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“Instant Access To Over 100 Video Lessons, 6 Hours of One-On-OneCoaching With Amber’s Ultimate Pole Dancing Course… Dance Your Way To Health & Fitness From Home! “

Now ANYONE Can Learn To Pole Dance Easily From Home! Go From Beginner To Expert With Over 100 Step-By-Step Videos With Private Coaching That Beats All Other Pole Dancing Classes!

Date: Thursday, October 27.
From: The Desk of Amber Starr

Master Pole Instructor
& Professional Dancer

Imagine being able to keep fit and move your body with confidence like a seasoned pole dancer easily and in a shortest time WITHOUT paying for expensive lessons or getting self-conscious in live classes.

Now you can.. and you can do it from home, in weeks not years without wasting money, time and effort on traditional dancing schools.



A Little Background — And The BIG Problem…

amber pole dancing classesMy name is Amber Starr and I’ve been dancing professionally for almost 12 years. I have also taught over 2500 women, from beginners to advanced, as well as pole studio owners. I currently run a dance studio at Long Beach, California where we conduct classes on exotic and fitness pole dancing.

As you know, pole dancing is one of the fastest growing sports and fitness trends in the world. It is also the most effective way to look and feel awesome. It may look difficult, but don’t be intimidated. Pole dancing is amazingly easy for beginners given the right training.

The problem is, I often see new students get self-conscious and frazzled in live classes. What’s more, many quit due to the inconvenience of travel or a hectic lifestyle that leaves them with no time.

So here’s what I realized: Wouldn’t it be great if there is a complete jam-packed INTENSIVE course that teaches students the basics to advanced techniques of pole dancing…from home?

The good news is, over the past 5 years, through a long process of trial, error and experimentation, I have developed the most comprehensive ALL-IN-ONE course that teaches you EVERYTHING you ever need to know about pole dancing.

PoleDancingCourse “Masterclass” system is very simple…

pole dancing lessons school

The entire program consists of over 100 videos with a total runtime of 6 hours, systematically teaching all major types of pole dancing moves and combinations that leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s the most jam-packed and intensive pole dancing course you’ll ever experience.


Amber’s Pole Dancing Course

“The Ultimate Masterclass”

So What Makes This The #1 Pole Dancing Course?

pole dance school

1. Over 100 Videos (6 Hours), 50 Different Moves Plus Combinations, Routines & Chreography
Over 100 videos spanning over 6 hours of step-by-step instructions to a healthier, sexier, more confident you! The first 2 hours covers basic moves and rest covers advanced combinations, expert techniques and little-know tips to empower you to move and dance like a professional!

pole dance class

2. Fun, Engaging, Step By Step and Easy To Follow Video Instructions
Each segment breaks down, explains and drills the basic moves and an easy-to-grasp step sequence that shows how to use it. The movement starts slowly, then progresses to full speed. It covers the mechanics of basic movements, safety, demonstrates where those fundamentals will take you with variations and has a short routine at the beginning of the video.

poledancing classes

3. Different Teachers & Dance Styles
With 3 different teachers, you’ll get to learn various routines. Pole dancing is not just about the tease. You get to work on your core, learn balance and how to control your muscles. Experience moves that work your whole body… so you can start losing those flabs! This course covers 3 routines to make this the most complete course on the market:


poledancing lessons

4. Excellent For Beginners & Advanced Dancers!
The entire course is perfect for beginners or more seasoned dancers looking for a review of technique. Every segment and move is broken down into parts with advanced combination movement at the end of each video.

poledancing school

5. Innovative Fast-Track Method & Award Winning Production
This high-caliber package has earned accolades for Amber’s clear and supportive teaching style, her attention to solid technique, as well as for its exceptional production quality. With the innovative fast-track method of teaching beginners and the supportive, nurturing style, this takes you from basic to advanced moves in first few hours.

7. Instant Access To Videos
You’ll get INSTANT lifetime access to all the videos in our members area with one-on-one video chat/email support with Amber. Why waste time waiting for the mail to arrive when you can get started within minutes! You also have the option to get all the videos on DVDs if you desire.


