Razor Sharp Abs

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Attention Men Over 30: Struggling To See Your ABS? 
Do This 3-Second Core Firing “Trick” 1x DAILY to Activate Your Hidden “6-Pack Muscle” And Visibly SEE Your ABS (At ANY Age) While Avoiding THOUSANDS Of Sit-Ups, HOURS Of Boring Cardio, And SUFFERING Through Bland Starvation Diets  
Today You Will Discover How You Can Get LEAN And RIPPED With Simple Body Weight Movements In 12 Min Or Less Without Ever Having To Leave The Comfort Of Your Own Home 
Warning: If You Still Believe That Working Out Harder And Longer Is The Key To Getting Flat ABS Or Even A 6-Pack Then You HAVE BEEN LIED TO. It’s Causing Your Body To Store More Belly Fat And Crushing Your T-Levels. More below…
If you’re… 
  • Still staring at your pot belly and watching your love
    handles spill over your pants?
  • Struggling with health issues?
  • Constantly drained of energy?
  • Libido in the dumps?
… It is absolutely critical you read every word of this report so that you can discover the missing link to cracking your AB Shredding Code. 
Did you know that every man has a hidden “6-Pack Muscle” deep down in your belly? This tiny little muscle is tucked away UNDERNEATH your ABS and probably has not been used for years, and yet…
In just 3-seconds you can FIRE UP this fat-burning muscle and start peeling away the belly fat that’s been covering up your abs for far too long.
Imagine an old, worn pair of jeans that you have not washed in a while. They get loose, saggy and start to droop and hang off of you. They lack the same stiffness they had when you first bought them or after a fresh wash.
Well this is exactly what happens to your “6-pack muscles” as you get older…
See, when you age, these muscles soften up and STOP your body from burning Belly Fat.
The good news is….
You can TURN ON these muscles in just 3-seconds to melt belly fat and visibly see your ABS faster than you ever thought possible.
I discovered the secret shortly after having a door slammed in my face at the conclusion of a personal training sales meeting that suddenly took a turn for the worse.
It was a dark time in my life. I felt like a black cloud was hanging over my head. My confidence plummeted as I ate more and more junk food only to get fatter and fatter.
However, it was this embarrassing moment that would help me to discover a cutting edge core activating technique, that would ultimately help reinvigorate my life, and revolutionize the AB training game for Men over 30! 
I’ll tell you the full story of how I went from an overweight and washed up ex-athlete, to the “Fitness Guru” with this NEW “3-Sec” Ab shredding secret for MEN in a few moments…
But first let me ask you some very important questions:
Critical Questions You NEED To Answer.
Do yourself a favor, and take the time to review and answer the following as honestly as possible.
  • Do you miss the days when you were in great physical shape, athletic and beaming with confidence?
  • Are you sick and tired of being over 30, looking and feeling like a dude that’s over 50?
  • Do you hate looking down to see fat spill over your pants like jelly out of a donut?
  • Do you still want your wife or other women to think and say “you’re the hottest guy ever”?
  • Are you fed up with spending your days filled with anxiety because you may die sooner than later from being disgustingly overweight?
Funny thing happens when you get over 30.

Life gets busy, stress builds up, and fitness seems to go on the back burner.
Suddenly you turn around and realize you just don’t have the same body, energy or confidence you used to.
Mentally you feel 20 years younger, but physically you feel 20 years older!
In reality, if you had the opportunity to toss your shirt to the side this summer you would do it in a heartbeat!
So the question then becomes…
How can we turn the hands of time back in your favor?
How do we yank you out of the “Dad-Bod” where everyday you feel like a shell of your former self?

