Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers!

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Dear Scrapper,

Does The Idea Of Organizing Your Photos Overwhelm You?

My unorganised photos use to stress me out.

I’d waste hours trying to find the perfect picture to scrapbook.

The problem was my photos were everywhere.

In old shoe boxes, files under the bed, folders on the computer, and stuck on my cell phone. So every time I wanted to scrap I’d have to go through all these places just to find a photo I could use. But that’s not all…

I felt guilty about the pictures sitting in boxes too. The thought of them gathering dust and decaying use to TERRIFY me.

In fact, I had nightmares about opening the box to see them in brittle bits and pieces. My dream ended with me frantically trying to glue them back together as they fell out of my hands.

And then there was all the photos I stored my computer. I’d heard about “computer crashes” and I’d panic at the thought of that ever happening to me. Because deep down I knew if it did happen, I would lose years of memories.

I KNEW something had to change.

I needed to be able to find my photos quickly and easily. I needed store them in a way that wasn’t hurting them. And I needed back up copies in case something should happen to them.

Bottom line: My photos needed to be organized.

But here’s the thing,  I didn’t have a clue how to start!

Sure I read everything I could about organizing your photos but I was overwhelmed.

But over time, as my photo collection grew and became MORE unorganized,  I decided that there must be an easier way to organize them. So I decided to go searching for an answer…


At over 100 pages long, Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers is the comprehensive guide you’ve been looking for to help you organize your pictures.Ebook (2)

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But you need to act now.

This opening special won’t be around for long, at some point in the future I will almost certainly increase the price to what this is worth.

So don’t delay – if you’ve read this far then I know how desperate you are to finally organize your photos.

I want you to take a second to imagine what it’ll be like to have a perfectly organised collection of photos.

Each photo in it’s exact home, all available at your fingertips in a matter of seconds….

Imagine how much more enjoyable scrapbooking will be when you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right picture.

Think of the relief knowing that all you photos are backed up and protected for years to come.

Consider how light and guilt free you’ll feel knowing that your photos are safely in their new home instead of decaying and rotting in a shoe box in a dark closet.

You’ll LOVE the feeling of finally having an organised photo collection.

And it’ll all be because you made this wise investment in Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers!

Your new beginning of organised photos begins now…

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