Syndicated Deal Analyzer

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Quickly Analyze Apartment Building Deals with the Syndicated Deal Analyzer

Stop Spending Hours Analyzing your Commercial Real Estate Deals

Analyze Deals and Make Offers in Just 10 Minutes

Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time

Make More Offers

Do More Deals

Achieve Your Dreams Faster

You’re looking for your first (or next) apartment building but you’re not sure how to properly analyze the deal. Or you do, but it’s taking you too long to answer these critical questions:

You know that answering these questions will take you hours — but you can’t afford to spend several hours analyzing every deal you get. You need to be able to do it in 10 minutes or less. The more deals you can analyze quickly, the more likely you’ll find the deal that will work for you. 

With only a little information, the Syndicated Deal Analyzer can answer these questions in just a few minutes.

When I first got started, I created my own spreadsheet, but it took me four hours to analyze a deal to calculate my maximum purchase price. I even bought some analysis software but I couldn’t customize them to suit my needs. It was holding back my ability to analyze lots of deals quickly. And I knew I had to look at a 100 deals before I would find the one that worked!

The Syndicated Deal Analyzer has helped me reduce my analysis from 4 hours to just a few minutes so that I can come back with an acceptable offer price. It lets you analyze more deals in a shorter period of time. This allows you to quickly dismiss the deals that won’t work and find the deals that will.

Since the asking price of most buildings don’t meet our buying criteria, it’s not enough to say “this deal won’t work for me.” You need to be able to get back to the seller and be able to say “this deal won’t work for me because XYZ, but it would work at this price, and here’s how I came up with that number.”

This immediately starts the negotiation process, lets you test the seller’s motivation, and gets you closer to your next deal. You’ve probably seen a bunch of other calculators, but here are three reasons why the Syndicated Deal Analyzer is different (and better!):

With the purchase of the Syndicated Deal Analyzer, you get access to these 9 training videos with a 90-Minute Run-Time

Video # 1: One of your Brokers Sends You a Deal, Now What — Chapter Overview (5 Minutes, 5 Seconds)

This short video gives you a tour of the Syndicated Deal Analyzer by walking you through the analysis of a deal from start to finish.

Video # 2. The 10-Minute Analysis (8:17)

In this video, I’ll show you how to answer the question “what is the MOST I can pay for this apartment building deal?” The Syndicated Deal Analyzer lets you do this quickly so that you’re not spending hours analyzing a deal. This lets you quickly get back to the broker or seller with something like “this deal doesn’t quite work for me, and here’s why”. As you’re looking for other apartment buildings to buy, you can’t afford to spend hours analyzing each deal. Even in this phase, the Syndicated Deal Analyzer incorporates different investor scenarios into the analysis.

Video # 3: Understanding Investor Returns and Structuring the Deal (13:00)

Video # 4: How to Pay Yourself (7:53)

Video # 5: Sharpening Your Pencil – When and How to Overpay (12:59)

Video # 6: Fine Tuning the P&L (8:19)

Video # 7: Estimating Due Diligence and Closing Costs (3:35)

Video # 8: Determining the Most Profitable Exit Strategy (8:39)

What produces the best return? A sale in Year 4 or 7? What if you refinance after the third year and hold for the next 7 years? I’ll show you how to model different scenarios so that you can determine which one produces the highest returns for you and your investors.

Video # 9: Reviewing the Deal & Creating the Investor Deal Package (6:17)

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If you have a question about the Syndicated Deal Analyzer, or something’s not working right for you, please contact me and I’ll see if I can help.

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