The Ultimate Bead Lover’s Guide.

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“They Laughed When I Said I Had Taken Up Beading – But Then I Showed Them Some Of My Pieces!”
From: Felicity Walker  


If you’ve ever thought about beading as a hobby, then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read!

Here’s why:

I’ve just released an amazing new ebook called “The Ultimate Bead Lover’s Guide”.  It covers everything you need to know to start getting addicted to beading.

When I first started beading, I was completely confused.  There were so many choices to make, and I had NO IDEA what I was doing.  

My list of questions seemed endless!  Let alone worrying about how to make my piece come out right, finish it in a professional looking way, and make sure it didn’t break the first time I wore it.

My head was spinning!

Imagine being able to shortcut all of these questions and decisions!

Would that make beading much simpler for you?

That’s exactly what this ebook is designed to teach you – and so much more!

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And it’s not like any other book you’ve read on getting started in beading


Because I wrote this book in response to the questions you asked me!  Well, not “you” really.  But people just like you, who asked me real live questions.  Questions from people who wanted to start beading, or who wanted to improve their skills.  I setup a webpage, and people left me their most pressing questions about beading.

Then I answered them!

Which means that it’s all the stuff you really want to know but never had the chance to ask anyone about!

There is great information on all sorts of subjects.  From how beading began… to where beads come from and how they’re made.  From recommendations about which equipment to buy and why… to all the basic stitches and how to do them properly.

Here are some of the fabulous tips and techniques you’ll discover in “The Ultimate Bead Lover’s Guide” :

I love it!!!  I just got home from work–my seventh straight 12-hour night shift in a row, with very little sleep during the day–exhausted…  I thought I’d check my email first and, Whoa!!!, I saw this one… and couldn’t open it quickly enough!  Although I’ve only just “skimmed” over it, I’m so impressed and excited that I’m not going to go to sleep just yet, but continue reading–only, more slowly this time.  Great job!  Loads of information.  I’ll get back with you when I’ve finished it and I really appreciate you sending it to me.  Congratulations!  Cindy Savignano
I do love the book. It is very basic and simply stated and is a great jumping off place for folks starting in beading. For someone such as myself who has been beading for many years, it is a great resource guide. Thanks so much!


How I wish I’d had this complete guide when I first started working with beads. I struggled with so many things, especially the beading terms. I didn’t understand what it was I needed to complete a project so many times.I reccommend this book to anyone. I learned a few things just scanning through it this morning.

Joyce Cason

Thanks soooo much for the book. I printed it out last evening and could not put it down until I read it all. The instructions are so clear and illustrated so good that even I could follow them.

I am an old women, ( I can say that, but nobody else can) but a new beader. And I need all the help I can get. And this book is it.


Thanks and may God bless you and your Book.


What’s a resource like this worth?


Oops, I think I just pinched a well known credit card’s line there…

Seriously, it’s cost me nearly $1000 to make sure that all the information in this book has been thoroughly researched, tested and is up to date.

Even better, it’s been specifically written to answer the questions of people just like you – which means it contains all the sorts of things you want to know as well.

And I’ve made sure it’s written in clear, simple English.  I know I’ve read plenty of beading instructions where I swear I’ve read and reread the paragraph a dozen times, endlessly repeated what I think they’re saying with my beads and thread – and never been able to make it work.

I can guarantee that WON’T happen to you!

Which is why “The Ultimate Bead Lover’s Guide” is an absolute steal at $24.48.

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Yep, that’s right, a fraction of what it cost me to put it together and what it’s really worth.

Why?  Well, partially because I’m so excited about beading that I want everybody out there to discover what great fun it can be!

Also, because it comes in the form of an ebook, my costs to deliver it to you are very low.  That’s right, you could be downloading this ebook to your computer in under five minutes.  That means you could be discovering all this fabulous information almost straight away.  Awesome!


I figure that I’ll make my money back over time by selling lots of copies.  But that doesn’t mean I’ll leave the price at $24.48 forever, so if you come back in a week’s time and find it’s more expensive – sorry!


Even better – my 100% risk free, totally unconditional 

8 week, money back guarantee!

Now that’s what I call a guarantee!  If for any reason you’re not happy with “The Ultimate Bead Lover’s Guide”, email me and let me know, and I’ll be happy to refund your money in full.  No questions asked.  After all, you’re my customer, and if you’re not happy, then I want to make you happy. 

You can even keep the book as well! 

That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this book.  You really can’t lose – the book’s yours no matter what! 

That’s about as fair as I can get!But if you still want more, then you’re in luck – for a limited time I’m offering two special bonuses!


Bead Lover’s Guide To Starting a Business

How many times have you had total strangers walk up to you and admire your jewelry?  Perhaps they even ask where you bought it.  There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to reply that you made it.  Well, it might be a little more satisfying if you could offer to sell them the jewelry.

This special bonus report offer loads of great information, including:

and much, much more!


Bead Lover’s Guide To Selling Jewelry

If you’ve thought of selling your bead jewelry, there are a number of options you could pursue. 

This special bonus report includes of great tips and suggestions, including:

and much, much more!

So there you go – heaps of great information for only $24.48.  But it’s like I said earlier – I’m only offering this price for a limited time as a special offer.  It will go up!  I’m also not going to guarantee how long the special bonus will be available – I may remove it tomorrow.

So get in quick!

Wishing you all the best in your newly discovered beading addiction.

Keep smiling

Felicity Walker 8-)


P.S. This is an awesome opportunity to learn every thing you need to know about beading.  So if that’s what you want to learn, this is the information you’ve been searching for.  Remember, the introductory price is only available for a limited time.  Same with the bonus reports!  So make sure you don’t miss out.

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