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Dear Aspiring Endless Man,How many times has you felt shameful because you couldn’t do your manly duty to satisfy your woman? Have you ever had a

Do you get a sightly sick feeling in your stomach before you have sex wondering how long you will last the next time.

Are you terrified your woman is going to cheat on with another man to satisfy her because you couldn’t?

I’ve been where you are, and I’m going to tell you how I got out of it. I’m going to reveal specific methods to last longer in this letter. And I’ll give you 3 easy tips to last longer tonight.

Have you ever asked advice from friends, but what heard didn’t feel right and many have actually made your condition worse!

Are you worried that if you did say something to your friends they would make fun of you, or just brag about how good their sex life is without helping you.

The tips become more powerful when you understand how every man can naturally discover them himself. Here is something most men will never know, or even deny it is real. Every man is biologically hard wired to hold their ejaculation until the woman is ready. Our current society actually overrides this hard wiring and that is what leads to the deep frustation you feel inside of you and causes you to loose it. The worst source of advice comes from your and it

Let me tell you how I discovered how to last longer without even thinking about it. Now, I’m going to share my results with you later on, and I’m also going to tell you 3 easy tips to last longer, how to stop something that is suppose to help you but likely hurting how long you last and my passive sex mastery skill (last longer without even thinking about it!).

I have a solution that I’ll share with you that will ease your pain.

My name is Bobby Chase, and I for a long time I had premature ejaculation. I could not last a fraction of the time I do now, much less get a woman to orgasm. And to be honest, there was a time I couldn’t even imagine having a some-what enjoyable sex life much less an amazing one.

There was a time I was completely dissatisfied with sex. In fact, I’ll go beyond the word, dissatisfaction. I used to hate how I felt before, during and after sex. I would masturbate to avoid the frustration I felt when I was with my woman where I couldn’t satisfy her. Basically, I masturbated because it was easier and I didn’t have to worry how long I lasted. I used to dread sleeping with my woman because I don’t know how long I’d last this time…

Perhaps you too can relate to this…

I even hated the thought of having sex. Every time she wanted to have sex, my first thought was, “I’m not going to last long enough.” I masturbated earlier in the day just to decrease my sensitivity in preparing for sex at night with my woman.

I remember the day when i decided enough was enough. I’m going to share this story with you now, even though 
it’s really embarrassing. You need to know how deep down in the rabbit hole I went before i discovered the stuff i’m going to share with you today.

The strategy that allows me 
to live this amazing life that i live right now.

I remember it was late on a thursday and my girlfriend at the time, Donna and I were really hungry after a huge argument we had that chilly night. We grabbed our jackets, heading out into the cold night to find some fast warm food.

I remember i was really stressed out that night and i could tell on donna’s face that she was still angry from our fight today. And the reason i remember that is going to be really clear in just a moment.

Donna was my first girlfriend in years. I some how got this beautiful girl by accident, i didn’t know why she wanted to be with me. I wasn’t very good in the bedroom; i couldn’t last longer than a few minutes.

The fight that night was actually because i came too soon during sex that night and she was really disappointed because she was so close to her orgasm.

I would use thick condoms and not be able to feel anything.

I would use numbing cream and lose my erection in minutes that also made her numb when it accidentally got on her.

I would even drink a few glasses of red wine before sex and not be 100% in the experience with her (she could easily tell).

Anyway… that night, we arrived at a local sit-down restaurant, you know, the kind where the waiters wear colorful clothes and the restaurant stays open late.

We ordered our food, i ordered a burger with french fries, while she ordered a salad. We sat in silence for 30 minutes during that dinner.

I thought things could never get worse…

And knew i had to make a change, deep down inside… just like you know you desire a change, because like me, you truly deserve better.

Yes, i knew something had to change, but one more thing had to happen in order to push me over the edge.

Donna would usually ask me how my food is… every time we ate, she would ask, “how is your food?”

This time, she didn’t ask me. We continued eating. Then i grabbed a french fry, dipped it in ketchup, and put it in my mouth.