Always avoiding playing with your kids because you’re scared you’re gonna “blow your back out” is just not a way to live life.
You beat yourself up constantly because you know what you want, but you always make excuses, and find reasons to talk yourself out of it.
Plus you’re sick and tired of being overweight, out of shape and asking yourself “what the f#@k happened to me”.
You remember what it was like in your high school/college days, being in shape and walking around with confidence.
And, if you’re anything like me, you’re just not willing to let your age define your ability to look good, feel good, and live a long and vigorous life.
The reality is you want people to look and say, “Wow, that guy takes good care of himself”.
“That guy still get’s after it!”
You’re just not willing to give that feeling up yet.
Trust me I completely understand where you’re at because I feel those things everyday!  
3 Distinct Differences 
In Men From Your 20’s to Now…
  • Hormones Decline 
  • Joints, Tendons And Bones Get Beat Up!  
  • Time
Now I know what you’re probably thinking… the chips are stacked against you…

And you probably spend a lot of time blaming yourself for looking and feeling like crap all the time.
Which ultimately leads to feeling like crap even more.
I want you to know it’s not your fault.
After all you really haven’t been educated on the optimal way to handle your male genetics and flip the switch to help you torch belly fat and get shredded.
Until Now…

Until Now…
Today you’re going to discover how my MASS Formula for Men is going to be the pivotal turning point in your adult life, helping you knife through belly fat to create the lean body that you remember from your “spring-break” days!
  • Skyrocket Metabolism For Hours After Your Workout 
  • No Gym Or Equipment Necessary 
  • Workouts For Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced
  • Bolster Your Low Back 
  • Throw Away The Shirt This Summer 
“I’m Not Only The Hair Club President, I’m Also A Client!” 
I’m sure by now you’re rather intrigued by my MASS Formula for helping men increase metabolism, bolster confidence and produce Razor Sharp ABS.
You’re probably wondering, “Who the heck is this guy?”

In just a few moments I will show you a 3-sec core firing technique that will demonstrate how completely “wrong” traditional AB training is.
But first let me introduce myself.
My name is Frank Daniels.
I’m the guy that TV news shows bring in to teach them how to burn fat and build a lean and shredded body.
I’m also the guy that not too long ago went from this……

….to this!
For the last 10 years I’ve been a personal trainer and gym owner working with hundreds of men just like you.
But not too long ago, I was in the exact same spot that you are now. I was stressed out, overwhelmed and ignoring my health.
And for a guy who really had it together back in my “playing days” the picture above was a far cry from that.
Which brings me back to my story….

“Why would I take advice from you?” a potential client defiantly said to me in a personal training meeting that was quickly going downhill.
“You’re FAT and out of Shape!”
“Why would I turn my hard earned money over to a trainer who is more overweight than I am?”
At that moment I struggled for the rebuttal words to try and convince this guy I was a good option.
Truth is I had slowly slipped into a funk and ended up, well….for lack of better terms…a sloppy mess.
As I sat desperately looking for the words to back this guy off his stance, he got up and walked out of my office, told me he was choosing another rival gym, and slammed the door behind him.
It felt like he was slamming the door to my soul.
Have you ever felt so completely unconfident, out of shape and helpless that you just couldn’t stand the site of yourself anymore?
Well this was exactly where I was at.
And, it was kind of sad, because it just wasn’t me.
It wasn’t who I was supposed to be.
Maybe I should fill you in on some of the back-story, on how things spiraled out of control.
In high school and on spring break we went away and we expected to look good.. More and more men today still want that regardless of age! 
So the big question is….

How did I become this overweight personal trainer, who could not get his clients to follow his advice and had business virtually walking out the door…to creating a cutting edge abdominal training system for men?
The truth is I just became overwhelmed with the everyday grind. Striking a work/life balance seemed impossible. I skipped workouts and indulged in more and more “crap” meals to make myself feel better.
My joints started to hurt. The “old knee injuries” seemed to flare up worse and my low back was starting to stiffen.

My energy and motivation dwindled and it affected my relationship. My girlfriend would make comments that I needed to “start taking better care of myself”.
And I felt she took it personal when I just “wasn’t in the mood” to attend to her like I did before.
Suddenly I turned around and realized I had gained over 25 pounds from just a few months before.
And worst of all most of it was in my gut, hanging around my belly and in the place I hate it the most, my love handles!

