The No Discount Guide To Fitness Marketing

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Behind the scenes fitness expert finally reveals his secrets…

Discover How To Instantly Create A Stampede Of New Members Into Your Health Club, Fitness Studio, Or Gym…With These “No Discount Street Tactics” Invented By A CT Man Who Created $59,845 in New Billings Out Of Thin Air…And How He Did It Again 4 Years Later…


The Best Part:
He’s put these tactics into a complete step-by-step system anyone can follow to launch a new health club, re-launch an old one, or get a bunch of new members on the cheap. Read this special online report to discover more…



Dear Frustrated Club Owner,

If you’re still using the same ol’ run-of-the-mill health club promotions you’re DEAD in the WATER and don’t even know it!

In today’s overcrowding market good just doesn’t cut it anymore…

 I should know.

I’ve watched the standard promotions of the industry go full cycle.

From bringing in members like gangbusters…to DEAD SILENCE from the prospects you’re marketing to…

The sad truth is: The way the health club industry gets members has slowly died.

And it’s only going to get worse.

Like a river full of starving piranhas…other health clubs are waiting for new members to enter the health club market…so they can ravage them with the old-timey high pressure sales pitches…

But These New Members (Coming Into The Marketplace) Are Getting Smarter And Smarter…

They’re not jumping in like they used to.

They’re testing the waters.

“Just looking around!”, they claim.

Look at what happened to Ballys.

Even with their huge amount of resources they STILL went into bankruptcy.

Because I’ve always been kind of a one man show in this industry (and other fitness industry businesses) I was lucky enough to escape unscathed.

Sure, I’ve got my share of battle scars…

But I was able to take what I learned…from each of my “crazy and unusual” experiments in the fitness events (I’ve managed)…and apply them with OUTSTANDING SUCCESS to the health club industry.

Through trial and error I’ve developed a whole new “bag of tricks” I call The No-Discount Marketing System…

And I’m Willing To Share These Tricks With You If You’ll Give Me A Fair Chance To Explain Myself And Why I Want To Help You…

My name is Brian Cannone and I’ve been the behind-the-scenes guy of some of the most successful health clubs in the Connecticut area, the producer of mega-events like the FitnessAtlantic, and more than 20 bodybuilding and fitness shows.

I have worked every position in the clubs from floor trainer, personal trainer, nutritionist to fitness director, and also sales to sales manager to general manager.

And through all these adventures I’ve been lucky enough to get a cutting-edge view of what works and what doesn’t in this industry.

I’ve even had to step beyond this edge at certain times.

Let me share a story from this edge with you…


The Amazing Story Of How I Sold More Than 1000 Memberships Without A Health Club…And The High Jinks, Balls-To-The-Wall, Kick Butt Marketing That Made Our Health Club an Instant Success…

In 1998, I was put in charge of launching a health club in Shelton, Connecticut. The owner had picked out the perfect location in a shopping center on a busy street. I was put in charge of the team which would lead the presale period.

And by “team” I mean just me.

All by myself.

And, I had a few more obstacles standing in the way:

 No gym was open because the owners were unsure if it would work.

 No phone line (in the beginning) on the premises.

 And no way to take money.

Oh, one more thing…

It was at the very end of summer. (One of the worst times to open any fitness business.)

Just one of these were enough to murder the pre-launch of this health club.

I thought to myself…

“How in the Hell Was I Going to Launch This Health Club Without Any Resources?”

Then it dawned on me.

I had a large bag of tricks at my disposal.

One that I had developed over the many years of battling it out for new members.

From boosting the personal training EFTs to $10,000 a month in less than 30 days at the In Shape Fitness Center in Branford, Connecticut…to turning around the Gold’s Gym (in Norwalk, Connecticut) from a money pit to a cash cow…I was fortunate enough to experiment with a lot of tips and tricks.

After looking at the location and my bag of tricks…

The one that stood out to me was my “Intrusive Visibility” Concept.

Here’s what I did to get this gym on the way to its launch: I went to the local sign shop and had a simple sign made up with a web address.  

