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How To Get More Clients And Keep Them Coming Back

For The Life Time Of Your

Massage Career…


 Thursday, November 24, 2016

Queensland, Australia




Dear Massage Therapist,


If  you want to get more clients in your massage business and keep them coming back, then what you are about to see and hear on this website will be some of the most helpful and important information you’ll ever read.


Hi, my name is Amy Roberts, for 9 years I ran a thriving massage business with over 3000 clients. For the past few years I have been teaching internationally and locally with Massage Therapists like you how to rapidly grow their practice and deal head-on with the stuff they never teach you when you are getting your certificate or diploma to practice one of the most caring acts in the world-Massage Therapy.


Are you stressed out about not having enough clients to meet your bills at the end of the month? Just starting out and don’t know where to get your first client? Or are you a professional therapist who is having issues with getting clients to come back, or, boosting client numbers to propel your massage business to the next level of success?

If this describes you and you are serious about getting more clients, permanently, and keeping them coming back then take the next 3 minutes to read this letter carefully. (I know it’s long but Massage Therapy is one of the most rewarding professions in the world- I HATE seeing caring and superb therapists like you out of your practice by the “business” of Massage Therapy…there is another way.)


I remember the first time I thought about becoming a Massage Therapist. I felt a real passion for being able to make a real difference, to people’s lives in a positive way – without drugs or medicine. They would actually feel better just with the touch of my hands.


I fell in love with Massage Therapy.


When I enrolled in college to do my first course in professional Massage, I was so excited! I was finally doing something with my life. I was a poor (really poor) student at school and fronting up to my first class was daunting – but I felt so alive.


I began to think of all the people I knew and how they would benefit from what I was about to learn. My heart was exploding with a desire to learn. When I completed my training I was so happy. I was sure I was going to be a success.


You know friend, I was just sure I would have an abundance of clients just clamouring to book in for their first appointment with me, telling me how good they felt and how I could make them feel better and how my massage treatments made a distinct, positive difference to their lives.


I could just see these people in my mind. I would be wanted, respected, appreciated and loved…


I knew absolutely nothing about ‘massage as a business’ and relied heavily on my college for information on how to run my own massage business (little did I know how dangerous this little bit of knowledge would be!).


I was sure my teachers at college would be there to help. Graduating made me feel so proud. It was the happiest day of my life. I felt so confident in myself. I had really done something that was going to help so many people.

After graduating I was on fire, I was so motivated. I spent ages looking for the exact perfect frame for my certificate and spent a good couple of weeks decorating and making my “clinic room” beautiful. I placed my certificate in numerous different spots where the maximum number of people would see it.


You know I did think “how will I get clients and where will they come from?” and I even asked around – no one really gave me a straight answer.


Did you find that little voice in your head wondering

“How will I actually get clients?”

“How long will does it take to get them?”


Did you find, like me, that no one would give you a straight answer or worse – you got told it would take you years and years to build up a successful practice?


I’ve got some good news.


Being told that a massage therapy practise takes “years and years” to build up is absolute rubbish. I know, because I proved that wrong.


Keep reading..

I was on a high from graduating so I just ploughed on, joining an association, got my insurance, and waited for clients to come. I spent a couple of weeks perfecting and working on my business card, letterhead and signs. Then I sat back and waited for the clients to pour in.


I waited and waited….


Over the next few months after graduating a handful of clients turned up, certainly not the rush of clients I imagined.


By this stage I thought “I should do some advertising.” I did and it failed miserably. I felt like a rug had been pulled out from under my feet. My enthusiasm had turned into bitter disappointment. I was so frustrated! Under that frustration I felt so scared of failing. I was very. very  disappointed. I was crushed actually.

I did a leaflet and it failed as well. (Looking back at the leaflet now, it was easy to see why it didn’t work! I would never write anything like that now!) Things were bleak – I had a handful of clients, a big and never ending expanding pile of bills, I was stressed, lonely, depressed and frustrated.


Something had to change or I  would have to admit my plan of being a successful massage therapist had failed. I’d face the personal humiliation of going back to the workforce because I could not make this work. The thought of that was so painful because I wanted this more than anything.


Is this story familiar to you? You may have a thriving massage practice with more clients and prosperity than you can handle. If this is you then you will be wasting your time reading on. If you are not satisfied with the number of clients you are getting right now and want something to change for the better, you must keep reading because this letter is the key to getting a successful massage therapy practice.


How did I go from desperate to a successful practice? Let me tell you, it was a lot of hard work, stuff ups and good old trial and error. I would not wish this on you so I have distilled everything I have learnt to get more clients and keep them coming back, since I started in 1994, into my four new e-books  – “Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”, “Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists”, “How To Write Advertising For Your Massage Therapy Business” and “Understanding Your Client”.