I had become sick to my stomach realizing that I was wasting away physically, and losing my grip on my business.

I kept telling myself “this is just the way it is”.
Testosterone starts to dwindle and metabolism will decline as you age. It’s normal to become sluggish, lose confidence and feel beat up.
That’s what happens when you get older…right?
That’s when I went searching for answers….
Thank goodness I realized I was 100% wrong!
  • Too Few Training Sessions 
  • Are You A Cardio Queen? 
  • Three-Dimensions Of Training 
  • The Calorie Conundrum  
  • Stress 
“3-Second” AB Firing Trick = Total Core Activation
I’m going to show you a “3 Second Trick” that will demonstrate to you your hidden AB muscle that you can use to finally build your 6-pack.

Well it’s not really a trick at all.
It’s a very natural thing that you do often. I am going to use it to help you turn your hidden 6-pack muscle on and fire your core.
You can use this trick to fire your core the right way and unlock your natural ability to shed body fat and uncover your abdominal anatomy.
What I want you to do is take a big huge deep breath.
And once you get all the air in…
I want you to cough.
That’s right I want you to cough hard!

And when you did that did you notice what happened to your abs?
Did you feel what happened to all the muscles around your waist?
If you didn’t, go ahead and give another try.
This time take a moment to notice exactly what happens to your abs and all the muscles around your waist.
Go ahead give it one more try.
Deep breath followed by 3 big hard coughs!!!
Did you feel that?
Did you feel how every muscle from your 6-pack, down the sides, and even to your low back all fired at one time?

This muscle is called your “Transverse Abdominis”. And when activated correctly wraps around your waist like a weight belt.

Have you ever experienced a coughing frenzy, or been in such a laughing hysteria that you woke up the next day and your abs were killing you?
Again this is the core at work in its most optimal state.
And this is a why traditional AB training does not work.
Because it does not take advantage of the “shrink-wrap” that pulls the entire AB wall in.

What you need is an exact sequence of exercises that activate the entire core region at once.
When you do this you will ignite your metabolic furnace, and cause your body to become a fat burning machine, uncovering the natural ab anatomy that is lying dormant under the fat layers.

After discovering the roots of why men struggle to get lean after 30 I had to test these techniques out for myself.

What I realized was after a few short days my belly was starting to get smaller. It felt like someone was taking shrink-wrap and pulling in my stomach.
Next thing I knew I had turned around and lost 25 pounds!
I got visibly leaner in just a few short weeks while creating some prominent, well-defined ABS, that I was more than proud to sport around town.

My belly no longer stuck out past my belt and my love handles seemed to just melt away. I no longer had to suck in my gut because I was embarrassed about my appearance.
My energy levels and libido started to kick up again.
Plus my nagging low back and knee pain started to diminish.
The “3-Sec” Core Activating Technique was working!
I then tested this out on some of my clients. I wanted to see if they would get the benefits as well.
The men who I gave this formula to experienced rapid belly fat reductions and an elevated confidence that just couldn’t be measured on a scale.
They experienced increased energy and stamina and we received reports of happier wives and girlfriends, all excited about the return of their “super-star man”.
These men improved back health and became even more active taking up recreational sports and doing things they “hadn’t done in years” physically.
Within a few short days their wives and friends started recognizing the results and began making comments on their weight loss. Asking questions like “What gym are you going to?” and, “You must be starving yourself right now.”

