Potty Train Your Puppy With Litter Box – House Training Dogs Indoors

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Potty Training Dogs With Dog Litter Box
Potty Training Puppies Indoors

Enjoy a full happy life with your dog WITHOUT the need
to rush home to take your pet outside … NO MORE dog
walks in bad weather with potty training dogs indoors!

Video On Potty Training Puppies
With Dog Litter Box

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

If you just got a new puppy or will be getting one soon — CONGRATULATIONS!  As a dog owner myself since 1979, I know that becoming a dog owner is one of the best things that you can ever do for your overall happiness and well being.  Of course, you are giving a dog a happy home too, which is great.

At the same time, I’m sure you are not looking forward to dog walks in bad weather (too cold, too hot, too wet, too snowy).  And what about those days when you might be delayed in getting home in time to take your dog outside?  Or what happens if you temporarily become too ill to take your dog out?  What if you live in an apartment and the elevator is out of order?

                                     Pepper & Max                                 Chester & Roxie
All Potty Trained Indoors

Well, I’ve been in all of these situations with the four Lhasa Apso dogs I’ve had now so I know the huge responsibility that can hang on your shoulder with pets.  Fortunately, I had a solution to effectively manage all of these issues.

If you are reading this, I’m assuming that you are thinking about the possibility using a system of potty training dogs indoors for your new pet.  The great news is that not only is potty training puppies with a dog litter box possible, but there are some HUGESIGNIFICANT BENEFITS that come along with it.  That’s why I’ve become a total advocate for this system and I would like to share with you these great benefits.


Potty Training Dogs Equals NO NEED To Stick To Fixed Schedules

Once your puppy is fully trained, you can come and go as you please.  There is no need to rush home at the end of the day to take your dog outside for elimination.  You don’t worry about coming home late if caught in rush hour traffic.  You can even sleep in during weekend mornings if you want to as your pet uses the dog litter box even while you are still asleep.   This means much more FREEDOM for both you AND your pet.  Your dog no longer stresses his or her bladder by having to hold everything in for long hours at a time – after all, would you want to have to do this?

image potty training dogs dog litter box puppies schedules

Potty Training Dogs Means NO MORE Bad Weather Walks

That’s right, no more walking your dog in heavy rain or snowstorms or intense heat.  Both you and your dog can stay inside where it’s comfortable and dry.  You go outside only when you want to for fun and exercise.  Your dog will really appreciate this!  My current two dogs certainly do!

image potty training dogs dog litter box puppies bad weather dog walks

Potty Training Dogs Allows STAYING INSIDE In Case Of Illness Or Injury

In unforeseen situations where mobility is affected for either you or your dog, they are best managed with a practical indoor dog litter box system.  The same thing with senior older dogs as mobility decreases with age.  It’s much better to potty train dogs indoors while young rather than wait until the later senior years.


Potty Training Dogs PERFECT For Apartment Buildings


It turns out that potty training puppies with a dog litter box is perfect for apartment dogs.  No more having to struggle with elevators or stairs two to three times per day in order to take your dog downstairs and then outside for elimination.  Again, go outside only for fun and exercise in nice weather!

I’ve been potty training dogs since 1979 so I have a LOT of experience in this area.  All of my Lhasa Apso dogs were trained indoors.  Most of these years were spent living in high-rise apartment condo buildings which poses unique challenges for dog owners (in photo below – arrow points to 12th floor condo I lived in with my first two dogs).

Now, I show you the exact same method for potty training your new puppy that I used for my own dogs.  Here’s what this method teaches you.

I cover all of the above so that you successfully potty train your pet to go to a dog litter box on its own at the desired indoor location whenever needed.  All of this valuable information is covered in my book called;

 “Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box –
Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs” 

image potty training dogs dog litter box puppies

2 Hour Video Version Now Also Available – Details Further Below

It is a very easy read with twelve chapters containing numerous photos to help you along the progression in a logical format.  Here is what two different dog owners had to say;

Less Stressed As Owner Training Two Dogs

“It’s been a week and I’m having wonderful results. Stewie and Lilly are going on the paper and I have only removed a small amount but they are getting the idea.  All the poop was on the papers.  I’m less stressed about running home at lunch to let them out. I was very skeptical and I’m just thrilled with the results. And the best thing about it was first Sunday in a year I wasn’t up at 6 am to let them out!! I slept until 8 am.”

image potty training dogs litter box dog puppies

“Thanks, so much!”

Geri Muniz, CA


On The Way To Become Happy Parents Of Happy Puppies!

“I am always amazed that people spend more time preparing for such things as their weekly meals than getting a dog. My husband and I didn’t want to make this mistake, as improper puppy training leads to issues into their adult years — leaving the dog and the owner miserable. We knew this could be avoided with the right tools and education. Therefore, when we picked out 2 Beagle puppies from a local breeder, we sought as much knowledge as possible before they arrived home. One of the books we chose to read was Clint Cora’s Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box.”

“The book was extremely well-written and informative.  I loved the suggestions on litter training and had never heard of the concept for a dog before! Very interesting!!  I could see how it would work well.  I was very hesitant about crate training, as it seemed cruel, but I learned from Clint’s book that the opposite is true.  As the book suggests, we bought a crate and a baby gate.  Our puppies will therefore take time to ‘earn’ their right to the rest of the house.  But, in the meantime, they’ll feel comfortable in their separate ‘dwellings’ while we train them.  Thus, eliminating the frustration and anger over them urinating and tearing up the house.  We now feel more comfortable knowing that we are able to set up boundaries and rules, which is what puppies need and crave.”

