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From the Techy Head Of Simple Simon :

Dear Fellow Marketer,
I’d really like to keep this page as SIMPLE as possible… so here goes:

Link redirecting And Redirecting - What Is It?

ONE PART of Link Supercharging is about making it SUPER EASY & SUPER QUICK to set up Customer Friendly Redirect Links

But it goes WAY beyond that!

It’s ALSO about getting Getting More Traffic,  Branding Your Domains,  and Maximizing Your commissions! 

So let’s start with the redirects:

A raw affiliate link might look like this:


You want to look like a pro so you should use a “redirected” link like this:

Not only does the second link LOOK a whole lot more professional, but you can also track it’s hits, change the destination webpage if required etc…

So just from these points alone it would be worth having a method of redirecting or redirecting your links... wouldnt it?

Another benefit of using Link Supercharger is a built in ‘Tracking’ facility!

This shows you how many times your link has been clicked, allowing you to work out conversion rates and the popularity of your Supercharged link with your list or blog readers!
It even allows you to create different links for the same product so you can “split-test” them!

And they look so much nicer and more professional than using the spammers choice, online URL shortener services that :

Things like : — —

Which you have NO control over whatsoever and do NOTHING to BRAND your domain!

AND do we really want people wondering if the shortened link they’re considering clicking is going to lead them to a site that sell blue pills, has ladies who can’t afford clothing, or worse? .. lol

By Now you are probably thinking that you should be using software on YOUR own domain that YOU control to Supercharge YOUR links…..


And yes – there always seems to be a BUT!!

Where most newbies fall at the first hurdle is when it comes to installing a piece of software as powerful as Link Supercharger!

The instructions usually say something along the lines of:

  1. Download the software
  2. FTP to your Domain
  3. Log into cpanel
  4. Create a Database
  5. Create a User
  6. Add User to Database
  7. Grant user permissions
  8. Record Database & User Details
  9. Record Database & User Passwords
  10. Go To Install page
  11. Add Database & User & Password
  12. Click Install
  13. Unlucky for some – fingers crossed everything connected, go to set up page!
  14. Create admin user & password
  15. Login
  16. Use

Can you picture a newbie getting through all those? – Heck even experienced marketers still struggle at times remembering to complete every step first time!

Experience has shown us that most people get stuck around number 3 or 4 (‘cos if you get things wrong from here – NOTHING is going to work!)

So how about we make things simple?

Introducing “Link Supercharger!”

Link Supercharger

Forget the 15-16 steps above – How about we show you how Link Supercharger can be installed in JUST FOUR!


  1. Download an install file
  2. Create Folder & Upload the file
  3. Go To Setup Page – Add Username & Password
  4. Login & Use!

Here’s a video showing the COMPLETE Install process
(NOTE: it is only than 94 seconds long!)

As you can see, Link Supercharger completely bypasses the need for all those techy parts of creating databases and database users…
No crossing fingers with this simple software!

Now check out some more amazing features of Link Supercharger:

By Now you may be thinking… “Finally – A simple to install software package that could get me more traffic, maximize my commissions and make me look more professional!
Surely, if it does all this it can’t really be as easy to use as it makes out???

Well here is a video showing how Simple it is to Use:
(NOTE: Only around 2 minutes long – it really is that simple!)

  Hi Guys,

I’m looking forward to telling everyone about Link Supercharger. I’ve
used similar products for years – But I have to use multiple programs to get the funcionality that is already built into Link Supercharger!

And the programs I use don’t go as far as yours does with thosefantastic ‘Hot Pages’! The fact that they show up in search engine rankings is amazing for a link redirection script!

With the social sharing options, and the complete simplicity of a one file install, You really have surpassed so many in the field! I also think both experienced and newbie marketers will love you for keeping the price so low! (I would have expected you to price this software nearer the $97 mark, or at least have a monthly subscription to use it!)

I have no doubt this will get a lot of people
promoting and using it, as it just plain and
simple WORKS!
Nice Job Guys!

Simon Hodgkinson


So there you have it

Simple Software That Does What It Says On The Box

From Today you too can create professional looking Supercharged links with ease!

By The Way, You’ll also get full instructions and access to our very simple yet comprehensive training videos!

One Time Payment – Only $47  $15.97


Feel Free To Click The Buy Button And Add This Powerful Software To Your Marketing Tool Box Right Now! - or Continue Reading to see more details about the amazing EXTRAS You Get With This Simple But Powerful Software!

Maybe you’d like to see what the ‘Hot Page’ creator is all about?

In summary - it allows you to add a selection of links to a single page as a recap of what you recommended this month, or from a particular marketer, or even a specific niche. It’s just our way of adding EXTRA value to your investment by allowing you to benefit in as many ways as possible with no extra technical knowledge required!


Whats Hot? Hot Page Creator - Thats What!

Here’s a video demonstrating the ‘Hot Page’ creator:
(NOTE: Less than 3 minutes long!)


Hot Pages Allow You To


Are Yo Thinking WOW?  Yep Us Too


Listen, normally when someone creates something this easy to install, that can Maximize Your Commissions, get you More Traffic and Brand Your Domain but is this easy to use, they like to charge an ongoing monthly cost to use it!

Not Today!

Today you can download and install Link Supercharger for just $47  $15.97
Then play around with it for 60 days, and if you’re not totally thrilled at how simple it is to use, just ask for your money back!

Yes – You get a FULL 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


As you can see:

Tick   We’ve Kept It Simple!

Tick   We’ve made it EASY to use!

Tick   We’ve packed it with useful EXTRAS!

Tick   And we’ve Removed any risk on your part!

All that’s left for you to do is Buy Now, Install, & Use Link Supercharger Today!


One Time Payment – Only $47  $15.97


Make ugly affiliate links a thing of the past, improve your marketing with accurate stats, and benefit from your hot pages as and whenever you would like to!

All installed and working within minutes!

Best Regards
Simon PhillipsRandy Smith

Simon & Randy
The Simple Simon Software Team


Why use a link shortening service you don’t control – when the techy DataBase stuff has been completely removed?


No Matter how non techy you are, You’re fully covered by our risk free guarantee, so install today in less than 5 minutes and take 60 Days to play around your new tool!


Come on be honest.. When you recommend this software – which link looks best:

This Ugly thing:

Or this one of yours:

One Time Payment – Only $47  $15.97