(In reality they were eating more!)
These guys started showing up to work with that newfound confidence claiming that “it was really paying off there”.
And best of all with this brand new energy a lot of sons and daughters were happy to be throwing the ball around with their daddy again.
Once I discovered the amazing benefits myself and other guys were getting from these ab training techniques I created what is now known as the…
“Razor Sharp ABS” System!  
A revolutionary AB Training System designed to help men over the age of 30 to shed belly fat and develop a six pack!
The first step in the Razor Sharp ABS program is to build core stability. We do this by balancing the landmark structures attached to the core like the pelvis, hips, shoulders and spine. Only by centering these joints in their proper position can your abdominal muscles operate at their optimal threshold. Think of this phase as cementing the foundation for a skyscraper. You are setting the stage for massive ab development in the next 2 phases.
Phase 2- Integration
The 2nd step in the Razor Sharp ABS Program is to integrate the entire AB wall into one cohesive unit. We do this by using a specific sequence of exercises that activate the fascial sling network existing at the center of your body. Doing this forces your entire abdominal wall to draw in like shrink wrap has been placed around your belly. Once all the muscles of your core are operating in complete harmony they will be in tune like a precision orchestra. Phase 3 then takes it to the next level…
Phase 3 – Ignite
Phase 1 and 2 set the foundation for what will happen in the 3rd phase. By now you will have developed an unbreakable core foundation, optimizing joint stability and skyrocketing performance capabilities. Once your sling system is integrated and working on all cylinders you will automatically jump-start the Ignite phase. My athletic workouts will flip your male genetics on, maximize metabolic afterburn, cause the fat to drip right off of you, and mold your abs like the stone of Mt. Rushmore!
In just 4 workouts / week you can slim your waist, chisel up your shoulders and get the girls to “swipe right” 
The Razor Sharp ABS program is a 4-week program!  
You will reap the benefits instantly, today, from the exclusive information that has taken me years to accumulate.

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to. Simply fast track your way to a sculpted midsection in just a few short weeks.
So here is what I’m doing for you…
I’m giving you access to my entire Razor Sharp Abs System Today for a super discounted price, available today only!
By becoming the owner of the Razor Sharp Abs program you are just a few short weeks away from finally being able to pull your shirt off with full confidence without having to hide your embarrassing beer belly anymore.
My program includes 3 separate routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.
This means that any man at any level of fitness can get his butt on the floor and start taking action!
So technically you are really getting three ===>>> 28 Day Programs instead of one.
The razor sharp abs system is so simple and easy to use.
You will not require a gym membership or any equipment.
The workouts can be done in 12 min or less.
You see you won’t have to train for hours, spend money on expensive gym memberships or hire a costly personal trainer.
For example hiring me to train you at my gym, Max Impact Training, would cost over $6000.00 a year! You won’t pay anywhere near that for my all NEW Razor Sharp Abs Program.

All you have to do is press play and do the workouts in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you choose.
Once your 12 minute workout is done, you can get right back to your family, work or anything else that might require your time and focus.

In just 4 training workouts a week you can start to shrink your waistline and define your stomach in less than 60 total min of workout time.
  • Burn belly fat fast so that you can be comfortable taking your shirt off anytime, anyplace with full confidence!  
  • Shed those extra pounds around your belly so that you can stop worrying about getting sick and dying young!
  • Reduce deadly cortisol hormones in your fat cells so that you can release your free testosterone, increase stamina and help reinvigorate your sex life!  
  • Your new Alpha-Body will increase confidence and improve your mindset, boost your outlook so that you can attack every day like a champ!  
  • Build a rock solid core so that you can experience peak performance and reduce those nagging injuries that have been keeping you on the sideline!
  • You will be falling out of your pants, buying new clothes and everybody will notice how sharp you look in your suit!  
You might be married but you still want women to think, “Damn he looks good!” You’re not a dead man! Why not? 
What do I Get With The Razor Sharp Abs Program?
I’m glad you asked that question…

3 months of programming that comes with the Razor Sharp ABS system a $37 Value….
But that’s not all. You’ll also get…But that’s not all. You’ll also get…
Bonus #1-Lower AB Assault

($19 Value)
In bonus #1 you get the solution to your lower belly flab troubles with the “Lower Ab Assault” workouts. Finally you’ll be able to target and blast away that pot belly.