These books give you the absolute, clear cut way to getting more clients and keeping them coming back. It’s absolutely everything you need to create the successful, busy massage therapy practice you could ever want. 


So what’s in each book? Let’s start with the first one:


“Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”



“Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business” has 109 pages and 6 sections you will learn every successful method, tip and trick to build up your “booked-out-for-years” massage practise. In they are so easy to apply!


If you are a new Massage Therapist and want some solid direction on what to do to start gaining the amount of clients you want this ebook is written for you. With the information in the ebook you’ll be able to start living off the income you make from massage.


It’s the perfect beginners ebook for propelling your practise from small to thriving because you will get results quickly.


Lets take a look what’s in “Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”;



  The mindset of the most successful Massage Therapists in the world (Discover how the most successful and most respectedTherapists think.)
  Discover what business you are REALLY in (and no it’s not the massage therapy business)
  Find out the secret ingredient that if missing, guarantees a near empty appointment book.
  Discover how dehydration is the greatest health enemy of the practising therapist
  Why knowing and addressing your clients fears is a key factor in growing your business
  The secret client booking technique to use when you are busy – This keeps everyone happy
  Learn why not having written goals in your business is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel.
  How to stay positive when things go wrong – a sure fire strategy that works every time. (This is the story of the client who couldn’t understand why she couldn’t have her treatment at that time, when my house nearly burnt down and there were fire trucks everywhere, and I still managed to keep her for years and years! She ended up being one of my most loyal.)
  Learn the “kept-under-wraps-till-now” technique that will be irresistible to new clients on the phone.
  The techniques that will help you deal with feeling “overwhelmed” in your growing massage business permanently.
  The pre-greeting client ritual which makes a huge difference to client comfort. This insider tip is gold. You certainly will not have learnt this in college!
  Learn how to get clients to call immediately – as soon as they see your ad
  Your single most important asset in your massage business – not 1 in 100 Therapists knows this.
  Discover the “Self Employed” trap and how you can avoid it sucking every ounce of joy in your practice.
  The t hidden financial risks in practising massage therapy – it is a crime that you’re not taught this in college.
  Stress and massage therapy – what they don’t (but should) tell you about this important area.
  The surprising first thing that clients notice about you. Knowing this information may be the missing-link in your repeat business problems.
  Learn the absolute truth about “selling”. This method will get you all the clients you need (without compromising your values and integrity) ever!
  The dark side of massage therapy – How to deal with these inevitable uncomfortable issues Head On! (You know, like clients wanting more than ‘just a massage’.) I wished someone had explained this to me ( it would have saved me on numerous occasions over my first years of practice.)
  Three techniques that will help you to reach success of your massage therapy business, easily and quickly – step-by-step.
  Identify what specifically is bugging you about your massage therapy practice- then learn the system to stop these problems cold.
  Why your health is so crucial to your longevity as a Massage Therapist. Learning these techniques will extend your practice by years.
  The negativity dilemma – learn a technique that has given Therapists more happiness, satisfaction and more clients than they imagined they would get. This has rescued hundreds and hundreds of therapists and their practices.
  Already on the path to a successful practice? Learn those hidden dangers and how to avoid them becoming a saboteur to getting more regular and repeat business.
  Why targeting your market as a massage therapist is vital to the growth of your massage business. (And yes there are many target markets – not just one – for massage therapy)
  How to build “rock-solid” credibility even if you have just graduated and this is your first massage! This will impress your clients!
  Learn the one thing that all your clients are desperately seeking from you. (Get this and you will have a full appointment book and a 3 month waiting list.)
  Why dropping your fee is the WORST thing you can do to get clients -you will learn how to increase your fees and get new clients as a result. You will have your clients thanking you for it. If you have discounted your fee to get clients, then stop immediately, then read why in my book.
  The do’s and don’ts of massage oil (you would not believe what some professionals are using for massage oil. They may as well go out and put it in their Saturn car!) There is an alternative to massage oil and its going to completely revolutionise this industry in the next few years.
  What to never, ever do when advertising your practice. It will kill potential client’s interest.
  Understand how your beliefs about money could be holding you back – this will really shock you. Learn the right psychology for your success and happiness and getting the clients you want.
  Learn the secret of gaining years of experience in just one hour. This short cut will save years of stress
  Learn the specific real world marketing tactics that absolutely work for a massage therapy practice. There is no theory here. Just school of hard knocks and testing to discover what really works. There is no holding back here – everything is revealed
  Learn the single biggest mistake made by massage therapy practitioners world-wide and most importantly, learn how to banish it for ever.


Here’s what therapists are saying:


“As a Massage Therapist since 1986 I am delighted to recommend this book by Amy Roberts. The information contained herein, will become compulsory reading for all Massage Therapists.For new graduates wondering how and where to find clients, and have them return. Everything you want to know but who to ask. At last! A book that answers all your questions.”

