack a week can afford to buy this book. Think about it: you’ll be paying the cost of just 4 packs to get off cigarette smoking for the rest of your life.

Believe me; I’d like to give you this ebook for as little as possible. But I have to cover my costs such as advertising and web hosting.

More importantly, it’s human nature that youll not take things seriously unless you pay something in return – even if it’s a mere $35. A token payment will make the deal fair and square on both sides.

But it’s a one time payment, and when you think of the world of good you’ll be doing to your lungs, the money is peanuts.

If you want to heal your lungs quickly and easily, get off smoking FOREVER
and lead a more wholesome life, then

You will be forwarded to the download page as soon as payment is complete.

Which Would You Prefer???


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