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“Your ebooks have increased my annual revenue

by approximately $100,000 per year”

I am considered as Australia’s # 1 Youth Mentor here in Australia. I currently run several keynote presentation and goal setting programs called “I Roll With Dave”

I deliver these programs in high schools, unemployment agencies, drug rehabilitation centre’s and charity organizations. When I started out two years ago I was struggling with written content as I suffer with dyslexia (see my website for my bio) however on Facebook one day in the ads I saw your ad.

I straight away purchased your E Books and now use them as part of my workshops. Your E Books have increased my annual revenue by approximately $100K per year. The E Books have been used by drug addicts, maximum security prisoners, high school students all the way to corporate executives. I can’t thank you enough for this gold gem products that have saved me allot of frustration and time”

David Gunter


From Sean McPheat

Dear Coach,

If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to offer a range of coaching products for your business then what I am about to offer you may be of interest.

I’m about to hand over to you a royalty free product package that will instantlycatapult your coaching business profits in multiple profitable ways!

The best part?

YOU can be making money from this exact same product package — starting immediately and without lifting even your little finger to write one report, one ebook or ecourse!

As you probably know already, having multiple income streams is the key to success as a modern coach.

If you are relying on income from only your coaching sessions, then you are missing out on a whole heap of profits by not offering ebooks and ecourses that make you money while you sleep!

The problem comes when you have to think of the products and services that you want to sell and then you have to find the time and the inclination to actually write them!

Each week I receive many emails and phone calls from coaches who ask me for advice on what ecourses and ebooks to write and how to put them together.

They tell me of their quiet desperation of wanting to offer these products but they cannot find the time or the creativity to put them together.

Forget it!

It takes too long. First you have to develop an idea for a coaching product and find out if anyone will buy it. It will take you months or even years trying to finish up one ebook… which eventually you don’t even know whether people will buy it.

Creating That Hot, Killer Coaching Product Is The Hard Part…

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some coaching products work – while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to create with just the right product, you can now have a collection of profit making coaching products for your own coaching business, ready to use and sell at your beck and call.

The solution:


Sean McPheat’s

Royalty Free

Coaching Products


Why not use the exact same ebooks, ecourses

and coaching products that I sell on my websites, put

your name on them, sell them for what you

like and keep 100% of the profits?


“In one month I have already sold five

courses and doubled my initial investment”

I have my own part-time coaching business and found that many of the subjects covered by Sean in the royalty free products where ones that where often needed by my clients.

Purchasing the royalty free products has saved me many hours of sitting down and writing out the courses myself.

In one month I have already sold five courses and doubled my initial investment. If I only purchased the “unstoppable confidence course” for the asking price I would have got my money back.

Everyone can benefit from this course alone, including myself.

All of the courses are well written and concise and can either be sold online or in a pamphlet format.

I cant wait for Sean to produce more as I now have more tools to use as a coach myself. Don’t hesitate to buy these courses as they offer outstanding value.

Martin Ducker





“I look forward to building an amazing “Coaching Practice”

now that I have the tools to lead me to success”

“I’m a new Life Transition Coach and the products being offered are product’s my clients will truly benefit from. I will be able to offer e-courses with confidence, knowing my client’s are getting top notch e-courses I could have never put together myself.

As a new coach who has high hopes and expect ions, but lacking experience in writing copy, these products are right on time. It’s as if you stepped into my brain and saw the idea’s floating around and said “Hey I have the product’s you’re looking for, without the hassle of writing them yourself.”

I can’t “Thank You” enough Sean for taking the time to extend such an amazing “Offer” at such a reasonable price. The cost of this product will come back to me 100 fold if not more. I look forward to building an amazing “Coaching Practice” now that I have the tools to lead me to success”




Just imagine what it would be like if…

You could own 8 of the most effective and profitable coaching information products on the market today that were written by an industry expert and that you could pass them off as your own and use them for whatever reason you wanted – what would this mean to your business?

You could use them…


The bottom line is this…

I have used these products over the years to build my own coaching empire and have literally made thousands out of them.

Once you have placed your order today, my team will immediately send you the very same 8 products that I sell on my own coaching websites.

Once you receive them, THEY ARE YOURS.

You don’t need to put my name on them, you don’t need to link back to me, you own them and as such you can do what you want with them!

It’s as though you have commissioned me to write these ecourses for you.

It’s a simple as that.

All you have to do is put your name and contact details within each ecourse and they are ready to sell if you like! Or you might want to add some of your content to them.


