Power Primer 2.0

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Now, I’ve unlocked the secrets to powering up your training for awesome results in my new program.

Sure, I was strong, but I was in constant pain, as if my body was crumpling in on itself. I could hardly jump rope without tripping over my feet.

Along the way, I became a coach. I even coached college athletes. That’s when it got really embarrassing.

I knew it was time to change when I tripped over my feet at a seminar. I was surrounded by 40 colleagues — all strength coaches, personal trainers, and therapists. We were doing basic skipping drills, like the ones we used to do in Elementary school.

Well, we were “supposed” to be doing skipping drills. But I was pathetic. I had worse coordination than a drunk college kid stumbling home after a long night.  Soon, I  tripped over my own feet.

The feeling was familiar — my skin flushed and the overwhelming feeling of embarrassment filled my body. I tried to laugh it off, but my jaw tightened and throat closed up.  The embarrassment of not being able to skip like all eight year olds can highlight a huge problem.

My athleticism was sprinting full-speed in the wrong direction. I might have been strong. But I was beat-up and unathletic.  

Angry, uncoordinated, and embarrassed …. I needed a change.

I read hundreds —  probably thousands — of research studies and  books. I analyzed old workouts from my sporting days. I found I wasn’t the only one who wanted to know how to become the total package.  My clients did, too.

Athletes, non-athletes, men, and women alike all wanted to be stronger, leaner, and more athletic.

Finally, I figured it out.

I read a study based around a principle called the Size Principle. I knew I was onto something big.  The size principle is based on the fact that we can increase muscle fiber recruitment (use more muscle when training) in two ways. We can lift heavier weights over time. Or we can lift lighter weights as fast as possible.

And you know what?  My clients and I had exactly the same problem. Lifting heavy was fine, but it was beating up joints. Further, we weren’t sprinting, jumping, throwing, and pushing lighter weights faster. We weren’t giving our bodies  any reason to be athletic.

I started to wonder: was training with maximum explosiveness the key to rekindling athleticism and building the ultimate body?

The Power Primer 2.0 revolutionizes your training to help you transform you body and get more athletic while enjoying your time in the gym.


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