With this bonus you get 5 video workouts specifically targeting the lower abs so that you can develop that elusive region of the 6-pack that is trickiest to get.
This is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on these exclusive low ab exercises and pinpoint that pesky bulge that spills out over your belt buckle.

Carving out the bottom of your 6-pack becomes a cinch with these lower ab routines.
These workouts target and destroy that beer belly!
There’s more…
Bonus #2 – Oblique Assault 
($19 Value)
In the 2nd bonus you have an exclusive opportunity to grab the ultimate solution for melting away those pesky “love-handles”.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a 6-pack but struggling to get rid of the fat around your waist at the low back.
In this bonus you will get my top 5 “Oblique Targeting” workouts that help destroy the flab that flows over the back and sides of your pants.
Imagine what it will feel like when you finally achieve that Adonis look from using my Oblique Targeting Workouts.

If you’re like me, and deposit all your fat in that area, you are going to love your brand new tapered waist as you rid yourself of those dreaded love handles!
But that’s not all…
Bonus #3 – 7 Step Gut Buster Guide

($39 Value)
The Razor Sharp Abs Program is designed to maximize your genetic potential to slim your waist and carve your abdominals.

However the programs benefits are accelerated when combined with this 7-Step Nutrition Guide that will maximize hormones, reduce bloating and increase muscle sculpting potential.
This progressive Step-By-Step Nutrition approach allows you to eat what you love while providing you with the ultimate belly shrinking results.

It’s like providing oil to a rusted machine. Forcing the body to flush itself of unwanted toxins, pollutants and inflammation while enabling all systems on go.
Instantly unlock your body’s potential to increase fat burning hormones, skyrocket metabolism and reveal your washboard abs by following this 7-Step Gut Buster Program.
The Total Value of my Razor Sharp Abs Program along with all of the amazing bonuses is ($149). You won’t pay anywhere near that today.
I respect and appreciate the time you have taken to read this full report until the end. You deserve a head start on your peers who aren’t lucky enough to have discovered this report. That’s exactly why I am offering a discount on my amazing Razor Sharp Abs Program plus all of the bonuses.
If all this product did was melt inches from your waist to reveal your abs would it have been worth $149.00? 

If you were able to strengthen your core so that you could eliminate debilitating knee and back pain would it be worth $149.00?
If all this program did was reinvigorate your energy so that you can get your butt up off the couch and keep up with your kids, would paying the $149.00 seem worthwhile?
If you were able to vanish deadly visceral fat from your belly so that you can quit worrying about illness or early death would that add up to $149 in Value? 

If you were able to vanish deadly visceral fat from your belly so that you can quit worrying about illness or early death would that add up to $149 in Value?
I think we can agree that it would.

Now, I have fantastic news for you.
You are not going to pay ($149) today. 
In fact, you’re not even going to pay ($37). 
You can get all this…
The Razor Sharp Abs Program plus all of these incredible bonuses today for the 

