The Ayurvedic Woman natural Remedies For Women’s Health

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The Ayurvedic Secret of the 7 Dhatus holds the key to freedom from
the menace of the menses and of course, menopause!

According to Ayurveda, true health is being symptom free and anything
that stops you from functioning is a disease.

And diseases are often reflected in Dosha Imbalances…

Imbalances that begin in the digestive system and cause digestive disturbance, dryness, coldness, anxiety are often Vata imbalances. If they go on over time, the body begins to breakdown- you lose body tissue and that can lead to a breakdown of body systems

Symptoms like acidity, sour belching, sweating, inflammation and excess heat in the tissues causing the destruction of the egg and sperm are Pitta imbalances.

Sluggish Digestion, feeling too full, meals taking a long time to digest, elimination taking long, swelling, weight gain, a hard time motivating yourself and blockages in the reproductive channel are Kapha imbalances.

Ayurveda explains, there are 7 Dhatus
or Tissue Systems in the body.

The Doshas create imbalances in the Dhatus or the actual,
physical tissues of the body.

While Doshas are the cause of disease, the Dhatus are the sites of
disease. Taking care of the 7 Dhatus determines the quality of your
reproductive life for both men as well as women.

But here’s something you should know about


A founding member and former Secretary of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine, Mary Thompson , C.A.S., P.K.S., graduated from the first graduating class of the California College of Ayurveda in 1997 and now is a senior teacher there.

She is a Certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha Karma Specialist and has also studied in India in 1999 at International Academy of Ayurved spending time on field trips to Ayurvedic schools, clinics, hospitals

In 2008 she received the Charaka Award for Excellence in Ayurvedic Teaching and was given the title “Ayurvedacharya” (respected teacher of Ayurveda). She is also a founder of the non-profit organization.

Mary has been teaching at the California College of Ayurveda for 18 years and considers herself to be a perpetual student of Ayurveda. Her main focus at the school right now is in teaching the clinical application of Ayurvedic principles to treat disease conditions. In this, she appreciates the wisdom of the ancient texts and the application of traditional treatments as well as the modern interpretation of disease pathology and designing treatment protocols for those conditions. Mary also enjoys mentoring practitioners who are starting out in their practice or wanting to discuss a particular client.

Before finding Ayurveda, Mary was an elementary school teacher and a child-care director. As a child-care director for school aged children, she was concerned about the rate of diagnosis of ADD/ADHD among this population. One program that she worked with, had about 10% of the children on medication for ADD/ADHD. She thought that medicating this age group was a frightening trend. When she looked at their lives and into their lunchboxes, she thought that there had to be a solution in diet and lifestyle, but didn’t know exactly what that solution was.

And this is what initially spurred her into the study of Ayurveda with an intention of working with this population. Mary saw this condition as being a family condition, everyone in the family was stressed and trying to manage their stresses with the typically American diet. She felt that Ayurveda would give her a greater insight into the cause of this imbalance and a template for its treatment.

However, it was something else, quite touching that got Mary into formal study of Ayurveda.

“When I was 34 years old, I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids.

These are typically benign tumors, but because of their location and form, it was not possible to determine that they were non-cancerous from ultrasound alone. I was advised to have “exploratory” surgery so the doctors could get a closer look at them.

I was raised mainstream in the US, my mother was a nurse, and I thought doctors knew everything, so I willingly signed up for the surgery. I asked that if the tumors were indeed non-cancerous that they leave the uterus in place. This was against the advice of the doctors and I had to sign several documents to this effect. I had no children at the time and was told the fibroids had probably interfered with my childbearing potential.

They told me that it was unlikely that I would have children because I was already so old. They pointed out that if I wasn’t going to have children that I didn’t need a uterus. Still, I asked that they leave it in.

After the surgery was complete I woke in the most intense pain of my life. They had cut through the abdominal muscles to access the tumors and I had both external and internal stitches. It would take me six weeks or more to be able to work, drive or even vacuum. I was relieved to hear that the fibroids were benign tumors, no cancer. In the next breath, I was told that they had left two fibroids in place. They said this was because removing them would have jeopardized the health of the uterus. They again told me that I should have simply had them remove the uterus. They predicted that I would have to come back “in a year or two” and have this surgery again and that time, they would take it out. I was distraught. I wasn’t yet out of the recovery room and they were already booking my return.

When I had recovered more fully I asked my primary doctor more questions about this. Why did these occur? What could I do to eradicate them so that I wouldn’t need further surgery? What could I do to improve the health of my reproductive tract so that childbearing was possible?

Each question was met with a shrug. He didn’t know why they had occurred. For my age and the type of fibroids, it was anomalous. It was just one of those things that happens. For ridding myself of the ones left behind, he held out no hope. He said they would continue to grow and that I would need another surgery, though he couldn’t say when. As to improving the health of my reproductive system, he looked at me with compassion when he told me that I was just too old to consider this very likely. I was dumbstruck.

My entire belief system in the infallibility of doctors was shattered. He didn’t know. Medication and surgery were the only tools in his toolkit. I had to find another way. I was committed to avoiding another surgery and getting as healthy as possible.

This commitment led me to Western Herbalism and natural health care practices. One day, in an herb class, the teacher mentioned the word “Ayurveda”. I interrupted her. What was that word? I’d never heard of this. I had her spell the word and give me a few book titles for further study. I don’t remember anything else she said that day, I knew I had to learn more about this. I left class and drove to the bookstore. I bought five books on Ayurveda and began to pore over them.

I learned about the elements, the doshas and the causes of imbalance. I looked at my diet and my lifestyle and I knew that I had created my condition and that I had the power in my hands to correct it. That began my informal study of Ayurveda for my own health.