Story side note: The phone number was NOT on the sign originally. I added it later when I finally got a trailer and a phone line on the lot. (But that comes later in the story).

You can see the sign directs passer-bys to go to the website. When they went to the website there was a simple form designed to capture the name and contact information of every one that visited.

Nothing fancy.

It cost a couple of hundred dollars to implement.

Phase One of my launch was complete.

And I still had ZERO prospects sign up for a membership.

It didn’t look good for the health club and I was beginning to have serious doubts about whether it would work.

But I didn’t panic like other health club owners do…

I could have started discounting new memberships to “give-away” prices…but I knew it would destroy any chance we had at becoming a long term success.

Instead, I did something unique and unusual to try and get the pre launch going…

I’ll tell you exactly how I did it, but first let me ask you something…

Do You Have A Consistent Way To Bring In New Members To Your Health Club, Gym or Fitness Studio-WITHOUT Being Forced To Discount Your Memberships?

If you don’t you’ve got a big problem.

In these changing economic times it’s getting harder and harder to attract new members to your club.

Add the competitors who keep jumping in the marketplace and you’ve got to do everything you can to compete for new members.

It can get very frustrating and tiring very fast.

Even worse: According to the IHSA, the health club market is booming each and every year!

And you’re left thinking “Where is my share of this booming market?”

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the crowd.

The solution?

Finding a marketing and sales system that sets you apart AND brings in high quality members–like clockwork.

There is no shortage of promises in the marketplace…so to protect you I’ve listed 6 of the biggest health club marketing mistakes…

Health Club Marketing Mistake #1: Hiring A “Questionable” Marketing Company To Generate New EFTs For Your Club

You’ve seen these companies advertising their services all over the Internet. Promising up to $250,000 in new revenue by using their services.

The big question is:

How do they generate these new revenues?

Are they using swarmy high-pressure sales tactics?

Tactics that could quickly send your health club into the business ICU never to return.

Before risking your entire business, make sure you’ve done due diligence on the company you are considering. Talk to other health club owners who have used their services in the past.

SCAM ALERT: A lot of these businesses change names and pop up again (under a new name) to fleece another health club…after each and every scam.

Buyer beware!

Health Club Marketing Mistake #2: Trying To Severely Discount Your Membership Prices

A lot of health club owners actually consider this a marketing strategy.

They mistakenly believe the consumer is strictly price driven…when it comes to picking out a health club.

Now, there is nothing wrong with offering a discount to get people to take action…but not at the expense of your overhead.

There is a membership formula (to measure your club’s profitability) you can NEVER violate if you want to stay in business. (I’ll reveal how you can get this formula later on in the letter).

Communicating value in your marketplace will separate you from the rest of the herd.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to communicate value. Educate yourself so you know the difference…

Health Club Marketing Mistake #3: Believing a One-Shot Promotion Will Be The “Magic Bullet” That Saves Your Health Club

Sending out a postcard is not going to be the savior of your health club.

No one-shot promotion will.

We live in an over communicated society and you need to cut though this clutter.

You need an orchestrated event type of promotion so you get maximum exposure and “top of the mind awareness” for your health club.

Imagine being the ONLY health club in your market people think of when they consider joining one.

Becoming the go-to health club is one of the keys to long term success. I’ll show you how later on in this letter…

Health Club Marketing Mistake #4: Not Marketing Extra Services To Your Current Members

If you’re not marketing additional services to your members then you’re leaving money on the table.

This is a big mistake in business.

The biggest asset of any business is its customer list.

So the question is: Are you maximizing the cash flow from your list?

The answer: Become a trusted advisor in the eyes of your members.

Remember, your member base has a life outside your club and uses tons of services and products on a daily basis. 

So in addition to selling the “obvious”:

 Personal Training

 Nutrition Programs


 Training gear

You could also sell them things like:

 Tax prep services

 Physical Therapy Services

 Lawn Care services

And much more…

You just have to approach them in the right way…and the best part is they’ll tell you how in my system…

Health Club Marketing Mistake #5: You Don’t Have A Proven Sales System In Place To Sell Them When They Walk In The Door

I can show you how to create a stampede of prospects into your health club…shattering your building’s fire code.

