Price Action Membership Course

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Trading and investing can be SIMPLE, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s easy. I know that there are many websites and infomercials that try to tell you differently. They make you think that you just have to read a few pages or attend an online class, and then, magically, you’ll become a successful trader/investor.

Don’t be fooled.

Like in any other profession, you need a solid education before you get started. After all, the goal is to make more money than a lawyer or a doctor, but many aspiring traders/investors expect to learn everything they need to know from an eBook that they might get somewhere on the Internet, most likely for free. And how could a small amount of free information teach you to make more money than people who have gone to school for years and years?

Right, the answer is: – IT CAN’T

Some aspiring traders think they don’t have to learn a single thing. They believe that they can buy a “magic system” or “XXX software” that will place their trades for them and make them rich while they sleep. Or they rely on the advice of some “guru” for their trading decisions, blindly following his recommendations without knowing anything about the markets.

I’m glad you’re different.

Trading and investing are different, but the rules for both are the same. The same principals and guidelines apply to both activities, if we learn how to effectively trade, investing comes easy. Whatever area of the market and how we use our money learning to trade compliments investing.

Well, if you are serious about learning to trade, then make sure to understanding this.

In order to achieve Trading Success there are three main pillars that you need to conquer in order to achieve consistent profitability. These pillars are the Market, the Method and the Mind. In case you don’t know what that means, a simple analogy to represent them would be a map, a car and the driver:


Learning how to navigate in the market is like learning how to navigate the “Road Map”, some use the atlas and some use road signs. Neither is right nor wrong because those who gets to the destination is the winner. Once you’re capable of navigating, you’ll be able to make an educated guess of where price will go next.


Once you understand the map and you’re capable of it, you then pick a “Car” to bring you to places. The car is just a vehicle or system that will follow your command and, like any ordinary car, it has unique specifications. When you start to trade, it does not matter what car you drive, just learn to drive one that moves your bank account to profit.

Once you are consistently profitable, you can decide to change the specification of the car.


The “Driver” is and will be the most crucial part of your trading journey. In case you don’t realise, I’m referring to YOU, the trader. While you can choose any car you want to drive, if you cannot control even a basic car, then you’re better off not having one because the driver needs to be trained first.