The Neuropathy Recovery Program

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Living with Constant Tingling, Numbness & Unsteadiness Is the Worst Kind of Prison, Isn’t It? 

As a FORMER Neuropathy Sufferer, I remember well what it was like to be held captive by it and the constant mental obsession of figuring out how I was going to do what I needed to do without causing even more pain. 

9 years and counting, I’m neuropathy pain-free and living like I’m 20 years younger!

The simple “No-Fail Neuropathy Recovery Program” reduces sources of nerve damage, pain and the risk of falling and having your independence taken away, because it addresses the root causes of nerve damage.  

These “done in minutes a day” methods have been used by thousands of people across the world and have helped eliminate or reduce the need for “toxic” and expensive medications. And with this powerful breakthrough method, you can experience the begining of relief as soon as tonight!  

“There’s nothing you can do about it, Randall.” 

That’s what my trusted doctor told my wife, Judith and I, as I sat helplessly on the table. My wife, Judith, squeezed my hand as sounds from outside the room slipped away. 

It was “as if” time stood still as I watched the hopes I had for my life flash before my eyes. As tears rolled softly down her cheek, Judith said: “He can’t live the rest of his life in this kind of pain and confined to a wheelchair. We have so many plans.” 

It was almost like being handed a death sentence, with my heart still beating in my chest. As a very active man deeply engaged in serving patients, my family, community and Youth Camp, I was inconsolable. 

No one understands the additional source of suffering you face, unless they’ve walked a mile in your painful shoes…

 …trying to get help in the BROKEN Healthcare System. 

While you’re prayiing for relief and hope, somehow you end up on a merry-go-round of constantly increasing or changing drugs to find any kind of temporary relief, isn’t it? 

Sleepless, pain-stricken and unable to walk or get around, I was taking enough medications to knock out a horse. In spite of the meds, I LOST MY ABILITY TO WALK safely. I was told to buy a motorized wheelchair, because my walking days were over. 

I had spent my life serving others as a holistic and chiropractic physician. 

My life’s work was finding drug-free, hands on solutions, so my patients could have less expensive & less invasive options for good health. 

Then I became a patient in that system. I discovered first hand the isolation and anger that eventually leads to hopelessness. Just like you, I was stuck…

…Paying thousands of dollars victimized by terrible mental and physical medication side effects and not even getting REAL pain relief! 

That’s an absolute crime, but Pharmaceutical companies have us by the short hairs.  

What else are you supposed to do? 

I’m going to share just what you CAN do for your neuropathy in a moment and how you can be experiencing soothing relief as soon as tonight. 

First let’s talk about your medications and how they can cause, worsen or mimic neuropathy symptoms! 

Medications aren’t wrong or bad. 

They just come with some serious risks that increase with the number and kind of medications you’re prescribed. 

My program doesn’t recommend “quitting neuropathy medications,” at least not without the collaboration of your trusted doctor AFTER you start experiencing less pain and more mobility.

If you’re a neuropathy sufferer or family member of a neuropathy sufferer, I beseech you to discover what you should have been forewarned about from the start. 

Are you aware that according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, more than 100,000 Americans die every year…from properly prescribed, properly taken prescriptions?

As a doctor educated in Functional Medicine (root causes of disease), I knew our bodies were never designed to process all of those poisons and chemicals without causing serious damage. 

While I struggled to stay alert on meds, my research revealed EXACTLY why those toxins were causing nerve damage & pain.  

When so many chemicals are in your body, the waste products gather in your peripheral nerves, because your circulatory system was never designed to process your body’s wastes AND all the medication waste. So the waste gets stuck in your toes, feet and legs as they are furthest from your heart & lungs where they can be pumped up and out. That makes it extemely hard to get nutrition & oxygen in when the waste is trapped. 

Pain is the only way our bodies can “cry for help” when your nerves are in danger. Instead of covering over the pain, we need to listen to these “warning signs” and intervene at a deeper level. 

The result: Delicate nerve axons destroyed from lack of nutrients and oxygen, because they couldn’t make past the medication waste that gathered in my toes, feet and legs.  

Nerve axons are what detects pain, temperature, or texture and delivers the message to the cell to release neurotransmitters. 

Looking back, I realized that my neuropathy began 6-8 weeks after being prescribed high blood pressure medication! I was perfectly fine before that! 