Mrs. N Runco – Certified Massage Therapist.







Thank you again for your inspirations. You will not believe this, I now make not less than £650 ($1560 US) a week and it is down to you. You made believe that I can do it and it is happening for me. I am very happy. May God bless you. Every advert I do now I have my picture in it and it works. May God guide and bless you in everything you do.



Massage Therapist

Newcastle, UK



Hi Amy,


Excellent information. I really picked up quite a bit from these, especially from the “Follow Up” articles on the blog. This has been a weakness of mine that I’m working on. It is really motivating to see it again, and I sent a follow up email to my newest client.


I had purchased the advertising books back in December. They are really inspiring. I look forward to implementing these.


Hope all is well.


Eric. LMT.




“Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists”



“Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists” will give you exactly what you need to get the high response from ads and promotions, plusincredible ways to increase your client numbers without a huge money outlay, and how to get clients to refer you even more clients you need to be successful.


WARNING: Just before you keep reading I must caution you. The information in this ebook works, and works extremely well. The content of the ebook has such powerful, life changing information in it that I went from 5 clients a week to 25-30 clients a week in just a couple of months. So make sure you are totally, one hundred percent serious about getting more clients because this is the book that’ll do it.


You can do a lot on a budget, so don’t think that because you don’t have much money that you can’t market your business- you can, and quite successfully! I did, and it’s pretty easy when you know how, which I explain.


The eBook is 108 pages with 19 extensive chapters.  You will learn how to do ads and marketing that gets a high response rate of clients, and methods to keep these clients for the entire life of your massage career even if you’re still getting benefit payments from the government and haven’t even started your massage business yet.

You can see the words, pictures, type, fonts and layout that I used to generate this huge succession of clients. And a lot of those clients that I got from those ads, not only referred me other clients, but stayed with me for the entire time I’ve practiced massage therapy.


The reason I’ve put those original ads into the eBook is so you can see what I did and how I did it and copy the method.


You will learn:


  How you can use my ads as a guide for yours. These ads propelled my massage business from earning 5 clients a week ($200 per week) from my massage, to 25-30 clients a week (earning over $1000 per week)- and I show you the ads that I did that brought me this large influx of clients that changed my situation from hopeless to abundant. Within 2 years of graduating I had staff working for me.
  Find out the key people and professional organisations to refer you clients- understand this and you will know EXACTLY who is good to contact, who will refer you clients and who won’t-within seconds of seeing their business.
  How to network with other businesses you’ve never met before, even if you’re shy and don’t know how to strike up a conversation.
  The great website debate for Massage Practices, finally answered- to go online or not? Do they work or not? Know this and you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars in hosting fees.
  How to market your massage business as if you were an expert- even if you’ve just graduated!
  The secret to successfully having Doctors refer you their patients, and keep doing so for years, until you say stop!
  Learn how to increase your word of mouth rate up to 70% using a few simple, yet incredibly effective techniques.
  How to promote yourself, in conversation with people you’ve never met before, with supreme confidence.
  Discover how to break in to the world of corporate massage successfully and swiftly- know what companies to target specifically, which ones will be more responsive and how to approach them confidently.
  Learn how you can get your potential clients to say “I must make an appointment now!” when they see your ad or brochure.
  The truth about why business cards are NOT a marketing tool and should never be used as such.
  Discover the secrets to impressing your client beyond the call of duty- you’ll laugh when you realise how easy it is to do this!
  Learn how to deal with “no shows” effectively without getting burnt or compromising your reputation, and why it’s better for you. (You know the annoying clients I’m talking about…..They don’t show up, don’t even let you know they’re not coming, don’t care that they have inconvenienced you….)
  Learn what type of advertising gets the best, fastest response.
  Know WHERE to market your business, every time. The days of “putting an ad in the paper and hoping for the best” are GONE!
  Learn the number one rule to knowing where to market yourself.
  How to ‘get into your clients head’ and know what they want, every time. 
  The secrets to successful newspaper advertising. Learn this and you’ll never worry about getting clients again.
  Learn the best positions in the newspaper to place your ads.
  Why your attitude toward yourself is so paramount to your success in your practice. Know this, and you’ll have more clients and referrals than you can handle.
  Learn how to ‘capture’ your potential clients within the first few seconds of them reading your advertising.
  Why you NEVER do advertising in large quantities even if you’ve been practicing for years.
  Why targeting your market as a massage therapist is vital to the growth of your business. (And yes there are many markets).
  Where NEVER, EVER to advertise in the paper- the amount of therapists that do this is staggering- Learn how to avoid this disastrous move and you’ll find that clients will flock to you.
  Find out the one thing that all your clients are desperately seeking from you. (Get this and you will be blessed with a full appointment book and a 3 month waiting list.)
  Why discounting without client benefits is the WORST thing you can do to get clients.
  Why marketing your practice using Black and White, instead of full colour can be the best thing you can ever do. (And it’s cheaper!)
  What to never, ever do when advertising your practice.
  The sheer power of an effective editorial- how to do one that works. Get this and you’ll be booked out like I was. (My ‘famous’ editorial is in the eBook. The phone rang every 15 minutes for days, up to midnight when I did this editorial. I was ridiculously inundated!)
  Learn what pictures in your advertising give you the most professional ‘I’ve-been-doing-this-for-years’ look, even if you just graduate yesterday.
  What size ads to use, that work.
  Why advertising to ‘everyone’ is incorrect and will cost you thousands of money, time and effort.
  Finally, the reason why most ads do not work in a massage therapy business