Eventually by commitment to Ayurvedic self-care including huge changes in my diet and lifestyle, I recovered the health of my reproductive system. After being told at 34 that conception was unlikely, I gave birth to my son when I was 43. He was born at home in a natural, drug-free birth with my family and friends around.”

And today, Mary Thompson shares her deep knowledge
and over 18 years of experience with the world through:


“…Anyone who gets to study with her is genuinely lucky and I would always be grateful to her for every bit of time I’ve gotten with her as her student…”

“I know Mary from studying at the CCA and also from private tutoring with her after my graduation. I could never say enough about Mary’s teaching- she is genuinely my greatest Ayurvedic teacher. She brings so much knowledge to the table and the most powerful thing about her teaching is the ability to really take all these big ideas all these obtuse, theories and ideas and really bring them to the ground and make then understandable and digestible.

And she really brings so much accessibility to this knowledge for people in the now, for people in 2015. She makes it really possible and really easy to blend this ancient knowledge with our modern lives.

There are so many parts of Mary’s teaching that are potent that it’s hard to pick out just a few but another one of many, many of her strengths is her ability to answer questions from so many different angles. She’s never once failed on a question of mine and I had plenty and she would find answers for me. If I wouldn’t understand one way she would try to find another way. She was really committed to my learning and committed to making this knowledge really mine

I would take anything that Mary teaches at any point, I would take things more than once, there’s just truly no greater teacher you can ask for.

Anyone who gets to study with her is genuinely lucky and I would always be grateful to her for every bit of time I’ve gotten with her as her student.”

Carly Beaudin
Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner


Watch and Share this Program with other Women?

1First and foremost, this education should begin right at the age of transition of a girl to a woman- it is THAT important and fundamental. However, in today’s stressful times, it is all the more important for women of all age groups at any stage of life to learn this about their own bodies, to understand and love themselves better.

2When we’re young, hail and hearty on relationships issues, maintaining a slim waistline, saving enough for that dream holiday or competing with people at work and at that age, we have no conversations about what is going to happen to you in a few years, nobody talks about the reality that might take a dark shape for you if you do not act ‘now’. As a woman, education for a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle and the inevitable menopause, is very important.

3Not only it is important for you to know about the phenomenon affecting your body today, it is also imp to know before menopause comes and take adequate steps in good time. And if, you find that symptoms are already interfering in your life, it is all the more helpful for you to turn over the Ayurvedic Leaf and experience relief naturally

4A lot of relief can be felt not by pills or artificial medication, but by making diet and lifestyle changes, and not just any changes, but the changes right for you, depending on your Doshic composition

5You must take responsibility for yourself, especially when Ayurveda makes it so easy for you- external elements sucha as pills can only do as much, sometimes not even that. can only do as much, sometimes not even that. An educated approach will give you greater control to prevent and manage symptoms.

6Even for men, they must know and understand how doshas affect reproductive cycles as well as how they affect women in particular as this would help deepening relationships and make it easier for you and partner to sail through tough times.

But why this program?

What Makes This Program Different And What Will It Do For You?

As a young woman, you need not be subject to any PMS jokesas you won’t have any, you need not freeze your daily life and schedule only to lie at home in menstrual pain or embarrassing blood flow…

As a mature woman, you need not take your relationship with your partner through a ‘dry’, ’painful’ phase and keep the passion in your relationship alive

You need not compromise your happiness or feel any depression

You need to take in any artificial pills or anything that further weakens your body

You can feel empowered instead of diseased, you can feel peaceful instead of depressed, you can feel energized instead of frustrated and angry,

Yes, the next few years of your life need not be spent on a sick bed, or in avoidable physical or emotional suffering, you can ensure that you spend the latter half of your life travelling, relaxing, enjoying some good time with your family…

While the Need for Self Care is Well Established,


A state of true health and an inspirational life isn’t an ‘overnight miracle’- it is an ‘everynight transition’ with small steps every single day which compound to give you strong and resilient health.

The earlier you start the better, indeed, but the key is that you start, that you put in an effort in the first place!

As we go on committing ‘Crimes against wisdom’ (the introduction section of the program talks in detail about what crimes against wisdom are, which crimes are you committing and how they affect you) we lose time and with that, a precious part of our lives.

The world of a difference that small little changes and steps can make cannot be justly explained in words-

What motivated you to do this course?

In Mary’s own words:

“I want to educate and empower women to take charge of their reproductive health. Every month women have the opportunity to assess how they are managing the tissues of the body and to get a glimpse into the impact of stress on their bodies. Through education we learn the language of the body. We can interpret our regularity of menses and the quality of menstrual flow to understand the impact of the doshas in the body. Without this education, we may think that an imbalance is normal or seek treatment that will relieve the symptom but not eradicate the cause. I believe that we have the power in our hands to eliminate the causes of reproductive challenges and I want to share that knowledge to give women that power to improve their overall health and their lives.

In looking at menopause, I want to advocate for women to consider self-care prior to menopause. By learning the effect of the hormones, we can apply practices to support balance when the hormones are not being produced. I want to educate and advocate for women to use natural treatments to alleviate symptoms they may experience prior to or during menopause so that they can have that control over their mental and physical health. Life can be very long after menopause, and it is best if those can be free of symptoms driven by menopause.

I firmly believe that our health is in our hands. This course is designed to give practical dietary and lifestyle recommendations that women can apply in their lives today to create better health now and in the future.

Having seen the effects of Ayurvedic principles in myself, in regulation of the menstrual cycle, elimination of symptoms of PMS and menstrual discomfort, having dealt with recovery of the health of the reproductive system after dire warnings from doctors and having gone through menopause smoothly, I feel qualified and obligated to share these principles with as many women as possible.”