But it won’t put a dime in your pocket if you can’t sell them once they walk in your door.

That’s why you need a PROVEN sales system to convert them into members in just minutes after walking in.

From the greeting to the closing, I’ve got a step-by-step system that will turn prospects into members…without using high pressure sales tactics.

A marketing and sales system which will help you compete with the larger chains and literally force them out of your market.

Here’s what makes my system unique:

 No one shot do or die promotions

 No shady discount your memberships consultant companies

 No more drowning in a sea of bills

 No more becoming a victim of every new club that opens in your are

 Works in unique and unusual markets

I’ve put together my unique style of promoting any kind of fitness business. It’s not like anything you’ve seen before.


Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover from my system:

 “My Break-The-Building-Code Formula”: The creative accounting technique all successful businesses use to turn their advertising expense into an investment. It’s completely legal and ethical! And it allows you to turn on the prospect flow as high as you want.

 The 7 key components of bringing in a flood of new clients and members with your marketing system. Most clubs never even scratch the surface of what I talk about in this section. You’ll be light years ahead of your competitors and have them scratching their heads in confusion wondering what in the hell are you doing to bring in so many new members and why their members are flocking to your club.

 The one trick you can use to steal customers away from your competitors without them even knowing it…peek over my shoulder as I rattle “killer ideas” off the top of my head.

 The 4 Step “No-Discount Positioning Formula” which positions your club as the ONLY SOLUTION to your prospects problem and forces their unconscious to pick you over all other clubs in your market because “it feels rights.”

 15 different ways to bring in massive amounts of prospects and members…this is the crème de la crème of advertising techniques. From postcards to TV advertising I show you every way to bring in prospects you can imagine.

 The easiest way to increase your membership without spending a dime on advertising.

 The newspaper insert idea that allows you to bring in a flood of new members on the cheap…Now you can pinpoint your target market without wasting a ton on advertising.

   Discover the 5 ways To “X-Ray” through your competitors business and steal their success strategies right from under them.

 The 4 cheapest ways to advertise which will bring in the most members…you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get people in your gym.

 Run your website through this 4 step checklist to see if you’re bringing in maximum members in minimum time


And much more!

Just one of these tricks can turn your health club, gym, or fitness studio into a cash flow ATM machine.

I only used a couple in my prelaunch…with outstanding results.

Which reminds me let’s get back to the story…

The Pre-Launch Really Began To Pick Up Steam When I Got A Trailer Backed Up Onto The Lot (Complete With It’s Own Sewer Line) and Phone…I Was Officially High Tech…

With the sign up I was getting a steady flow of prospects going to our website and filling in their contact information.

But that wasn’t bringing in any members. I had to think up something quick. I was getting deeper into the launch and nothing was happening yet.

I had to make a decision. Abort or keep on going…

I decided to begin phase two…

I decided to take a little bit of a gamble and rent a trailer to place on the lot. (You can see the pic of it to the right)

I now had a place to sign prospects up.

Here’s what I did: I took the phone numbers I had gotten from the website and called the prospects to offer them a FREE T-shirt to come and visit me.

This brought them to my trailer where I could show them our plans for the club and sign them up with our billing software.

But it wasn’t active yet…so all I could do was capture their information…and HOPE they would follow through on opening day.

I was getting a lot of interest, but the big question was: Would they show up for the grand opening or would it be a big bust?

I had to think up something to make sure they would stick.

I had to go back again to my bag of tricks.

Tricks like these:

 How to avoid the “discountitis plague” of the fitness industry by fixing the number one problem ALL health clubs face when trying to get new members or clients.

 The Ultimate Fitness Club Formula shows you the 5 parts to grow your membership and client base. Others will claim there are only 3 ways to grow a business. With this formula you get huge jumps from small changes in each part.

 How to instantly bring all your salespeople up to the level of your top salesman with this one trick. Think of how many sales you can bring in once you’ve got everyone selling at the top level.

 The upside down approach to managing your fitness business which can double your sales in the next few months-minimum.

