a href=”http://thecaraccidentclaimskit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Injury-victim.jpg”>Injury VictimStudies have shown that claimants represented by lawyers recover more for their injuries than those who settle their claims themselves.

That’s why car insurance companies don’t want you to hire a lawyer.

However, car accident lawyers are expensive.

Although the most common fee is 1/3 of the amount you recover, some lawyers charge up to 40%. You also have to pay the out-of-pocket expenses – such as court costs – so you can end up paying your lawyer almost 50% of your recovery.

So you may be wondering whether you can get the benefits a car accident lawyer provides without paying legal fees.

And, guess what, you can.

You can settle routine car accident claims for full value without a lawyer and without paying legal fees.

Who says so?

<color=”#000000″>“Before doing some research and finding your easy system, I would have just been satisfied with a check to cover actual costs. As a result of using your system, I received a check for several thousand more for the inconvenience, lost time from work for appointments and the discomfort. Woohoo! and Thanks!
Carol Duvall, VA

I do. I’m car accident lawyer Phil Santa Maria. Over more than 30 years as a car accident lawyer, I have learned that you can settle routine car accident claims yourself and get full value, without hiring a car accident lawyer like me.

All you need is a little information about the law and the car accident claims process.

You need to learn such things as how to put a value on your claim and how to negotiate effectively with insurance adjusters.

It also helps if you have forms, checklists and examples to follow.

That’s why, in 2008, I published my self-help ebook The Car Accident Claims Kit and it has been selling online, and helping accident victims throughout the United States, since then.

Announcing . . .

The Car Accident Claims Kit SECOND EDITIONI am pleased to announce that I have completed a revision of The Car Accident Claims Kit, and the NEW and IMPROVED SECOND EDITION is now available!

I’ve updated everything and added 25 pages of information, advice, examples and tips, mostly on the subjects of how to determine the value of your claim and how to win in your negotiations with insurance adjusters.

I’m really proud of the SECOND EDITION. I’m sure it will help a lot of people get the settlement they deserve.

This is not a pamphlet or a mini-book. It is a 210 page explanation of everything you need to know to settle your claim for full value. (Don’t let the size of the book deter you though. It is very well organized so you can skip over the parts you don’t need and focus on what you need for your case.)

To make it even easier to settle your car accident claims, I have created something else . . .

Also Announcing . . .

I know that most people these days are busy and don’t have time to read hundreds of pages of information.

The Car Accident Claims Kit ACTION GUIDETherefore, I have created a NEW Car Accident Claims Kit ACTION GUIDE which divides the car accident claims settlement process into 20 action steps and then explains each step, usually in just 1 page per step.

The first thing you do is read the entire ACTION GUIDE so you will understand “The Big Picture.” Think of it as looking at the map before you get on the road. This should take less than 30 minutes.

Then, you just start at Step 1 and do all of the 20 steps that apply to your situation. There are even boxes where you can check off each step when you complete it.

And here’s the best part.

I’m going to give you the ACTION GUIDE.

That’s right, if you decide to try The Car Accident Claims Kit SECOND EDITION, I will give you the ACTION GUIDE at no additional cost.

<color=”#000000″>“Thanks so much for producing the excellent ebook.
It is copy/ paste simple.

Carol Duvall, VA

How Much Would You Pay
For Claim Settlement Information That
Puts Thousands More In Your Pocket?

The Car Accident Claims Kit sells for just $77 — less than the price of dinner and a movie for you and your squeeze, and purchasers can use it to increase their settlements by hundreds or thousands of dollars.For that price, you get the expanded The Car Accident Claims Kit SECOND EDITION, plus The Car Accident Claims Kit ACTION GUIDE.

60-Day Unconditional GuaranteeAnd the book is 100% guaranteed for 60 days.

Download the Ebook and examine it thoroughly. Use the information in The Car Accident Claims Kit SECOND EDITION and in the ACTION GUIDE. If, at any time during the 60 days, you don’t feel delighted with your purchase, simply ask for a refund. I’ll give you 100% of your money back. No hassle. No questions.

And, I’ve got one more thing for you.

To put all of this powerful information into practice, The Car Accident Claims Kit SECOND EDITION includes all the forms and checklists that I use. The very same ones that I have used to recover millions of dollars for my clients.

To make your job easier, I have put all of the FORMS in my Ebook into a separate download in Microsoft Word format so you can easily work with them. You just go into the forms and modify them to suit your case. I can’t make it any easier than that.

What You Will Learn

I believe that, with the right knowledge, you will be able to go toe-to-toe with the insurance adjuster and be guaranteed s/he will take you seriously.

In The Car Accident Claims Kit SECOND EDITION, I teach you such key information as . . .

check mark

      How to calculate a fair settlement amount.

check markWhen to present your claim. You don’t want to do it too soon, but you can’t wait too long, either.

check markHow to document and package your claim for the best results. I provide forms and examples.

check markWhat to say . . . and what NOT to say . . . to insurance company representatives.

check markThe legal defenses the insurance company Bad Guys might raise to try to defeat your claim . . . and how to shoot them down.

check markThe 15 most common arguments the Bad Guys use to try to reduce the amount they have to pay for your injury claim . . . and how to easily counter them.

But that’s not all. I’ll also teach you . . .

check mark

      The 8 Phases that every car accident claim goes through, and exactly what you have to do in each Phase.

check markThe critical differences between fault and no-fault injury claim systems — and which states have which system. It’s really not that complicated.

check markWho has to pay for your damaged car, how much they have to pay and how you make them pay it.

check markThe 6 questions to ask yourself before you finally decide whether to settle your own car accident claim. You can settle most routine claims yourself. But some cases require a lawyer. You have to know the difference.

check markWhen to use arbitration or mediation as an alternative to court.

check markHow to prepare and present your case to win in small claims court.

And much more.

How I Became A Car Accident Claims Expert

I am a practicing car accident lawyer. I have handled hundreds of car accident claims and I’ve helped clients recover millions of dollars. This is a link to my firm’s website.

For more than 30 years, I have earned the highest possible rating for legal skill and ethics from the prestigious Martindale Hubbell Peer Rating System. I’m very proud that lawyers and judges who are familiar with my work rate me highly. I’m told that fewer than 1 in 10 – only about 8% – of the lawyers in the United States have achieved this rating.

I have also been recognized for more than 30 years by Who’s Who in American Law which only honors about 2 ½ percent of American lawyers.

I’m a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a group of lawyers who have successfully handled million dollar cases. Less than 1% of American lawyers are members of the Forum. But I have settled all size cases, including very small ones.

Earlier in my career, I was awarded a listing in Outstanding Young Men in America. Unfortunately, I’m no longer eligible for that listing because of the “young” requirement. I’ve been a lawyer for more than 30 years!

What Is The Best Way For You To Settle Your Car Accident Claims?
After a car accident, you have choices.

  1. You can hire a lawyer to present your claims for you. In many cases, that is the smart thing to do. But if you have a routine case, that’s a waste of money, in my opinion.
  2. You can just settle with the insurance company and hope they treat your fairly. Good luck with that.
  3. Before you settle with the insurance company, you can educate yourself with . . .check markThe Car Accident Claims Kit new SECOND EDITION.

    check markThe Car Accident Claims Kit ACTION GUIDE – 20 steps to success

    check markSpecial download of all the forms and checklists you will need

All for just $77 and fully guaranteed for 60 days so you have nothing to lose.

Which makes the most sense to you?

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