Here’s what therapists are saying:


“Amy has been my business consultant for several months now, and, in that time I have managed to double the amount of clients that I have been seeing.

She has taught me so much about business and she has been extremely caring and supportive. Amy is an amazing person with such a wealth of knowledge. She is an inspiration and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Linda Cotone – Certified Massage Therapist




Thank you Amy,


I am using your e-books in my massage therapy business…I am working for a corporation that has corporate clients…so I am an employee, but I am still working in the field. Your e-books are very valuable to me in my work as a massage therapist.  Thank you.


Michael V. Peake


Licensed Certified Massage Therapist (LCMT)



I am a sole parent of 3 teenagers aged 18, 17 and 12. Earlier this year my oldest child had a car accident and broke his back so he needed to move back home with me. My main income was from my home based web site design business and a part time job as a massage therapist at a clinic. When my son moved back home to recover, it was time to move into a town office and get serious about making more money. I left the clinic I was working at and moved to a serviced office which I decided to use for 20 hours of massage and 20 hours of web design a week. The web design flowed on as before but I made the classic mistake of opening a massage business and expecting the clients to make their way to me.

When I discovered the massage therapy success web site, I made myself take a couple of days off to invest in analysing what I was doing wrong. There were many holes in my approach and I have many pages of notes as a result of doing the exercises in Amy’s eBook. I am slowly working through making changes to my approach. By investing a bit of time and not very much money, I now have consolidated a relationship with my chiropractor who sends me clients, with a few government departments and through referrals from satisfied clients. I made sure my business was well signposted and have a follow-up system for each client.

It took courage to take a few days off to work through the eBook but in just 2 months I reached the goal I expected to reach in a year. The business has stayed at this level for a month so I know that I am on the right track. I still have many ideas from the book to work on so I expect to experience much more success.

Jane, Northern Territory, Australia
Wildgrapes Workplace Massage




“How To Write Advertising For Your

Massage Therapy Business”



After the huge success of “Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists” this ebook was inevitable. This book will teach you copywriting skills in all aspects of your print advertising.


What that means is by the time you finished reading this ebook you’ll know to put together a powerful brochure, flyer and advertisement that potential clients will go crazy for!


You’ll finally discover, what words, phrases and images make people turn from strangers into loyal clients.  You’ll find out what it is that gets people to book in instantly simply by using the right combinations of words.


You’ll see why logos and pretty healing images on your brochures can actually turn potential clients off. Yes it’s true. Sorry if you didn’t want to hear that, but that may be one of the reasons why a lot of clients don’t pick up your brochure and want to call.


After all I’m about telling you the truth, not encouraging you to do stuff that doesn’t work just because you and I think its looks nice. Sometimes “looking nice” doesn’t even get you an enquiry.


In this ebook I’ll show you EXACTLY what potential clients respond to in your brochures and all things in print by successful, advanced copywriting methods. (I learnt copy writing from the most successful people in the industry. Now you can learn from me for a small fraction of the price.)


I also show you in a step-by-step, how-to way, using diagrams, pictures and easy to understand explanations.


Think of it as a step-by-step, visual guide on how to write and put your advertising together. This 215 page ebook will show you how to create the words, layout, colour, text and pictures in your advertising that will successfully bring you new clients!


You will learn:


  How to successfully write a complete brochure, a flyer and a newspaper advertisement from start to finish using these easy instructions.

“Step one, we place X right here.

Step two we add Y over here.

Step 3 we now put A, B, C in this corner”, then by the end of it you will have your first professional written advert that you have done yourself! (with pictures and templates the whole way through. No complicated stuff here!


(This is where you will really learn because I help you, in this step by step, word for word, visual picture instruction what words, layout and pictures to use in your brochures, flyers and newspaper ads.)