Sample Videos:

Here’s some videos you can watch as a sample. DO NOTE: The videos shown here are reduced in quality and only shows a limited segment of the tutorials in Amber’s Pole Dancing Course.

Pole Dancing Exercises : Doing the Windmill
(After clicking “Play”, please wait while the video loads)



- Laura Rocha,
Laguna Beach, CA

Guaranteed To Shorten The Learning Curve…

Listen, I’ve held nothing back.

I provide detailed tips and step-by-step visualisations promoting correct, solid and safe techniques from the very start, and carefully cues each move and combination for easy following with each video.

The bottom line is this: PoleDancingCourse “The Ultimate Masterclass” is guaranteed to shorten the learning curve and makes this the Easiest, Fastest and MOST EFFECTIVE pole dancing learning method. It is the best way to tone up, feel confident and have fun!

Here’s What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

Amber’s Pole Dancing Course have been distributed all over the world. It’s almost embarrassing, but I get letters and emails from customers who have started on their pole dancing journey with this course.

But don’t just take my word for it… listen to what satisifed customers have to say:

- Marian Shafer,
Islamorada, FL

- Lauren Mcghee,
BC Canada

- Gina Grady,
Spout Spring, VA

- Faye Hewitt,
London, UK

Get Your Very Own Pole Dancing Trainer For Life…

I will fully explain and demostrate how to exercise each step and if you feel you have missed an important part, you can simply stop and replay back and forth until you master the techniques.

pole dance videos fitnessBest of all, the entire program is easy to follow. From the very first video you watch, I will systematically work you through a series of moves that progress you, using each as a building block to progress onto the next technique.

Claim These Exclusive Bonuses
If You Order Now…

Listen, I want to make sure you have everything you need to immediately guarantee the success of your efforts to learn pole dancing.

So if you act on or before October 29, 2016 , I’ve decided to give anyone who claims a copy of Amber’s Pole Dancing Course Today FULL ACCESS to the following 6 Super Bonuses:

BONUS #1Complete Pole Dancing Dictionary of Moves

how to pole dance with dictionary of moves

BONUS #2Pole Dance Conditioning and Fitness Videos

pole dance fitness instruction

BONUS #3More Pole Combinations & Transitions

poledancing classes lessons

BONUS #4Best Routines from Pole Dancing Championships (HOT!)

poledancing school videos

BONUS #5FREE Lifetime Updates

poledancingcourses membership

When new videos get released- you will get it FREE of Charge! It’s easy – you will get the instructions via email for immediate download so you can view them instantly. We released new updates every month.

In fact, in the near future, this will be offered as part of a deluxe membership package at a much higher price. Order now and you are guaranteed to get all future videos FREE for life!

Usual Price: $10 Per Month Membership. But you’ll get Free Lifetime Access If You Order Today!

SUPER BONUS #6 – Free 1-Year One-on-One Coaching With Amber(Only a Few Spots Left!)

one-on-one private coaching amber

Would you like one-on-one skype coaching with Amber?

That’s right – One-on-one video private coaching, advice and guidance from a master pole instruction is always just a private email or skype call away. If you’re confused, you can have your questions privately answered anytime. I’d love to hear from you!

Sold Separately – $20 per hour – yours FREE for 1 Year (Limit 1 hour per day)

This help is practically priceless. The one-on-one support means someone is always there for you… you’re never left to deal with your questions alone. This acts as a “custom-made” program to ensure you are always on track, you are always encouraged, and… you’ll get ONE-ON-ONE feedback and support from me. With the exclusive one-on-one skype/email coaching, you’ll never be left alone with your questions.

WARNING! You Must Hurry! Only A Few Spots Left!

I’m sure you realize that I can’t offer this free bonus for long. I only have that many hours everyday. You must act fast if you want to get the free private coaching. It will not be long before I completely remove it from the package.

