The Intuitive Flow Daily Double

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Gwint Fisher MA, CSCS:

“My infatuation with human movement began when I was a young boy. I was constantly engaged in some type of sport throughout childhood and adolescence. Following that passion I decided to continue my study of the human body at Fresno State University while working to pay for my education as a personal trainer. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science in 2010 I incurred a debilitating injury that threatened the end my career in the fitness industry. During that time I came across a book, called FREE TO MOVE by Scott Sonnon. It changed my life. This book offered me insight in how my body was designed to move, and outlined a simple approach on how to regain that innate ability injury free. It took an entire year, but finally I was pain free. In 2013 I took my first Circular Strength Training certification (developed by Coach Sonnon), the world’s premiere Health First Fitness System, which sent me on a journey of exploration, adventure, and healing….

A journey that continues to this day. I have since been certified in Clubbell Athletics, FlowFit, Clubbell Yoga, and the TACFIT Fitness System… coined “The World’s Smartest Workout” by Men’s Health Magazine. These vehicles allow me to share more intelligent and advanced training methods in a manner that is accessible to everyone, at any level. They offer improvements in mobility, strength, power, coordination, agility, endurance, heart rate recovery, and above all create a healthy body that is resilient, and prepared to face the challenges of daily life.”

Start up guide:

The Quick Start Guide will be your road map to get started with The Intuitive Flow Daily Double. It includes information about the origin of The Intuitive Flow Daily Double, a Q&A section, and instructions on how to add this innovative new program to your daily routine starting today.

Intro Video:

In the Introductory Video, Gwint Fisher will take us through a brief overview of the Daily Double’s program design. This includes an analysis on why the AM and PM sections are presented as they are as well as how to cycle through the 6 levels. Gwint will elaborate on the “Intuitive” nature of this program, and explain how the Daily Double will help acquire skill sets to reach our ultimate destination – a higher quality of life through movement.

Instructional Videos:

In these 70 instructional videos, Gwint will detail each of the exercises found in the Daily Double program. Learn the mechanics including breath, structure, and transition, so you get the most effective workout day in and day out. Gwint’s clear and concise coaching cues are relevant, easy to understand, and are designed so you never feel lost or unsure of your progress. The Instructional Videos include a client demonstration, so he is able to present actual Daily Double coaching right in front of your own eyes.

Follow Along Videos:

In these 12 full-length videos, follow along with Gwint as you work through the Daily Double program. No need to worry about keeping time or what exercise to do next. Just press play and get started. The program will handle the rest. Each video ensures you reap the maximum benefit and also that each workout is followed as prescribed. The AM follow-along videos were designed to jump-start your morning and get you ready to tackle the day ahead. Meanwhile the PM programs strategically help compensate for hours of limited mobility (think sitting at office, driving a car, etc) or after a day of excessive physical stress. You will not miss a single step with the Daily Double follow along videos.