The Paleo Tool Kit: Hot Weight Loss Trend, Huge Market

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I know what it’s like to struggle with weight

You get up in the morning and go to the bathroom. While you’re there, you decide to step on the scales. But you already know what it’s going to say, and you feel ashamed that you’ve let yourself get to this point.

So you head back to the bedroom and get ready for work. Looking in the mirror, all you can see is a muffin top, chunky thighs and flappy arms.

You hate it, but you carry on getting dressed. Your clothes don’t exactly fit anymore, but you avoid going shopping because every time you try on something nice it feels uncomfortable and looks awful.

You won’t go dating or get undressed in front of your partner either, because you’ve become totally self-conscious and it’s making you increasingly lonely and depressed.

To make matters worse, you found out you’ve got high blood pressure and cholesterol levels at your last checkup, and now you’re terrified about developing even worse conditions.

But it’s not like you haven’t tried to do anything about it, right? I mean, you’ve tried eating healthy and exercising plenty of times in the past. And you worked hard at it, too.

But you felt deprived and irritable the whole time, and you didn’t even lose that much weight. Frustrated, stressed out, and feeling like a failure, you gave up and went back to your old destructive eating habits.

It’s a horrible existence, but what if things were different?

This isn’t just a pipe dream.

This isn’t something “other people” do.

You can get into the shape of your life and have all of this, even if you’re not sure how to do it.

I never wanted to fight a daily battle with the scales, or to give up my social life because I was too self-conscious to go out. I wanted to feel comfortable and look good.

I didn’t know how to do it. I just knew I wanted to figure it out, somehow.

And with a lot of research, trial-and-error, and raw persistence, I finally cracked the code on weight loss. As a result, I went from obese, introverted twenty-something to confident and attractive (I’m told) weight loss coach with a beautiful partner who loves him.

My Before & After
Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people transform their lives like I did. And now, for the first time, I’m going to teach you how to do exactly the same.

Not in a scammy, “take these magic pills and never exercise again!” way, but in a way that’s natural, safe and effective.

After struggling with weight throughout my teens and twenties, I finally resolved my issues with dieting, reached a comfortable size and developed a healthy, balanced relationship with food.

My success led me to create the Paleo Tool Kit, where I’ve been helping thousands of readers break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and make healthy habits stick.

But when I started out, I didn’t know the first thing about how to lose weight. So like you, I struggled for years with failed diet and exercise plans. In fact, looking back, I made just about every mistake under the sun:

But I was learning.

I learned exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to burning fat. I learned that there’s more to weight loss than just what you eat, or how much you exercise. I learned how to make dieting fit my life, and not the other way around.

Eventually, I found the secret to lasting, natural weight loss.

It’s a secret that’s taken me more than 8 years to fully understand. It’s also a secret that the diet and fitness industry does NOT want you to know about.

And as much as I hate to say it, it’s a secret that even your own doctor won’t share with you — despite the fact that deep down inside, they know it to be true.

The secret I’m talking about is not the same old “eat less and exercise more” type of weight loss that results in weeks of stress and deprivation. I’m talking about a natural and effortless transformation, where after just a few weeks you’ve…

Now, I can understand if you’re skeptical, but let me explain:

I’ve been involved with the health and fitness industry for more than 8 years now. In that time, I’ve taken control of my weight, authored several books, and created the Paleo Tool Kit — a natural system that has helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight and improve their lives in ways they never thought possible.

I’m ready to show you how it’s done, and I’ve got a ton of free weight loss information to share with you. But first, I want to ask you an honest question:

“If you really want to lose weight, why haven’t you done it yet?”

Are you waiting for the right time to get started?

Or trying to figure out the BEST and HEALTHIEST way to do it?

I saw an online poll recently in which an overwhelming 80% of respondents said they wanted to lose weight. Some of the reasons they gave were fascinating:

“Why do you want to lose weight?”

It’s pretty clear that we want to be healthy, live long lives, and feel comfortable with ourselves.

So what’s going wrong? Why do so many people claim they want to lose weight, but haven’t been able to do it yet?