While researching potential solutions to neuropathy, I discovered powerful information that most of us aren’t forewarned about!

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (a government funded research company), “Neuropathy Secondary to Drugs” is not uncommon. 

Which drugs? 

All have been known to affect the development of neuropathy!  

If you’re on any of these kind of meds for an existing condition, then ask yourself if you developed neuropathy AFTER taking the meds! 

According to the Mayo Clinic

People who have diabetes & other autoimmune disorders (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s, Lupus, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy and necrotizing vasculitits) are prone to developing neuropathy.

Not only do these and other medications cause, mimic or worsen neuropathy, but also cause terrible side effects that increase your risk of more health complications like these:

• A greater risk of a heart attack 

• Risk for gastro-intestinal bleeding  

• Four times as many bone fractures 

• 68% greater risk of being hospitalized from an adverse drug event 

• Backaches, muscle aches, stomach ulcers, fatigue, 

• Dizziness, constipation, insomnia, weight gain

• Reduced concentration and/or confusion 

• Impaired working memory & dementia like symptoms

• Difficulty thinking, reading directions and understanding 

Before I went through this experience and stumbled upon the research that opened my eyes and helped me get my life back, I watched countless people lose their limbs to peripheral neuropathy in spite of taking medications. 


Nothing if your body can handle a back up of toxins without shutting down circulation, robbing you of the healing powers of sleep, while the real underlying nutritional, circulatory, chemical & mechanical stressors continue to damage healthy nerve tissue and put you further at risk. 

The root causes of neuropathy CAN be resolved by taking simple and specific steps to not only reduce or eliminate pain, but also to thwart the ongoing nerve damage that causes pain. 

And you can start to experience relief as soon as tonight. 

Medications are designed to mask symptoms, not treat the causes. 

If you’re relying on meds to save you, they won’t. If you want to live a long and healthy life in this day & age, you’ve got to shake yourself out of the trance you’re in. 

Pain medication can lull you into a false sense of security that makes you believe that you won’t be one of the people who ends up in a wheelchair or injured and hospitalized from a serious neuropathy related fall because you aren’t steady on your feet.  

I thought I was immune, too until I started falling left and right and ended up having to rely on a wheelchair for safe navigation! 

Millions of people around the globe are returing to “old school medicine,” because they have been abandoned or injured by the current health system. 

Unable to afford the gigantic prices with conditions that didn’t respond to conventional medicine, people are taking their power back. I hope you’re one of them before a side effect or a life-shattering crisis takes your independence away.

The most alarming and disturbing thing is how our health system, now controlled by drug companies doesn’t educate you or pay for perfectly natural drug-free solutions designed to work in harmony with the wisdom of your body.  

The truth: Countless Amputations Didn’t Have To Happen…

… because less expensive natural solutions have been kept quiet, while advertisements keep our eyes glued to the promise of a better, stronger miracle medicine that will take the pain away. 

We have been trained by our TV’s and the industry to WAIT for a miracle cure…a miracle pill. 

But that kind of miracles is NOT going to happen, because there’s no profits to be made by Big Pharma if you get well!  


If you wait. It will be too late. 

If you want to get relief and prevent additional nerve damage, YOU have to take matters into your own hands NOW before you become one of their statistics. 

My colleagues in Functional and Integrative Medicine and I have seen what happens to folks who passively WAIT. They get sicker, more disabled and lose the ability to live life on their terms. 

Neuropathy is one of those conditions that can take everything away from you, because damaged nerves cause disability, crippling pain and complications that effect the health of every system in your body. 

Collectively, my colleagues and I have seen this again and again with hundreds of thousands of patients! 

Think about this: Since Neuropathy is a Progressively Disabling Condition,Why Isn’t The Medical Field Taking FAST ACTION When We Are First Diagnosed

Because it’s a conspiracy. 

Our beloved doctors are no longer in charge of what they’re allowed to promote. 

They rarely have enough time to just sit and listen to what’s happening, because they’re eyes are glued to computer screens reading the new medication treatment protocols prescribed for your symptoms for fear of being financially penalized by the regulators. 

They’re just as helpless to change that system as we are or risk lawsuits or worse. 

But what about the continuous daily damage to your healthy nerve tissues that drugs can’t resolve? 