Please Read On To Receive A FREE SAMPLE

Of One Of The Ecourses And To Discover

Exactly What You’ll Get…





Unstoppable Confidence

Sells for $39 to $69

“Unstoppable Confidence” is a 6 part ecourse or ebook that is designed to get your prospects and clients that self-confidence that they are so desperately seeking.

Product Description That I Use:

Each of the 6 modules includes a number of exercises and assignments that will teach you all you need to know in order to build your confidence.

“Unstoppable Confidence” will enable you to smash through those barriers and limited beliefs that you have about yourself and move forward with your life.

Without confidence you will never be able to lead the life that you want. Confident people are successful people. They stick out a mile don’t they?

Many people in life have the same amount of skills but what holds them back is their lack of self-belief.

The difference between those that succeed and those that do not is confidence.

Part 1:

Just how confident are you? Take the assessment and all will be revealed!
Part 2:

Believing in yourself – What do you need to believe in yourself?
Part 3:

How to overcome your negative thoughts
Part 4:

How to overcome negative comments from others
Part 5:

How to feel confident all of the time!
Part 6:

Your confidence plan – How to lead a great, confident life



How To Get What You Want In Life

Sells for $39 to $69

“How to get what you want” is a 6 part ecourse or ebook that is designed to provide your clients with the direction, purpose and drive that they are looking for.

Product Description That I Use:

Each of the 6 modules includes a number of exercises and assignments that will walk you through the process of first working out what you want from your life and then, how you are going to get it.

The course will enable you to stop drifting along in life – instead you will discover what your life is all about and how you can go about to improve it.

You only live once so you’d better make the most of the time whilst you are here!

“How to get what you want” will be your very own life map of where you are now to where you want to get to.

You will soon rediscover those lost ambitions, those dreams that had fallen by the wayside.

This is the time to start a fresh.

So start right now!

Part 1:

Discover what your life is really about
Part 2:

The goal setting workshop – mapping out what you want in your life from hereon in!
Part 3:

Fire the gun! – How to take action
Part 4:

Become a world-class hurdler! How to overcome the obstacles that get in your way.
Part 5:

How to stay on track with your goals – How to keep motivated
Part 6:

Creating the life that you truly deserve



“I could hardly believe what I was reading! Here I am

plugging away at producing my products for income,

when you offer me the same thing instantly”

“It must have been Kismet when I stumbled upon your site offering royalty free products.

In fact, I could hardly believe what I was reading! Here I am plugging away at producing my products for income, when you offer me the same thing instantly. 

Not only have you given me valuable products, but I have been able to tweak them, personalize them and make them my own. And all this in a fraction of the time it would take me to do it all from scratch.

Within a week I am almost ready to launch the first product as a e-course and have a second product ready to use as a basis for a speaking engagement.

You have provided me with “magic” seeds from which a fertile field will grow!”

Lynn Moore
British Columbia, Canada





How To Manage Your Lost Career

Sells for $39 to $69


“How To Manage Your Lost Career” is a an online course that is designed to enable your clients to take a look at where they are now and where you want to be with their career.

Product Description That I Use:

Maybe you are not happy with what you are currently doing?

Maybe you want something else but don’t know what that “Something Else” actually is?

This course includes a number of exercises and assignments that will enable you to answer all of your questions and teach you all you need to know in order for your to rediscover your lost career!

You spend so much of your time at work it makes sense to do something that you are best suited to and something that you enjoy!

“How To Manage Your Lost Career” will get you back on track.

It will be just like taking your car in for a service! But this time we will be looking under the bonnet of your career!

Course content:

- Produce your career and life goals

- Know what direction you need to move in

- Know what is important to you in a career and what is not

- Produce a winning CV that sells you as a person

- Answer any interview question that is thrown at you

- Overcome any interview nerves

- Communicate your strengths without bragging

- Understand what interviewers are looking for in a potential candidate

- Prepare and plan beforehand to ensure a successful interview

- Negotiate for a better pay deal

- Negotiate for better terms and conditions




Effective Communication Skills

Sells for $39 to $69

“Effective Communication Skills” is a 6 part ecourse or ebook that is designed to improve your client’s communications skills enabling them to express themselves more clearly and to talk with confidence and assurance.

Product Description That I Use:

Each of the 6 modules includes a number of exercises and assignments that will teach you all you need to know so that you can communicate more effectively with all of the people who you come in contact with.

