The Half Day Diet

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Listen, anyone who has successfully lost weight knows that in order to lose the fat you have to manage your carbs…

And as you probably know already, lowering carbohydrate intake – especially carbs like refined sugars and grains – will lower inflammation, help control your blood sugar, keep the stubborn body fat off, increase your mood, boost energy, sharpen your focus, and of course get you the body you desire and deserve

What very few people know and what you’re about to find out right now… Is that a low carb diet only works if you do ONE thing. And here’s the most amazing part, it ends up NOT being a low carb diet

I know that sounds crazy. However the scientific research I’ll share below proves that your body only needs to be “low carb” for a few specific hours of the day to get all the benefits of a 24-hour low carb diet.

This means you can lose all the weight you want, fit more comfortably into your clothes, experience the freedom that a leaner, more trim, more vibrant body can give you, and enjoy watching the bathroom scale drop without any drastic lifestyle changes…

…And you’ll NEVER have to suffer from the feelings of a low carb diet again: The brain fog, or the nighttime cravings and binges that have sabotaged even the most savvy dieters…

Unfortunately, you won’t find this enjoyable System for rapid weight loss anywhere else. Despite the scientific proof and my over 15 years of documented success, most nutritionists and trainers still demonize carbs and fail to understand that you must enjoy carb-rich foods to maximize your weight loss.

Just make sure you read this entire page though because if you eat these foods at the wrong time they will actually put on

Because you won’t have a lot of “rules” to follow… and the science behind the Half Day protocol is so straightforward once you see it… a lot of folks get fooled into thinking “there must be some kind of catch…”

After all, how could such a SIMPLE solution be sitting right under your nose all this time?

Truth is, I’ve done all the hard work for you so that I can bring you the simplest, most easy-to-follow System based on very strategic, specific and intricate carb and calorie timing principles.

So don’t be fooled by how simple the Half Day protocol is for you to use. Just follow the roadmap and you WILL get the results. Guaranteed.

Why It’s Just $19

I considered accepting a publishing deal for this information. However, that would mean I would have to pass along the cost of printing books, shipping, warehousing, expensive marketing, and all the other headaches that come with a deal like that.

Which is why I decided to bring The Half Day Diet System to you directly – no middle man and no extra cost. So I can pass the savings on to you…

However I can’t afford to keep it at this low introductory price for long (you’ll see why in a minute), yet I want this to be a no-brainer decision today for any man or woman who wants to safely, quickly and permanently lose weight without giving up yummy carbs or even feeling like you are on a diet at all…

So make sure you take advantage of what I think is a very fair offer I’m making you today for a system that will completely change the way you think about nutrition forever… Fair enough?

Listen: You Don’t Have To Decide Today

P.S.- Remember you can take action today with zero risk. You’ve got an entire 60 days to try out the program on me. And if you decide you aren’t totally blown away anytime before that just send me an email and you’ll get a friendly refund the very same day! :-)

P.P.S.- Every man or woman who has successfully lost weight has been able to manage their carbs.

Yet most folks suffer cravings, fatigue, brain fog and even a damaged metabolism on low carb diets… until you learn how to trick your body into burning fat like it’s on a low carb diet when it’s not…

The breakthrough scientific study I shared with you in the 3rd section of this page clearly shows the benefits of adopting this new “half day” approach to dieting.

And although you still won’t find it anywhere else, it has now been proven with hundreds of clients in my San Francisco coaching practice. And today their success can be your success too.

You’ll experience the freedom of losing weight without eliminating carbs, without giving up your favorite foods, without going hungry, without cravings, and without even exercising if that’s your choice. It’s that simple and enjoyable.

Just remember that I have only reserved a limited number of copies at today’s discounted price. And that my team will update this page with the regular price once we hit that number. So make sure you take action today and start creating the body you desire and deserve!

Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!