  Discover what kinds of headlines to use for your massage business to get a huge client response from your newspaper ads, brochures and flyers.
  You’ll understand and know exactly what words and key phrases for massage businesses specifically that clients respond to and will cause them to book in that very day they see your advertising. (Guaranteed!)
  Why knowing who your target market is will help you find them and market to them in a way that no other massage therapist has. (They’ll be clamouring down your down once you apply this incredible secret!).
  You will learn what photos generate a high client response and how you can use pictures like this yourself
  The myths of whether colour or black and white in massage advertising revealed! I put this to the test and show you some staggering results.
  Why this is completely and utterly wrong:

1. Pay for multiple advertising space in the newspaper, (Such as 5 print runs)  

2. Then write your ad,

3. get the proof back from the newspaper, then the ad goes to print.

No! No! This is all wrong and I revealed why and what you can do to get the process the right way so you save money, time and effort.

  Discover how your marketing and advertising “represents” you and creates an immediate relationship with your clients -knowing how to do this is one of the keys to bring in a huge response from your advertising (whether its brochures or flyers or ads in the paper.)
  See the examples of successful headlines, words, key phrases that work for your potential clients (yes, I’ve done it for you in this section, so all you have to do is copy and paste and your client-generating advert is done for you!)
  Why pre-emption is one of the most undisclosed factor to your success in your massage business. 99% of Massage therapists do not know this, but you will! Which will give you the leading advantage over your competition for life! (And they’ll be none the wiser.)
  How your competition will respond when they see you applying these principles in your advertising. They may come to you asking how you have all these clients in such a short amount of time, they’ll want to know what your ‘secret’ is. Don’t you tell them!
  How to show your potential group of clients, in your massage advertising, that you ARE the person they need, are the best and have huge integrity and that they can trust you- all by just looking at your ad, once.
  You will finally find out what key things specifically make up a successful massage therapy advert.

(I show you examples of what to do and how to do it in a way that’s easy to do yourself, even if you’ve never put pen to paper before to write anything vaguely related to advertising.)