 The shortcut way to market research in your area. Forget dry statistics! This simple technique will help you hone in on what your market wants. New products and services can easily be discovered with this technique.

  Brand advertising vs. Direct Response advertising. Which one to use and when? Knowing the difference could mean the difference between bankrupting your business or opening a bunch of new branches.

 The secret to obliterating price resistance from your customers. No more discounted rates. Leave your competition in the dust with this one trick.

 Discover more than 7 unique and unusual product ideas you can sell to your customers and members. Think of 7 new profit streams engorging your bank account like clockwork each and every month.

 The stupidly simple way to increase your retention rates by at least 10%. You’ll kick yourself for not thinking of this “obvious” strategy…but you’ll be glad you know it now.

 The exact billing system I used to generate up to $60,000 opening day of the Ultimate Fitness Club in New Haven Connecticut.

And much more!

Listen Up: If You’re Even Considering Hiring One of Those “Boost Your EFT” Companies Then You Need To STOP And Read This…

Do you really want to risk your fitness business on a do-or-die promotion?

I’ve got plenty of mom and pop health clubs in my area who face the same problem.

How do you bring in a flood of new members WITHOUT discounting your membership prices to “give away” levels?

I had the answer but I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get out of my head and down on paper.

I needed to make something they could go back to again and again.

I couldn’t let them down.

They didn’t want to rely on an outside consultant to come in and take over. And they wanted a way to compete with the big box chains.

I decided to give them a “brain dump” of everything I knew about running a successful health club.

When it was all said and done it ended up being a 229-page monster resource on marketing and running a successful fitness club…

Introducing The “No-Discount” Guide To Fitness Marketing

It’s a jam packed 229-page manual on everything you need to know to promote a successfulfitness business. It takes you step-by-step on how to bring in more members and clients than you will ever need. It’ a NO B.S. Guide to marketing and sales for your fitness business. Street tested and approved by some of the biggest fitness events in the country.

Imagine having your own marketing consultant “on call” 24 hours a day/7 days a week…

Frankly, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused with all the information out there. It seems like we’re getting bombarded each day with new ways to promote our fitness businesses.

If you’re like me you want just the meat and potatoes of what works and what doesn’t. Something you can follow from A-Z and doesn’t require heavy thinking…because let’s face it we’re busy.

Here’s what’s in this A-Z system:

 The “Subliminal Advertising Trick” to sell more personal training services to your current members. They’ll hunt down your personal trainers and beg them to train them when you put this trick into action.

 How to easily boost the cash value of each new customer you bring in the door

 The McDonalds Secret for creating the most successful franchise in modern history and how you can use it to build your business as big as you want.

 A simple way to “spy” on your competitors delivered right to your door.

 How to systemize your fitness club so you can go on vacation, play golf, or enjoy your free lifestyle while your business churns out cash on autopilot.

 The 3 Things You Must Do before selling any prospect on becoming a new member of your club…nothing happens until you set off these key triggers

 How NOT to be at the mercy of your employees . If your business depends on any one individual you don’t have a business.

 A secret resource for getting a professionally designed TV commercial for only $1,999. You can play with the big boys in your market and appear just as big.

 The 9 critical gauges which measure the pulse of your health club and how well you are doing compared to others in your industry.

 How to top all your competitors offers in less than 5 minutes with this Internet search strategy…you’ll be able to constantly one up them in your marketplace.

“Most health club owners, studio owners, or independent personal trainers get into the fitness business because they love helping people. The reason that personal trainers struggle to open their own facility and existing health club owners find it difficult to maintain their profitability is because they’ve rarely been given as much education in terms of business planning as they have in fitness program design.

Brian’s Fitness Sales Training helps personal trainers begin to think more like managers and entrepreneurs and lets you take control of your business, rather than guessing and struggling with dead end promotions. All facets of your business planning are laid out in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-read format. Implement each section just as Brian suggests and you can look forward to a prosperous future in the fitness business.”

