Math Without A Calculator! Learn How To Do Math In Your Head!

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How to be Smart at Mathematics

Dear Reader,

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes to be wrong.

As children, being told we are “wrong, wrong, and wrong again”does nothing for our mathematics skills.

“Wrong” means we have done wrong. Or so it feels to us.

And unlike most subjects, you cannot argue with mathematics.

You’re either right.

Or you’re wrong.

I’m going to show you how to be RIGHT.


From: Kenneth Williams,
Mathematician and Veteran Math Teacher

Hi, I’m Kenneth Williams.

After I finished my math teacher training in 1972, I settled into teaching mathematics in schools, a job I loved.

There is nothing like seeing the look of understanding on students’ faces when they understand something they thought was difficult.

I thought traditional school teaching would be my whole life. But one day my path took a whole different direction…

New Techniques Change Lives

A friend, who knew I was a mathematician, gave me a mathematics book as a present from India.

Although the book was written in dense equations and technical language, I was able to understand exactly what the author was saying.

This scholarly text contained the rudiments of a different and much easier way to think about various basic math techniques.

So I began to experiment. I simplified some of the Indian methods in the book to make them more accessible to school students.

Then I tested the techniques on the kids. The results were immediate…

“Why Weren’t We Shown This Before?”

I remember the look on the children’s faces when I showed them easier ways to solve arithmetic problems.

Students discovered that many Indian techniques are far easier(and more natural) than the awkward and unnatural methods they had wrestled with since junior school.

In my own time I studied more about Indian mathematics and became fascinated by developing this easier way of doing math.

Now, Easier Math for Everyone

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to present my methods to help a wide range of audiences in many countries around the world.

What Does All this Mean for You?

It means this: Everyone can do mathematics.

All that’s needed are the right techniques. And the “right” techniques are always the most natural and simplest ways to solve math problems.

YOU can do math easily. And math IS easy – when you break lessons down into tiny steps.

How You Can Train Yourself to
Become Confident at Mathematics

Introducing the Math2020 Course…

If you think all mathematics courses are the same, then you’re in for pleasant surprise.

Thanks to Math2020’s unique blend of Eastern and Western math techniques, you now have available to you a clear and practical method to develop confident math skills fast.

What has taken years in the past… you can now achieve in a few short months.

Here are the 19 Essential Math Topics
You’ll Master Inside Math2020:

Addition * Subtraction * Multiplication * Division * Exponents and Roots * Fractions * Decimals * Percentages * Geometry * Algebra * Trigonometry * Coordinate Geometry * Number Theory * Sequences * Ratio & Proportion * Place Value * Measurement * Statistics & Probability * Vectors *

You get exactly 400 quick and easy lessons, all adding up to a comprehensive range of math skills.

Now, I bet you are wondering:

Gee, where do I even BEGIN with all these math topics? I feel overwhelmed already!”

Well, the truth is, you don’t need to worry about anything. That’s because Math2020 takes care of everything for you.

The moment you start the course, Math2020 will watch over your progress, remember where you are in the course, record your growing number of successfully-completed lessons, and tell you what your next lesson is… all automatically.

It’s like having your own “Electronic Butler” at your beck and call. All that’s left for you to do is the lessons. And they’re easy…

Math Lessons Made Simple

Each math lesson follows the Math2020 1-2-3 approach:

1. A few lines of text explain the core math technique.

2. Short video reinforces the technique. (And be assured Math2020 videos load fast. No adverts. No distractions.)

3. Smart quiz tests your answers are correct.

This simple 1-2-3 approach is fun. It’s easy. And it builds confidencein your math skills quickly.

Is Math Really This Easy?

Yes, it is. All you need to do is follow the simple 1-2-3 approach in every lesson.

And I guarantee you will be delighted with your results.

And don’t just listen to me…

Here’s Some Feedback From A Few Math2020 Clients:

“Small Gap Between Mystery and Mastery”

“You have really found a formula which caters for all those people who think maths is beyond them.

Your format is very well planned — small steps — simple steps — each one clearly explained with the aid of video. The lessons are all quite short and designed to remove the fear that it is necessary to be extra clever to understand maths.

Time, too, is no problem — no trying to beat the clock — one is free to choose a time which suits your circumstances and emerge from each session wiser than before.

To those who find maths a mystery, even basic maths will make life easier when shopping, measuring, budgeting, etc and basics can be mastered in a surprisingly short time.

In fact, one soon finds there is only a small gap between mystery and mastery.”

– Reg Underwood

“Strongly Recommend It To Demystify Math”

“Thanks to Math 2020 and Kenneth Williams, my children enjoy math and find it pleasurable.

My daughter (13) has this to say: “It helps me a lot and it is fun. It’s so much easier than normal math,”

I have also been really excited to see that advanced math concepts are available to the children and myself, and that we don’t have to go to graduate school in mathematics to learn about the Fibonacci series, for example.

I would strongly recommend it as a way to demystify math and make complex and high level concepts available to all of us on an everyday basis in a simple, pleasant and enjoyable way.

