The Chocolate Cookbook – 25 Paleo Friendly Recipes

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Friday, November 25, 2016
From: Kelsey, Natural Food Chef & Nutritional Therapist
Re: Healthy Recipes for Dessert

Do you find yourself feeling like you’re being “so bad” every time you reach for a candy? 

Are you tired of having to make up excuses every time you want to indulge? Are you fed up with having treats that taste good but keep making you FATTER?

You’re not alone! And lucky for you, chocolate does not have to be a “guilty pleasure” anymore.

But did you know…

New research tells us that chocolate is actually a superfood, packed full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that your body needs. It can help regulate mood, satisfy sugar cravings, and even improve brain function.


Even with all the new research about how ‘healthy’ chocolate is, we’re still faced with a big problem – namely, sweet treats that have so much junk in them that they completely ruin the incredible benefits of this life-enhancing food.

Unfortunately for you and me, most of the supposedly “healthy” options out there still usefattening, processed sweeteners and unhealthy fats and oils.

Chemically processed refined sugars, cancer-causing artificial colors and flavors, and hormone-harming additives are the main ingredients in most of these “treats”…

Lucky for us, chocolate does not have to be a “guilty pleasure” anymore. In fact…

What if there was an option that allowed you to have everything you want – sweet candies, light and fluffy baked goods, and complete chocolate satisfactionwithout any of the harmful side-effects found in most treats?

An option that gives you sweets and desserts you could actually feel good about sharing with your entire family?

Would you want this proven solution for guilt-free treats? Yes!

I’ve spent the last year writing, tasting, testing, and retesting hundreds of your favorite chocolate dessert recipes (tough job, I know ;) I spent hours in the kitchen until I discovered the magic formula for making chocolate desserts that are both unbelievably delicious and incredibly healthy.

You’ll be shocked at how good these treats can taste, and even more surprised at how good they are for you!

Those incredible, decadent treats you see pictured below are just a few of the healthy recipes you’ll find within the pages of this “Chocolate” cookbook:


...All These Desserts Are Good For You!





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Discover How Delicious Healthy Desserts Can Be!

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