The E-cookbooks Library.

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Discover The Secrets To Cooking Restaurant
Recipes At Home At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Stop waiting in long lines and paying far too much
money on food that you can easily make yourself !!

Create fresher versions of America’s favorite restaurant foods, and cut down
on the cost of eating out! You can easily make these copycat recipes right at
home with ingredients from your local grocery store. We’ve unlocked the secrets!

“The kids love it and it makes them prefer eating at home to going out,
and for the money we save I don’t mind the cooking at all!”


Discover over 400 copycat recipes for your favorite
restaurant and grocery foods! We’ll teach you the
secrets to preparing dishes from restaurants likeThe Olive Garden™, Red Lobster™, Houston’s™,
Chili’s™, Applebee’s™, McDonald’s™, KFC™,
T.G.I. Friday’s™, Ruby Tuesday™, Taco Bell™,
Outback Steakhouse™, Cracker Barrel™, Sizzler™and many, many more. Surprise your family and friends!
Make them fresh and save hundreds of dollars!



“Just a note to tell you that I have had your recipes for about 8 weeks and to date
I have prepared about 15 to 20 recipes. Didn’t tell the family – Fooled them every time!!”


Are you tired of waiting and waiting for pizza delivery just to open the box and find a cold soggy mess? How about if you could have fresh, piping hot pizza anytime you want …
Make Pizzeria Pizza At Home!
Not only do we reveal the secret recipes used, but our
easy step-by-step instructions teach you the special
techniques for stretching dough and making pizza.

For less than $2.50 you can feed the family with
delicious fresh pizza from your very own kitchen!

Just think of the money you’ll save!


“you are a great way for me to show off…my mom is a good cook, and is always cooking odd foods…so now I’ve been making great foods that she usually buys at the store…ha ha ha mom! THANX…”


For thousands of years, the people of China have been
creating fantastic foods. Get all the secret recipes from
your favorite Chinese restaurant! This collection of over
100 carefully detailed recipes represent the best-loved
foods from Peking, Szechwan, Hunan, and Canton. More
than just a compendium of Chinese recipes, you will
learn how to cook Chinese food, not merely learn
some new recipes. Without any special training,
You Too Can Cook Like a Chinese Chef!


“I am impressed! The recipes are fabulous … I would not hesitate to order from you again!”


You don’t need to spend big money at a restaurant to enjoy
mouth watering, professionally grilled foods! Explore
hundreds of tried and true recipes that will make every
barbecue a resounding success! In addition, our grilling
tutorials provide a tremendous resource for novices and pros
alike. There’s even one whole section on how to grill hot
dogs and hamburgers! This book offers straight-up advice for
developing amazing flavors with rubs, marinades, and sauces,
as well as great ideas for smoking with wood chips.
Discover the secrets of the Grill Master!





“I have had nothing but good comments said about your E-Cookbooks Library from the members of my recipe group. It is such a great way to get many different types of recipes for a reasonable price.”

Start Cooking Like A Professional Chef In Minutes!Save Money By Cooking Your Favorite Dishes At Home!

  From: John Havel
             Owner, VJJE Publishing Co.


   Dear Friend,    I simply LOVE cookbooks! When growing up, we had about one hundred cookbooks in our
   kitchen – each one specialized in a particular cuisine or cooking style. My Dad always said
   “If you can read, you can cook.” and he proved it by duplicating the same dishes he tasted in
   his travels around the world. Mom used the cookbooks to prepare delicious home style meals.
By using the right recipes, you can create an unimaginable number of fantastic foods!      
    These days, cookbooks cost a lot of money – $10, $20, even $30 for just one cookbook. Don’t
   get me wrong; cookbooks will save you money. If you prepare a restaurant meal at home
   just once a week, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars a month! But not many people have
   thousands of dollars to invest in a cookbook library.    Maybe you don’t see yourself as a great chef. You will in no time at all when your family and
   friends compliment you on your delicious food! All our recipes are time and taste bud tested to
   create the same flavor as world class chefs from famous restaurants. This is an excellent time
   to learn cooking skills that will last a lifetime!



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And Receive Five Bonus Gifts!



