Mass Training System

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So I haven’t scared you off yet?  Perfect.  Allow me a minute to properly introduce myself and tell you why you should believe in me and this program.

I have a PhD in Exercise Physiology. I have worked as a professor of Exercise Science at Brooklyn College and Springfield College. I have coached the athletes from Springfield College Team Ironsports. I have competed in Strongman and qualified and competed in two world championships at the Arnold Classic. I have competed in submission wrestling at the highest level in the North American Grappling Association. I have fought professionally in Mixed Martial Arts. I have trained for a long time. I have made weight in weight class sports for a long time. I have studied the workings of the body and lived the science to the best of my ability for a long time. I have been lurking in the shadows, learning and training, not putting my information out for public consumption for a long time.

If you are an elite strength coach, you probably know who I am. If you are an elite strongman athlete, you probably know who I am. If you are a regular Joe who is a weekend warrior, or a gym bro, you probably do not know who I am. This is how I meant to keep things. Now I am changing and permitting the 99% to have a glimpse at what the 1% does.

Perhaps I can unveil more members of the 1% by putting this information out there for the masses. I doubt there are many of you out there, but if you exist, I’ll know it because you’ll enter the beast, you will become the beast, and you will want to tell me and the world about it afterwards.


At this point, you may be asking, what is the outcome that I am trying to get out of this program? The outcome is a multi-faceted one. If you are a typical gym bro, and you’re only looking to put on muscle mass, this will be accomplished through this program if you eat a lot of food. If you are looking to get shredded, this will be accomplished if you eat a moderate amount of food. If you are looking to get injured, this will be accomplished if you have poor technique and do not eat enough food. If you are looking to get stronger, this will be accomplished because the training density will cause you to accumulate a tremendous amount of high quality work.  If you are looking to improve cardiovascular fitness, this will be accomplished because your heart rate will be elevated for significant amounts of time while you’re doing this program. This program is a shot gun blast. Whatever it hits, it destroys.

In putting this program together I was inspired to do some blending of approaches that reflect what I’ve learned of block training coming from the Soviet sports science approach to training, and some good old fashioned American ingenuity.  Each phase prepares you for the following one optimally, and every subsequent phase builds on that which was developed in the previous phase.  I’m looking to change body composition with this program, pack on muscle, increase strength in a non-specific directional way, and develop the physiology of your energy systems (aka make you a monster).

In my organization of the blocks for this program, I have selected an approach that will look to recruit and fatigue as many muscle fibers in the body as I possibly can tap into. I have chosen exercises that I believe are the appropriate tools for that specific job. This is my laboratory, are you ready to be my subject?

There is always a healthy amount of skepticism that emerges whenever there is a new training program or diet structure that emerges on the scene, especially from those of us who have had access to the upper echelon of training knowledge. Most of it is 8 weeks to this, a month to that, a quick body fix, and so on. This, however, is not a training program. This is not a miracle body fix. This program you are lucky enough to hold in your hands is nothing short of a crucible. One that many have gone through and not all have emerged from. If you are flipping though the pages and any part of this program makes you feel uneasy or you don’t quite understand what it’s trying to accomplish, trust that instinct and put it back where you found it. No shame in it, it’s very much designed that way. For those of you who have an enthralling courtship with fatigue, soreness and their other evil step sisters, then welcome home. You will sweat, you will grunt, you will drop weights, you’ll have gym owners none too pleased with you, you will occasionally zero out sets. But know that the hands typing this are attached to someone who has felt every single thing you have. The battery acid pumping through your veins post Phase 1, the crushing feeling of being trapped in Phase 2, the painfully explosive pump and muscle fatigue of phase 3, and the almost certain death that awaits you in Phase 4.  I am all too familiar with all of it. But keep in this in the front of your mind before you embark on this journey: if you die, you die.

Rob Roarty

Here’s the deal:  this program has been turning mere mortals into monsters for some time now, and I’m 100% confident that it can do the same for you.  Thus, I’m going to give you a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee on your purchase.  If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy, let me know and I’ll refund your purchase in full.  Plus, you’ll just be leaving more room in the 1% for the rest of us.

Dear Reader,

My name is Dr. Ben House, and I’m here to not only keep you alive, but also make sure you ride the gains train throughout MASS.

I have known Pat Davidson for a few years now and have yet to meet another coach who is as intense or driven in making human beings stronger. I also know that when you follow this gentleman, you are playing with fire. Lick your face and back away type fire. My goal is to give you gloves when you play with the flames and a safe place to put the blaze at night because you are going to get burned, and I don’t want it to scorch you to the bone. I’m the guy they call when people die. I rummage around in the graveyard and see who I can save.

You don’t want to meet me. You want to roll through #MASS and look in the rearview and say, “That wasn’t too pleasant, but maybe next year I’ll do that again.” This nutrition manual contains the fundamental principles that keep you alive and allow you to flourish.

Dr. Davidson has been working his entire life to balance and align the exercise piece of this expedition. But, there are three other wheels you need to put on your vehicle if you don’t want to run into a stop light at 105 in the middle of trap bar deadlift, and if any one of these other three wheels are off, you crash and burn. How bad likely depends on your genetics and training age. And here’s the rub. You can’t make up for one wheel being low on air, misaligned, or completely off your vehicle by putting massive tire treads and jacking up another wheel. Ultimately, I’m going to teach you to own these three wheels, and help you get the most out of not just training, but life.