  The number one factor to why clients choose you in the first place- you won’t believe this when you read it! Once you know, you can fully use this in your advertising so you never have a quiet period again.
  Learn why clients have not responded to your advertising in the past and how you can learn this completely successful way of doing things from now on.
  How to know what words to put where in your flyers, brochures and newspaper ads that clients will love. They will feel like you understand them completely, even before they’ve even met you.
  Proven ways to know your clients needs, wants a desires from massage therapy and more importantly, from you as their massage therapist.
  How to know where your best clients are to get the best response from your advertising
  How to know what type of advertising your potential clients want to see from you
  How this major factor that clients fear will stop them from coming to you if you don’t know how to address it (its so simple to us, but to them its huge, do not miss this one!)
  How your unique way of doing massage therapy can be used in your advertising to gain a large number of new clients ( I show you how to find out how you are different from other therapists and how to put this in your advertising)
  Did you know that the way you write and speak normally has incredible power for your advertising? (I show you how this can be used to create a huge client response from all advertising that you do.)
  Discover the proven ways to increase your response rate of clients from your newspaper advertising every single time.
  The 3 simple, yet unknown things you must know for the best and most professional layout to your advertising. (You be amazed at how simple these 3 things are and how we apply it over our approach to massage therapy but miss this when it comes to writing advertising.)
  An easy way to get the right words together for your advert- and its in your everyday activities, but you wouldn’t know it.
  Why using positive words to reflect good energy enhances your chances of a successful response.
  Learn the key secrets to what other ways you help them (not just massage therapy) increases your chance of keeping people as clients and is most likely the reason why they refer people to you. Tip: You’re doing it everyday!
  Learn what will boost your client response if you include this one very important thing. (Such a high percentage of Massage therapist in the world have no clue about this factor. Once you learn it you’ll be able to apply it in your advertising and get more clients that you imagined!)
  Discover how what and how much detail to include in your advertising if you want to maintain safety from strangers whilst working from home- yet still attract a large number of genuine clients
  How special offers must be used in all your advertising- what works and what definitely does not.
  How some, certain photos of Massage therapists, will kill, maim and destroy any chances of getting a fresh batch of happy, keen knew clients coming on a regular basis- please don’t do this!
  Advantages of black and white advertising- when it works in your advertising and when it does not
  Advantages of colour advertising- when it worlds and when it becomes more ineffective
  What fonts work best for brochures, which ones work better for flyers, what looks good, what doesn’t. (And I show you definite what fonts clients respond positively too and what annoys them.)
  What font size is most appropriate for flyers and what should not ever be used- (you see font can say a lot about you, and what your intentions towards your clients. In fact some fonts can make people feel patronised and yelled at, yet some can make people feel relaxed and trusting at first glance- Know what they are and you will increase your changes of a better response from your advertising).
  What sizes of adverts in the newspaper work, are more effective, and what ones get the best response. ( I break the myth about whether left or right side of the newspaper gets more clients, you’ll be so surprised at this one! )
  I show you how to easily work with Microsoft publisher so you can design your own adverts- no expensive programs to buy here! You can design and create, with my help, the most professional and well laid out brochure you have ever done, and one that gets so many clients you will never have a quite period again.)
  As we go in this book, I show you step by step, in clearly laid out instructions how to put a successful, client generating flyer, brochure and advert together, using Microsoft publisher. Starting with a blank template, then adding the first thing, then the second thing, then the third and so fourth. And by the end of that section you’ll see EXACTLY how a successful brochure is put together. I’ve got arrows pointing to places on the diagram of what font to use where so you will not be able to miss a thing, even if you tried!
  What sub headlines are and how they increase your marketing message so clients can see how good you really are
  How to know what words to use for your brochure that bring in a huge response.
  What improvement you can use in your advertising that directly proves how good you really are at massage therapy and how this helps potential clients trust you immediately.
  How to put all this together and create the best, most effective, high client generating brochure, flyer or advert.
  See the examples of advertisements and brochures I’ve used for my own successful advertising as a Massage Therapist. Use them, copy them and keep them as your own.
  See over 50 templates for headlines I have included for you to copy and use for yourself, headlines with specific words and key phrases that most clients love.
  Discover the secret to having clients will trust you from first glance.
  What opening statements get a great response of new clients- this one will save you so much time and energy.
  How to create a unique special offer that no other massage therapist has done to date- and how you will attract a lot of new clients from it.
  How the right exposure can double, or even triple the response of your advertising and get more clients than you hope for
  Learn how to avoid the greatest mistakes that massage therapists make in their advertising- and how you can stay away from doing this.
  How to advertise and market your massage business on the cheap- yet still retain a high quality and standard for yourself, AND get a whole stack of new clients at the same time!
  Learn how much advertising you should do to increase your client numbers- and this is definitely NOT what you think, I can guarantee it!
  Discover the power of ‘testing the water’ and how this will make or break your chances of getting those clients you want
  Why timing when advertising a massage therapy business is everything- I show you exactly how to know when the BEST time to advertise is and when the absolute worst time is so you can get the best response of clients, when you want it.  There’s no such thing as advertising all the time, that’s a myth, which I show you in the book. (Section 2 under “Timing Is Everything”.)
  The scary truth about newspaper employees and your advertising in the newspaper- if you don’t get this, you’ll have no control over your ads, and just giving money to the newspaper execs to pay for their golf and Mercedes Benz. Know this and have complete control, all the time! Please take note of this point.
  Some excellent recommendations of what printing companies to use to print your flyers and brochures, what to look for and what things you must absolutely know before doing any business with them. Knowing this will save you time and money and unnecessary running about for no reason.)
  Discover some successful methods of distribution for your flyers and brochures that I’ve used in my own massage therapy business that worked really, really well. And now you can use them too.
  How to market and advertise to clients you never thought you could get- learn what this secret is! In this section I cover massaging elderly people, office workers, kids, pregnant women, brides to be and wedding massage. I’ve put a mock brochure together in stages so you can see how different groups of people may want some unique and special things in your brochures targeted to them. And what keys words these different groups respond to.
  Learn how to maintain the balance between maintaining boundaries and creating promises- this is very, very important in how you advertise and run your practice.


Here’s what therapists are saying:


“The journey with Amy is an adventure, full of discovery about the massage industry, the full orientation and program, has helped me to have the best start I can imagine. Amy taught me what relationship is and friendship is with my  clients, she’s become my best-friend in the business. 


Learning business when you have not any knowledge about it… it is  impossible, but with Amy everything became simple, understandable, and give me knowledge, now I feel ready to start, and grow a successful business in this industry thank you Amy!”


Denis Georges – Certified Massage Therapist





Hi Amy just to let you know I took your advice and sent my regular and semi regular clients a xmas letter along with a voucher for a extra 15mins free with there next appointment. I sent them out last week and yep I have had them coming back already so it is working. The clients that have re-visited, thought it was a great idea and a lovely xmas gift….

Thanks Amy







Hello Amy,


I’m enjoying your ebook very much and I’m attempting to apply what I’ve learned from you. I’m working on establishing the mutually beneficial relationships necessary to succeed. I sent a letter with my brochure, card and gift certificates for free massages to the dentist and dental hygienist I saw recently but have not heard anything yet. Perhaps this is something that needs to be done in person due to the personal nature of our work and especially because I’m a male therapist. Anyway, love the book and looking forward to applying it more in my practice.




Mark DiPino




“Understanding Your Client”



 Okay, this is by far one of the most important discoveries you will ever make in your entire life. And in this ebook holds all the secrets to what makes your advertising get clients and what type of advertising doesn’t.


“Understanding Your Client” is a  93 page ebook that will permanently transform the way you will market and advertise again. It shows you exactly how to get inside your clients heads. You’ll know what your clients want to hear, see and read in your print advertising to create a high response of clients.