Sure you might get some pain relief, but what about the… …continuous untreated nerve damage that’s taking place in your nerves, organs, brain, feet and hands? 

Treating symptoms ISN’T ENOUGH to stop nerve damage! 

That’s why with the “brain power” of doctors, physical therapists, nutritionisists among others I’ve created a neuropathy solution that not only resolves pain but helps you rebuild healthy nerve tissues! 

What disturbs me most is that the doctors talk about “the progression” AS IF there’s nothing you can do about it, when that’s ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!

 It’s as if they’ve been hypnotized in the same way we’ve been. 

Those of us who have been trained in holistic, natural & Functional Medicine look for the root cause of disease. In other words, we look “upstream” at all the systems that are contributing to the disorder. 

So don’t be misguided when you hear “there’s nothing you can do about it… …It’s just part of aging, diabetes, your arthritis, your cancer treatment.” 

It’s NOTa natural part of aging and disease. 

If it were, we wouldn’t have clients well into their 80’s and 90’s reporting that they’re able to walk on hard surfaces again pain free! 

Mom is Off Narcotic Medicine

Dr. Labrum, 

“I am writing this to thank you for the hope you have given my mother in hopes to walk again. I am very happy that she is off the Narcotic – Oxicodin. Everything she has done so far has eased a lot of the pain she was experiencing. My mother is in Assisted Living and 82 years old. The Chiropractor she sees has been pleased with her results so far. The Chiropractor said she was now at level 3, so the nerve damaged can be restored. Thank you for your neuropathy program as it has made a difference for my mom.” 

B. Sanford, Texas

No pain medication can address the root causes of neuropathy. Unless you address the 6 underlying causes of peripheral neuropathy, your nerves will continue to be damaged, die off and weaken the delicate communication between your feet & brain, creating more intense and disabling pain and increased risk of falling & a life-shattering outcome.  

Having other health conditions definitely contributes to developing neuropathy, but there are very simple, but specific steps YOU can take to relieving pain and ongoing nerve damage that can help rebuild healthy nerve tissues

And you can start experiencing relief as soon as tonight!

Just 6 simple steps that address the nutritional, biochemical, circulatory & mechanical causes of nerve damage for relief that lasts. 

 In fact, one method can bring you some relief as soon as tonight!

Don’t let a crisis you didn’t see coming rob you of living life on your terms! Take control of your body & your healthcare choices! 

Introducing the “No-Fail Full Support Recovery Method” to Lasting Neuropathy Relief… 

The Neuropathy Recovery Program

Neuropathy Video Program

…The fastest, safest solution to reduce or eliminate pain & thwart nerve damage at its source!  

This Whole Mind-Body ACCELERATED Method jumpstarts pain relief as fast as tonight and helps your body regulate and reduce the impact of nerve damage. 

Our secret weapon against pain & inflammation? 

Your brain.

 In the Pain Killing Power video a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist helps you activate the parts of your brain that release relaxing, pain soothing endorphins (your body’s natural pain killers, but without any toxic side effects!)

Think hypnosis & hypnotherapy are fluff? 

Think again. 

According to Brendan L. Smith’s 2011 article, “Hypnosis Today” featured by “The American Psychological Association:”

“Hypnosis has been used for centuries for pain control, including during the Civil War when Army surgeons hypnotized injured soldiers before amputations. Recent studies have confirmed its effectiveness as a tool to reduce pain. Among the leading researchers in the field is Guy H. Montgomery, PhD, a psychologist who has conducted extensive research on hypnosis and pain management at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where he is director of the Integrative Behavioral Medicine Program.”

Just Imagine What It Will Be Like to: 

The SECRET to having this kind of freedom lies in the wisdom of your own body. 

Just pure simple science that supports your body & mind to do what they were designed to do.

Dr. Johnathon Chase recommends my neuropathy solution to his patients, here’s why:


If you’re sick and tired of getting the run around that my clients and I experienced, then you’ll be pleased to know that after almost 2 years of research when I was up to my eyeballs in medication and pain, I discovered hope for healing all around the globe. 

At my lowest point, my wife, Judith. my rock, led me in a prayer that inspired me to go to work to find a solution… “looking outside the box” for legitimate research backed solutions that would help me discover the 6 steps to lasting neuropathy relief. 

