The Fat Loss Mindset Program

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Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD reveals the hidden secret of

safe, permanent, and struggle-free weight (fat) loss!



 “Excess Pounds Still Won’t Go Away

No Matter How Hard You Try?”



Then it’s time to expose and eliminate the

“Top 3 Weight Loss (Fat Loss) Roadblocks

that have been sabotaging your success


Roadblock #1: “Emotional” Eating – You find yourself eating when you feel stressed, depressed, anxious, worried, etc.


Roadblock #2: “Compensatory” Eating – You find yourself eating when you feel a lack of love, joy, peace, companionship, etc.


Roadblock #3: “Mindless” Eating – You find yourself eating, even when you don’t know why you’re eating – but you’re still eating!


Warning: If any of these Top 3 Roadblocks have wrecked your

weight loss efforts in the past, what you are about to discover

here today could change your future dramatically.  


Because the Roadblocks that have sabotaged

your success in the past will absolutely do so

in the future – until you eliminate them!  



Let’s Start With A Few “Revealing” Questions…


Do you ever turn to food when you feel stressed, anxious, or upset – and then get even more upset with yourself because you “caved in?”


Do you sometimes “accidentally” overeat when you’re dining out or celebrating – and then feel terrible about it later?


Do you ever find yourself eating for no particular reason – and then have a guilt attack?


If so, then it’s time to admit to yourself that these “Top 3 Weight Loss Roadblocks” are the real reasonsyou can’t get to your healthy weight – or stay there.


Emotional eating, compensatory eating, mindless eating…these are the true enemies of your weight loss (fat loss) success!


And like it or not, these same Roadblocks will continue to wreck your weight loss efforts – no matter how hard or how often you try – until you eliminate them.


That’s why I’m going to show you exactly how to get these toxic roadblocks out of your mind and out of your life… 

so you can put an end to all that unhealthy eating…

…so you can stick with your healthy nutrition and exercise program…

…so you can go quickly and safely to your ideal weight…

…and stay there for good!

Dr. Frank B. Smoot,

 MA, DD,

I’m Dr. Frank. B. Smoot, MA, DD, psychotherapist and professional weight loss (fat loss) coach since 2001. For the past 14 years I’ve been showing overweight people exactly how to get rid of their excess pounds – permanently.


Many had struggled with their weight for years, or decades. Now they stay at their healthy weight year after year – without stress, struggle, sacrifice, or backsliding.


How is this possible? Is there are “hidden secret” to their success?


Yes – there absolutely is! And once you know that secret, I think you’ll be astonished to discover how simple and stress-free lasting weight loss can really be!



How These Top 3 Fat-Loss Roadblocks Finally

Opened The Door To Safe And Lasting Weight Loss…


Extensive clinical research tells us that most people who try to lose weight end up in one of three categories:

  1. They don’t lose any weight at all.
  2. They lose some weight, but gain most (or all) of it back.
  3. They actually end up weighing more than they started.

 Only a pathetic 4% actually succeed at reaching their target weight – and most of those won’t stay there for long.


Why do we keep failing so miserably, even when we really, really want to succeed?


Because the research has made it clear that what goes on between your ears can be much more important for weight loss than what goes on your plate. Put another way, why you eat can have a greater effect on your weight than what you eat.


Sad to say, for many overweight people, unhealthy eating is just as automatic as breathing. (How could any diet or exercise program ever fix that?)


But make no mistake. Healthy nutrition and exercise will always be essential for a trim and healthy body. Unfortunately…


Even the best diet and exercise program in the world

won’t get you to your goals if you can’t stick with it.


And as long as any of these Roadblocks are operating in your life, you won’t be able to stick with anyhealthy nutrition or exercise program long enough to succeed!


