Premier Tipper

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To All Fellow Punters…

Let me introduce myself, I’m Rob…

Sadly most punters load their accounts with £50 for a
laugh and lose every penny before they’ve got going.

Or pool it with mates to make enough for the odd pint,
but never manage to create real income from it.

I’ve lucky enough to be one of the minority, quietly
cashing in from winners all season long.

And now I’m giving a select few of you the
opportunity to pile up the profits with me!



The following bets are from tips I gave towards the tail end of last season in my friends Betfair account.
He was one of 10 beta testers who received picks for the second half of last seasonand look at his results!

That’s 5 winners from 6 tips in just one weekend banking £745.00


1 If you backed every single selection to small £10 stakes you’d have yourself £220.90!
1 If you would have put a £25 down on every selection you’d have banked £552.25!
1 If you’d have bet to £50 level stakes for each selection you’d have raked in
£1,104.50 in just 4 matchdays! That’s OVER A GRAND in tax free money!


My wife and I have put aside almost £185k in savings and we’re onto our 3rd home before our 40’s!

My personal Premier League tips have already been proven to bank £31k+ in just 1 season… FACT!

1 Range of odds from 1.3 to 4.2 For Balanced Bets
1 Match Breakdowns In Every Email And In-Depth Punting Advice. PLUS Bonus Betting Hacks!

Tips that have can help you make profit…
Weekend after Weekend with breakdowns to back it up! (betting to level stakes).

Aswell as 24/7 Personal Support from myself… This is crucial so you can feel well informed and supported.

I’ve even helped a few of my mates and beta testers try and come up ith their own systems to pick winners.
(they’ve still got a long way to go to see my level of success but theyr’re NOT losing money!)

To make sure the service is smooth I’ve been providing these selections to a few private members…

Four mates and six punters I met through forums agreed to chip in a minimum of £500 into their own starting bank.

Just look at how buzzing they are with the profits

And there was obviously a few emails for the beta testers who I wasn’t personal friends with…

Their results just go to show, as it makes money for me it will make money for you… day in day out.
Plus all the hard work has already been done for you. All you you’re going to do is sign up and I’ll do the rest.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee you’ll be able to secure a license in the coming days as they become limited.

Sorry To Those Who Miss Out… & CONGRATULATIONS To Those Lucky Enough To Get A In Time! License

Be Warned – Premier Tipper™ will NOT be available forever.

To those wise enough to join without hesitation, welcome on board and get ready to make £886+ profit per month!

See you on the inside,

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Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!