With “Effective Communication Skills” you will now be able to know what effective communications are all about, how the great communicators do it and all there is to know about non-verbal communication techniques which make up to 93% of all communications!

Communication is so vital to everything that anyone does because we are usually required to seek solutions, information and help from others.

It is without doubt the most important skill that anyone can improve and let me tell you that the results of doing so can be outstanding.

The results can improve your relationships with clients and colleagues, loved ones and associates – you name it!

Everyone can communicate in one shape or form.

But haven’t you seen those people whose communication and interpersonal skills just seem to be on another level?

They seem to have everyone doing whatever they say, the person is liked and respected by all, they can talk to strangers and build up rapport effortlessly!

That’s the difference between communicating and communicating effectively.

Communication goes far beyond the actual words that you say.

More importantly it’s how you say it and they way that you act while you’re saying it.

If you want to improve and take your communication skills to the next level, then this course is for you.

Part 1:

Understanding the communications process – how does miscommunication occur?
Part 2:

How to understand someone else’s view of the world
Part 3:

How to communicate with different types of people
Part 4:

What do you need to do to be an outstanding communicator?
Part 5:

How to make small talk with people you have never met before – It’s easy when you know how!
Part 6:

Giving and receiving feedback



Get Motivated!

Sells for $39 to $69

“Get Motivated!” is a 6 part ecourse or ebook that is designed to get your clients motivated about their life and to stop them from putting things off all of the time.

Product Description That I Use:

Within this course you will now be able to get juiced up about all that you do so that you have got the get up and go and energy to be a winner.

Motivation gives you that inner drive to accomplish what you want so take the first step today and never look back!

Part 1:

How to get juiced up about life – what must you do?
Part 2:

Finding something to get you up early and keep you up late!
Part 3:

Stop procrastinating and putting things off
Part 4:

Taking control of your life
Part 5:

What do you want to be in life?
Part 6:

Staying motivated!




“The cost to benefit ratio is outstanding! 

Where else can you have a complete source of coaching materials ready for you as is, or to personalize as you wish?”





The New You!

Sells for $39 to $69

“The New You!” is a 6 part ecourse or ebook that is designed to give your clients a makeover on the inside and the outside!

Product Description That I Use:

You’ve seen those makeover programmes on the tv right?

Well, this is something similar!

We look at what is important to you in life, the person you would like to be, what you want to be known for, your values, beliefs and image.

After completing the course there will be no stopping you – watch out everyone!

Part 1:

Are you happy with yourself and your lot in life?
Part 2:

What and who do you want to be in life
Part 3:

Your image and what it says about you!
Part 4:

Taking control of your life & remove the clutter!
Part 5:

Being confident with the new you
Part 6:

The new you – the WOW factor!



Thinking Of Becoming A Life Coach?

Sells for $19 to $39

If you are like me I bet you receive a lot of questions from people wanting to become a life coach?

Well, now you can give them all of the information that they need and make some money at the same time!

Product Description That I Use:

“How to become a Life Coach – What you’ll want to know

about training, certification, and the business of coaching”

If some of your clients are interested in becoming a Life Coach, they will save a lot of time and money if they sign up to the “How to become a Life Coach” course.

You are probably swamped with information – well you can now learn all you need to know with this 6 part course.

“How to become a Life Coach” is designed to provide you with all of the answers to the questions that you have about becoming a Life Coach.

Each of the 6 modules includes a number of exercises and assignments that will walk you through the options, the ins and outs and all you need to know about how to succeed in this profession.

Part 1:

What is Life Coaching all about?

Part 2:

How do you know if Life Coaching is the right career for you? Take the test.

Part 3:

How to become a coach – training, qualifications, options, legal issues, regulations Part 4:

Start up costs, ongoing costs – what you will need as a coach

Part 5:

The top 50 income generators of a Life Coach

Part 6:

Going it alone – how to build your business either part time while you work or full time.



Life Evaluator Assessment

Sells for $19 or as a giveaway

I call it a success evaluator but you could call it anything you like!

This is a download that you can sell or giveaway to your prospects and clients for them to complete.

Within this, they will go through the top 8 areas in their life and answer particular questions on each area to see which areas need the most work on.

It’s an invaluable introductory tool to give a client who has just signed up with you and it will make you look very professional.




Just click on the link below to download one of the reports as a sample.

You can download our “HOW TO MANAGE YOUR LOST CAREER” ecourse for you to take a look at.

You will not be able to use this product unless you place an order and it is in PDF format instead of WORD but it gives you an idea of what you will get.

