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Dear Cheated Bettor,

I’m sure you’re sick to death of so called “betting systems” who reveal nothing new about making money from gambling. Just give me 5 minutes of your time and I’ll make sure you…




I will change the way you approach online casinos forever, and you will learn every trick necessary to ensure you are in the 2% of online blackjack players who get a payout, and no longer will you be a victim of complex casino rules that ensure you never win.

If you play Blackjack without this strategy you will lose your cash fast.

Casinos love the weak, uninformed gambler, the one without a strategy, or a clue about the rules. If you don’t have a game plan, you’re almost certainly going to be a loser.

Knowledge is power, and those lucky few who get their hands on my proven blackjack strategy are always going to outperform your average bettor.

If you want to be a one of the 2% who are consistent winners, to feel the thrill of actually making some money from your betting (which I assume is why you bet) then take a look at the video below:

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I Want This System! (Let Me In Before You Run Out!)

Impressive huh? Sorry to brag, its just I love making money from the casino. And YOU too can easily repeat my success, by just following a few simple tricks, tricks I have learnt from the very best blackjack player I ever came across…

You see, I previously worked as a Blackjack Dealer in my local casino and learnt everything I know watching a notorious professional who called himself, Mr C.

This guy could barely speak a word of English, but he could certainly speak blackjack, and everytime he came into the casino, you could see the colour drain from our bosses faces, as they faced another night of big losses.

Each day I would secretly take notes and try to figure out exactly how he kept winning, I just knew if I got my hands on his secret system I would make a fat stack of cash.

I tried to talk to him to learn exactly how he was winning so much, but he just gave one word answers, the language barrier proved too much and I just couldn’t figure out what his secret was.

Then one night, I discovered Mr C has dropped a screwed up piece of paper. Thinking it was just rubbish, I threw it in the bin, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw that it had scribblings all over it.

To my amazement, scribbled on it was a sequence of bets and a chart showing exactly what to bet in any scenario that occurs in blackjack.

I just knew these scribblings would change my life for the better, I knew that if I could bet the same way Mr C did I would always walk away a winner.

Professional Blackjack players like Mr C are a rare breed, mostly I see a whole load of losers, who bet crazily and don’t have a clue what they are doing, in fact 98% of gamblers that come through the casino doors lose money.

This is how I knew this secret system was special, because no one makes as much from playing blackjack as this guy.

It’s not your fault if you fall into the 98% of people who lose playing blackjack

Most people don’t treat blackjack as a game of skill, but a game of luck which is just the way the casinos like it.

This is a BIG mistake, whilst there is an element of luck, without strategy you are guaranteed to lose far more than the savvy bettor who uses a proven strategy.

Through pure luck the strategy I found on the floor of a casino, turned out to be the very strategy that I used to make £675 online in less than 5 minutes.

I couldn’t believe it worked, I tested and tested it and discovered I could profit in 17 different online casinos. Not only did I have a professional gamblers strategy, I always had an additional edge through using online casino bonuses.

This strategy was unlike anything I had ever used before we all know that the internet is littered with blackjack systems, and I’m sorry to say that 99% of them don’t work. So…

How do you know who to trust?

I’m sure like me you have fallen victim to betting systems that promise you ZERO RISK profits, you trusted these guys and they let you down big time. Now here is a big revelation I’m going to make…


You honestly think you’re going to be allowed to bet risk free? I know that’s what these internet con artists have been telling you but I’m afraid there is ALWAYS risk in gambling, how you manage that risk is a different matter, one which I will fully explain…

I realised that the Blackjack Pro’s like Mr C dont’ win all the time, they use strategy that makes them almost certain to profit 9 times out of 10.

Unlike other betting “experts” I’m not going to insult your intelligence and say you are going to win every hand, you don’t need to. You can afford to lose multiple hands and you can STILL profit, which is the beauty of the secret strategy I have discovered.

Most of these other so called “Blackjack System” authors have no idea what they are talking about, they have probably never even been to a casino, or have a clue about blackjack strategy, they are just looking to make a fast buck out of you.

Here’s another little myth I’m going to expose that a lot of these loser betting system vendors seem to fail to grasp:


You see online casino’s use software that emulates 9 decks of cards, shuffled after every round, so you have absolutely no chance of successfully card counting. Sorry.

That’s right, those fat cat casino bosses aren’t gonna let some smart arsed nerd cheat them out of their millions, they made sure of that one from the word go.

So how do I win, what’s the secret strategy?

The secret to winning blackjack is to systematically bet. now if your a mathematical wizz-kid you can work out your own sequence and do your own testing and tweaking till you have a workable system.

Now you could do all this, you could work 12 hour days, test each casino, check each casinos terms, test each betting sequence and risk your own money whilst testing.

But wouldn’t it be much easier to use a tried and tested blackjack system? A system that works in 17 online casinos, a system devised from the exact strategy a notorious professional blackjack player uses?

Aren’t you sick of online casinos taking your cash, fixing the rules so you can’t withdraw and making it harder and harder for you to profit?

There is an EASY way to win. Even if you have very little experience playing blackjack as long as you follow The Blackjack System you can easily cash in your winnings and get a 1300% return on your investment.

Just imagine hitting the lucky run in just one evening and the next day having enough to pay for a 5 star holiday, or that new Iphone you’ve always wanted, or whatever else you want to treat yourself too, this is a reality for many people who have used the Blackjack System…

This is a simple blackjack strategy, anyone can do it and it takes just 5 minutes to work.

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Turn from an amateur into a professional, with our Blackjack Tournament Guide.

For Once The Truth, we all know gambling has an element of luck, I will turn this element of chance to your advantage.

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Some blackjack system authors will charge you an outrageous sum, thinking that you will judge the quality of their product on it’s high price, it could be £97, or £197.

Now I’m not going to do that, I realise that when you see the price, I run the risk of you seeing it as too cheap, but I refuse to charge through the roof for this information.

It’s bad enough the casino is ripping you off, I’m not about to do the same, so I’ll keep my price as low as possible.

I can afford to do this as I really don’t need the money, I make enough from gambling, so all I want to do is take a low fee to make sure I can keep this site going and ensure ordinary people profit from the casino.

I also want to make sure you get to try my Blackjack Strategy 100% Risk Free so I’ve included the below promise…

This guarantee removes every bit of risk for you, so it really is a no-brainer to try this.

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