One of the most common barriers to losing weight is this tendency to wait until you’re ready before getting started:

There’s a difference between Serial Dieters™ and people who manage to lose significant weight and keep it off.

Serial Dieters™ read article after article, dipping their toes into this diet and that, saying “yeah, I’ll get serious about losing weight someday…”

But to successfully achieve your weight loss goals, you just get started — even before you’re ready.

Brutal truth: there will never be a “perfect time” to start losing weight

Of course it’s going to take commitment, but if you keep waiting for the perfect opportunity to get started, you’ll end up putting it off forever.

The fact is, getting in shape doesn’t have to be boring or difficult.

Everyday, people just like you are taking control of their weight. I’m not talking about going on a fad diet, losing 5 or 6 pounds, then giving up and putting it all back on again. Or busting your ass in the gym everyday while fighting off late-night cravings for ice cream and pizza.

I’m talking about building healthy habits that last a lifetime so you lose weight safely and naturally.

There are only two things you need to figure out in order to do that:

  1. Why you gained weight in the first place
  2. Why dieting hasn’t worked for you in the past

But the very first thing you need to understand is that the extra weight you’re carrying around is probably NOT your fault. It could be down to any number of pernicious causes, most of which you won’t even be aware of.

Here are 5 of the most common reasons I’ve noticed why people struggle with their weight. As you read, take a hard look to see which of them apply to you:

I get it, because I went through every one of these problems myself.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution:

Step 1 is to identify the reasons behind your weight issues, which you’re now starting to recognize.

The next step? Tackling them one-by-one.

See, you’re not going to solve your weight problems overnight — no one does! Just thinking about it this way can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And when you’re overwhelmed, you freeze up and run away from your weight issues altogether.

But taking it step-by-step, you start to get small results… then bigger… until finally people look at you and say “wow — you’ve lost so much weight!” This approach makes it easier to take ACTION, and that’s the key to getting in shape.

Which brings me to the third and final step: knowing what action to take.

See, it’s easy to imagine how great it would be to lose 10, 20 or even 30 pounds, but getting there is another thing.

Where do you start? Do you Google “how to get in shape?” Can you trust what you find? Will it actually be helpful or just more internet fluff?

And even if you find something that inspires you, now what? Would you know…

I learned how to conquer all of these one-by-one, but I had to wade through a lot of nonsense to get there.

The truth is that most online weight loss advice never touches on these subjects. Instead, you get narrow and misleading tips that ignore what ACTUALLY gives you real, visible results.

At best, they give you one piece — but never the entire system.

And they promise totally unrealistic results (if you think you can magically lose 50 pounds in a couple of weeks without changing a single thing, you should probably close this page and look elsewhere).

They’re just gimmicks, and they certainly don’t have 8+ years of research and testing, and 4,000+ healthy subscribers backing up their claims.

You deserve more.

No sugar-coating, BS, or random tactics.

No more vague instructions like “eat less and exercise more” or “cut these foods out of your diet.”

Even if you did that, now what? How do you cope with the deprivation from not having your favourite foods? What happens when you go out with friends or visit family?

You WANT more success, more inches lost, better-fitting clothes, and more freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted. You’re READY to do it.

So HOW do you do it?

Your roadmap to natural weight loss

When I first started trying to lose weight, I would have KILLED for a “dream program” that showed me exactly what I needed to do.

One that gave me strategies for:

The good news is, I included every one of these dream strategies in my Paleo Tool Kit program. Every tactic and method I learned over more than 8 years of research and testing. The deep psychology behind losing weight and actually keeping it off.

And it’s like no other program you’ve seen…


The Paleo Tool Kit
The Paleo Tool Kit helps people at all levels — from those just getting started to those who’ve been struggling with weight for a while — to get motivated, plan out their goals, and lose weight for good.

I dive deep into the exact strategies, methods and tactics that will get you the results you want from your healthy lifestyle, no matter where you are in the process.

And you won’t just lose a couple of pounds here or there. Using my holistic approach to tackle everything from your inner psychology to getting the exact nutrients you need, you’ll learn how to lose a significant amount of weight quickly and naturally.

