The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity

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50 people gathered around me, shouting play! play! My 5 friends laughed as I picked up a generic guitar, and then I played…

I have always been a shy person at heart. Stage fright is something that I have always dealt with. I was at a party on this particular night, surrounded by simply too many people for my comfort. Someone got wind that I played guitar.

Me doing some guitar speed picking
Playing guitar around 2003

Picture this – sitting at a table are some people playing cards, in a corner are others dancing, in another part of the room a kid was showing off his “moon walking” skillz, and the noise was deafening.

The “professional sounding” music was blaring and I was feeling just a little out of place. I was sipping on a drink, while trying to pretend that I was actually enjoying the terrible sounds of “hip for a day” pop music.

“The whole time people were conversing with me
only because I was out of place – only out of pity,
and they could sense it – like lions to prey.”

I don’t know exactly how it started, but someone whispered that I could play guitar. The music stops. All heads turn – at first not knowing where to turn, and then someone points. At me.

*gulp*…..big time.

up close guitar speed practice
Picking practice super shot!

I try every way in the WORLD to peddle backwards (awkward me), but soon a piece of crap guitar gets shoved into my hands, and people are shouting play! play! It was more like taunting to be honest.

My handful of close friends, the ONLYpeople that I knew here, who had dragged me here….laughed. They were already planning an exit strategy (more drinking games), because they knew that I was about to humiliate myself in front of tons of total strangers.

And then I played…

I was so terrified that I did the only thing I knew how to do – play guitar.

For about 2 minutes I shut out everything, totally forgetting where I was.

When I finished, I was brought back to the reality of rejection.

I looked up to see wide open eyes, not staring at me, but the guitar.

Mouths were open.

A glass literally dropped to the floor.

There was silence, and then some drunkard yelled “what!!!!!!”, and within seconds everyone was going nuts.

“My friends were the only ones quiet.
- They had never heard me play before.”

Its safe to say that I got a few numbers that night, and I proudly admit that I got to experience what few people ever do – I got to be a hero for a night.

The only problem after that was from that point on, where ever I went, I was only known as that “guitar shredder guy”.

I was always the outcast. I never took myself seriously and yet 50 “cool” people did.

Can you imagine?

Soon afterward I had people flooding my home trying to learn from me. They wanted to know how I could play so fast, so clean and be so creative at the same time.

I admit, I was a terrible teacher in the beginning, because, again I still couldn’t quite believe all of the attention.

But its been years now – I was just a kid, and I have gotten this same kind of attention again, and again, and more importantly – I have refinedmy teaching abilities.

Now I have friends who come to me talking about how I have made them the life of the party. I know the truth – they did it for themselves, but I guess I taught them a trick or two.

Since everyone wanted me to teach them how to play guitar just like me, I really had to start analyzing my own playing.

“Before long I had a student begging me to write a book.”

I sat down and made careful observations, and wrote EVERY THINGdown, and before you knew it I had note pads filled from corner to corner.

It wasn’t much longer after this that I had organized the information, and got it to a point where I had a curriculum that I could share with people. This allowed me to teach other kids how to play guitar much quicker, and better.

Now I’ve taken to the net, and already have many successful students to be proud of, and I took those note pads with me. Now they are a book, and its called…

The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity – The Guitar Speed Training Ebook

I’ve had numerous publishing companies trying to get a hold of it – I’ll keep it in cyber space thank you very much! That way everyone can find it!

This is the same book that many of my past students have read. It contains all of my knowledge at that time on speed picking, technique training, and speed development, as well as my thoughts on improving the little things like hammer ons, bends, pull offs, slides and vibrato.

Good guitar playing is ALL about the little things.

I think the reason that people have benefited from it so much is the fact that it isn’t just a bunch of exercises (though there are well over 100). I think its because of all of the diagrams, photos, and articles on getting into the mind of a true guitar wizard.

There are 100 exercises (at least). Each one is designed to accomplish something different. Something that will improve your picking and coordination. I took the liberty of arranging them in a VERY important order for best results.

The book also contains my thoughts on writing guitar solos, improvising, taking lessons vs self-taught, musical theory and recording.

But have you ever noticed how weird some advanced guitar books can be? They’re always so vague, and kind of stale. I decided that my book, The essential guide to guitar to virtuosity would need to be inspirational. There isn’t a page that isn’t the world’s biggest pep talk. I believe in encouragement and reward.

But then after a while I thought how can I improve this? So I decided to create some little things to add to it. You can take a look at them below, and below that are ALL of the details about the book.

But first, let me tell you a little about myself – I can’t believe I forgot!!

My name is Tennyson Williams. I’m a musician and composer and I play all sorts of guitar styles. I’ve been playing for about 11 years now. When I first got started I wasn’t too bad, but the problem was that I was spending upwards of 12 hours a day practicing cluelessly.

The reason that I was able to deliver on that night of the party was because of several hard years or practice and what I learned during that time.

I’m going to talk about some of what I learned starting now, so grab a note book and get ready!

Again, I played ok, but my goals seemed out of reach. Getting faster, mastering tricky techniques and finding a creative style was just not happening any time soon, AND my picking hand was total garbage. My syncopation was horrible, I was putting stress on BOTH hands, and it was just absolute slop! It took me years of heartache to learn what I know now, and now I’m going to share it with you.

