Save $2000 To $5000 On Your Next Car Purchase

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Car Negotiation Experts


This E-Book Is For The Do It Your Selfer’s


How can this information save you $2000 to $5000 or more?


CarMentors4u the car negotiation experts will provide you information that works. You may know how to negotiate a good car deal, but do you know how to negotiate a great car deal? We have decades of combined experience in the car business and will share with you how to save between $2000 to $5000 or more on your next car purchase-we will guaranteed it.

We’ve seen over the years in the car business, most people will do “OK” negotiating the price. Then they go into the finance departments to finish their paper work on the car they are buying, and just get laid away for thousands of dollars additional profit to the dealership on what is called” back end products”. Things such as extended warranty’s, gap insurance coverages, fabric protections, under coatings , etch products, and interest rates that are way to high. We will show you how to put a stop all of this.

What Makes Steve & Chuck Experts On Car Negotiations?


Chuck and I have been involved in thousands of car negotiations in the decades we have been in the car business

Chuck has been a car salesman, a closer, sales manager, finance manager, internet sales manager, general sales manager , and a general manager (runs the whole dealership, sales, service, parts, office). That is a lot of experience.

As for myself, I have been a car salesman, closer, finance manager, sales manager, general sales manager, and general manager. One of my duty’s was to train salesmen on how to negotiate car deals.

Please do not take us wrong, we are not boasting on our titles when we were working for a dealership. We are just trying to convince and let you know we have the experience. We give information you need to work a great car deal and save your self some serious money. Plus the time you will save is Huge.

The Brother You Didn’t have?


Don’t you wish the next time you are looking to buy a car you had a brother that had Chuck or myself’s experience to take with you to the dealership. I know my son’s really liked it. They just stand there and watch me negotiate the whole car deal for them. When I’m done they just have to sign the paper work for their car. I negotiated the price, their trade ins, the down payments, (which is alway’s $0), monthly payments, interest rates, and any back end products in finance they wanted.

We wish we could go with every one to negotiate their next car deal. We have the passion for it, but not the time to do it. That is why we wrote this E Book, you can do it your self. Plus this is not a one shot deal. You can use this information over and over again for years to come. It’s been the same negotiating for over 50 years, just a lot more money for the cars.

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Money Back Guarantee!

This Information Is Exactly What You Need

CarMentors4u the car negotiation experts have exactly what you need to negotiate a great car deal. It is the only information you will ever need.

Chuck and I will not hold any information back, we give you every thing you will need.

We show you how to save money on all aspects of the car deal.

We show you how to save yourself at least 2 hours of time at the dealership. We are car negotiation experts.

No more getting frustrated when you are negotiating the car deal.

We are going to save you lots of energy. No more feeling worn out after the car deal is done. Guaranteed!!

Best Of The Best

Chuck and I will put this information up against any thing in the market place today

This information will work no matter where you live. People buy and sell cars the same way no matter if you live in Washington State to Califorina to Florida and everywhere in between.

This information will work any where in the world. We have listened to car sales professionals talk to us, from Australia to the United Kingdom to Canada, they all speak the same car lingo. So we know our information will work for you any where you live.

This site is available in many languages for your convenience.

We Are So Sure Of The Information, We Give You A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!