super-discounted low cost of just $9.00
Razor Sharp Abs 6-Pack GUARANTEE! 
  • 60-Day Guarantee 
  • You get an entire 60 Days to test out the program. This means you can do the entire program 2x in a row before ever having to make a decision. In the unlikely event you are not happy, simply send me an email and I will provide your money back instantly. However, I’m more than confident you will be sending me your amazing transformation photos instead!
  • Any Guy Can Do These Workouts 
  • It does not matter where you are physically right now. Razor Sharp ABS is designed to meet you where you’re at and take you to the promise land! These sling sequences are designed to flip on your genetic power and tighten your core from the inside out.
  • Reignite Your Energy And Vitality 
  • This program is a surefire way to regain the confidence that’s been missing for so long. What will it feel like when you’re hopping out of bed in the morning ready to attack your day. Or how about when your lady can’t keep her hands off your new body and you have to hop back in!?!
  • Ultimate Time Saver PLUS 
  • Who has the time to workout for hours upon hours? Only our younger counterparts. With Razor Sharp ABS you’re guaranteed to save a ton of time for more important things like your family, career and life. All while activating your belly’s natural shrink-wrap in mere minutes per workout!
  • Quick And Lasting Results 
  • It will be a matter of days before your stomach begins to look visibly slimmer and your enthusiasm skyrockets. Just imagine what it will feel like after a few short weeks when you can rip off your shirt and feel a confidence that you forgot existed. Well today you will posses that transformation power.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 
  • My policy has always been and will always be this: If a customer is not satisfied with a service I provide I simply do not deserve their money. I’m so confident my cutting edge system is the key to unlocking your core defining potential, that at any moment of doubt you may have in the next 60 days you can come to me and get your money back. No questions asked. It’s that simple!
  • So test-drive Razor Sharp Abs for the next 60 Days before you have to make a decision.
  • I’m very confident you will be sending me your before/after photos along with your story of increased confidence, elevated energy levels, chiseled abs, and a libido you thought was gone forever.
  • And in reality if you lost 1 pound a week for the next 60 days you would have lost 9-10 pounds of unwanted body fat.
  • All of this in addition to the transformation of fat to lean muscle tissue!
  • You’ll be looking and feeling like a new man!
  • But…
  • I must give you a quick heads up….
  • Razor Sharp Abs will only be offered at this introductory price for a limited amount of time!
Limited TIME Offer 
  • The truth is, I slashed the cost to introduce the world to the Razor Sharp Abs System.
  • I’m that excited about this program that I wanted to provide the first few hundred copies at an amazing discount to any guy who wants to take action and jump on the initial fire sale.
  • But this product will be going back up to it’s regular cost of $37.00 as soon as the first few hundred men get their hands on it.
  • I am sure you realize that an appetizer and beer at the bar will cost you more than the $9.00 it costs to get this program.
  • And how far has that gotten you?
  • Overweight, unhealthy and miserable with the sight of yourself.
  • Exactly how you ended up watching this video in the first place!
  • I truly believe we should all have a good time and enjoy ourselves. So beer and some “pure-junky-goodness” is an absolute requirement of survival on any sustainable diet.
  • But really?
  • What’s a better investment of your $9.00?
  • Now I know that Razor Sharp ABS at this steep discount is going to be a hot item that will virtually be flying off the shelf.
  • I know I cannot give away this exclusive information to everybody and their grandfather at this ridiculously low cost.
  • My best advice is to ACT FAST, ACT NOW and take advantage of this special low cost before the buying frenzy forces me to have to put this back up to regular price.
  • And as you already know the first few hundred action takers will get the FREE Bonuses, too!
It’s Time You Finally Did Something For You…
Listen I gotta keep it Frank with you…

The path you’re currently traveling down is destined to slam you face first into a brick wall.
You Don’t Want To Wake Up One Day And Realize That It’s Is Too Late And Your Best Days Are Behind You 
  • The attraction from your “significant other” will dwindle along with your drive and ambition 
  • You will continue to feel over-the-hill allowing younger more vibrant guys to take your spot in this world
  • Getting out of bed and looking in the mirror will be a source of disappointment daily as the negative self-talk plagues you  
  • Your risk for disease will increase making every trip to the doctor a rollercoaster of anxiety 
  • Your knees, shoulders and back will only become stiffer while having to explain to your kids why daddy is “too tired to play”…
The above scenario is the last thing anybody wants for you. And it’s exactly why I created Razor Sharp Abs. I wanted to help frustrated men, just like you, obtain a leaner and healthier body, while leading a confident life.

I’m sure there are a lot of people in your circle who would support you in this change.
People who want you to improve your physique and increase your confidence so that you can wake up everyday and be the man they know you can be.
When you take action TODAY and follow these Gut-Busting workouts you will flip the switch on your natural male genetics to melt your belly, surge your energy and start feeling amazing in just a few short days. 

