The Angry Woodworkers Blueprint

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Want to learn how to make thousands of dollars? Lost your job & need more money? Learn how I built a business with hardly NO MONEY & NO EXPERIENCE! 

How I created a SUCCESSFUL furniture woodworking business right from my home garage… with hardly no money & no experience! 






If you can put together big box store furniture, then you can do this! Easy & Great for beginners!6279684242_c14e0a8a32_z-592x39823


Create your own business and be in control of your own wealth! Learn how I and others have built a stable Rustic Furniture Business with hardly NO MONEY!

Dear Friend:


Hi, this is John Campbell


If your reading this, then you probably have a passion for woodworking and can see the money that people make from it. Why do they call me The Angry Woodworker? Well, like you I bought all those other woodworking plans. To get to the realization that having 50,000 plans means nothing if they are all from the “Brady Bunch sitcom” and are completely outdated. Yet alone would never sell!

I understand your pain because I was in your position! But what if I told you that you can build your own furniture business, and do it very easy, and make a lot of money! If you can put together Big Box Store furniture then you can DO THIS!


“Here’s Some Advice That has made me some nice $$$ on my Woodworking Projects . . .”



Here’s the largest problem:

Most woodworking plans that are online or in magazines are completely outdated! Why? Because woodworking was a big business back in the 70’s. We all remember looking at our fathers old wood-working magazines and staring at the plans for hours. Right? But when we tried building it, they never looked like the picture. There were always parts of the puzzle missing & very complicated. After buying many different woodworking plans I started to become angry. They were all complete garbage, and I had wasted way to much money that I could not afford to loose. That’s how I became THE ANGRY WOODWORKER!


A Faster & Easier way to Earn Money from Woodworking in 2015!!!


Well, luckily for you, I have fixed these problems and have spent the last 4 years going through thousands of woodworking plans on the internet to find the best ones that are TOP SELLERS and tested on the market! I started with hardly NO MONEY, NO EXPERIENCE, & with disconnect bills piling up. And in my last year of business I have certainly hit the margin for great success. $$$$$ Crazy right!

What if I told you, that you could get your hands into a furniture NICHE right now, that has been growing & becoming America’s MOST sought after furniture! That has also been proven in real businesses to be #1 SELLERS and are SUPER EASY to build!



The Angry Woodworkers Blueprint

A Woodworkers Blueprint for SUCCESS

“A Complete Guide to building your furniture business with PROVEN Blueprints & TOP Marketing SECRETS! Step-By-Step…”






“Possibly the best woodworking success blueprint we have ever seen”

Chief Editor – Fortune Success Magazine

“Very stylish & Modern furniture designs…amazing for 2015… thumbs up!”

Furniture Designer – North American Woodworker Magazine




With The Angry Woodworkers Blueprint, you will get…

arrows2_0022_arrow-16-rightUnlimited Access to TOP DESIGN PLANS

Detailed plans that have been proven to be #1 Sellers in the Furniture Retail Market today. With detailed instructions that are super easy, super fun and super fast! Save Time & Make MORE MONEY!


arrows2_0022_arrow-16-right Top Woodworking SECRETS & Techniques

Learn some of my TOP woodworking SECRETS that I have collected from all over the world. On topics such as  “Getting fine finishes” “Painting like a pro” “Get that mirror finish in just 3 steps” Save time and make boatloads of MONEY! These designs are meant to sell! And have been tested for 4 Years on the market, in my very own business and are still their today! Learn proven secrets and techniques to building stylish modern furniture that’s in HUGE DEMAND!


arrows2_0022_arrow-16-rightYour Skill Level Doesn’t Matter!

Take the guesswork right out the building process! If you can put together furniture from Big Box Stores, then you can do this! The only difference is you will be creating REAL WOODEN Furniture that Millions of people seek every year. So Easy! NO Experience Required!


arrows2_0022_arrow-16-rightYou Will LEARN This!

You will learn how to build Beds, Dressers, Highboys, Night Stands, Tables, and a whole lot more! You will learn how to build these furniture pieces SUPER FAST and SUPER EFFICIENT! You will learn how to market your business for FREE and GET an ENORMOUS CLIENT LIST! You will learn how to run your tiny or large furniture business like a finely tuned machine to generate financial success! Now how can you not buy this.


 Learn how I earned HUGE Profits of Up to 1100% on EACH PIECE!!!



Here’s a Sample of Some Projects That You can Build Easily:


simple-woodworking-project-for-beginnersimages (4)images (3)great-funky-wood-furniture-floating-tamburil-slab-reclaimed-wood-coffee-table




Detailed Plans, Material List:

0.2 - garden teak tables plans - garden teak tables design - woodworking plans - outdoor furniture plans

outdoor-furniture-plans-11-designfurniture plans







Easy-To-Follow Instructions



Listen To What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying:


The best product I have bought online in 12 years, Big THUMBS UP!“…


Im going to be very honest with you here today. I was very skeptical when buying this product. Its just that I have purchased other woodworking products online before, and I always got ripped off . But after buying your product within the first few minutes I was already impressed. This is put together very well, the illustrations, plans, even the videos. I only bought this for building my own furniture, but I can see how some people like yourself could make a killing selling this stuff. I’m not sure if I can say this in the comment, but one of the beds in the course only cost $120.00 dollars. When its finished and built its worth over a $1200.00! Big bucks to be made. Like I said, awesome course. BIG THUMBS UP HERE!

Unbelievable designs! Super easy to build, even for me“…

10662170_10152232901601876_2462029267567049151_o I don’t  usually buy anything online. But I have often thought about doing something like this. Couple years back, I tried but I really didn’t even know where to start. So obviously when I saw this, I kind of jumped on it. When I first looked at the course, I was floored. The designs of the furniture is something that should win awards. I liked all the different styles and how easy it was to build. I’m no carpenter by the way, so it might of taken me a bit longer then most. Anyway’s what I wanted to say was, Thank you. I studied your course, and really enjoyed it. So I started my own little business. First month I only made a small amount, but my last month I made some major dollars in Sales. Your right when you say in the course, this stuff sells itself. Once again… THANKS! A truly great product.



As your reading this, I know your thinking about all that extra money you can make just out of your garage, just like me. How I created a SUCCESSFUL furniture business out of my tiny run down garage, with hardly NO MONEY!  Think of how much you can benefit from this!


Take my advice… If you need to make extra money or want to get into a small home business, where you don’t need a large Investment, and you want to make sure you’re PROFITABLE! Then The Angry Woodworkers Blueprint will be the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS, and the most invaluable asset that you could ever own.

These #1 Selling furniture plans are designed so anyone can build their own furniture or somebody else’s, and make HUGE PROFITS with EASE! Saving massive cost on your own furniture too!




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So… How Much Does This Cost?


How much would you pay for an Award Winning Course that could make you income for the next 20 years if not MORE! The Angry Woodworkers Blueprint as proven itself to thousands of happy customers, and it’s time for you to get in on the action.

After you order you will get instant access to the full course, bonus videos, and unlimited access to the #1 selling furniture plans on the web today! There is no need to wait for shipping and you will get all the information you need only seconds from now. Get started TODAY! Course comes zipped in a PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader format, so you can download it INSTANTLY! Even if its 3AM!


So don’t waste any time! Get your bonus videos and Lock in this super low price and start making some serious money today!




John Campbell

The Angry Woodworkers Blueprint 


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