And that’s exactly what happened. 

Interestingly, I found some clinics who were advertising neuropathy treatments that cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 to receive in-house treatments that weren’t covered by insurance. I felt that was just astronomical!  

There had to be a way to make this affordable and doable at home! 

I spoke with them and hundreds of other Doctors, Researchers, Physical Therapists and Nutritionists who were having positive results with neuropathy. 

There had to be REAL solutions for their suffering, not just a band-aid while you’re praying not to end up a further burden on family or worse, in a home where you don’t have your freedom. 

I spent hundreds of sleepless nights worried about what would happen to me next if I didn’t figure this out, but after being a human guinnea pig experimenting endless combinations, I was blessed to discover the “miracle” I prayed for and a way to bring all the wisdom together into an at home solution. 

The secret: It’s hiding right within your own body, if you know how to turn it on. 

And you can do it within the comfort of your own home. And that’s how this simple, but powerful 6-step solution was born. 

By the grace of God, I found a way to streamline the steps and incorporate them into simple but amazing solution and I continue to help thousands each year. 

Listen to what this client was going to tell the Neurologist: 

“My neurologist claims there is nothing that can be done for my neuropathy and I should just live with it. So I am extremely motivated to prove her wrong. I went to a chiropractor that specializes in neuropathy treatments and he wanted $5,000 for two dozen treatments. This was beyond my finances.I then put trust in your website and I have been trying to faithfully follow the 6 steps in the Program. Already I feel it is significantly helping. I can’t wait to go back to that neurologist and show her that there are ways to help this condition.” 

B. Bourgault, Georgia 


Neuropathy on Laptop Screens

2. How much does it cost?

The “No-Fail Video Coaching Method” to Lasting Neuropathy Relief is just $67. The value of having a Doctor & National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and all of the guides & video coaching sessions have retailed for $197. We are discounting and making the CORE PROGRAM available for a very limited time to make it as AFFORDABLE as possible, so nothing stands in the way of you getting the relief you need.  

Neuropathy Video Program

4. What Are The Steps & Will I Be Able to Do Them?


Of course will be able to do the steps, because I’m going to SHOW YOU exactly how in each video as if I’m right by your side supporting you every step of the way. Plus, you’ll really enjoy doing the steps and they’ll hardly take more than a few minutes each day! 

Video Step #1: Treat the Fire 

2 Videos: One educational & the Pain Video to retrain your brain to release soothing hormones & neurotransmitters, so you can have peace as soon as tonight. A National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist will guide you through a relaxing process to de-stress and diminish dangerous cortisol levels that cause pain, lead to early dementia, impaired memory, weight gain, erratic blood sugar and more. Once you’re inside, you’ll start the “Pain Killing Power” video and immediately turn the dimmer switch down on painful brain chemistry patterns. One day at a time you’ll retrain and activate your body’s soothing natural pain killers from the comfort of your favorite chair. Then I’ll guide you through the “root causes” of neuropathy in my video. 

Video Step #2: Fuel Nerve Recovery 

Side Effect Warning: Experience improved mental clarity and more energy from the positive side effects of this method. You’ll learn how to get right kind of fuel to fragile damaged nerves to kick-start your natural nerve regeneration processes. Malnourished nerves are the second core component of neuropathy pain, because starving nerve synapses aren’t getting their fair share of oxygen and nutrients. I’ll share the LATEST SECRETS I’ve discovered… the essential keys to getting nutrients directly into damaged and “starving nerve synapses” to jumpstart healing relief and to nurture new and emerging nerve “sprouts.” You’ll also receive powerful food guides so you can grab a few simple things that will support better nerve nutrition.  

I Was Skeptical BUT In 5 Weeks I’m Experiencing Relief and Comfort!

“Tonight my husband and I went out on the 4-wheeler and visited some friends who live up the road from us. They wanted to know how my feet were because they were aware I was trying something new for my PN. We spent 45 minutes telling them all about what I was doing. To be very honest, I was skeptical, but hopeful when Dr. Labrum told me about this new possibility and treatment. I have been to at least 6 doctors and spent nearly a thousand dollars looking, hoping, praying for relief and a cure from the ever present burning and numbness in my feet. I can honestly say I’m excited and so pleased with just 5 weeks of the 6 Step Program and the relief and comfort I am experiencing. Thank you, Dr. Labrum.”

