Pips Explosion Predictor

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Are you willing to get rid of your worries about money by following simple instructions to set those trades daily with your eyes closed?


From: Derek Johnson (on behalf of Markus James and Josh Ianicci)
Pips Explosion Predictor Forex Alert Service

Dear Forthcoming-Rich Trader,

You’re about to discover just how you can turn $100 into a fortune using the alert from an elite trade-picking team of traders with 92% of accuracy.

Since December last year, this “dream team” has projected the future surges or plunges of 5 major currency pairs and generated gains of 42%, 75%, 100%, 122% in as little as 3 months.

With that type of accuracy, it won’t take you long to turn $100 into $5,000… $500 into $21,000… or even $1,000 into $42,000… over and over again… on a regular basis.

In fact, these guys just helped one beta tester of our service…

And, in a moment, you’re going to discover how you can benefit from their skills without any risk at all.

Your trading will involve:

No guesswork

No complicated formulas and…

No time studying the markets

All you have to do is follow simple instructions delivered on a private website or your email and place your trades, because:

These guys will do all the analysis for you then put everything in easy-to-follow terms.

Learn About the Winners…
A Day Ahead of Time


If you actually knew which way the forex market was headed, can you imagine how much money you could make?

You’d make a windfall—guaranteed.

Unfortunately, no one can predict it every single day.

Likewise, no one can tell you with 100% confidence whether a currency pair will rise or fall.

But the way these guys do it, with a well-researched, unique methodology that projects the future prices of currency pairs, a day (or a week) ahead of time… so far 92% accurate.

It’s Like Flipping a Forex
“Success Switch”
That Can Last Your Whole Lifetime…

If you’re skeptical, that’s understandable.

Even with the compelling evidence below staring you in the face, the possibility of solving all your money worries so easily does sound ‘too good to be true’.

Yet, it IS true.

So check this out… I’m going to prove it to you.

Here’s a trade alert they delivered on Monday, June 2, 2014 on these currency pairs for the few beta testers we had:


Amazing, isn’t it?

My friend, this can become a daily reality for you!

Depending on how much money you stake, a 100 pip move of a particular currency pair like the GBP/USD or EUR/USD as predicted by us, forex geeks, can put $100… or even $1,000… into your account in just one day.

And what if 5 different currency pairs move at least 20 pips for the day?

You could place trades on each of them and still make out as a bandit with 100 pips for the day.

$100 day puts $2,000 in your bank account for the month… $1,000 a day puts $20,000 into your account…

And all it would take is a small seed capital of $100 to start.

Easy To Follow Formula Has Proven ToWork For Just About Everybody

Hi. My name is Derek Johnson and forex trading has been my passion—no, obsession—for more than 11 years.

I sleep… eat… and breathe… forex.

I got hooked on it during my final year in college as a finance major.

And all throughout that year while my peers and classmates were looking for work in mutual funds, banks, and mortgaging, I had no intention of getting a fixed salary.



Because I wanted the BIG bonuses at the end of the year.

I wanted the reputation.

The clout.

And, yes indeed, I did get a job at one of the biggest firms in New Jersey.

I was placed on the forex desk as a junior who was being mentored by the best trader in the firm.

Along with me were two other guys in his team—Markus and Josh—who were equally hungry to succeed.

Markus was the “fundamentals” guy. He had to digest the research in a way to direct us as to what the best currency pairs were to trade for the day.

Josh, on the other hand, was a math geek. He was an expert with formulas that pinpointed EXACTLY what the currency pairs we choose would do during the day.

And me? I was the technical analysis guy. I was a chart addict.

We were so good as a team that, after the first year with the company, we outdid all the other teams and…

For 3 young kids in our early 20s, just out of college, that wasn’t bad.

For about two years afterwards, we kept hitting and exceeding targets.

We were making BIG money.

But that soon all came crashing down when…

Suddenly We Were Told The Firm Was Being Shut Down Because
The Principals Were MisappropriatingThe Funds To Live Lavish Lifestyles


When that bomb dropped, we were like, “What do we do now?”

Sure, we could go find jobs at other firms and be very well paid.

But did we want to do that?

We had money.

We had die-hard entrepreneurial blood surging through our veins.

So we decided…

We Were Going To Pool and Trade Our Own Funds

We didn’t even set up an office or anything like that.

We just basically traded from Starbucks.