I would recommend it to students of all levels, including those who have been led to believe that math is something they are “not good at.”

– Robin Jackson

“Alternative Way of Learning Math”

“I am homeschooling a dyslexic child. These lessons have been very helpful as a supplement to his regular math curriculum.

Math2020 gives him the tools and understanding necessary to solve problems mentally, without relying on memorization. The short lesson plans keep him focused without overwhelming him, and the visual presentation works well for him.

I would highly recommend this program to other parents. The short lesson format allows you to go at your own pace and follows a logical sequence of topics without assuming any previous knowledge.

Math2020 teaches an “alternative” way of learning math that does not rely on rote memorization. It is a great tool for homeschoolers.”

– Anne Montano

“Wish I Had Been Taught Like This At School”

“What do I like most about Math2020? Well I do not know where to start.

It is excellent, I wish that I had been taught like this at school, which I most definitely was not.

I like the fact that I can go at my own pace, I like the easy way in which the lessons are presented, I like the fact that the lessons are so easy, why oh why was I never taught like this.

I like the way it builds to become increasingly interesting, I like the way the lessons are short and so not a burden, I could go on and on!!

I now have the course that will make mathematics something that I will excel at and not shy away from at each and every opportunity.

Maths was by far my very worst subject. Through this course and over time I intend to make it my very best subject.

What would I say to anyone thinking of trying Math2020? Stop thinking and just do it! STOP wasting your time on thinking about it, the course is brilliant!”

– David Morris

“Can Now Help My Sons With Their Math Homework”

“I feared it may be boring.

It’s not.

The lessons are clear, concise, well presented and enjoyable.

I have started to be more methodical in my approach to math and non math areas of my life. I no longer shy away from numbers.

And most importantly I am feeling more confident in my abilities to help my sons with their math homework.”

– Mike Bennett-Smith

“Brain Trainer”

As adult I would describe the course as a ‘Brain trainer’ programme, but of course it is more than that.

It’s the best math course to recall all the mathematical knowledge you had learnt at school and you had almost forgotten in an enjoyable quite addictive way.

Thanks to the vedic techniques I’ve learned to do some mental calculations I never thought I would be able to do. My brain has been trained to think more wisely and find the solution to a problem in a more effective way.

If you have children try to do this course with them. If they hate maths they will find how maths can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. If they already like maths they are going to be fascinated and love maths forever.

I want to thank Mr Kenneth Williams for give me the opportunity to rediscover my past love with the mathematics.

Narcís Comas (Catalunya)

“Your courses are excellent and so simple.

We use it with our 12 yo son when we need clarification on some of these topics.

Common Core methods are difficult to figure out for those of us who have never been taught in those ways.

Your material allows us to teach him at least the correct ways to do various math topics.”

– Michael Mpasaa

Acquire Amazing Math Skills at a Bargain

The Math2020 system is not available anywhere else. Not from Amazon, eBay, or any school or college.

You can grab a membership of Math2020 for a one time payment of just $47 today.

My admin staff will set up your personal account and email you with full welcome instructions within a few hours (and probably much sooner).

You’ll then enjoy unlimited access to Math2020 for 12 months.

Enjoy Great Math Skills AND Peace of Mind

As I mentioned, there is NO AUTOMATIC RENEWAL after your twelve-month training.

If you want to subscribe again, of course you can.

But 12 months is easily long enough to complete Math2020 at the leisurely pace of an hour or two a week.

Try It Out Risk-Free For 8 Weeks

That’s right. Use Math2020 for the next 8 weeks. Watch the videos, take the quizzes, enjoy the training tools. Put the whole system to the test.

And if you are not satisfied with Math2020 in any way during those 8 weeks, just let me know. I’ll send you a complete refund, no questions asked.

Oh, and I forgot the mention…

You Also Get These Two Bonuses:

#1 Personal Support from Kenneth Williams

If you get a problem with any Math2020 lesson, I, Kenneth Williams, will clear up your problem fast.

I created the course. I know it better than anyone else in the world. And I will get you back up and running again.

This bonus, I assure you, is worth far more than some cheap e-book.

#2 Graduation Certificate

Earn the Math2020 certificate and proudly hang it on your wall.

When you’ve completed the course, email me and let me know.

I will sign and email your official full color Math2020 Certificate of Completion.

You can then print it off and hang on your wall as a real achievement.

Be Good at Mathematics for Life

You can acquire a comprehensive basic math education fast at Math2020.

You can pass your skills onto family members.

And apply your new math skills to tests, exams, jobs and careers.

Mathematics is a powerful and important skill to own.

Isn’t it about time you took the next step and get started with Math2020 while it’s still fresh in your mind?

Join Now While Math2020
Memberships Are Still Available

 Yes, Kenneth, I want to take advantage of this special offer today  and become excellent at mathematics.

 I will be charged a one-time payment of just $47 today.

 I will enjoy 1 year’s unlimited access to Math2020.

 I am protected by your 8-week money-back guarantee.

 On that basis, sign me up!

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