It’s all very well to have the best looking ads and flyers, but how do you know if your type of client will respond to them? Discover this hidden secret in this massage industry- your colleagues will never tell you!


You see my good friend, you can do the best ads, flyers brochures in the world but they don’t mean squat if you don’t know who you are marketing to. The most successful massage advertising piece doesn’t come from the colours or the font, it comes from a solid understanding of what your clients are looking for, and what they’re willing to pay you for.


And the first secret to getting more clients in understand how they tick on more than just the surface level. And this book teaches you how you can become a master at knowing what to look for, how to know everything about them and what they want. Then you can apply that to your knew found marketing expertise and you’ll be earning the best massage therapy salary in the industry. (I know this is true because it took me less than 2 years to earn what my teaches at college were earning. I’m not saying this to show off, I’m saying this because I want to give you confidence that its possible.)


Without this book, you will never be able to move your massage business from where you are now to the next level because you’ll never understand who your client is and what they want. And if you don’t have that, your marketing will never work. Please, don’t underestimate this. No one ever tells you this, and no one ever will because its not widely understood.


Understanding your clients is the number 1 key to good marketing. And that’s exactly what this precious ebook is about.


Combine this ebook with the others and you will be ahead of the game so far you’ll wonder how you ever going along without it. You’ll seriously never have any trouble with getting clients again because getting them will be as easy as brushing your hair.


You will learn;


  How To know and understand your clients so much better so you can get better client returns
  How to know where to advertise and cut out the guess work
  You’ll also discover what things you can do to make your marketing incredibly powerful, so that people will respond immediately
  Learn what a ‘Target Market’ is and why you must know what it is, because the speed of success of your practice will depend on you knowing this
  You’ll learn first hand how to be so familiar with what makes your clients tick. And you’ve constantly got to know why they will come to you over anyone else.
  You’ll be able to speak their language in your advertising and marketing so well that they will think you have experienced the same things as them.


You’ll also quickly discover:


  Who Your Clients Really Are
  What Your Clients Want
  Why Your Clients Want Your Massage
  The timing of why they choose massage at certain times
  How Your Clients Are Best Open To having Massage With you
  Discover The 5 Easy Steps Used To Find Your Target Market
  How A Survey or questionnaire completely changes the way you go
about getting clients and how it improves your speed and accuracy
in attracting new clients to you
  If you are not doing what they want then you can start providing
this in your practice and thereby increase your return rate.
  Discover How You Can Develop Effective Marketing Strategies to
Gain Clients
  Why ‘Specific’ Marketing Works For A Massage Business
  How You Clients Attitudes and Opinions Change And what You can do
to keep up
  How You Can Apply Your New Knowledge To Better Service Your Clients
  How You Can Easily Retain Loyalty And Gain Referrals


Here’s what therapists are saying:


“Recently I have engaged the service of Amy Roberts. She had given me some invaluable insights into marketing my business. Amy presents these skills in an enthusiastic and professional manner which gives clarity to the suggestions she puts forward.

She thinks with ease “outside the box” and I have found her creative ideas and advertising skills very helpful in reaching a new client base.”

Jillian Rodgers – Certified Bowen Therapist, Naturopath




Hi Amy
Thank you so much for the advice on discounting. It’s sort of a trap I’ve already fallen into as I know I could be charging more for my massages than I do. What I find hard is that some clients just don’t understand that it may take a few sessions to fix their shoulder that has been bothering them for 5 years etc.. Or they are only prepared to come once a month and wonder why improvement is slow. So many expect a one session wonder from a
massage therapist but are prepared to go back week after week month after month with sometimes very little improvement to a chiropractor.


I have one client who has been going to a chiropractor for her lower back every week since 1997 and although she is no better she has never questioned it. I think I keep my charges a little lower than I could do is because I’m expected to have people walk in my door crippled in pain and walk out 100% better and I can’t guarantee that will always happen. I think I’m allowing peoples sometime unreal expectations to effect the way I view my own worth and skills and charge accordingly. I know that sort of thinking is so wrong! I can’t wait until your new ebook is out! Thank you so much.








And, if you want to check out the 

‘Table of Contents’ for each ebook….

Plus you get…


My 60 Day Personal Guarantee To You

I have to be honest with you – I’m just like you, I base my business on integrity. I tell it how it is so you can get the truth and stop struggling. This means I provide excellent quality so if you are not happy for any reason you get every cent of your money back. Okay? I do not want to keep your money if you are not happy. (After all why would I?)


You have nothing to lose. Indeed when you order I would like to offer you as my personal gift….



