Seduce Your Ex: Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back

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Watch This Video to Discover The Little-Known Secret That Will Make Your Boyfriend Desperate to Have You Back…

Surprisingly, it’s actually very easy to get your ex boyfriend to WANT YOU back after a breakup. It all comes down to male psychology. The trick is to push his “emotional hot buttons.” Triggers that are specific only to men.

Use these triggers, and you will see him coming to you on his knees, pleading desperately for you to take him back.

I’m about to reveal to you secrets that most women will never know about men:

  1. Exactly how a man’s mind works…
  2. The triggers you need to pull to make him come back to you…
  3. And (this is very important) how to make him want to stay and love you forever…

How Jennifer Got Her Ex Boyfriend
Begging For Her Back

“I haven’t slept since he left me! I’m desperate! I need your help!”

Jennifer stood in the doorway, her hands gripped tightly in front of her. She had dressed in a hurry without her usual care—her blouse had missed the waistband of her skirt on one side and her taupe hose were laddered. I could tell she had been crying but was doing her best to cover it up.

I smiled and waved toward the chair opposite me.

“Relax. No worries. I know exactly how you can get him back.”

Jennifer visibly relaxed, and the look of hope in her eyes was unmistakable. I knew why she had come to me. I have …well, let’s call it unique…expertise when it came to situations like this. As a male, and a relationship coach, I knew exactly what “buttons” she could push to bring her boyfriend around…on his knees…begging her to take him back. I know what makes boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands crazy—the the male-specific triggers that women can pull to get what they want from the men in their lives.

Jennifer sat down stiffly in the chair and leaned forward, her eyes still fixed on my face.

“I had the feeling something was wrong for the past few weeks.”

Her voice wavered as she suppressed a sob.

“It seemed like he was slipping away from me, paying less and less attention to me and the relationship. I didn’t know what to do…”

She trailed off and looked down at her hands.

I know all too well that this happens all the freakin’ time. The scenario recurs over and over again: Everything is going well with you and your boyfriend until eventually:

In Jennifer’s case, this went on for about two months, and it drove the poor girl almost crazy trying to figure out why. The, one day, seemingly out of nowhere, he casually says those four little words that made Jennifer’s stomach tighten and heart go nuts:

We need to talk.

When they met for coffee, Jennifer was wound tight with nervousness. She was afraid of what she sensed was coming. He started out with small talk, which only made things worse. Jennifer concentrated hard on holding herself together as he worked through a list of the “usual suspects,” things like:

He even implied that Jennifer was the one responsible for the problems in the relationship. After that, things went predictably. He moved on, leaving Jennifer still in shock and wondering what hit her. It’s no wonder that by the time she reached my door the poor girl was desperate and way beyond upset.

And after that, the rest is history. You already know how it ends because it literally just happened to you. And just like my friend Jennifer, you’re going to need my help, so read on.

The Solution That Will Have Your Ex Boyfriend Begging For You Back Is…

You can’t sleep. You have lost your appetite. Your friends are worried about you because you just stay at home and watch TV all the time. Everything looks bleak and depressing, and you have not energy or motivation to change things.

Wouldn’t it be great to break free of all that…and have your EX be the one who is going through it? How soon do you think you’d hear from him if he was in that kind of pain?

Let’s be honest. The reason you want your ex-boyfriend back so badly is because he rejected you. What if you could turn the tables on him?

Well I’m here to tell you that you can easily do that. You will have him feeling the way you are right now…and he won’t be able to stand it. He will come back, begging you to get back together.

The solution I gave Jennifer (and thousands of other women in the same situation) is to completely reverse the rejection she was feeling by using a few proven tricks to pull her man’s emotional triggers. I am talking about specific things she could do and say to make him feel like he was the one being rejected.

So what happened? Jennifer put my tips into action and….

All of a sudden Jennifer’s boyfriend began calling her to “hang out.” And he actually started to behave the exact way he did at the very beginning of their relationship!

Men are predictable in their behavior. Trying to reason, use logic, or argue with your ex-boyfriend does not work. And for sure telling him how much you care about him will not work. It will only creep him out and push him farther away.

Men just don’t respond to that kind of reasoning on a deep emotional level. Their brains are hard wired to respond very differently…

But using male-specific mental “hot buttons,” you can gain an (almost) unfair advantage and make your ex-boyfriend want and desire you like never before.

It’s really not that hard….if you know exactly which buttons to push.

The System I Created To Make Him Come Crawling Back To You For Good…

I have conducted hundreds of hours of research and worked with many women just like you. My experience led to the creation of a proven system I that is an easy to follow, step-by-step road map to get your ex-boyfriend come crawling back to you.

It tells you exactly what to do and say (in lots of different situations) to bring him back to you rather than you chasing (hopelessly) after him.

I used to conduct private phone consultations for $177 per half hour to teach this information. But there were too many limitations using the phone to teach students. There was simply too much to teach and my students could not get the full benefits of the powerful tools I wanted to pass on.

Instead, I decided to provide this proprietary information through a downloadable link. This way, more women could get access to all the knowledge I have to share and benefit from what I offer.

My system wasn’t hastily thrown together. I spent nearly a year and a half creating and testing a solid, practical blueprint that takes all the guesswork out of the process.

The Step-By-Step Blueprint that Will Give You an Almost Unfair Advantage
In Getting Him Back and


You’ll Receive These Immediate Benefits…


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Time Is Slipping Away Faster
Than You Think…

The clock is ticking. Statistics show that the longer you wait, the harder it is to get your ex-boyfriend back.

I want you to get back what’s rightfully yours. He doesn’t belong in some other woman’s arms. He belongs in yours! His heart belongs to you.