“Clint also gives excellent suggestions on how to ‘puppy proof’ your home before the little ones arrive and how to come up with a daily schedule for them.  All of this sets them up for success and will make them happier (and you happier as a result) in the long run!”

“Thanks, Clint, for helping us learn how to have happy puppies and happy parents!”

Kelly Bambrough, Gilbert, AZ


To help you and your new friend become successful with this potty training puppies progression using a dog litter box, I include two extremely valuable bonuses if you order the book now;

Bonus #1– Unlimited Email Support For Potty Training Puppies! image potty training dogs dog litter box potty training puppies

After ordering the book, I will record your name and email address on record as a registered reader.  You can email me anytime with regard to questions and issues on potty training until your dog is fully potty trained.

Keep in mind that many veterinarians and even professional dog trainers may not have the experience in potty training dogs with a dog litter box.  But I do have this experience as again, I’ve been training my dogs this way since 1979 and therefore can serve as your resource to ensure that you and your puppy are successful.

image potty training dogs dog litter box potty training puppies email

Lock In This Potty Training Puppies Email Support Opportunity!

Since this bonus will require my time, it may NOT be offered for new readers who order a few months from now. But if you order the book now, you will safely lock in your name for email support.

Bonus #2 – Supplementary Ebook

I will also include a supplementary ebook called ’10 Skills You Should Teach Your Puppy That Most Dog Owners Neglect’.  I identify ten very important skill areas beyond basic dog training that will make your life with your dog much less problem free and costly compared to that of other dog families out there.  For each skill area, I discuss the issues that may surface if not adequately addressed and how to train towards achieving that skill.  You get this supplementary ebook for FREE.

image potty training dogs dog litter box training puppies

Here are some more comments from dog owners just like yourself.

Litter Box Perfect For The Cold Winter

“I just got your program a few days ago. I started using your method of putting the puppy pad over the litter and using the command “go potty” last Saturday. Well here it is on Wednesday and we are no longer using ANY puppy pads! Yeah! Thank you so much!”

“I am so happy to have a dog that can be litter box trained. I live in the foothills of Denver and it’s way too cold in the winter to take a little Chihuahua outside in the snow.”

“I just wanted to introduce myself and Lucy and say thank you for making the videos and the ebook and sharing your method with the rest of us. I have passed your info onto the breeder so she can recommend your site.”

potty training dogs dog litter box puppies

Lisa Jaworski, CO

100% Litter Box Trained Puppy

“Your book and help with my Abby has been great.  People laugh when I tell them she is 100% litter box trained, I say check out Clint Cora’s book on the web and see for yourself.  I live in the Ocala National Forest in Florida and our weather here is so unpredicable that having Abby litter trained is a must.  I also feed the many wildlife critters in our yard — foxes, coon, coyotes and deer, then the flying squirrels and possoms at night — that it make it very unsafe for her to be outside doing her business at night or day.  My outside family of critters come very close to me when I feed them so if Abby was out there we feel they would think she was a tasty morsel that I brought out to them.  I love the litter box idea, its fantastic — Abby is now four months and a little pistol!”

potty training dogs dog litter box puppies

Linda Meloche, FL


My Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

I feel so confident about my book “Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs” in helping you and your puppy that I assume all the risk.

If you feel that you haven’t learned anything useful that puts you and your dog on the path towards a wonderful, happy life together during the next 60 days after you place your order, simply e-mail Clickbank (the online retailer that carries this book) and they will promptly refund 100% of your money back.

There is absolutely NO RISK to you. I am sure that you will get positive results if you faithfully follow the steps outlined in this book. 

image potty training dogs dog litter box potty training puppies
‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs’ is in an ebook (electronic digital) PDF file format so you download it immediatelyafter ordering.  The video version is online as well.  There is no need to wait for shipping.  Start learning today!

Uses Indoor Potty Box If Doesn’t Want To Go Outside

“We’ve received a lot of snow here in Massachusetts also this winter.  Misha is doing very well with her in-house potty. She barks at me when she needs to go out, but if it’s late at night, we see her run into the other room and use her potty box. Good Misha! Life is good!”

image potty training dogs dog litter box puppies

Joanne Carfagna, MA

Takes All Guesswork Out Of The Training Process For You

“I love the book! You take all of the guess work, out of the process. Loved the pics and I plan on using the exact same set-up with my new puppy, Savannah, a Tibetan Terrier. She is comfortable using the box.  This is one of the best things and it’s so simple.  I looked at all of the products on the market and I knew there had to be an easier way to accomplish the same thing.  I thank you for making this information available.”

Wylendia Eastman, Richmond, CA

Once you place your order online with our very reputable and secure third party retailer, Clickbank, you will be directed to the download page where you download the main ebook as well as the bonus ebook – check your browser for open webpages as the download webpage might come through behind the one on your monitor.  
There will be instructions on my email support as well. Purchase with total confidence and security by clicking one of the green order boxes below.

Deluxe Online Video Plus Ebook Package Also Available

If you prefer to learn by watching video, there is now a 2 hour video version which consists of 12 separate videos you can watch online as often as you want (you can also download each of the video files as well so you will always have them in your computer).  With this deluxe package, you also get the ebook as well as all the bonuses!

image potty training puppies dog litter box potty training dogs

The ebook itself is priced at about the same amount if you were to have lunch at McDonald’s or see a movie with popcorn and a drink.  It’s more than reasonable considering the high value of this potty training dogs system that benefits you and your dog for his or her entire life.