David Bohmiller, BS, NSCA-CSCS
Founder – My Personal Trainer School LLC

“Brian Cannone has put together an excellent sales guide for any fitness professional. I use his approaches daily in my facilty to continuing growing in numbers unseen by other like fitness centers and gyms. I have doubled my members in the last year utilizing the principles he lays out in his e-book.”

Marc Snyder
Snyder Athletics – Marion, OH

Whew!…That’s a lot of tricks in one bag…

But you’re going to need every one of them to compete in today’s marketplace.

Add in the tough economy it gets harder and harder to survive.

But with this ebook you’ll be able to thrive and take away members from your competitors.

Which reminds me, let’s finish up the story…

T-Minus 1 Day To The Opening Launch Date Of Our Health Club and We Were Shocked At The Final Results…

Ok, you wanna know how the grand opening was.

Let me tell you I was nervous.

You’re never sure if something will go as planned.

And all along I had been taking membership applications without processing the credit cards.

Basically they were just reserving their spots…AND NO MONEY WAS COLLECTED.

The big day arrived.

And slowly they started coming…

Then a little more…

And finally, a LOT more!


When the dust settled I had signed up over 500 new members at $49.95 a month with an enrollment fee of $99.00…

That’s more than $60,000 in billings from the launch!

Hey Wait A Minute! You Said You Sold Over 1,000 Memberships At The Beginning of This Letter…You’re Lying?

Whoa Chief!

I know you’re upset and skeptical of all the B.S. thrown around in this industry. It can be cut throat at times…so I don’t blame you one bit for being skeptical.

In fact, I encourage it which is why I offer my no-questions asked 60-day money back guarantee.

The truth about the 1,000 member claim is: I took my bag o’ tricks and did it again in 2004 by launching a second health club.

Proof my first attempt wasn’t luck and these No-Discount methods were here to stay.

And if that kind of number scares you a little bit I’ve added ways to slowly build up your membership…

New Health Club Promotion “Emergency Brakes” Added: You don’t have to worry about overcrowding your gym with these techniques. I’ve included “emergency brakes” on these full-throttle promotions to give you the all the new members you want…at a pace your club can handle.

And if you order right now I’ll throw in these exciting bonuses…

Bonus #1: The Audio Files from the “No Discount Guide To Fitness Marketing” ($50 Value)

mp3s from the entire book, chapter by chapter.

Burn your own CDs to listen in your car.

Put the files on your ipod or mp3 player to listen anywhere, at your own convenience.

Get instant access to the mp3s right when you check out. Easily share the info with your key managers and partners.


Bonus #2: Personal Training Profits($97 Value)

In 1998 I was personal training director of a club in Connecticut. After taking over, I took the club from $0 to $20,000 in less than 30 days.

How did I do it?

You can read about it in this special bonus report.


Bonus #3: 1-Hour Phone Consultion ($199 value)

Normally, if you walked in off the street I would charge you $199 of phone time just to look at your situation.

 But if you order the guide, I’ll waive the fee….

Get on the cutting-edge of what works for your specific situation.

Ok, Brian How Much Is This Going To Set Me Back?

Imagine hiring a consulting company. How much do you think this would cost you?

Sure, some of them say you don’t need any up-front costs but that means their going to take a huge chunk of your profits.

At least 10% may be more!

So for every $50,000 in revenue their fee will be at least $5,000.

Now, think about one advertising promotion.

You could easily spend 2-3 thousand dollars on a TV or radio campaign, something that could be hit or miss.

Risky at best.

I could easily charge $197 and people would be happy.

But I’m not going to charge you that…because I want the mom and pop operations to have no excuse for not getting their hands on this manual.

For them and you, I’m discounting it as a prelaunch offer to $47.

That means if you only spend this $47 on your club this year for educational purposes you’re investment is only 13 cents per day. (You can even write it off as advertising or professional development in your business)

“I don’t like to put my personal stamp on many products, but Brian’s guide deserves it. It’s half the price of a personal training session. I told him not to sell it this cheap, but he did not listen.

Having worked in fitness sales as a membership consultant, personal trainer and studio owner I feel confident saying this guide is a solid investment that you shouldn’t think twice about buying. Brian is as cutting edge as they get in the field.”

