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It Didn’t Take Me Long to Figure Out Just How Hard and Boring Learning a New Language Can Be

Don’t get me wrong… The IDEA of learning a new language is really exciting, at least it is to me… But once I sat down with my first Japanese it didn’t take me long to realize that Japanese is pretty complicated and this was going to be a LONG and BORING process…

I skipped from one course to the next and found out that they’re all pretty similar to each other…​

I don’t have a terrible memory, I don’t have the greatest memory either, but this stuff was hard…

I didn’t know it at the time, but it didn’t have to be hard… It didn’t have to be boring (it’s actually a lot of fun) and I could have mastered over 1,000 Japanese words in the same amount of time it’s take me to get through a lesson or two in “traditional” Japanese courses.​

I know that sounds like an unbelievable claim but it’s true, and I’m about to tell you why…​

I started wondering if this guy could help me figure out a way to learn Japanese faster, so I went out and bought just about everything he’s ever put out on memory training…​

When I Used His Techniques I Started Learning Japanese… I Was Having Fun, And I Was Learning and Retaining Over 100 Words Per Hour. 

I know it sounds incredible, but it’s true. In just a few hours I was starting to pick up Japanese words faster than ever before… In less than a week I was having conversations in Japanese… And in less than 2 months time I was completely fluent in Japanese.

Keep in mind it takes some people 10 YEARS to become fluent in Japanese… And that’s because they learn the same way that nearly every single course out there teaches… And it’s a looong and boring process.​

Using the memory techniques taught by Harry Lorayne literally took years off of my learning curve… Pretty soon I started turning it into a course, mainly for myself, and was learning 100 new words per hour… And I was easily remembering them, permanently.

Whenever a new American co-worker of mine would transfer to Japan, I’d let them borrow the course I’d put together for myself… And every single one of them where having fluent conversations in Japanese in less than a weeks time…

Our Japanese co-workers couldn’t believe it!​

Here’s Just a Little Bit of What I Can Show You…

Bullet Japanese has been designed to make you fluent fast… Teach ANYONE how to speak Japanese at record speeds… Even if you’ve never learned a 2nd language before… And if you feel like you don’t have a great memory, it’s 100 times more powerful than realize.

It Has Worked for Hundreds of People, And It Can Work For You As Well

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now And I Understand That It Is Fully Guaranteed For 60 Days

Why Learn Japanese?

If you’re reading this website then you probably already a strong desire to learn Japanese, but just in case you’re considering it, here are the many benefits that I’ve come across…

Here’s Why You’ll Have Fun Every Time You Take A Lesson From Bullet Japanese…

Most Japanese courses are pretty much the same… If you take a class, you go through boring assignments, and extremely boring memory exercises that simply aren’t effective as they could be.

Not only that, but to become fluent in Japanese is going to cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars…

Think about that for a second. Do you really want to spend a TON of money just to force yourself to sit through hour upon hour of BORING lessons?

With Bullet Japanese, learning Japanese automatically becomes like a game, like a fun challenge for yourself to learn just how much more you can learn with each lesson.​

​You can see your progress day by day… You become excited because everyday you can see your self one step closer to learning Japanese…

And that’s the REAL secret.​

To make learning Japanese as fast and easy as possible, all while making it a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience.

The memory training devices work… Without repetition, and you remember every word you learn, up to 100 words per hour…

When it used to take you an hour just to remember “May I Use The Restroom” in Japanese, now in that same time frame you could learn enough words to hold an intelligent conversation about ANY subject…

It’s that powerful… And you’ll look forward to every single lesson.

And once you complete the course, you’ll have the knowledge to pick up Japanese words the first time you read or hear them…

You can be speaking Japanese in literally less than a day from now, and be well on your way to being fluent in one of the worlds most beautiful languages.

That’s why Bullet Japanese is quickly becoming the world’s most popular Japanese learning system.​

Here’s What People Who’ve Tried Our Course Have To Say…

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese Now And I Understand That It Is Fully Guaranteed For 60 Days

Yes! I Want Bullet Japanese And I Understand It Is Fully Guaranteed For 60 Days…

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