Dunkin Donuts.

It really didn’t matter.

When we traveled overseas, we did the same thing.

You see…

But here’s the weirdest thing…

Out of fun, we started a blog to just document our trades each day for free.

We just put out there for anyone who was passionate about forex trading and wanted to make money on their own.

After a couple months, we found that people were finding the blog… and they were absolutely blown away by the information they got for free!

Information that put hundreds… and thousands of dollars… in some of the readers’ trading accounts.

But we weren’t so religious with posting on a regular basis.

Weeks would go by without a word from us.

Until we started getting emails like…

“Do you guys over a subscription service?”

“Are you guys gonna stop? We’re willing to pay to get your info?”

“Did our free trial run out?”

And other variations of those requests.

So we said, “You know what? We have something here.”

And through the requests of some of the blog subscribers whom you’ll meet later, we decided to release to more forex enthusiasts this brand new alert service…


You now have a one-of-a-kind, forex trading “dream team” dispensing intensely accurate forex trading alerts — that have the potential to instantly generate hundreds — then thousands — then tens of thousands of dollars a month without much hard work on your part.

Our beta testers were absolutely thrilled as they used our trade alerts to cash in… each and every day.

And they were average traders just like you…

For example….

Alabama Customer Service Clerk Pockets$6,250 In 14 Weeks Following Pips Explosion Predictor Trade Alerts!

Mavis is a customer service clerk in Mobile, Alabama…

She’s been working in customer service for over 23 years.

She saved up a bit of money for her kid’s college tuition plus retirement.

But, unfortunately, she had to use a big chunk of it to take care of her mother’s recent unexpected medical emergency.

After the ordeal, she felt like she was back at square one.

She told me about this while I was conducting some business at my local insurance company.

I asked her if she had at least $100 in her bank account… to which she said yes.

And I told her she was exactly the type of person I was looking for to test Pips Explosion Predictor alerts.

She set up her account with only $100.

She logged in every day to our website or checked her email and followed the instructions.

And within 14 weeks, with proper compounding and money management, she accumulated a staggering $6,250!


Here’s the thing you need to understand:

Pips Explosion Predictor is a trade alert service like no other… a virtual breeding ground for people who want to accumulate life-changing money quickly.

Just ask Avery Santana…

Avery Santana was born and raised in Long Island, New York…

After finishing school, Avery started working as a caddy at one of Long Island’s most prestigious golf courses.

One afternoon, Avery heard one of my industry associates talking to his golf buddy about the returns he was getting from Pips Explosion Predictor … and decided to be bold… and said he wanted “IN”.

You can probably guess how this story ends…

Sure enough, Avery became one of our “average joe” beta testers and made over $52,000 in 4 months!

And he didn’t stop there… Avery continued to depend on Pips Explosion Predictor in the months following that windfall to close the year with a whopping $105,986!


I don’t care if you’ve never traded forex before.

I don’t care if you’re having a small amount of success here or there.

I don’t care if you’re a phenomenal trader.

Pips Explosion Predictor alert service WILL pile up money in your trading account.

If you only have $100 in your account… or… you want to test Pips Explosion Predictor alerts with only $100, be my guest.

Your success will NOT depend on how smart you are…

Your success will NOT depend on how experienced you are…

Your success will NOT depend on how lucky you are.

With Pips Explosion Predictor alerts, your potential success depends only on your willingness to let forex trading experts pick your trades.

Think how proud you’d feel if your family knew you were a huge success…

Imagine being as extravagant and generous as you’d like without ever having to worry about money again.

Believe me, you’re going to LOVE the Pips Explosion Predictor service!

TOP 5 Things You’re Going To LOVE About Pips Explosion Predictor

100% RELIABLE – Our trading picks will empower you to trade with nerves of steel with the certainty that you will have an exceeding amount of winners and very little losing trades!

POWERFUL – You’re getting the same trading expertise from us as our former got that made them hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

CUTTING EDGE – We always keep ourselves abreast with what’s going on the trading world so anything that will enhance our trading to increase the winning percentage from 92% upwards, we will do it.

ULTRA-EASY – We send word-for-word alerts to your email. You’ll only spend up to fifteen minutes a day to read a simple statement and regularly follow the trading signals.

POTENTIAL RICHES – I believe Pips Explosion Predictor alert service has the potential to make you fabulously wealthy. Of course, as you know, there’s only one way to find out for sure… And that’s to TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!