Now, before I go into the specifics of the Paleo Tool Kit and why I’m so certain that it can help you lose 10-20 pounds of pure stubborn body fat in the next few weeks, I want to first address a common question that I’m asked on a regular basis:

“Isn’t the Paleo diet just a fad?”

To answer this question, let me first defer to Dr. Cate Shanahan — medical doctor and consultant to the LA Lakers. Here’s what she said about discovering the natural way of eating exemplified by the Paleo diet:

“Everything I learned about diet in medical journals was turned on its head…I realized I was seeing firsthand the kinds of practical food-gathering, storing, and cooking solutions that our ancestors used throughout history; I was learning the foods that made us human… It’s a matter of common sense and old-fashioned cooking. It’s just simple, good food.”

You see, the Paleo diet is based on how our ancestors ate throughout the course of our evolution.

Paleo humans

* Not actual Paleolithic humans

These early ancestors were tall, lean and strong, and they certainly didn’t carry around dangerous extra weight.

Our species enjoyed robust health for more than 2 million years. But then we changed how we eat and moved towards more processed and garbage foods, particularly in the last 30 years or so. As a result, we’re more overweight than any other time in our history.

Now, consider this:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, if you are overweight (which is defined as having a BMI of 25 or higher), you’re significantly more susceptible to developing:

Considering all the dreadful diseases and complications associated with being overweight, doesn’t it make perfect sense that you should be abandoning your current diet and doing everything possible to start eating naturally again?

In my own research, I’ve found that anyone can start shedding excess fat and return to their natural shape almost immediately with Paleo, so I’m not sure where the notion came from that this is some kind of extreme or unnatural diet.

It’s how we ate for millions of years — if Paleo is a fad, then it’s the longest fad ever.

Now, you probably have another question on your mind too:

“How is the Paleo Tool Kit so different to all those other diet plans out there?”

Well first of all, most of the diet plans out there take a very narrow approach to weight loss.

They’re usually based on a single, isolated strategy like “don’t eat carbs,” “cut out fat,” “drink this special shake instead of eating breakfast,” or “do this insane workout for an hour every day.”

And yes, it’s true — if you stick rigidly with these plans and put in the effort, you will probably lose weight.

But the problem is that you end up fighting a constant uphill battle, because these types of diet plans don’t take into account a whole range of other issues that are contributing to your weight gain.

See, you’re not just overweight because of bad foods and a lack of exercise. It was several issues working together that got you here, like your core beliefs, emotional eating, your environment (at home, school, work etc.), and even the influence of people around you.

For a weight loss program to be successful, it must address ALL these issues in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you.

I’ve spent years testing and refining my Paleo Tool Kit system so it does exactly that, and the result is that you lose more weight, without the stress.

Now, there’s also a second major difference:

Most other diet plans focus on the amount of calories you’re eating, without paying attention to where those calories are coming from.

This is a BIG problem, because even if you can stick to a diet like this and cope with the hunger and deprivation, the weight comes off way too slowly, if at all.

Let me explain:

Although it doesn’t feel like it, your body is actually burning fat right throughout the day.

In fact, your fat cells are in a constant state of flux — storing and releasing fat as and when it’s needed for energy.

This process is regulated by two of your hormones: insulin and glucagon. Both of these hormones play an important role in your health and body fat levels because they transport nutrients around the body, to and from your cells.

When you eat a meal, the food gradually gets digested and then broken down further by your liver, and some of it gets deposited into your bloodstream as glucose. This is then used as fuel for many of your body’s functions.

Any excess glucose would be toxic, however, so your pancreas secretes insulin to clear it out and send it into your fat cells for storage.

A few hours after your meal, when your body needs energy, your pancreas switches to producing glucagon. This reverses the work done by insulin by helping to convert your stored fat back into fuel.

Now, all of this is perfectly normal and healthy. The problem is that for most people who struggle with their weight, insulin is almost constantly present in their systems because they’re getting the wrong nutrients from their foods.

