Secret Of Exciting Piano Chords

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Dear Friend:

     How much would you pay to learn all about piano chords?

     Last I checked, piano lessons were running about $25. per half-hour. And even then you don’t know if the teacher knows what they are talking about or can explain how chords work so you can understand.

      That’s exactly why you should take piano lessons from “the man who wrote the book” — the guy who has written over 25 books on piano playing and recorded over 500 videos, DVD’s, CD’s, charts, music games, and so forth. He knows chords like nobody else, and he knows how to teach chords so that you can understand them too.

     So for you to take lessons from him for one buck a lesson is a no-brainer. Do it. Do it now. You’ll be absolutely thrilled! This is a downloadable e-book, so you can download it right now and have it now!

Here is what you’ll learn in each chapter:

1 – “What Chords Do I Absolutely, Positively Need To Know?”
2 – “Flying Over Chordland – The 48 Basic Chords – Times 3″
3 – “All The Major Chords”
4 – “All The Minor Chords”
5 – “Inversions: Chords On Their Heads”
6 – “All the Diminished Triads”
7 – “All the Augmented Triads”
8 – “All the Major 6th Chords”
9 – “All the Minor 6th Chords”
10 – “All the 7th Chords”
11 – “All the Maj7th Chords”
12 – “All the 9th Chords”
13 – “All the 11th Chords”
14 – “All the 13th Chords”
15 – “The Three Diminished 7th Chords”
16 – “Suspensions”
17 – “Alterations”
18 – “Slash Chords”
19 – “Oops! I forgot Minor 7th Chords!”

20 – “Chord Progressions Part I – The Circle of Keys”
21 – “Chord Progressions Part 2 – The Circle of Minor Keys”
22 – “How To Find The Key of a Song When There Are Flats In The Key Signature”
23 – “How To Find The Key of a Song When There Are Sharps In The Key Signature”
24 – The “Oh Duh!” Chord Progression
25 – “What You Need To Know About Musical Form
26 – The “Creep” Chord Progression
27 – “The ‘II – V7 – I’ Chord Progression”
28 – “The ‘VI – II – V7 – I’ Chord Progression”
29 – The “Blue Moon” Chord Progression
30 – Embedded Chord Subs In The “Blue Moon” Chord Progression
31 – The “12 Bar Blues” Chord Progression
 32 – Embedded Chord Subs In The “12 Bar Blues” Chord Progression
33 – “Alternating 7th & m7ths” Chord Progression
34 – “How To Create Unlimited Original Chord Progressions Using Chord Substitutions – Part 1″
35 – “How To Create Unlimited Original Chord Progressions Using Chord Substitutions – Part 2″
36 – “How To Create Unlimited Original Chord Progressions Using Chord Substitutions – Part 3″
37 – Gospel Chord Progression #1 – “Get On That Church!”
38 – Gospel Chord Progression #2 – “Get On That V7 Chord!”
39 – “It’s Graduation Day!”

     Every single chord is shown in a photo, like these below, so you can SEE which notes to play and which fingers to use!

Diminished 7th chord #2 Ab13 piano chord

     And you’ll not only be able to SEE every chord, but if you have an internet connection, you can go to a web site where you can HEAR Duane himself explain and illustrate each chord and each progression! There’s no extra charge for that — but is only available to those who purchase this e-book.

     That means that you will have access to every one of the 39 lessons Duane has put online — you’ll hear him explain each lesson, and see each chord in living color just by clicking on the links in the Table of Contents!  

     You can download it as soon as your credit card clears — even if it is the middle of the night — and a very short time from now you can be playing and understanding chords like you never have before!

     And remember — you’re getting all 39 lessons for one buck per lesson! So do it now, before you forget.