Do note that due to exclusive nature of the support and obvious time constraints, this invaluable personal guidance is available for a limited number of people. If you’re seeing this message, that means that it’s still available. The next time you visit, it’ll probably be gone.There are only a few spots left, so please hurry. Click here to start now

Let’s face it. You could easily pay thousands of dollars in dancing classes (and extra travel time) for something similar to this.

What if I Told You “Amber’s Pole Dancing Course” Was FREE?

So here’s the deal: What if I told you Amber’s Pole Dancing Course™ videos were free? Would you try it then? What if I told you that you only had to pay for it if it worked for you?

Well, hold on to something stable, because that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

You really don’t even have to think about it, though, because I’ll guarantee you’ll start learning pole dancing easily and quickly…or you won’t owe me a dime.

My Ironclad 100% Satisfaction “Love It or Shove It” Guarantee

poledancingcourses.com guaranteeIt’s important to me that you to have all the resources and training to master pole dancing. I’m totally confident after you’ve applied what you’ve learnt in the videos, you’ll be on your way to becoming an exceptional pole dancer.

But, if there’s any chance at all you’re not satisfied with the videos then contact me within 60 days of your order for a FULL refund.

Yes. That’s right. Take 60 days to evaluate the videos. You have plenty of time to make sure that this is right for you because if you are not 100% satisfied, just send me an email and I’ll refund your payment . Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee. No hassles and no questions asked. Even better, you get to keep all the bonuses!

Try Amber’s Pole Dancing Course RISK-FREE For 2 Months Now »

So here’s what I’m offering you today:

Amber’s Pole Dancing Course & FREE Bonuses
+ One-On-One Coaching + Instant Access…

All Yours for Just $127 $47!

pole dance school class lessonsThat’s right, you’ll get the complete course today, instantly for only a one-time payment of $47. (There are only a few spots left for the coaching and they are going quick!)

Now, compare over a thousand dollars of private dance training fees with the incredibly low pricewe’re giving you to follow the course and take your pole dancing skills to the next level.

Even better, you can view the videos risk-free for 2 months. You’ll be protected by my 60-day no questions asked guarantee.

Remember – The entire course available via instant download, online streaming as well as DVDs. You can watching the videos in 5 minutes!

And, for a one-time payment, you’ll get lifetime access, so any future updates or new videos will be yours for FREE.

Here’s Exactly What You Need To Do Right Now…

Click the button in the order form below and you’ll be taken to a secure order page. You will then be able to view and download the videos and all the other bonuses instantly.

YES! Give Me Access To Amber’s Pole Dancing Course Immediately!

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By taking action today, I understand that:

See you on the inside,

To Your Success,
Amber Starr

P.S. A couple of reminders… Don’t forget that you must absolutely be one of the next few people only to get the free one-on-one coaching . PLUS, you can get it right now at the discount price of $47!

You snooze, you lose. It’s as simple as that. I insist that you reserve your copy right now.

P.P.S. There’s zero risk here. Remember…you have my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. Even if you cancel and ask for a refund… all the bonuses are yours to keep for your trouble. Look at it as just my way of saying “thanks for giving it a try.”

So don’t wait… Click here now and start your pole dancing training »

- Judy Martin,

Abbeville, LA
” Simply An Outstanding Course… “

“This is simply an outstanding course. I’ve known Amber for more than 7 years and she is dedicated and passionate teacher. This package brings together all her experience, passion and expertise in pole dancing.

Considering the excellent content, the quality of the coaching itself, and the extra videos offered, you’ll be crazy to pass this up.

Want To Keep Fit, Get Empowered And Learn Pole Dancing Easily?
This is THE Perfect Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For…

By now, you have a good idea what Pole Dancing Course “The Ultimate Masterclass” is all about. You’ve read the testimonials of people who rave about the product and you know that you have no risk when you purchase, all the risk is on me.

Remember, in a short time from now you will have access to the most effective way to learn pole dancing online… If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to learn pole dancing while keeping fit and having fun, than I urge you to get in while its cheap.

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