And that causes havoc:

In a nutshell, you end up overweight and sick, and it becomes almost impossible to shift that stubborn fat.

But here’s the thing: you can target your insulin levels and get them back to normal levels, which allows glucagon to do its job. When that happens, you start breaking down your fat cells again and flooding your body with a great source of energy that it actually loves to burn.

But only when you’re getting the right nutrients in the right amounts, as you do when you’re following the Paleo Tool Kit system.

Now again, the problem with most diets out there is that they don’t address this insulin/glucagon balance at all. Instead, they focus on restricting your calorie intake and forcing you to engage in strenuous amounts of exercise so that you’re burning more energy than you’re taking in.

And that’s fine — you can totally lose weight that way. But you have to work MUCH harder than necessary and cope with feeling hungry and deprived all the time.

The Paleo Tool Kit, on the other hand, shows you how to get the essential nutrients your body needs for good health and proper functioning, while eliminating all those nutrients that slow and even stop you from burning fat.

It works like nothing else you’ve tried before.

It addresses your body’s important hormones, taking you out of fat-storage mode and turning your body into a 24/7 fat burning furnace. And it gives you a step-by-step blueprint that tells you exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it.

Both of these differences combined are what makes the Paleo Tool Kit so unique.

My system is not just about showing you how to follow a natural whole-foods diet, it’s about tackling ALL the issues that are preventing you from losing weight. It’s about directly targeting and balancing your insulin levels, and forcing your body to burn stubborn fat for all of its daily needs.

Quite simply, what takes most struggling dieters YEARS to understand and accomplish, the Paleo Tool Kit gets done in just 30 days.

A proven system

If you’re wondering whether the Paleo Tool Kit will work for 40-somethings, busy mothers, students, men, women, experienced dieters, first-time beginners, and everything in between, the answer is…

I’ve tested this material with 4,000+ subscribers and 18,000+ readers over more than 8 years. So YES — it works for all of those categories and more.

I’ve invested thousands of hours building and refining my system so that anyone can find success, and every strategy has been tested over and over again in my own weight loss journey and with paying clients.

A helping hand every step of the way

No matter how well-prepared you are to lose weight, you’ll invariably get stuck at some point. It’s just natural.

The one thing that helps is being able to turn to an experienced weight loss mentor (who has done it themselves before) to ask how they handled it.

That access is priceless and can literally save you YEARS of heartache.

With the Paleo Tool Kit, I’m on hand to offer support whenever you need it. I’ve added built-in accountability with specific action steps and checklists, and I’ve included the deep psychological lessons that will keep you moving forward throughout the program.

No other diet plan includes all this support, perfectly integrated.

Get the body and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of

The Paleo Tool Kit includes everything you need for fast, natural weight loss.

Not just a couple of pounds here or there. Not just motivation and inspiration. But the exact system I created to help thousands of people transform their bodies and take control of their weight for good.

If you’re looking to fit into those designer jeans that are folded up in the back of your closet, the Paleo Tool Kit will show you how. If you’ve decided it’s time to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, or just improve your energy levels, the Paleo Tool Kit is with you every step of the way.

And you can learn from someone you trust. Not some shady diet “expert,” but someone who was exactly where you are right now. Someone who knows what it takes to succeed, and has helped thousands of others do the same.

As you move through the program, I’ll be there to support you. And together, we’ll make your weight loss goals happen.

Inside the Paleo Tool Kit

So let me tell you more about the system, and why I’m 100% certain that it will work for you.

First of all, the Paleo Tool Kit is not another one of those 500-page diet novels that bores you with statistics, studies and journal excerpts.

If you’re like most people I know, you just want a straight-forward, step-by-step plan of action that doesn’t require any special abilities to be successful.

So I’ve broken the kit down into 6 separate components, each providing you with everything you need for fast, natural weight loss. Here’s what you get:

One of the reasons the Paleo Tool Kit works so well is because you’re never alone. The system will guide you step-by-step, but it’s natural to have questions as you start working toward your weight loss goals and building healthy habits.

If you’re ever stuck, just drop me a line at and I’ll get back to you right away. I’ve been exactly where you are right now, and I’ll be on hand to get you moving forward again.

