The Wordbay WordPress eBay® Plugin

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Find out how this powerful plugin

helps you easily create

money-making eBay® niche blogs!

Even a newbie† can earn their first $1 a day this way (and then maybe a whole lot more)!**

eBay® is niche heaven!

Watch this video to find out how!

Wordbay is a plugin for the WordPress blogging platform. You ARE using WordPress, right?

Wordbay allows you to embed eBay® listings – freshly updated from the eBay® RSS feed – in any page or post on your WordPress blog, using keywords that you can laser-target to your blog’s niche, and add your affiliate code to start making money from every visitor you send to eBay®.

Even newbies can start to earn their first money online with simple eBay® niche sites. And now you don’t even have to be a member of the eBay® Partner Network (see below)!

It’s so easy to use, you wouldn’t believe – you can have money-making eBay® listings in your content within seconds of installing the plugin!

And now you can make money with Wordbay in three different ways:

A screenshot of Wordbay in action

Yes, that is Wordbay in action! You can close your mouth now – it does look just that good! And the real beauty is you can TOTALLY customise the appearance of your eBay® niche listings by creating your own Smarty-based templates for a completely unique look. And as of v1.7.1 there is also a built-in template editor that allows you to change the appearance of the listings without knowing anything about HTML and CSS, not to mention that awesome FREEDOM template that you now get as a bonus when you buy Wordbay (see below)!

Want to earn from eBay® and your WordPress blog?

Then you want Wordbay:

What Wordbay is not

I need to make this clear – Wordbay is not some script designed to chug out infinite pages of automated junk aimed at fooling Google – that stuff stopped working a long time ago anyway. If you are looking for something like that, you should probably search elsewhere. Wordbay is a serious tool that has been under constant, ongoing development since 2008 and that allows you to leverage the eBay® RSS feed and incorporate eBay® listings on your sites in a powerful and flexible way.

Read what users have to say:

“As a Wordbay user of 2 years I’ve been enjoying the steady performance and customization possibilities. Coupled with Mark’s outstanding support and the geo-targeting options, Wordbay clearly stands out of the crowd of affiliate plugins!”– Dennis,

“I love this plugin, after looking around a number of weeks for a plugin that could load ebay listings into my WordPress pages I was amazed with the power and simplicity of Wordbay”

– Marc West

“Great job on the plugin which has served me well all the time i have been using it – somewhere in the region of 2 years on about 20 sites…”

– Iain

“… thank you for making what appears to be such a powerful tool. It looks like exactly what I’ve been needing.”

– Patrick

Just want to say what a great product. I have been testing it out on my site and it is 10 times better than the previous php include script I was using, much more appealing layout to the eye. I’ll roll out the plugin to many of my sites once the frantic rate of development slows down

– Nomz

“It’s nice to have a tool that does exactly what it says. I’ve used Wordbay for ages and the new version is as good as it gets. I don’t make thousands a day but Wordbay does keep some cash rolling in.”– Fletch, UK

“Wordbay is a great solution for not only maximizing the potential of the eBay partner network, but also for displaying relevant and interesting items to my visitors – keep up the great work!”

– John Kaufman

“I have been using the Wordbay Plugin for a while now and it is fabulous. I tried a few others but gave up as they were too technical and didn’t deliver and I always experienced some angst with them. Thankfully I found your fabulous plugin and with the instructions and examples that you provided with them you made it so very easy and also possible for me to work on a few sites. Thank you so very very much!”

– Nadiya

“Thanks for the great script and your hard work!”

– Chris

And you might have trouble believing it, but it is STILL priced lower than any similarly-featured product (I am not going to name names, but, I am sure you have done your research…). You can grab the plugin now for just



(no, not some marketing stunt – until 6th June 2014 this plugin was sold for $67 – now it is a rock-solid, evergreen product and my development costs have come down I can afford to slash the price significantly! It is now much much more affordable than its nearest competition!)

When you Add to Cart, you will be taken to a secure payment page and your payment will be processed by Clickbank.

The payment will show up on your bank/credit card statement as a charge by CLKBANK*COM, not Wordbay. Your payment may be subject to additional tax in your area.

Oh, I forgot to add that when you buy Wordbay you also get:

…and an awesome…


The Freedom Template – yours when you buy Wordbay!

Previously sold separately from the plugin, Freedom is a template with a built-in editor that allows you to customise your Wordbay eBay® listings to get different unique looks, without any knowledge of CSS or HTML:
With a nice red bounding box, with curvy corners, centred, with a little space either side.

The cast-iron guarantee

You can pick up Wordbay absolutely safe in the knowledge that if the plugin doesn’t meet your needs for whatever reason, you may request a full refund within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked (though it would be nice to know if there was something that could have been fixed).

Grab Wordbay now (before the price increase goes through!) and start enriching your niche sites with money-making eBay® listings within minutes!


As soon as your payment has been processed (which can take a few minutes – PLEASE be patient!) you will receive a download link for the latest version of the plugin to the email address you gave when you paid (you can change that later), plus your access password to the member area of The Word Bay. You will then be able to log in (to verify you are a legitimate customer) and download the file/s. The plugin is delivered in a .zip file like all WordPress plugins. When you have made payment it may seem like you get a lot of different emails initially – hold tight, it’s necessary in order to get you set up for the download, the newsletter etc. You won’t get more than the occasional update after that, and you can stop all emails if you want later, though it’s not advised as you may miss a vital upgrade. If half an hour or so passes and you still have not received your download link, contact me here with your transaction ID and I will sort things out.

Wordbay requirements: you need a site running WordPress 3.0 or above, and PHP 5 with the cURL extension enabled (most major hosting providers should meet these requirements). Please note that Wordbay is not yet compatible with PHP7 due to a few small issues which will be resolved in the near future. In occasional cases, the amount of memory available to WordPress may need to be increased, especially if you have a lot of plugins already running. If you have any trouble, just get in touch and we will help out. Our cast-iron guarantee – if Wordbay does not work with your site the way you want you can get a refund, no questions asked (though do let us try to fix it for you first).

† When we say newbies we mean someone just starting out making niche sites. However, you do need to have some basic knowledge about how to set up a WordPress site, and we strongly advise you have some kind of site up and running, with some basic content, BEFORE installing Wordbay.

* DON’T PANIC: if ANYTHING seems to not be working properly, don’t hit the panic button, the refund button or the self-destruct button! As with any commercial software product, it is the author’s obligation to provide support to its users. Long-time users will confirm that my support has been as good as any they have encountered. There are very few issues that actually turn out to be serious, most can be fixed in minutes! Quite simply I will work with you until we get things working, or one of us gets REALLY teed off. If for any reason I can’t get it working (it’s never happened) within the refund period you will get your money back, no questions asked. Remember also that I am only human and though I have a conscience, I also have my limits. Also, any software has its limits – I cannot take responsibility for any damage, loss of data, loss of earnings and all that. Use of this software tool is ultimately at your own risk. You should always have a backup plan for your revenue sources. I am sure you understand.

**EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Regarding earnings, potential, real, projected, predicted or otherwise – Wordbay is not some “get rich quick” product, it is a TOOL and your success will depend entirely on how you use it. No claims are made in this regard. eBay® and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and no endorsement or relationship is implied.


Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!