The Five Minute Sleep Method

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My name is Alice, and I’m not a paediatrician or a doctor with a fancy PHD.

In fact I am just a regular mom who hit breaking point struggling to get my baby boy to sleep…

…Until I discovered the Five Minute Sleep Secret which changed EVERYTHING for me and my family.

And in order to show you just how powerful and effective this method really is, I need you to share with you my short, personal story…

Here’s what happened…

When I had my first baby I was filled with joy, love and pride. The first couple of weeks were tiresome, but I enjoyed it all the same.

I had always imagined how fantastic being a parent would be, and so far it was living up to my every expectation…

However, after the first few weeks of having a baby who often fell asleep in my arms, and was easily transferred to his bassinette, my world came crashing down…  

…My precious little boy would NOT sleep!  

I used to dread the nap and evening routine, knowing what was to come.  

I would spend HOURS trying to get my baby to sleep, as my own fatigue grew…

I was in constant pain from rocking him to sleep, and I was spending hundreds of dollars on chiropractor and osteopath appointments in an attempt to fix my back… which was so sore from bending over the crib and all the constant bouncing, rocking, and swaying.  

After I would finally get him to fall asleep I too would crawl into bed, my head would hit the pillow, and then he would wake again!  

My marriage was suffering.

My husband and I were bickering. Arguing over the methods we were using to try to get him to sleep, and fighting over little things simply because we were so tired and frustrated and we were taking it out on each other.

Our relationship was at breaking point.  

And to make things even worse, it seemed as though many of my close friends who had babies didn’t seem to have any problems with getting their little ones to sleep.

Their babies appeared to be sleeping through the night already without any trouble.  

I felt like a failure, like a bad mom… as if I wasn’t
cut out for this parenting gig. I wanted to give up.  

I spent more money visiting doctors, thinking there must be something they could do to help me with my baby’s ‘sleep problem’… only to be told that it would just take time and eventually he would sleep on his own.

This was of no help. I was at my rock bottom and couldn’t just wait for the problem to fix itself!

So, that’s when I took matters in to my own hands…

So, that’s what I did.

I read countless books, online blogs and studies, and began scouring the piles of confusing information for anything I hadn’t already tried.

The problem I found with the so called ‘baby sleep gurus’ is that they suggested that I leave my baby forlong periods of time, alone, crying. This didn’t sit well with me.

I wanted my baby to know that I was there for him, not abandoning him.

I even read one technique that tells parents to place their baby down and not return until the morning no matter how much screaming they do – which I am sure you’ll agree is horrible for both parent and baby.  

And then there were the specialists… I found that often paediatricians, psychologists and other medical professions have a tunnel vision view in their approach to sleep training methods and ideas – and many don’t even have children!

In frustration, I started interviewing as many mothers as I could find… some of whom were in my predicament, and others who were blessed with ‘good’ sleepers from the start.

I drilled them about everything they did (and didn’t do) when putting their babies down to sleep…

And soon, one thing became clear from my research…

I discovered that babies don’t just fall asleep;
they actually need to be taught how to sleep.

But, what was the best way to teach them something that we as adults do so naturally? It seemed that none of the research had a clear answer…

And it wasn’t until several more frustrating, tearful, and back-breaking weeks later, that suddenly an IDEA came to me…

I had a fantastic feeling about it, and couldn’t wait until the evening to try it out with my son…

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