Is the Paleo Tool Kit right for you?

I’m very selective about who I allow into the program, because I WANT to be able to say it works for everyone.

So I’d rather work with a small group of individuals who are committed to taking action, than a large group of Serial Dieters™ who are looking for the latest magic weight loss bullet. Please read this carefully, because these rules are ironclad:

The Paleo Tool Kit is NOT for you, if…

The Paleo Tool Kit is RIGHT for you, if…

Answers to your questions

“How do I know if I’m ready?”

You’ve learned about the issues that are keeping you from getting the body you want, and you’ve seen the examples of other Paleo Tool Kit success stories on this page. You’ve even seen the details of the program above, and you may have been reading my material for years or seen me on other blogs.

You have enough information to decide. Now it’s up to you.

It’s natural to have doubts — we all do. The hidden barriers preventing us from losing weight are often buried so deep, they keep us stagnant for years. If the Paleo Tool Kit truly isn’t for you, don’t sign up. We’ll part as friends with no hard feelings, and you can continue to enjoy the free material here on this site.

But if you’re ready to melt away fat, get your confidence back and transform your body in the next few weeks, the Paleo Tool Kit can help.

“How long will it take me to lose X pounds?”

I can’t promise you specific results from your weight loss efforts in a specific timeframe. Nobody can. And you shouldn’t trust anyone who does. Here’s why:

We all begin at different levels of weight and fitness. We all have different goals. It would make no sense to promise “one size fits all” results just to get you to like me. In fact, I’d rather be honest about the challenge of losing weight, which is why I’m on hand to offer support.

If you’re deliberate, committed, and follow the steps I’ve laid out, you WILL see results. And when you look back a couple of years from now, the amount of time you invested will pale in comparison to the freedom and health you’re enjoying — just like it has for me all these years after achieving my goals.

“What if this ends up gathering dust on the shelf, like all the other weight loss programs I own?”

The last thing we need is something else to make us feel guilty. One of the ways the Paleo Tool Kit is completely unique is that I’ve designed it so that the psychology of success and taking action is built right into the program.

This is not just a library of weight loss strategies — it’s a complete system that takes you from overweight and out-of-control, to sustained weight loss and a lifestyle of healthy habits. And with lifetime access, you can progress at your own speed and even take a break if you need to.

“What if I have bad genes? What if I’ve just had a kid? What if I just turned 40?”

If I had a dollar for every time someone thought “sure it works for them, but it won’t work for me…”

Look, we all have a tendency to believe that our problems are so unique, nothing will ever help. At some point, you’re just looking for an excuse not to get started. I’ve tested this material with busy mothers, students, men, women, experienced dieters, first-time beginners, and yes, even 40-somethings.

If you truly believe you are so unique that 8+ years of the most comprehensively researched material on losing weight will not help you, don’t sign up!

“What if I live in Europe? South America? Outer Mongolia?”

Yes, you can access the Paleo Tool Kit and it will work for you. I’ve tested it with people all around the world who’ve seen success, and you can go through it at your own pace.

“What if I try the Paleo Tool Kit, and decide it isn’t right for me?”

I stand by this program with a 100% money-back guarantee. Because I’ve extensively tested it, I know the program works, so I can take on the risk myself. Try it out for yourself first and decide if it’s right for you.

However (and this is important), only sign up if you intend to follow the action steps I’ve laid out. The Paleo Tool Kit is not simply a library of information for you to consume. It’s designed for you to take action.

“How much time will I have to put in every day to get through the program?”

If you take it one step at a time, as I’ve laid it out, it should take no more than 1 hour per day. I don’t recommend you put in more time than this, because healthy habits are more likely to stick if you build them up gradually.

1 hour per day is my recommendation, but you can take it even slower if you like because the Paleo Tool Kit comes with lifetime access.

Look, you really have 2 options at this point:

You can click away from this page and look for something else that may or may not help you lose all the weight you want:

Or you can take action right now and be 100% assured you WILL lose a significant amount of body fat over the next 30 days.

