Pimp Your Lingo – Seducing Women With Words

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Learn To Attract & Seduce Women In Conversation




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Who I Am & Where I Am Coming From…

br00554087     My name is Stephan Erdman. That’s me in the picture right here and I am the creator of the Pimp Your Lingo System. It’s for men who want to attract women in conversation without the need for silly pick up lines, scripts or sleazy routines!

     By the way, I am a real person. Stephan Erdman is my real name. In the last few years I’ve become the “Go-To Guy” for single men who want to get great at meeting and dating women in a natural way. Something I used to find impossible to do myself a few years ago.  

     First I helped myself. Then I helped 1000’s of men to overcome shyness around women, attract women or go from zero dates to attracting a great girlfriend into their life. Of course, the results you can achieve with my programs vary. There are no magic potions that work every time, for everyone, with anyone. The level of your success depends on how well you use the ideas in your life.

     But what’s different about me is this: I don’t teach anyone to learn pick up lines, routines or other “pick up tricks”. You see…people call my approach  “Authentic Game”. I don’t teach you how to pretend to be someone else. I show you how you can learn to attract women without pretending or running routines so you can be yourself and still attract women.

    Unlike many other “gurus” who don’t even use their real name I care about my clients’ long term success. Just check out the feedback from clients further down the page.

What The Program Is. And What It Isn’t.

    With the Pimp Your Lingo System you DON’T get manipulative tricks and weird pick up routines. Those leave so many guys feeling empty, lost and like a parrot. What you get is true understanding, strategies and methods that help you attract women. Better still, you will feel authentic while you’re doing it!

     My system works on principles that I discovered during my own journey to overcome shyness and insecurity around women. They come from influences ranging from acting training to NLP to Psychology and the seduction community. 

    During my own journey I learned to become great at talking with women. I learned how to connect with women I didn’t know within minutes or even seconds. I learned to attract women through innocent conversational chat. 
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 And I learned how to seduce them with language. I even learned how to turn women on with and phrases. The best thing: I learned how to do it with integrity and charm. I am demonstrating them all in the program with real women who’s reactions you can hear.     

   And by the way…

    Even shy men have found that employing the ideas of my Pimp Your Lingo System TURNED them into a more attractive guy…

     Just like myself, they grew big time as a person learning these powerful methods.  They are still the same person. Only without the stress, fears and frustration when it comes to meeting and talking to women. And with a lot more choice in all areas of their lives!

      Let’s be clear. I can’t “guarantee” you similar results. Everybody is different. Your level of success depends on how you understand, practise and use the techniques. But the ideas I have condensed into this program have transformed me from a shy and awkward guy into a confident man. I am now at ease opening my mouth with complete strangers and love to engage, meet and connect and flirt with attractive women. They could do the same for you. 


More Feedback About Pimp Your Lingo:

    The program in its current form has already helped many men before you who have got in touch with me thanking me for it. Here are just 3 real examples of feedback from clients who provided feedback. I don’t incentivise for providing feedback like other people. Of course, their results depended on the amount of effort they put in and should not be seen as typical:

So Again: What is The Pimp Your
Lingo Program & What’s Included And How Can You Get It?


 I won’t pretend that this site is going to explode in 3 seconds to make you buy my program right now. The truth is it’s still going to be here tomorrow. But you’re sitting here and you’re reading this and you know you want to attract women so you know this is a good fit for you. That’s why I know when you order today you’ll be glad you did! /;-)

     One more thing. Consider this: Are you willing to spend one more day feeling out of control when it comes to talking to women?  Because now you know it doesn’t have to be that way! 

 This stuff is essential for any man. If you’re not good at making people LIKE you and women LOVE you when you talk to them it costs you in all aspects of your life. So that’s what you should consider. 

     Thanks for listening. If you still have questions about the program please email me at stephan@pimpyourlingo.com. Or else…go ahead and click the “Get Instant Access!” button below and get started today!

     …Please join me inside, 
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Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!