And then, the worst thing happened:.

She said my name, “Bobby, please look at me, this is not working out, let’s breakup.”

I remember as soon as she said that to me, i stopped chewing the french fry in my mouth. I sat there in silence for 15 minutes. My basket of french fries were getting cold.

Donna was very open sexually. So when i asked her why she wanted to break up, she told me she needed a man who can satisfy her sexual needs.

I told her i would work on myself, i will learn to last longer, i’ll learn to help her orgasm more. She just shook her head, saying no to me.

I guarantee you, when i tell you i hit rock bottom, my rock bottom was pretty freaking low. Pretty freaking low.

At that moment, my heart sank, down to the bottom of my chest… I felt alone, confused, and of all things determined at that time. At that point, i knew the relationship was over.

I took her back to my place… And she started packing all her stuff.

Yet, you know what?

Because that day i declared war on my bedroom problems!

I vowed to read every book and search under every rock if necessary to break premature ejaculation and erection problems… or die trying…

The good news for you is this:

Not only did i figure out how to last longer in bed and 
command my ejaculation.

Through it all, i uncovered a step by step formula.

I also figured out how to enjoy sex while doing it!

I’ll share my discovery with you in just a moment.

So, as you can clearly see, I’m not some super-stud 
genetic wonder porn actor. I’m really a lot like you, 
just an average person who 
just so happened to go through hell.

And because of my experience through all of that pain. I discovered a formula: A system that finally allows 
folks like you and me to look and feel as if we were
 “genetic wonders.”

Able last as long as we want in bed as if we to o
had stamina like porn actors!

This “pattern” i follow now is
 so powerful that it turned me 
into “one of those people.” You know: 
the person women 
talk about is just
 “naturally good in bed?” Little do they know, right?!

Obviously, this new way of sex where I get to enjoy sex and last longer in bed changed my entire life.

You know what? That one day caused my entire life to change. It was almost as wonderful as the day I found out it wasn’t my fault.

It wasn’t my fault.

And as I looked into the problem, as I looked at what was really causing this, I realized that the reason it wasn’t my fault was because I had been fed a bunch of lies; the same lies that you’ve been fed.

One of these lies is that you have to “use a pill to delay your ejaculation” I bet you’ve heard that or maybe even believed this at one point in your life.

This is not even close to
 the truth. If you are one of the millions 
who fell victim to this lie, then you must decide now to believe the truth instead because:

If you do not, you will continue down the road of the “yo-yo ejaculation cycle,” you slowly start to lose your penis’ ejaculation control, halting all of your delayed ejaculation gains in its tracks…

And, eventually, no matter how strong you are, you simply lose control of your ejaculation, and on your dream sex. Listen: this is not what I
want for you, and I know it’s
not what you desire for yourself.

And, this is the reason that your struggle with your lack of ejaculation control is not your fault. If you really want to blame something for your struggles with a lack of ejaculation control, don’t blame yourself.

Blame the tabloids and the media, like television commercials, “porn” magazines, and cheesy “5 mind blowing orgasm techniques” You’ve been bombarded for almost as long as you’ve been alive with false, misleading claims from these crooks.

And they depend on your suffering to make a buck! All the misinformation out there that the media loves to exploit is enough to confuse anyone it confused me for years. The truth is you should never, ever take pills to delay ejaculation even a few times, why?

When your body receives the artificial delayed ejaculation effects it starts to think this is “normal.” Your body starts requiring the pills to even be your “normal” ejaculation time, plus:

Your body loses its control over your ejaculation completely. This is similar to a person who smokes. Smokers require more and more cigarettes to feel how they felt before cigarettes.

In the beginning a smoker feels a rush of nicotine. Sort of a little high of the nicotine in their system. Overtime this lack of nicotine and the nicotine effects are reduced… Meaning they start to need nicotine to feel how they felt before smoking, known as “normal”.

Now, there’s another lie: 
and this one is the granddaddy
of all the sex lie’s. This is the lie that you have to have a constant rock hard erection during sex meaning using the little blue pill and be ready whenever she is ready and be hard from beginning to end during sex.