The good news is, we now have a powerful and effective solution. But before we can apply it, we need to be crystal clear about the problem:



The Three Reasons Why Those Fat Loss Roadblocks

Will Make You Fail…And Keep On Failing…


Reason #1: They Make You Eat Unconsciously: I’ll bet you already know about this one. Eating is so unconscious that you don’t even know you’re doing it – until it’s too late! Your unhealthy eating is literally beyond your (conscious) control!


Reason #2: They Make You Eat Automatically: You’re eating too much, eating too often, or eating all the wrong things – but it’s all so automatic that you feel powerless to even try to stop it!


Reason #3: They Make You Eat Habitually: These roadblocks create powerful bad eating habits in you that no amount of “willpower” can prevent when the chips are down. The result? You blame yourself for being “weak” – but nothing changes!


And the cold, hard truth is this: If you don’t get these roadblocks out of your life – and out of your mind – you will just keep on failing.



OK, Enough About The Bad News – Now Here’s The Good News!


As the saying goes, if you want to be thin, you must think like a thin person. And thanks to extensive clinical research, we now know exactly how to get those three miserable roadblocks out of your life – by getting them out of your thinking.


Learning to think like a thin person actually involves just 3 simple steps: 




The Result is “Auto-Pilot” Fat Loss!


And that’s exactly why thin people stay thin. Because, when your fat loss is on auto-pilot, healthy eating literally becomes just as automatic – and just as effortless – as excessive, unhealthy eating used to be.


And where you “just couldn’t find the energy” to exercise before, now you are eager to get out there and move your butt!


Is it a miracle? Nope, not even a mystery. It’s just the natural result of “trading in” your old, self-sabotaging thinking for healthy, new self-supportive thinking.


And one thing I can tell you for sure – it becomes a heck of a lot easier to get to your healthy weight and stay there!


That’s how your new “Fat Loss Mindset”

 transforms your body – and your life!


What is a fat loss mindset? It’s the way you think after your mind is freed from those life-wrecking roadblocks. It’s the mindset that thin people already have.


How does your life – and your weight – change when you have a Fat Loss Mindset!? 

  1. No More Emotional Eating You stop turning to food if you’re stressed – and your stress level is also dramatically reduced.
  2. No More Compensatory Eating You stop “eating to fill the emptiness” because you just don’t feel empty anymore!
  3. No More “Mindless” Eating Now you are totally aware and totally in control of what, when, and why you eat. “Mindless” eating is a thing of the past!

 Again, that’s why thin people are thin – and stay thin. Because this is how they think all the time!


And that’s how a Fat Loss Mindset gets you to your healthy weight and keeps you there! Because doing the “right thing” becomes just as habitual and automatic as doing the “wrong thing” used to be – and, the old “effort and struggle” simply disappear!


Let’s take one last at those three toxic Fat Loss Roadblocks: 

  1. Emotional Eating…because you’re feeling stress, anxiety, worry, etc.
  2. Compensatory Eating…when you feel a lack of love, joy, peace, etc.
  3. “Mindless” Eating…when you don’t know exactly why – but you’re eating!

How much easier would weight loss success be for you if those roadblocks were permanently eliminated?



The Fat Loss Mindset program will do that for you!


Since 2001, I’ve been using these same proven success principles and techniques to help countless hundreds of overweight people shed their unwanted pounds for good.


“I MADE IT!!! :-) This morning I weighed 67.6kg!!! I’ve lost 32kg  :-)  :-) [ 70.4 lbs.] I thought you should be the first to know I’ve officially reached my goal weight  :-) 

Tanya Lazarevich, Speech Therapist – Adelaide, AU

“Dr. Frank!  I have lost 65 pounds! My blood pressure is down from 149/100 to 106/74. My total cholesterol is down, and my triglycerides have reduced by half!”

Martha Harris – Raleigh, NC

“Dr. Frank, I am amazed each day how easy this is…. Total weight loss is now 78 pounds…with no stress or strain. Thank you again!!!!!!! ‘God Bless You,”

Sandy Spell, Marketing Director – Deltona, FL



During those 14 years, the Fat Loss Mindset program has been continually improved using real-world feedback from my weight loss coaching clients and program owners (who email me every day).


