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Learn2Lick FAQ

Do girls like getting eaten out?

I can’t get over her smell, what should I do?

She says it hurts when I lick her. What’s wrong?

Can she loose her virginity during cunnilingus?

I’m not sure I can find her clitoris.

Can I hurt her with my teeth?

I have impotence issue. Can giving cunnilingus make it up to her?

What should she do while receiving cunnilingus?

What is the best position for giving and receiving oral sex?

Is it safe to eat pussy?

How can I convince her to shave it without offending her?

How long should it take to get her to orgasm?

My jaw hurts while giving her oral sex. What to do?

Can I give her oral while she’s having her period?

It is disguisting to me, what should I do?

How will I know that she wants me to do it?

Where to lick to make her cum?

When is it appropriate to give oral sex?

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2 The Orgasm


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