Free Special Gift Number 1


Special Free Bonus Ebook Valued $19.77

with your purchase of “Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”.
When you purchase “Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”, you will also get, for free, “Business Check-Up”. This excellent ebook explains all the inexpensive and easy ways you can apply to your massage business to impress, keep and gain new clients. These client-generating strategies you can apply straight away, and, can propel your massage business from quiet to bustling in no time!


So that’s $59.74 worth of value for just… $39.97

to purchase “Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”




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Easy To Follow Massage Therapy Business Plan Valued At $19.77

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With your purchase of “Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists” you will also get, for free, “Planning To Succeed In Your Massage Therapy Business.” This ebook is written specifically for a massage therapists that will help clarify where you are going and how you will get there using the powerful information that is in “Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists.”

That’s $69.74 worth of information for just … $49.97

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Free Special Gift Number 3 & 4


Easy To Follow “Marketing Diary For Massage Therapists” Valued At $19.77 and  “Advertising Your Massage Therapy Business Workbook”Valued At $19.77

with your purchase of “How To Advertise Your Massage Therapy Business”.


Its hard to keep track of everything you are doing, or let alone remember what marketing you did last week or the month before. And you simply must keep a record of what you did and how well it work, so you can always come back to the things that worked. So to help you get more clients from marketing and advertising and keep track of everything, I’ve included two incredibly handy books to go with this package. The first is “Marketing Diary For Massage Therapists.”


The second free handy book is the “Advertising Your Massage Therapy Business Workbook”, which will give you a way to work out exactly, (with great exercises like the “7 Step Success System”) ,  the advertising you need to do to get those clients through your doors. So this workbook will allow you to put into practice everything you learnt in the “How To Advertise Your Massage Therapy Business”.


So that’s $99.51 worth of value for just… $59.97

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Free Special Gift Number 5


Easy To Follow “Target Market Worksheets” and Excel Program

valued At $12.97 with your purchase of “Understanding Your Client”.


With your purchase of “Understanding Your Client” you get a free handy workbook and Excel Program will give you a means to gather and  understand information about HOW your clients think so you can effectively market to them; to firstly get them through your doors and then keep them coming back as regular clients.


So that’s $42.94 worth of value for just… $29.97

to purchase “Understanding Your Client”




What about all the ebooks together?

What’s the price of that?


If you want all the ebooks together then that’s easy! All four ebooks are valued at $262.93 if you bought them all separately. But if you buy them in the package the price you only pay is $139.97. That’s a saving of $122.96.


I just don’t want to charge you full price if you want them all together at the same time.  So I’ve bundled them altogether into a package called:



“Advanced Marketing Strategies For Massage Therapists.”



Just to recap, the package makes up all four ebooks purchased together. “Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”, “Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists”,  “How To Write Advertising For Your Massage Therapy Business” and “Understanding Your Client”.



Why Am I Offering These Books In An Option To Buy As a Special Package?


Because I know how hard it is getting clients. It will change your life for the better you should be able to have access to this information. Period. (It’s simple really.)


Have you ever known something so great that will help people and wanted to tell everyone? Well now you know why I am creating this special offer.


I’ve been there and I don’t want you to suffer as I did. This is why I want to give you some solid, successful and practical advice that you can use for the entire time you do massage. You will get an enormous amount from this package, and really, this is my passion; helping Massage therapists get more clients in their massage therapy businesses. The bottom line is that I want to help you get clients and keep them coming back as soon as possible.


This ebooks are over ten years of experience in building a massage practice of over 3000 clients. Since 1994 actually. If you’re starting out, or even if you’ve been practising for a few years and are totally frustrated by your client numbers not being what they could be then this package will be an incredible boost.


These ebooks give you all the inside running on what they don’t teach you at college. If you’re struggling, these ebooks will show you how to get as many clients as you can handle, easily and quickly. Whether you are new to massage therapy or have been doing it for several years, you will find these ebooks give you the tools to boost your clients numbers permanently.


In a less than a minute, you can instantly fast-track your way to getting more clients and keeping them coming back when you download them on their own or as a  package deal.



“Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”

(Plus “Business Check Up”)


“Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists”

(Plus “Planning To Succeed In Your Massage Therapy Business”)


“How To Write Advertising For Your Massage Therapy Business”

(Plus “Marketing Diary For Massage Therapists” and  “Advertising Your Massage Therapy Business Workbook”)


“Understanding Your Client”

(Plus “Target Market Worksheets” and Excel Program)


*Savings of $122.96

“Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists”

(Plus “Planning To Succeed In Your Massage Therapy Business”)


“Understanding Your Client”

(Plus “Target Market Worksheets” and Excel Program)


*Savings of $20.17



Don’t forget, this information changes lives. It picks you up from a place of constant struggling to a new place of success and positivity, where things just work. This information transforms your massage business permanently.


You have now begun your successful journey….


My absolute best wishes to you,










Amy Roberts
Massage Therapist & Massage Business Coach

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