I could go on and on talking about all the amazing natural weight loss benefits you’ll get from the Paleo Tool Kit. But the bottom line is this:

The Paleo Tool Kit works.

And not only does it really work, it feels natural, effortless and healthy.

What would you give to get rid of that dangerous body fat quickly? Or to drop 10-20 pounds to get ready for a wedding, high-school reunion, beach vacation or some other special occasion?

How much is that worth to you?

Consider this: the Centers for Disease Control estimates that just a 10% reduction in body fat could reduce an overweight person’s lifetime medical costs by $2,200 to $5,300.

Revenues for the U.S. weight-loss industry are more than $60 billion every year, and there are over 108 million Americans on diets at any given time. This means you are likely to spend just over $550 on gimmicky books, weird diet pills and useless fitness equipment this year and EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

If you join a gym, you can add $420 to $960 to that.

Thinking of joining a group like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig? That’s another $230 to $500 for an annual subscription. Or maybe you’d prefer to spend around $3,500 for one of those fancy Nutrisystem plans?

I don’t know about you, but most people don’t have $1,200 to $5,000 to spend every year on weight loss products, even if they wanted to.

The Paleo Tool Kit has worked for thousands of clients, and will get you MUCH better results at a fraction of the cost.

An unbeatable guarantee: try the Paleo Tool Kit for a full 60 days, 100% risk-free

guaranteeTry the entire Paleo Tool Kit system. If you don’t LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

I’ll even absorb the credit-card processing fees.

Let me tell you exactly why I offer this unbeatable guarantee:

When I first started trying to lose weight, I tried all of the popular diet trends at the time only to find that they regurgitated more of the same old, rehashed, generic gimmicks and tactics.

That’s not good enough for me, my clients, or my readers.

Which is why I invested enormous amounts of my own time and income into developing this system, testing and tweaking it with people from all over the world — men, women, young, old, experienced dieters and complete beginners — and putting together the best weight loss program available anywhere.

I know my system works, and I know you won’t find my proven strategies anywhere else. That’s why I’ve got over 4,000 happy subscribers and have reached more than 18,000 readers worldwide.

And that’s why I guarantee the Paleo Tool Kit.

It’s simple: try the program and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work, I want you to email me so I can refund you 100%.

This guarantee is extended for a full 60 days, which completely covers the duration of every step of the program. Try the WHOLE thing. If you follow the system as outlined and for some reason you don’t experience…

Or if you’re not satisfied with the Paleo Tool Kit for any reason whatsoever, just email me ANY TIME during the first 60 days and tell me you’re doing the exercises and not getting results. I’ll immediately refund 100% of your price.

All I ask is that you follow the steps I’ve laid out, because I know how powerful they can be when applied. I have no intention of keeping your money if you’re dissatisfied, but I insist that you commit to taking action if you want the natural weight loss results I know you can get from this program.

I don’t think I can be any fairer than that!

Which Paleo Tool Kit option is right for you?

I don’t want price to stand in the way of you succeeding with your weight loss goals and losing 10 pounds or more in the next few weeks, so I’ve priced the Paleo Tool Kit as low as I possibly could. This way, anyone who is serious about losing weight can finally do so without fail.

I currently charge my personal clients $130 per hour for one-on-one attention, and I’m booked up to 8 hours every day. But I’m not going to charge you $130 for the Paleo Tool Kit. In fact, I’m not even going to charge you half of that, even though I’m certain you’ll agree it would be well worth it.

Instead, when you invest in the Paleo Tool Kit today, you’re going to get the entire system — the books, guides, meal planner, cheat sheets and everything else (which together are easily worth far more than my per-hour rate of $130):

All for just $59 or less.

And the best part is that you don’t have to pay for shipping or wait around for the diet to arrive at your doorstep, because I’ve made it available by instant download. This way you can have the entire fat burning system in your hands in less than 2 minutes from right now.

Here are your options:

All you need to do is choose your package below and click the “Add to Cart” button right now, and you’ll have access to the entire Paleo Tool Kit system within the next few minutes. And don’t forget — all the risk is on me, not you.



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