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Here’s Why Most “DIYers” Never Actually Make Anything. 


You know the folks I’m talking about…

They scour Pinterest and YouTube for the latest DIY ideas and see all these beautiful things that they “could” build, but in reality they’ve never built anything themselves.

Perhaps you fall into that category.

Well​, honestly I don’t blame you. 

I’ve watched the same “tutorials” you have on YouTube and other places and almost all of them have (at least) 1 of 3 problems:

By the time you’ve sifted through the millions of videos on YouTube to find the one that actually makes something you’d like to have, uses tools that average folks have, and actually tells you how to make it… your weekend is over! 

That’s why I’m about to write what I’m about to write…

Your Lack of “DIYing” Isn’t Your Fault.

I have a theory about most “weekend warrior” DIY folks.

Most of the time they are looking for projects that fit the following criteria:

Make No Mistake: DIY Furniture is Big Business

I’m guessing that if you’ve read this far, you have an interest in DIY which means you’ve probably heard of a little website called “Etsy.” 

According to a story about the DIY furniture business in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, a search for pallet related items on Etsy returns over 20,000 different products. 

Desks routinely sell for $300 – $600. Coffee tables for $200 – $400. Benches for $75 – $250.

And the list goes on and on… ​

While Etsy is one of the big online marketplaces to sell pallet furniture, it certainly isn’t the only one. Stories are everywhere about people who’ve turned their reclaimed wood furniture into a nice little side business, or in some cases a full-time income using Facebook, Craigslist, and other outlets to find buyers.

That Pittsburgh Post Gazette piece I referenced earlier tells the story of a 3rd grade teacher turned pallet entrepreneur. According to the story, she started out by making a wine rack out of pallets for her brother.

Then, somebody saw it and wanted her to make one for them. Before she knew it, she set up a little Facebook page to start promoting her side business.

She said that within 12 hours of going live, she had 10 orders​! 

Coffee tables for $250, wine racks for $50, end tables for $125 and she has likely expanded from there. It all started with a fun little project and has turned into a nice side business. 

It Actually Makes A Lot of Sense…

The interesting thing about folks like Donna Zang is that she isn’t a master craftsman by trade – she’s a school teacher. No doubt she’s handy, but she hasn’t dedicated her life to woodworking. 

She’s simply discovered a product that relatively simple to make, but is still beautiful and in high demand​.

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of making some extra money from your DIY projects, but you weren’t really sure if it was actually possible. Reclaimed pallet wood is everywhere right now, and the fact that people from all walks of life are making extra income with this business doesn’t really surprise me. 

Here’s why:  

Here Is Exactly What You’ll Create

I’m going to show you every single project you’ll get access to in Pallet University. Below are pictures of the actual items we’ll build together during the course – so you know exactly what you are getting into. 

To take it a step further, we’ve given you an estimated resale value for each item. Obviously, nobody can guarantee a sale price for anything – but we’ve found very similar items currently selling on Etsy to give you an idea of what you might list it for. ​

Desk from pallets

Classic Wooden Desk

The Classic Wooden desk is a reclaimed wood staple. As you can see, simplicity is one of it’s best features. Like all of our projects, you can customize your stain/paint at the end of the project to match your decor. 

What Might it Sell For?​

Pallet Shelf

Wall Shelf

As you can see, this versatile wall shelf can be used for just about anything you can imagine. Storing bottles, tools, books, and more. It can be mounted and hung, or simply set on top of your desk.

What Might it Sell For?​

Mason Jar Holder

Mason Jar Display

This simple Mason Jar Display is both beautiful and functional. Hang it on your wall to hold pens, keys, and other accessories. The jar size/style can vary based on your preferences. ​

​What Might It Sell For?

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

This rustic coffee table has a timeless look, and will have your guests thinking you must have paid a fortune for it. Height and color can be customized based on your needs.​

​What Might It Sell For?

Skyline Decorative Art

Skyline Wall Art

This piece is a personal favorite of mine, because I love eye-catching art. I’ve had this in my home for quite some time and it always gets compliments and questions like “where’d you get that?” from my guests. ​

​What Might It Sell For?

Indoor/Outdoor Bench

Is it possible to have enough benches? You’ve probably got some nook or space in your house where you’ve thought “I’d like to get a little bench to put there…” This is that bench. Stain and finish can be customized for your intended use and personal preference. ​

​What Might It Sell For?

Chalkboard Coat Hanger

Yet another project that will look amazing in your home, but also serves a purpose. Hang coats, hats, keys, or whatever else you need on this hanger – plus, we’ll show how adding some chalkboard paint for more fun!​

​What Might It Sell For?

Light Decoration

Rustic Mantle Light

Another versatile piece that serves both an artistic and functional purpose. Using a decorative bulb, it creates an interesting lighting piece for your mantle or a simple desktop lamp. ​

​What Might It Sell For?

Wheeled Dog Bed

Why have your pet sleeping on something that completely clashes with the rest of your decor? This wheeled pet bed can easily be moved out of the way when needed, and will have your pooch sleeping in style. ​

​What Might It Sell For?

Scrap Wood Stool

At the end of a project you’re left with a bunch of scrap pieces, right? ​The scrap wood stool project is all about turning those odd pieces into something useful – like a bar stool. 

​What Might It Sell For?

Total Estimated Value

Best of all, you can make these over and over again – building out a nice little side business on Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook, or whatever sales vehicle you choose. 


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Mason Jar Project

Here’s What’s Included in Pallet University


Frequently Asked Questions

P.S.: Remember, we’re confident that you’ll love creating the amazing projects in Pallet University – so we’ve eliminated the risk. If you aren’t happy, simply let us know within 60 days and we’ll happily refund your full purchase price. 


Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!