I’ll give you an example. Anyone can learn to become very professional sounding, but the difference between ordinary and excellence is AWARENESS.

A master guitar player has a VERY keen mind. They notice everything that’s going on, and the things that they are monitoring you’ll hear very few of them talk about.

Why is that? well I think that its because some of these things are tricky to explain. That’s why I have spent the last two years seriously thinking about what needs to be taught, and its not what you might expect.









My philosophy on mastering guitar speed and becoming the best that you can, is based on training for different scenarios.

This is EXACTLY how I trained myself to play at break-neck speeds

Learning to play fast, develop speed picking and fretting hand grace is a science, but very few guitar players actually understand this science.

If you DON’T understand this science, then keep reading – because I’m going to show YOU the secrets behind phenomenal speed development.

Remember when I said that its NOT the exercises that you are working with? – I lied!!

Here is the formula:

Mental understanding of the science + training that supports the science + Excercises that are designed for the science of speed picking.

So here is exactly what you do – I’m going to give you the answers, because I want you to be a happy and succesful guitar player – no matter what your style is.






The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity

The Guitar Speed Training Ebook

Alternate Picking
Sweep Picking
Economy Picking

..And so much more!

Solid information containing over 100 exercises, images and diagrams, that will help you reach insane guitar speeds.

The Essential Guide to Guitar Virtuosity is a jam-packed Ebook that teaches everything that you could ever want to know about playing lightning fast guitar.

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Chapter   1 – Mental Mastery
Chapter   2 – The Seven Principles Of Guitar Speed
Chapter   3 – How To Train For Speed and Maximize Your Playing
Chapter   4 – Basic Speed Drills – 4 Finger Exercises
Chapter   5 – Basic Speed Drills – 3 Finger Exercises
Chapter   6 – Basic Speed Drills – 2 Finger Exercises
Chapter   7 – Basic Speed Drills – Tremolo Picking
Chapter   8 – Moderately Advanced Picking Exercises
Chapter   9 – Advanced Picking Exercises
Chapter 10 – Better Bending
Chapter 11 – Better Vibrato
Chapter 12 – Better Hammer-ons and Pull-Offs
Chapter 13 – Legato
Chapter 14 – Tapping
Chapter 15 – Sweep Picking
Chapter 16 – Developing Better Sliding Technique
Chapter 17 – Economy Picking
Chapter 18 – String Skipping
Chapter 19 – Harmonics
Chapter 20 – How To Write Awesome Guitar Solos
Chapter 21 – Ear Training
Chapter 22 – The Ultimate Practice Routine
Chapter 23 – The Power Of Metacognition
Chapter 24 – Recording and the Home Studio

How it works…

The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity is not your typical guitar instructional ebook. It is not a theory book, or how to build guitar solos from scales, rather it is a guitar exercise training ebook.

1. The first 3 chapters deal with the mental preparation that is needed to make progress on the guitar.

2. Chapters 4 – 7 deal with basic groupings of notes and how the picking hand reacts to certain sets of notes. If the first 3 chapters act as a mental primer, then chapters 4 – 7 certainly act as a physical primer.

3. Chapters 8 – 9 are more elaborate and contain increasingly tougher exercises and training.

4. Chapters 10 – 12 deal with basic techniques like hammer-ons, pull offs, bends and vibrato. Most advanced guitar instructional materials fail to cover these smaller techniques, and yet they are very important for continuing on to the “true grit” material contained in the next chapters.

5. Chapters 13 – 18 deal with advanced techniques, and as many scenarios as possible are given for these techniques. Some are simple, while others may be monstrously hard.

6. Chapters 20 – 23 return to the more philosophical and mental aspects of guitar playing, and these chapters are saved for the end, because they will help you to carry your studies beyond this ebook. Finally The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity is topped off with a bonus chapter entitled “Recording and the home studio”, which is a basic outline of what you may need to set up a cheap home recording studio so that you may put your musical ideas into action.

AND you’ll get these free bonuses!

Guitar speed bonus #1    Bonus #1 – The Art Of Soloing audio lecture.     30.00- FREE

A special audio lecture on the more intellectual aspects of guitar playing that can seriously unlock YOUR playing. Join me and I’ll share with you my thoughts on all things musical.

Guitar speed bonus #2    Bonus #2 – 3 killer backing tracks to jam to    15.00- FREE

3 one of a kind yet simple backing tracks that you can apply what you learn to. I’ve always believed that yee who jams – succeeds! use these to better your improvising skills, which you’ll learn a little about in the audio lecture.

    Bonus #3 – The practice cheat sheet     10.00FREE

This POWERFUL practice cheat sheet is exactly how a guitar player sets and keeps track of their goals. Let me take the guess work out for you by providing you with a solid journal for everyday practice. Its simple yet necessary – you will be amazed when you look back over the results.

    Bonus #4 – The fretting hand manual     25.00FREE

This is designed to be worked with everyday. Its a set of exercises that you can either pick and choose from OR work with them from start to finish everyday (recommended for best results). These are high-result, no B.S. left hand exercises that are geared for results.

The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs as you wait for shipping. This book is a direct download, which means that you buy it, you get it INSTANTLY and can start blazing through those licks right now! how cool is that?!

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