Bev M., Fairview, UT

Video Step #3: Boost Blood Dilation and Circulation 

 The 3rd cause of neuropathy pain is nerve damage and nerve death from poor circulation and toxicity. Want less pain & more stability when you’re walking? Nerves will regenerate approximately 1 inch per month IF you act quickly to support them. (Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri Susan E. Mackinnon, MD & Christine B. Novak, PT, MS March 2011). Learn to gently release trapped toxins and boost healthy blood circulation with 3 simple moves that you’ll enjoy doing while simultaneously reducing the frequency of foot ulcers and falls! Boosted by increased cell oxygen &&nutrient levels you’ll help them not only survive but thrive. Otherwise unresolved poor circulation and toxin accumulation in your peripheral nerves will harm your body’s natural nerve regenerative process. 

Video Step #4: Coach Nerves Back to Health 

After releasing dangerous toxins and boosting blood circulation, it’s essential to restore healthy foot to brain communications. I’ll show you how to “re-educate and re-train nerve signals” to return to their natural rhythms WITHOUT risking damage to newly developing nerve sprouts. Over time toxins, lack of oxygen, and brain chemistry interrupt and scramble nerve signals, so that standing on carpet feels like you’re on cactus needles. Scrambled nerve signals tell your brain to fire pain when there’s no reason for pain. You’ll also learn the ONE THING YOU MUST NEVER DO or risk injuring newly developing nerve axons, so you can enjoy the soft comfort of you living room floor and walk steadily again. 

Video Step #5: Reduce Joint, Organ and Nerve Stress

Side Effect Warning: This amazing step not only makes losing weight easier, but it reduces stress & inflammation, reduces blood sugar levels, helps digestion and boost brain and energy too! Here, you’ll learn 5 relaxing moves that reduce inflammation and restore integrity to nerves in your feet. You’ll learn about which footwear best supports nerve regeneration. Finally, you’ll SEE how my wife (my inspiration) lost 6 dress sizes with the easiest weight loss tool imaginable. Less weight means less stress on your feet and happier and steadier navigation!

Video Step #6: Increase Joint Flexibility and Mobility 

The 6th cause of neuropathy pain is stiff and inflexible joints and limited range of motion that impinges on nerve fibers & endings. In this final piece of the neuropathy puzzle, you’ll learn how to increase your mobility and flexibility with the most essential “couch and chair friendly” moves (until you’re walking steadily and easily on feet and legs that will support an active lifestyle). Nerve impingement occurs for a variety of reasons and lack of motion makes you unsteady on your feet. It’s a terrible “catch 22” to avoid movement due to pain and have your condition worsen because of it. Plus the simplest moves to release nerve pressure and prevent tension build-up in the synaptic junction in your lower back. This session is last, because the other steps are essential pre-cursors to having the energy, strength and relief to SAFELY restore movement to your life. 

It Was Unbelievable How Fast the Results Came! 

“I love how simple this program is! I immediately started 6 steps. After everything else I have tried the 6 steps were so clearly explained and easy to do it was almost impossible to believe how quickly they began producing results. My life was surrendered to neuropathy for nearly a decade. I am happy to report that it is now mine to live again. I can’t thank Dr. Labrum enough.”

Anne Marie E., San Diego, CA

100% Money Back Guarantee

11. Does The “No-Fail, Full Video Support Neuropathy Program Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! RELAX… You’re Covered by My 60-Day 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee

I’m dead serious about your health and just to prove it to you, I’m giving you my 100% Peace of Mind Risk Free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee…

I want to help make your decision easier, because I know you’re going to fall in love with the “new you” once you get started on my No Fail, Full-Support Neuropathy Recovery Program.

Within 60 days, you should be well on you way to seeing positive results and within another 30-60 days, you’ll be transformed! 

 I’m so confident in my program that if you don’t experience relief, renewed energy and steadiness on your feet then just contact us in 60 days for a full refund. Just that simple!

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

That means that in 60 days, your body will have begun repairing the damage, experience significant pain reduction, renewed energy, sleep and ability to walk more steadily, or you’ll get every penny back.


Susan E. Mackinnon, MD & Christine B. Novak, PT, MS March 2011. Nerve Injury & Recovery. Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri. 

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