We’ve covered the cost of you staying in the same place you are right now.
And that’s not a pretty picture!
The big question is: if you were able to experience all the benefits of having Razor Sharp ABS would $9.00 be worth it to you?
The answer is YES!
So become one of the first few hundred men to get your hands on the Razor Sharp ABS System, along with the killer bonuses for ONLY $9.00.
Simply click the “ADD To Cart” Button Below.
When you do that you will be taken to a secure order form where u will enter your name/information and credit card. With just a few short clicks you will be unwrapping your brand new Razor Sharp ABS Program!

I know it’s hard to imagine what you’re going to look and feel like in a few short weeks but trust me you will become a 100% different man!

When you do that you will be taken to a secure order form where u will enter your name/information and credit card. With just a few short clicks you will be unwrapping your brand new Razor Sharp ABS Program!

I know it’s hard to imagine what you’re going to look and feel like in a few short weeks but trust me you will become a 100% different man!
Classified Information 
Be aware that you will not be able to find information like this anywhere else in the world.

This is classified information that I’ve collected, tested and re-tested with myself and hundreds of guys just like you. This info has been amassed from years of experience and confidential talks with the world’s foremost experts in the field.
There is NO program on the internet, or anywhere else, that exists like this.
The information in this program would take you years and many thousands of dollars to accumulate. It’s just not worth the effort to bypass the cutting edge training techniques that I am presenting to you today.
I created this system specifically for MEN like YOU because I know millions of guys around the world are feeling frustrated and stuck. They are sick and tired of being disgustingly out of shape and lacking the energy and confidence they need for life
I couldn’t wait to get this program out to the masses so those same men could take advantage of the ab shredding potential packaged in this one-of-a-kind program.
Leaving this page and trying to find another program like it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
You’ve got so much more to live for these days! You want to enjoy this life and have it last as long as it can! 
Imagine how different your life is going to be in a few short weeks when you look in the mirror excited about the slimmer more confident you?

Your shoulders, arms and ABS more defined giving you that Adonis form that looks sharp in a suit!
Your energy levels and attitude soaring while you attack your days with laser sharp focus.
When you start showing up to work and all your co-workers are marveling asking you if you’ve been “starving yourself”, when in reality you’ve been eating more!
What is it going to feel like when your dream lady starts giving you that look of desire that you’ve been missing for so long.
Imagine your core, rock solid, turning your body into a fortress of performance so that you can be as active as you want without a single thought.

With the Razor Sharp ABS System you have this opportunity today!
Finally, you can capitalize on the life you’ve been dreaming of, filled with energy and confidence, just by taking control TODAY.

If you’re still on the fence I should issue a WARNING HERE… 
These AB Training Techniques are not just for every guy!

And to be Frank (forgive the pun) being lean is not for the faint of heart, or for guys who have a “country club” mentality and think everything should be handed to them.
It just doesn’t work like that.

Losing belly fat and uncovering your abs is going to require that you put in some work!
I can provide the formula but I can’t force you to do the workouts.
So if you’re under the impression that you’re being served ABS on a platter then this is probably not for you.
Whether or not you decide to spend the laughable $9.00 is really not relevant to me.
Trust me, $9.00 is not going to make or break my bank account.
At the end of the day I will still take care of my body and health, and always enjoy the benefits that come along with that.
But this message is not about me. It’s about helping guys like you experience what myself and so many of my clients have experienced.
This really is all about you, and the man you desperately need, and deserve, to become.
It’s about you defeating the demons in YOU.
Making a change can only happen when you get up off your butt and take action.
Only then can you develop into the man you want to see looking back at you in the mirror.
The possibilities are endless when you finally decide to stop thinking and start doing.
Your new body and life are waiting for you right around the corner, so hit that ADD to cart button!

As soon as you do that you’ll be able to get started right away on the road to your brand new chiseled abs.
Plus…your newfound sleek waistline has anti-aging values that erase years from your face.
Today you are going to gain instant access to the entire Razor Sharp Abs System.

These video demos walk you through every exercise in the program.
Including 3 separate routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees. Any guy, at any fitness level, at any age can jump in and start the program TODAY.
And don’t forget about the “target” workouts that are included for becoming one of the first men to purchase the Razor Sharp ABS program.