    Free Bonus #1 – The International Cookbook Collection

11 Cookbooks From Around The World Including:A Taste Of Mexico – Capture the fascinating culinary heritage of Mexico and the way people eat in this varied and beautiful country.The Greek Kitchen – These dishes your mother used to make, from the cookbook your grandmother brought over from the old country!

Traditional English Recipes – Unfussy dishes matched with simple sauces to accentuate flavour, rather than disguise it … Britain’s best.


    Free Bonus #2 – The Dessert Cookbook Collection 

8 Cookbooks With Mouthwatering Desserts Including:The Ultimate Cake Book – This book enables anyone to make delicious, exquisite cakes with over 1000 recipes to choose from.Ice Cream Delights – The ultimate ice cream book filled with enticing, delicious recipes. Save money by making fresh ice cream at home!

Time For Pie – Here is a huge (950 pages) cookbook filled to the
brim with scrumptious, pie recipes. You’ll be a happy baker …

    Free Bonus #3 – The Health and Diet Collection


 8 Cookbooks Featuring Healthy Recipes Including:South Beach Diet & Recipes – Try the proven diet that’s helped millions lose weight. Start learning to lose weight today!The Sugar Fee Gourmet – With healthier versions of favorite foods, these recipes offer a delicious approach to controlling diabetes.

Heart Smart Recipes – Eating the heart healthy way doesn’t mean giving up great flavor. Here’s a heavenly way to a healthy heart!

    Free Bonus #4 – The Culinary Education Collection


11 Cookbooks Teaching Anyone To Cook Including:The Essential Baking Guide – If you love to bake, then you need just the right baking cookbook to get the job done effectively.The Kitchen Basics – A terrific resource for the beginner chef,
this volume will get you cooking fabulous meals in no time!

Baking With Kids – Proven recipes, advice and tips to make
baking with your kids a wonderful and memorable experience.

    Free Bonus #5 – The Special Ingredient Collection


21 Cookbooks Presenting Specific Meals Including:The Complete Beef Cookbook – If you love your red meat, and are looking for an ultimate cookbook for it, look no further!Pasta Perfetta – You’ll find almost 300 recipes for pasta dishes that are easy to prepare and delicious. Buon appetito!

The Hog Wild Cookbook – Discover delicious cooking styles with a wide range of pork cuts – a must for pork-loving households.


Order Today & Receive A Total Of Over 100 Cookbooks!

Thanks to digital files and the Internet, we can offer you thousands of world class recipes
in over 100 cookbooks! For one low price, you will have access to the world renowned
E-Cookbooks Library. All of our cookbooks are in PDF format, so both PC and Mac
users can enjoy the library. Order Now – this offer is for a limited time only!
Frequently Asked Questions About The E-Cookbooks Library
 How do I access all these cookbooks?
   Once your payment has been made, you will instantly receive a user name and password which
  allow you to enter the library. You can then browse and print recipes or download the cookbooks to
  your computer for viewing later.

 Is there a time limit for using the library?
   No. When you join the library you have a Lifetime Membership with no additional fees ever to pay.
  Enter the library at any time of day and stay as long as you like!

  Do I have to print out the whole cookbook or can I print just one recipe?

   You can do either one. Most people print just the recipes they’ll be preparing which is convenient
  because you don’t have a clumsy cookbook in your way – you work off of just one sheet of paper.
  This also saves paper which is good for our environment.

  Can I use the library on any computer?

   Yes. You will have access to all the cookbooks anywhere you are in the world. All you need is a
  computer and your user name and password – great for when you’re traveling or on vacation!

  I’m not very good at computers. Will I have a problem?

    Absolutely not. To open a cookbook and browse it’s contents takes just one click! To download
  it to your computer takes just one more click! Just to be sure you know exactly what to do, we
  have complete instructions for using the library on the site along with our support email address.


Full 60 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back GuaranteeTry out the library for 60 days, and if you are not thoroughly delighted with what we offer, your entire membership fee will
be immediately refunded – No Questions Asked. 
Keep all the e-cookbooks you’ve downloaded and enjoy them – 
You Risk Nothing! 


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