Organic Health Protocol By Celebrity Trainer Thomas Delauer

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Hey there, my name is Thomas DeLauer and it may be hard to believe, but I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling.

These days, I am pretty proud of where I am. I’m feeling energized and healthy, I have achieved the body that I always wanted and now I have even been on the cover of international health and fitness magazines to share my story. But what I am most proud of is that I don’t feel self-conscious anymore, and I can finally go out with my friends and not feel bad about myself.
You may not know by looking at me now… but things Definitely Didn’t start out this way…

6 Years ago, I was Tipping the scales at 275lbs!! So I know what it feels like to overcome a lot of roadblocks. There were so many times I was ready to throw in the towel and just settle for being overweight. Before I learned how simple it was to change, I didn’t know that even the “healthy” foods I was eating were the ones contributing to making me fat! I didn’t have the energy to make drastic changes or filter through all of the information out there! None of it worked for me and I just wanted to quit, accepting that I would just be this way forever. I thought I would never be able to live a healthier, more active life ever again…
Someone came into my life when I needed it most.

I had never been a quitter before, but I was fed up, I genuinely was ready to give in. But I met this doctor that wasn’t like other doctors.

He taught me that every person is different and that there can be a few simple foods that could be CAUSING THE ENTIRE PROBLEM.

I met David Headley, PhD around the same time my wife Amber was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that attacked her thyroid and made her battle with her weight.

David quickly helped her figure out which foods could’ve been causing her problems and she lost 25lbs!* Coincidentally, I also became friends with David right after my father was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, which poor diet likely played a part in.
It was at this point that I had my reality check and made some simple, yet dramatic changes. These simple changes allowed me to go onto lose over 70lbs* in the next year, and with the help of David, I pretty much became an expert in inflammation and how we can learn how it affects us.
With this amount of weight loss, I knew I couldn’t keep my secrets on lockdown. Especially after people started seeing me on the covers of magazines! Since then, I have met so many people going through the same, never-ending battle. It seemed kind of unfair to keep it to myself… especially since it’s been such a huge stepping-stone to where I am today. So this is the cool part where I tell you about the secret!
*Results can vary from person to person
The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset
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Please keep in mind results can vary from person to person…
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