Mike Westerdal
Fitness Marketing Consultant

“I became friends with Brian when I was purchased my first health club in Farmington, CT in 1993. The club I had aquired was poorly managed and was going out of business and deeply in debt. Brian visited the club and within a few minutes saw changes that would positively effect the business. We turned the club around within a short time took the club out of the red and started making money. After eight years we sold the first health club for a healthy profit.

In 1997 I wanted to open a brand new franchise with a high-end club in Fairfield County I called Brian to be the General Manager and we opened the first club from a sign on the road to become a million dollar a year business with only 12,000 square feet. We then went on to purchase a Womens Only fitness club and the property in Fairfield, CT and over 3 years flipped the real estate for a profit and opened another start-up in New Haven County. In 2008 we merged our two full service clubs with a chain of 14 becoming part of the largest chain of fitness centers in Connecticut.

Brian is passionate about the fitness industry and is able to present creative marketing ideas and communicate the benefits. Brian had successfully developed all of the marketing plans for our company that have resulted in increased revenue. Brian created a staff manual for operations and trained the staff to sell memberships as well as creating the personal training program.”

Matt D’Amico,
Owner, Ultimate Fitness/Planet Fitness

“With the economy at its worst I was losing members and looking for answers. Brian Cannone’s No Discount Guide to Fitness Marketing taught me to put my members and marketing first, which helped me to get Orlando Barbell back on track.”

Brian Schwab,
Owner, Orlando Barbell

And on top of that I’m throwing in a…

A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the manual you can ask for a refund; no questions asked. I believe in the power of this system that much and want to give you the no risk way to implement into your fitness business.



Order This System Valued At $443.00 For Only $47.00 If You Order In The Next 7 Days

As you know the Internet can change rapidly and promotions can come and go in the blink of an eye. With this in mind I can only guarantee the rate of $47 for this week only.

Frankly, it’s worth at least 10 times more than that and I will be reassessing whether I should raise the price each week.

My advice: Hurry up and order it at this bargain price while you can because it will NOT go lower.

Plus, you’ve got nothing to lose since you’re protected by my 60-Day Guarantee.

To your success,

Brian Cannone

Brian Cannone

P.S. Remember…out of all the stuff I will share with you in this 229-page manual only one trick, tip, or tactic has to pay off for you to get your money back.

For example:

Click here to order now.

P.P.S. Why risk your success on a health club consultant who may damage your health club permanently and ruin your reputation with their high pressure tactics? I use a system that makes people excited about joining your health club.


“When it comes to following systems that makes my business run smoothly, I don’t take any short cuts. Unlike so many small businesses and gyms that fail to thrive in today’s economy… my gym has doubled in membership and I have a steady flow of new prospects calling daily. Without the systems and guidance available in The No Discount Guide to Fitness Marketing.”

Elliott Hulse, CSCS
Gym Owner, St. Petersburg, FL

“Having been intimately involved in many aspects of the fitness industry as a Gym Owner, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Software Developer that fitness and the lifestyle that comes with it is priceless, I can assure you that there is tremendous truth published in this book “No Discount Guide to Fitness Marketing.”

We all work too hard in this industry to sell your club and services for less than what they are worth. You owe it to yourself and the fitness industry to stop discounting.”

Mike D’Angelo
Body Evolver Training Center – Boston, MA

“This e-book is an awesome tool that is a must read for both new and established gym owners. The information compiled has put us on a path to better market our facility and substantially increase our number of members. From the large fitness facility to the small hardcore gym Brian’s blueprint will deliver!!”

Joey Degiovine
Owner Spacecoast Barbell
Merritt Island, Fl

“In this economy it takes some guts to open a new gym. With the help of Brian’s eBook, The “No Discount” Guide to Fitness Marketing I feel very confident that my gym will be a success. I’ve wanted to do this my whole life and appreciate the help that Brian’s manual gave me too look at it not just as my passion but also as a profitable business.”

Chris Janek
Owner – Tanks Training Facility
Granite City, IL

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