Priscilla Bead Work Book – Victorian Beaded Purses, Jewelry, & More!

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“Now Anyone . . . Can Make Beautiful Victorian Beaded Purses,
Jewelry & Accessories”

Be creative, be inspired, be unique, be delighted
by Priscilla Bead Work Book!

Priscilla Bead Book ebook cover
From: Mary Schlueter

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in learning every-
thing there is to know about how to make your own Victorian Beaded purses, jewelry, and accessories, then you’ll want to make sure you read this…


Recently, I purchased (at great expense) an old, ratty looking vintage book that showed how to make the most amazing beaded items. I was so excited and thrilled to finally have my own copy. I know there would others who would love to get their own copy too but, up until now, were unable to because of its rarity and cost. The book is called

Priscilla Bead Work Book.

It’s amazing because it covers nearly every bit of information you ever wanted to know about how to make absolutely amazing Victorian beaded purses, necklaces, earrings, pins, plus more . . .

Just imagine being able to make your own Victorian beaded items without spending a fortune on expensive books. And you could do this from the comfort of your own home – whenever you had time – wouldn’t that be great?

That’s what this amazing eBook on Victorian bead work can help you do.


Because every bit of this eBook is packed with step-by-step instructions on how to make each project. It took over 6 months to restore pictures, research and restore missing text, and compile it into this amazing new eBook.

Originally printed in 1912, it is a collection of the best loved bead work of prior years.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Priscilla Bead Work eBook:

WARNING: Sew beads this way and your project is doomed to be a failure

But that’s not all…Because that’s just a small tiny fraction of the amount of information you’ll discover in this jam packed eBook that you can download within 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a sneak peak:


If you like what you have seen and read so far,
then here’s what to do . . .

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Priscilla bead book ebook cover

Honestly…What’s All This Worth?

Let’s be honest here . . .  You can have someone go out and spend countless hours doing research for you, gathering information, interviewing the professionals, and wouldn’t even get close to the amount of information that’s jam packed in this eBook…

And that alone would cost you an arm and a leg…

Or try and find your own vintage copy that wasn’t falling apart and missing pages and text…

And that, too, would cost big bucks…

Because you see . . . This isn’t some scanned, small, hard to read, thrown together quickly eBook! A Table of Contents, A List of Illustrations have been added to make navigation easy, pictures made as clear as possible and text retypeset for easier reading.

In fact – This eBook edition Is So Exclusive That You Can Only Get It Online Through This Web Site

That’s why “Priscilla Bead Work Book” is truly a bargain at $12.95.

Yes, you read right . . .

That’s just a fraction of what it’s really worth and the cost to put this eBook together (Countless hours retypesetting and cleaning up pictures, doing research, and double checking to make sure that none of the information from the original 1912 edition was missing or incorrectly identified.).

Why am I making this so affordable? Simple, because you see…Since it’s a digital eBook my costs to deliver it to you are small compared to if I had to actually print it out (which would raise the costs to $24.95).

This is an eBook (Electronic Book) that you can download to your computer within minutes (Usually less than 5 minutes).

But listen…

Even you have to think that this is a bargain of a life time…And honestly, I will have to raise the price from $12.95 to at least $17.95 once a few more overly satisfied customers email me with their testimonials (feedback).

Yes … I will raise the price to $17.95, and honestly I have to – Because the demand is growing so fast.

So if you want to order now, you can save yourself some money.

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Priscilla Bead Work Book is pennies on the dollar considering what secrets you’ll discover in this amazing eBook.

Now I don’t want you to worry … Because if for any reason you’re not 100% happy and in love with this eBook, I give you a 100% RISK-FREE money back guarantee to protect your investment.

Just try everything at my risk!

60 day guarantee

You can see that this is as good as it gets…

Here’s the deal:

For just $12.95 (A fraction of what the original vintage book cost) - You’ll get more information than you can handle and then some – But also keep in mind that this is the only place you can get your hands on this product right now (You can instantly download it).


Mary Schlueter

P.S. – Remember, you’re getting the new revised edition of Priscilla Bead Work Book – a $17.95 value that you’ll get for just  $12.95

This Internet Introductory low price of only $12.95 is a part of a market test I’m conducting. Once I’ve completed my market test, I know I’ll be raising the price. So if you’re at all interested, you should buy right now. 

P.P.S. – Also remember that you’re covered by my 60 Days, 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

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