The result is what can only be described as the most effective weight loss program on the planet.


How can I make such a bold claim? Because only the Fat Loss Mindset program can end your weight problems for good by eliminating the root cause of your unhealthy eating.


You see, when you diet, you’re only making external changes. That’s why it’s so easy to fall off the wagon. But with The Fat Loss Mindset program, you make changes where it matters most – between your ears!


As they say, that’s where the action is. And that’s why I can promise you – guarantee you – that the Fat Loss Mindset program delivers the kind of lasting fat-loss success you simply can’t get anywhere else, at any price.


Here’s what you get with

the Fat Loss Mindset program:


You get a 211-page Main Manual chock full of eye-opening, mind-empowering, real-world-proven information that’s guaranteed bring you the insights and revelations that will transform your body – and your life – for good.


You get 87 time-tested, client-tested Success Exercises (for your mind, not your body), that will make sure you are “with the program” every step of the way, to make sure you get safely to your perfect weight and stay there.


You get the Fat Loss Mindset program and bonuses in a full-sized 8.5 x 11” format, so you can print it out as you wish, and keep it in a binder with your Success Journal.


And best of all, you get unlimited FREE consulting! Yes, I will personally provide every bit of the personal consulting you need and answer any and all questions you may have – just as I have done for all of my program owners since 2001.


Yes, you get personal, one-on-one guidance and support from the person who is probably the most experienced weight loss coach on the planet. You really can’t even put a price on that – but it’s my way of showing my personal commitment to your success.


In short, you get a complete roadmap to permanent weight loss success, with full instructions on what to do and when to do it, with every turn clearly marked. Just follow the simple directions, and discover the joys of life-long weight loss success!



 “I’ve had the privilege of helping people lose weight, get fit, and live a healthy lifestyle for more than 25 years now. I teach people how to eat right and exercise for maximum fat loss, and it works – 100% of the time – BUT only if you stay focused and motivated to stick with it.


“That’s where Dr. Smoot and the Fat Loss Mindset program comes in. He’s an absolute master at helping people improve their mindset to put weight loss success on “autopilot” and I cannot recommend his program more. If you’re serious about losing fat and getting fit – once and for all – this program is an absolute MUST!”


Chad Tackett, BS, CPT

Fast Track to Fat Loss, Founder



Your cost for the life-transforming Fat Loss Mindset program?


Just $37!


And you get a no-nonsense, 90-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Some would call that “the bargain of the century.” Why? Because every one of my weight loss coaching clients paid $1625.00 for their 15 weekly phone sessions.


And thanks to their “real-world” feedback and input, the 87 Success Exercises in the Fat Loss Mindset program now have the power to change your life.


Now you can use these same 87 Success Exercises to experience the same powerful transformation my coaching clients enjoyed – for less than two percent of what they paid!


My original weight loss program sold online for years at $49.97 – and it wasn’t as effective as this new state-of-the-art Fat Loss Mindset program.


But thanks to Chad Tackett, owner of Fast Track To Fat Loss, you can now get the complete Fat Loss Mindset program for just $37!


But that’s not all you’ll get. If you will give the Weight Loss Mindset program a chance to

transform your life as it has already done for so many others, you’ll also get: 


Bonus #1: You get FREE Unlimited Personal One-On-One Support! Yes, I will personally answer – in detail – every single question, comment, concern you may have, at any point in your Success Process – just as I’ve been doing for all my program buyers and coaching clients since 2001.


So whenever you have a question, need feedback on what you’re currently doing, or just need emotional support, you can count on me to be there for you!


Let’s face it. Support is KEY to success, especially when you have a history of *not* succeeding. Can you imagine how much more easily success will come to you when you have a knowledgeable expert to turn to whenever you need it?


You get to consult for FREE with the world’s

foremost weight loss mindset expert.