Meaning using the little blue pill and be ready whenever she is ready and be hard from beginning to end during sex.

Well, guess again, this is
as wrong as wrong gets!

You spend all your time during sex, struggling to keep an erection without an end in sight and fighting constant pressure to keep the erection.

And every time you “slip up” and lose your erection, you feel totally guilty. And, once guilt takes hold of you, it’s over; you lose the ability to get an erection for minutes sometimes for half an hour or more.

And you might find yourself wanting to use that little blue pill to get a constant erection that’s actually really bad for your body. There’s no way I want you to
experience pain like this
ever again.

Well, just like that first nasty lie, there’s some good news:

You are not to blame
for falling for this lie. The real villain here is certainly not you it’s actually the medical community!

Now, I like doctors yet the sad fact is that most doctors don’t know squat about how to maintain erections or what to do during sex and they even get “kick-backs” to push specific prescription pills!

That’s because most doctors only have to spend a few hours studying sexual function. And very few understand the power and principles behind passive sex mastery.

They think in short term solutions and prescribe unnatural pills to increase blood flow in your penis that hurts you in the long run. The truth is you should never, ever take pills to get erections even for a few days, why?

These pills abnormally open blood vessels in your penis; make you harder longer than you want and your body begins to need these pills to even maintain an erection.

Just like the smoking example before, your body starts to need the pills to be “normal.”

Now that you know the problem that your sex life has been held back due to lies you’ve been told.

By reading this letter today, you’ll discover the TRUTH about having great long session sex.

Tip 1: The first most important tip I have for you is to practice something I created called “Passive Method Mastery.” It’s a very simple but powerful concept.A lot of actions we take right now during sex causes us to ejaculate faster then we or our woman wants. If you take control of these actions, and make them a passive habit, you will naturally last longer with little effort after making them passive.

You might ask, “how do I do this?”

It’s simple again, practice a specific set of exercises for a couple of weeks and you will naturally gain control of these functions we are suppose to have control over!

Tip 2: My next tip for you is to stop doing something nearly all of us do at one point in our lives. If we use these, it will make us last long in the short term, but in the long term will hurt our ability to delay our ejaculation and sometimes even get an erection!

Stop using “false cures”. False cures are anything that promises to help us we can last longer with an external solution. Meaning cream, condom, pill, etc.

If you stop using these false cures you’ll start to find out you CAN control when you ejaculate and they will be so much more pleasurable.

Tip 3: Now lets get to the juicy stuff. My 3 tips for you to last longer are easy and quick to implement.

1. Practice Deep Breathing.

2. 9 Shallow Thrusts and 1 Long Thrust during sex.

3. Stop masturbating to ejaculation.

If you follow these 3 tips, you will definitely last longer in a matter of weeks or DAYS.

Be A Legend In Bed

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Q. Why is the course delivered weekly?

A. The Endless Man Formula is delivered weekly because there will be so much content that if everything was available in one day, a majority of users would never go through the videos because of over overwhelm. The Endless Man Formula is designed in a way where every week you start an exercise, and every exercise after will stack on top of your previous one giving you increased results, and if done in this format, you’ll get the most results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Q. Why should I trust you over any other Sex Teacher?

A. Because I teach with a very specific method that gives you the most important things you need to learn first that will give you the most results. Instead of setting you through small insignificant details, you will learn the important items you can start taking action with right away to have great sex with your woman.

Q. How is the content all delivered?

A. I will deliver everything via paper! Just kidding. Everything will have video, even the bonuses. I’ll also include audio files of the presentations and pdf handouts as resources you can use as cheat sheets. This is a video course, so all modules will be in video.

Q. My partner and I are homosexual, will this work for us?

A. Yes definitely. In fact, you both can start using it right away so you both last longer and keep each other accountable. You’ll be amazed by the results and how much better sex you will have. In this course I do reference a man and a woman, and some positions are meant for women, but a man can practice nearly the same positions as well.