I know all this talk about easy riches is making you SUPER SKEPTICAL.

So, here’s our suggestion: TRY our Pips Explosion Predictor alert service on paper first… don’t risk a dime… or risk just $0.10 per pip… and see how the results play out.

All you have to do is follow simple instructions when you log into the private website or log into your email account.

And when you do, you’ll see something like this:


Big Money Will Pile Up In Your Account Faster Than Any Concorde


Every time Pips Explosion Predictor uncovers a trade, you’ll automatically get a copy of the trade.

All the calculations and analysis are done for you . . . and then you’re sent specific entry and exit points on a private website or to your email address.




You’ll get everything you need to start bagging winners right away. No fluff, No hype.

“Could You Use An Extra $100…$500… Or$1,000 Every Day?”

We won’t explain how all the trading strategies work.

Sorry. In fact, it might even be a little boring.

We’re simply excited about getting you RESULTS!

I won’t give you the bones.

Just PURE meat.

You’ll get the same trades we place to make me at least $10,000 a day from home… or wherever we can get a wireless connection.

You profit along with us.

There’s nothing like the freedom of trading a few hours. Then doing what you want the rest of the day.

No “rat race” to deal with. No boss breathing down your neck.

No fighting rush-hour traffic back and forth to a job you hate. No dealing with co-worker attitudes.

None of that nonsense comes up when trading on your own.

But if you want to benefit from thee same trades we place every day, you have to take advantage of this window of opportunity today because…

We plan to raise the price to access Pips Explosion Predictor alert service in the future.

But, in order to do that, we need YOUR success story.

When other aspiring traders out there hear about your story… as well as others… we’ll be justified in charging the higher prices because everyone will see that Pips Explosion Predictor alerts MAKE ITS SUBSCRIBERS RICH!

And I’ll need only 100 traders at only $37 per month to fulfill this criteria.


Just $37 Per Month


You can be among the elite group of traders – but only if you respond to this offer immediately!

In almost no time at all, you can start trying to make the kind of money that could change your life!

In just a few short weeks, you could see drastic improvement in your trading results.

You could eliminate uncertainty and start making trades with the confidence of a winner.

You could get more satisfaction from your trading than ever before. And you could have a heck of a lot of fun.

Plus, to make it totally risk-free for you, I’m offering you this…


Your Greatest Risk Could Be Doing Nothing!

You can continue to watch from the sidelines, do nothing and let others make all the profits …  

You can keep wasting your hard-earned money on expensive, get-rick-quick trading schemes that almost never work… or…

You can give this offer a try and let the dream team at Pips Explosion Predictor alerts help you go after the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

So what’s it going to be?

When asked if they wanted to live life on their own terms and never worry about money again, all the beta testers you’ve heard from today responded with an enthusiastic “YES!”

They did NOT say, “I’ll think about it”.

They did NOT say, “Maybe later.”

The traders in this report did what all successful people do.

They took immediate action and they made their dreams come true.

So, You Could Be Next?

If you’re serious about wanting to possibly obtain a perpetual income you don’t have to worry about… and if wealth accumulation is important to you… then shouldn’t you be willing to take that first step?

We are offering you a PROVEN alert service that produces RESULTS and is totally AUTOMATIC.

We’ve laid out a simple step-by-step action plan for you to seek a consistent, substantial cash-flow.

Now, it’s up to you to make the next move.

Click the ADD TO CART button below and grab your spot now

Yours For A Daily Explosion Of Pips,
Derek Johnson.

P.S. Let’s be blunt: If you pass up this offer, can you think of any other way to establish a perpetual income you don’t have to work for? Probably not! You’ll still wish you could be independently wealthy, but you won’t have any possible hope of it ever happening.

Because we’re handing you trades that work like bangbusters for us—trades that put money in our trading account day after day.

All you have to do is place them as wee tell you to and profit! This could be a chance for you to succeed like you’ve never had before without all the hassle of trying to read charts and make sense of economic fundamentals in the world markets.

Please, don’t let it slip away.

I doubt if it will be long before all 100 spots are gone.


P.P.S. Of course, I can’t make any specific guarantees about how you’ll do on each trade. We live in an uncertain world – and anything could happen tomorrow. But I will promise you this: if you are not satisfied, you can cancel at anytime and keep all your profits.

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