Am I bragging? No! I literally pioneered this approach to weight loss, way back in the mid-1990s. And I created the very first fat loss program based on changing your thinking (instead of your diet), because that’s the only way to get lasting results.


That’s why it’s important to understand that all of the personalized consulting I’ll give you is designed to make sure you develop a fat loss mindset. Because that’s the only way to eliminate the toxic Roadblocks that are the real reason why 96% of all weight loss efforts fail.


Now, a personal trainer is a good thing, and lots of people have one. Support in general is helpful, and you can find it at weight watchers, online communities, and even among family and friends.


But when you need an expert… 

-       with the knowledge and experience to personally help you develop a weight loss mindset

-       to rid your thinking of the hidden, root causes of your unhealthy eating,

-       and who already has the answers to any question you can ask,

 …there’s only one place in the world where you can get all of that. Right here with this program.


And every one of my coaching clients will tell you that having that kind of expertise “on call” makes all the difference in the world!


Is it time-consuming for me to answer so many questions? Of course. Yet I do it gladly.


Why? Because, after so many years as a success coach, I have an unshakeable commitment to support everyone who’s genuinely ready for success. And if that’s you, then you’re exactly the right person for this program!


Bonus #2: You get “How I Safely Lost 15 Pounds In 29 Days With Zero Stress, Struggle, Or Sacrifice – And How You Can, Too!”


“The world’s best bonus” is what my program owners and coaching clients call this Special Report.


You’ll see exactly how I personally got rid of 15 lbs in just 29 days without doing anything unwise or unhealthy, and without ever feeling deprived. Now, I’m not saying that you should do this – but this Special Report shows you  how you could.



Bonus #3: You get my “Hidden Secrets Of Lifelong Success” ebook…


Are there really “hidden secrets” to lifelong health and wellness? There certainly are! And if more people knew them, they’d be a lot healthier and happier!  So I’ve loaded up these 94-pages with the all the best health and wellness information I’ve gathered during the past three decades!



Bonus #4: You get “Ten Power Steps to Lasting Behavior Change”


In this one ebook, you will get the culmination of everything I’ve learned in three decades about how to make successful behavior change in the real world.  And I guarantee it’s more effective than any “12-step” program you’ll ever see.



Bonus #5: You get Dr. Franks Amazing Colon Cleanse ebook,  actually titled: “The Ultimate ‘Inside Secret’ Of Lasting Fat-Loss, Vibrant Health, Abundant Energy, And A Long, Healthy Life!”


Yep – that’s a really long title! And it may not be a great party topic, but nothing you can do will “clean up your act” more than getting years of accumulated junk and gunk out of your body. Absolutely the best cleanse program you’ll ever find!


And of course, you get that 100%

Money Back Guarantee!



So is it time for you to break loose

from the 96% who fail at fat loss, and

join the 4% who actually succeed?



 You know as well as I do that weight loss success has never been about luck. And truth be told, it’s really not even about the “right” diet or exercise program.


Lasting success is the result of sticking with your program. And that is what I will show you how to do.


The testimonials you see on the left side of this page are literally just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds and hundreds of people from people all over the world have sent me emails, telling me how this program has made them healthier – and happier – than they have ever been.


They finally have the lasting fat-loss solution they always wanted, because they finally understand that the only way to achieve safe, lasting, and struggle-free fat loss is through a fat loss mindset.


Are you ready to join them? Then let’s get started!

PS: If you’ve read this far, you know in your heart that something needs to change. And now you know what that “something” is. It’s time to shift your focus from what you eat to why you eat. Because what goes into your mouth isn’t nearly as important for weight loss as what goes on between your ears.


So the “bottom line” here is really very simple. If you always do what you’ve always done (focus mainly on diet & exercise), then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten – fat loss failures.


To become a thin person, you must think like a thin person. And that’s exactly what you will do with the Fat Loss Mindset program!


Yours in total health,


- Dr. Frank


Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD

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