Please remember, you will get 8 ecourses in total!

Once you order for real you will receive all 8 products in WORD so that you can edit, tinker and customize all of the information to your hearts content!



Within just 30 seconds from now…

Within just 30 seconds from now you can have at your fingertips the most practical, real-world coaching products to kick-start your coaching business and to ensure that it starts to make the profits that you want.


Sean McPheat’s

Royalty Free

Coaching Products



Royalty Free Coaching Products is all of my very best material that you can now pass off as your own, sell and keep 100% of the profits!


Take Full Advantage of my Money-Back

Satisfaction Guarantee..

56 day NO RISK money-back guarantee!

Order my ROYALTY FREE PRODUCTS today and if at anytime during the first 56 days you are not 100% completely satisfied with for whatever reason, then just drop me an email and I will refund your money in FULL …




Here’s Three Reasons Why I Priced Royalty Free Products at an Affordable $197

($97 to you for a limited time only)



As someone who has been in your exact shoes, I know that you want value for money and that’s what I intend to give you. The nine products that you will receive have taken me the past 4 years to develop and at a considerable cost. The research, planning, development and the writing of the materials that you will have access to took me well over 200 hours to complete and at $200 per hour that works out at $40,000! So when I ask you to invest just $197 it really is a no brainer!


You have probably forked out a lot of money already on training etc and that’s why I wanted to make Royalty Free Products as affordable as I can. Compared to other ways that you could spend $197 this will be the most wisely spent investment that you will ever make because of the time that it will save you and the fact that it will make an immediate return for you.


The beauty of Royalty Free Products is that you can start earning from the materials within hours! You will get IMMEDIATE RETURNS for you money.

Just make a couple of sales and you’ll receive enough money to pay for the product! 






Order today and within 30 seconds you will have instant access to all of my Royalty Free Products, but I don’t just want to stop there!

Unlike many other coaching experts I’m not going to sell you a product and then wave bye bye!

I really want to do everything in my power to make sure that I help you.

Therefore, I am offering you 3 fantastic bonuses when you order today.



(worth $495)



A picture says a thousand words! By using an ebook cover on your website you will dramatically improve your sales and professionalism.

But ebook and ecourse covers can be very costly!

The cost for 8 ebook covers alone would set you back in the region of $500 but I am throwing them in with the package as a special bonus!

When you order today you can use all of the ebook covers for every royalty free product.

You will receive them in 3D box design like below!




(worth $3000 of development time)




We all know and appreciate the value of writing a newsletter but they are a real pain to keep on writing each month!

Where do you find the topics and the time to write the content?!

Well, you can now have access to 20 royalty free newsletter articles that you can now use and pass off as your own!

Use them as they are, edit them – do what you like with them!

I have personally written these and have used them with great results

Just imagine all of the time you will save!

Article headings:


20 ways to mega confidence
How to break habits
How to run meetings
How to deal with confident sapping friends
Be comfortable with your body
Dealing with your boss
How to give tough messages
How to say no and mean it!
How to seek promotion
Presentation tips
Failure is feedback
Confident work teams
De-clutter your life
The “I’M ACE” challenge
Improve your body language
How to refocus after setbacks
007 secret agent
Time management tips
You really are great!
Your confidence building diary



(worth $49)





This is a FREE REPORT that you can give away to your prospects who ask for further information on what life coaching is and how it works.

Just imagine, you have had a call from a prospect or someone emails you about what it is and how it all works, you then send them a free report and it does the selling for you!

You can also have it on your website as a lead generation tool.

Either way, you can’t lose by giving away this free report….and of course you are the author remember so you get instant credibility.


“It creates near instantly useable materials

of professional standard that you can use and

re-use in a whole raft of ways”

The quality and depth of the free sample about Career Management was impressive. Based on looking at that and having had some experience of writing materials and the time that that takes it was a an easy decision to say Yes to the offer.

The speed with which I can use the materials under my own identity is excellent and has saved me a lot of that most precious of commodities  ….. TIME. An unexpected bonus has been working through some of the topics to see what’s in them has helped me personally to get a better focus on my own business. I guess you call it self coaching!

Very simple: The only way you can lose is by not purchasing the product.

It creates near instantly useable materials of professional standard that you can use and re-use in a whole raft of ways; from lead generation to hooking email addresses to revenue generating products or supporting materials to ongoing coaching services.

Tom Hurst
Surrey, UK




Now you can get my Royalty Free Products PLUS these 3 superb bonuses for the

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