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Your Special Price Today - $9.00 
I’ve Probably Already Answered The Questions In Your Head Below, But I Wanted to Be Sure: 
What Is This Program And How Does It Work So Well For Men?
The Razor Sharp Abs Program is designed to activate your core “sling-system”, revving your metabolic engine. When you flip the switch on your natural male genetics you will torch belly fat to reveal your 6-pack anatomy. All this while continuing to eat your favorite foods and avoid long boring workout routines.

It is possible that these routines work for women as well. But they have been specifically formatted and tested on men. What we have discovered is that this program is the perfect formula to melt stomach fat, revitalize male hormones, and spearhead a resurgence of alpha male characteristics.
Will The Program Work For Women? 
I wouldn’t want to make any promises I could not keep. Although males and females have similar muscular systems I cannot confirm that this program would work for women. The MASS Formula for Men has been specifically designed, formulated and tested for the male anatomy. Due to hormonal differences it is more than likely this program would prove ineffective for use by women.
What Type Of Equipment Do I Need?
That’s simple! None! One of the most brilliant things about this program is the fact that it can done with your own body weight. So absolutely zero equipment is required. You will not require a gym membership. You can do these belly shrinking workouts in the comfort of your own home while watching TV.
Your Special Price Today - $9.00

Will This Program Work If I Have Joint Pain 
Absolutely! This program is perfect for someone who is suffering from joint pain. The sling sequences are systematically designed to progress you step-by-step from the most basic to the most advanced ab shredding exercises.

The program has 3 levels…Beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can bullet proof your back while progressively enhancing your ability to resist wear and tear.
Will It Work For Somebody My Age 
This product is specifically designed for men over 30 who feel their metabolism and energy levels are declining. Remember, belly fat and deadly cortisol steal your youth and vitality. When you start doing these core patterns it’s like taking a vacuum to your beer gut. Sucking out the flab while unlocking your ability to produce free testosterone and start feeling younger. You will be amazed at your brand new physique and newfound energy.
How Long Will It Take To See Results 
You will start to see results within the first couple of days. You will begin to feel that your stomach is tighter and be able to look in the mirror and see a difference. The workouts build on themselves. As you progress through the 4 week cycle you will be excited at the strength you develop and the progress you make
What If I Am Already Lean  
The system works for lean guys too! The advanced version of this program is specifically designed to bust you through your plateaus.

The sling sequences reboot your ability to use stored fat as fuel and reignite the final phase of weight loss. You will develop the most ripped mid-section you have ever had. Women and Men alike will be in awe of your physique when you pull your shirt off.
Your Special Price Today - $9.00 

Will I Be Billed Again After Today?
You will be billed TODAY and TODAY ONLY. This is a 100% ONLINE Product that you will be allowed to download immediately upon purchase.

When you click the BUY NOW button you will be taken to a secure order form to input your information. When your purchase is complete you will never again be billed. Don’t forget you are backed by a 100% Guarantee.
What If The Program Doesn’t Work For Me?
In the unlikely event that the program does not work feel free to contact me for an immediate refund. You will receive 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

However… I have 100% confidence that the Razor Sharp ABS program and it’s incredible contents will help you experience the amazing power of your genetic potential to create a lean and rock hard midsection.
How Long Will I Have To Wait To Start The Program? 
As soon as you enter your information and click the “Pay Now” option on the secure server you will have instant access to the razor sharp abs system. You can be building washboard abs in just a few moments with an easy click of a button. You will instantly receive video workouts that can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or computer in just a few seconds.
How Long Will This Program Be The Low Cost Of $9.00?  
Unfortunately this sale cannot last forever. Navigating away from this page today will almost guarantee you having to pay FULL PRICE for this system! Why pay more than 3x the cost when you can get this incredible discounted rate right now. Save money and reclaim your LIFE by hitting the Buy NOW Button TODAY!
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