You have the opportunity to turn back time and get back the great relationship you once had. My system give you step-by-step instructions that apply advanced male psychology to your ex-boyfriend’s weak spots and predictable actions.



Take Action Now Or He’ll Fall In Love
With A New Woman…

Men want to fall in love. They want to create a deep emotional bond with one woman. A man reserves his emotional affection for his mate, and you want that mate to be you, not another woman.

You need to know that men always look for a rebound after a breakup. Always. They need to do that to boost their self confidence and help them get rid of any guilt or doubts they have about leaving you.

You know it’s only a matter of time before your ex-boyfriend madly in love with another woman. He’ll fall in love and commit himself to somebody else, and it will probably happen sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more your window of opportunity closes.

So you need to move fast, before he forms a emotional bond someone else. Before he falls in love again.

And you need to act in right way. You need behave in a way that gets your ex-boyfriend to react the way you want him to.



Imagine Being Back In His Arms…

Imagine what it will be like to have the relationship—the one YOU want—back. To have a shoulder to rest your head on and strong arms to hold you close. To feel taken care of, protected, supported. To be able to look into the future and know that he will be by your side.

You can make this all a reality! Getting your boyfriend back is more than a mere possibility. It is highly probable. I will give you powerful techniques, methods and strategies—exactly the tools you need to get him back.

So put aside the despair and depression and get ready to celebrate—with him!

It’s time to get excited, so read on and feel desperate no more.

Get Immediate Results

The minute you download my step-by-step system, you will be able to start taking action. The “Seduce Your Ex” system is jam packed with psychological tricks and techniques you can use as soon as you read about them. I demystify men’s psyches and lay out the plan for you in a step-by-step, easy to follow blueprint that anyone can follow.

I get e-mails all the time from my students telling me how shocked they were at how simple and effective the information contained in the “Seduce Your Ex” system was. They literally can’t believe how practical and immediately useful it is.

Not only that, but it gets right to the point. No fluff, no games. I personally hate 300-page books that only have less than 50 pages of actual useful information. I get right to the point. I write only meaty, practical, step-by-step information that can be put into action the minute you read it.

WARNING! Beware!

There are a lot of so-called “gurus” dishing out free “one-size-fits-all” information on how to get back with an ex. BEWARE! Their advice is not based on male psychology. It is mostly generic information aimed at both men and women. Men are wired differently than women, which is why this “generic” information is completely useless.

I literally cringe when I see the free advice online. They say “stay in touch with him,” “tell him why you love him” or “keep apologizing”. This information has absolutely no basis in scientific fact. It will hurt rather than help your chances of getting your boyfriend back.

I have gained a lot of my clients because of these sites. They came to me in despair after trying some of the free advice on the sites and failing miserably.

Lately I’ve seen this very same information being sold on the Internet. I even bought some of the products to see what they were saying. I was shocked to discover they were either poorly copying my advice or blatantly rehashing free (harmful!) information already available online.

Listen to me: Don’t waste your money on useless information that, at best, will only push your ex-boyfriend further away from you and into another woman’s arms, or, at worst, alienate him from you forever.



You can try all you like, but you will not find a better price on a similar product that has an in-depth guide and full customer support like mine does.

In addition, we back up our guide with our Guarantee Certificate so you can have full confidence when you order. With an offer so good, we can’t allow it to last forever so don’t delay any longer.

All Payments are Processed by a 100% Secured Payment Processor
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Additionally, my guide comes as an electronic book (e-book) which means once you pay for it you have instant access to it. No waiting for the mail to come and deliver it and no postage and handling fees.



The techniques and principles you will receive in Seduce Your Ex have helped thousands women just like you win back the mind, heart and soul of the ones they love.

I realize that we have just met , so you may have some things on your mind…


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How about if it has been a long time since we broke up?

I won’t lie to you. You are more likely to have success if you have the breakup is recent (three months or less). The more time that has gone by, the more planning and work it will take. But it is worth doing, because even it has been while, the situation is far from hopeless. The “Seduce Your Ex” system has still proven successful even after many months.

Q: What about geographic separation? Can I rekindle a long distance relationship?

No problem, and yes. The tools I give you do not depend on your location relative to his in order to work.

Q: What if my ex-boyfriend is already with another woman?

You can get him back, and rather easily. With my advanced psychological tactics, the other woman doesn’t stand a chance. I give you specific directions on what to do and say around his new girlfriend. There is a specific way you absolutely must act! He will come crawling back to you. If he doesn’t, I’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Q: How fast does the system work?

Most of my students report positive results within 7 days. They almost always have their boyfriends back within two weeks or less.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Getting your ex-boyfriend back is the easy part. The challenge (that you can solve with my system) is maintaining a strong, healthy relationship in which you are in control. I go into meticulous detail about how to keep your boyfriend committed and participating in the relationship.

Q: Is my credit card number safe with you?

I use ClickBank ( as my credit card processor. ClickBank is the largest and most trusted credit card processor for digital products in the world. They are the only ones who see your credit card number. I don’t see it. No human eyes see your credit card number at all.



Just imagine getting back together
and being able to…

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I mean…

Every moment you wait…makes it harder and harder to get them back because time is the soil in which their indifference towards you grows…and it is INDIFFERENCE and NOT HATE… that is YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY right now.

So please… I want you to click the order button below. Place your order. Download “Seduce Your Ex” so we can get started today. This is your chance to regain control of your love and life and I believe fate has brought us together : -)

See you on the other side,


P.S. Please don’t wait to order because with time, your lovers indifference towards you grows and grows making our job getting them back much more difficult.


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