Practical Tortoise Care

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Don’t even think of owning a tortoise without reading this book!

Warning: Are you accidentally causing pain, suffering, even death to your tortoise?

Attention tortoise owners, enthusiasts, fans, and general animal lovers! Did you know that many pet tortoises die way before they should? And that many others spend their lives ill, sad, and costing a fortune in vet fees? All completely unnecessarily?

Here’s why…
It’s not because of particular disease…
It’s not down to cruel owners…
It’s not even down to other animals…
The main reason…
…is WRONG information and ILL-INFORMED opinions.

Let me explain.

People get a tortoise, they go online to find out more about tortoise husbandry, like most of us would normally do any time we wanted to find out something new…

…and then?

More often than not they read the WRONG advice, do the WRONG thing, and soon the tortoise SUFFERS, often dying prematurely.

You know what’s the second-most saddest part of it all? The owner doesn’t know it’s their fault!

Of course, you don’t want to be one of those owners, because you’re reading a website called “How to care for a tortoise”.

So you want to know how to give your tortoise a LONG, HAPPY AND FULFILLING LIFE

You want to be able to spot warning signs when your tortoise gets ill – and maybe SAVE THE LIFE OF YOUR TORTOISE

You want to provide a perfect habitat and know what food is BEST FOR YOUR TORTOISE

You want to be able to recognise if they’re UNHAPPY OR SLIPPING INTO DEPRESSION

What do you do? Go online? The amount of wrong information and badly informed opinions out there is KILLING tortoises.

Buy a book? The information is often OVERPRICED and OUT-OF-DATE.

You may be reading and thinking “Why so many capital letters, why so SHOUTY?”… it’s just because I see tortoises suffer needlessly, for the same reasons over and over again… a LETHAL COCKTAIL of amateur information and overpriced advice.

That’s what has driven me to create a brand-new ebook for tortoise owners, fans, enthusiasts, experts, animal-lovers – simply anyone who cares and wants to know more about these amazing creatures and give them the long, happy, fulfilling life they deserve…

About me

For many years I’ve provided advice to thousands of tortoise enthusiasts through my “How to care for a tortoise” blog, where I share my many years’ knowledge, experience and insight of all things tortoise-related.

During the creation of Practical Tortoise Care, I talked to many veterinarians and successful tortoise-keepers, and I’ve compiled a list of the MOST COMMON KILLERS of pet tortoises:

Even if you have the best intentions in the world, by following the advice of many pet store owners, food manufacturers and other sources of bad information, you can wind up with a tortoise dead at a young age, or living in SILENT AGONY.

The good news? This is all EASILY AVOIDABLE. Once you know what not to do, you can have the peace of mind that your tortoise will be healthy and content.


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