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Iam not talking about one of those ‘free land’ schemes, which some Governments offer, in an attempt to generate more land tax; where the only thing you’ll get is a practically worthless piece of desert or mountain land.

No. I am referring to “abandoned” (yet highly valuable) real estate; the kind you see around you every day in cities, towns and rural communities. Real estate such as private homes, apartments, vacant land, woodland, in fact just about every type of land and property you can think of…

Acquire real estate, like this, for free?!

Yes. It’s all thanks to a little-known legal procedure, well founded in English law, called “Adverse Possession”. Simply put, this procedure allows anyone to legallyclaim ownership to real estate, where the original owner cannot be found or where they do not come forward to assert their ownership.

There is no limit to the number of land parcels, and properties, you can lay claim to with Adverse Possession… You could be claiming ownership of highly valuable property, on a regular basis, and building a substantial real estate portfolio.

Imagine… acquiring FULL LEGAL OWNERSHIP of real estate, and not paying a penny for it! – No down-payment, no mortgage worries, or rent to pay out for. You’re simply making use of a legal procedure to gain ownership of real estate. A procedure that most people don’t even know exists let alone how to go about doing it.

A few high-profile claims…

Over the years, Adverse Possession has created real estate wealth for many individuals worldwide. People like Timothy Ellis, who used Adverse Possession to acquire ownership of a £225,000 (US$357,000) home in South London, England.

…And Roy Bates, who, in 1967, and much to the embarrassment of the British Government, used Adverse Possession to actually acquire ownership of an abandoned military base, located in the North Sea, off the eastern coast of England!

(Previously known as “Roughs Tower” and resembling a small oil rig, this island fortress was used in WWII to help defend the British coastline against German attack).

How was he able to do it? He did it by following the law… Like Mr Ellis, he acquired ownership to a piece of real estate (in this case a military fort, located in the North Sea) that had been abandoned, i.e. it had been left vacant for several years, with the original owner showing no interest in it.

Imagine acquiring legal ownership of a purpose built military base, in the North Sea, and not paying one penny for it! This property is, undoubtedly, worth many millions in today’s market.

Or, what about the Woodstock Organization, in America, who tried Adverse Possession to acquire ownership of the famous Woodstock Festival site, on behalf of the general public. And more recently, Kenneth Robinson of Texas was featured in an ABC News article, regarding his claim to a home in the upscale neighborhood of Flower Mound, TX.

…and the many hundreds that aren’t

The type of Adverse Possession claims, detailed above, regularly make the world’s news and give you a good idea just how far this legal procedure can take you. But, like me, and the many other Adverse Possession practitioners around the world, you’ll probably want your real estate claims to be as low-profile and discreet as possible.

And so you may only want to look at claiming “abandoned” private homes and vacant land; the kind of real estate that is still highly valuable, but “un-newsworthy”.

Properties like these, for example:

Acquiring real property like this, on a regular basis, could be as simple as knowing how to make a claim and going ahead with it… Of course, to succeed in this business (like any other) you will need to have a “can do” attitude and be prepared to work. But, I know of no other real estate opportunity that will create this kind of wealth for you for such little effort.

Are there many abandoned properties?

Yes! In fact there are hundreds of thousands, worldwide, and in your own neighbourhood there will certainly be abandoned property and vacant land parcels that you can claim; you just need to get out there and find them.

…and it also doesn’t matter what kind of of area you live in, as you will be able to find suitable real estate claims pretty much everywhere you look; abandoned property is not just confined to low-value areas.

Can I do this where I live?

Yes. Adverse Possession is well established in English law, and most countries worldwide have adopted this legal principle as part of their land laws. So, no matter where you are, assuming you live in a reasonably democratic country, you should be able to go ahead with Adverse Possession claims on real estate.

Should I be wary of imprisonment?

Absolutely not! You will be utilising the law, not breaking it. This is a method of legally acquiring ownership of land and property. So when pursuing an Adverse Possession claim on real estate, there is no question of you breaking the law or committing any kind of offence.

Is this immoral?

That depends on your outlook. Yes, it’s true, all real estate does belong to someone. But my belief is that real estate that has genuinely been abandoned is “fair game”, in fact you will be doing the local community a favour…

Consider for a moment, the case of an abandoned home. As a “built” property it quickly becomes a visual eyesore for the whole area. Add to that the fact that it will reduce other property values in the immediate area, not to mention health & safety problems and attracting vermin to the area, and you can see that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with… quickly!

Unfortunately, government dept’s rarely have the time or resources to deal with abandoned real estate in an efficient way, and this is where you come in… By claiming this type of land and property for yourself, and making use of it, you will acquire a legal interest in it that can later be converted to FULL LEGAL OWNERSHIP!

Communities, and surrounding areas, will benefit from your actions too as you will be solving their neighborhood property problem quickly and efficiently… Government dept’s benefit too, as you are also eliminating their problem, i.e. their legal responsibility to rehabilitate abandoned property and land.

Of course, the main reason you will be running your Adverse Possession business, is so that you can acquire a substantial income or real estate portfolio. But the truth is, by dealing with abandoned property you’re also doing a free-service for the community and your government.

Do I need to become a squatter?

No. Squatter, is an unfortunate and negative term used to describe someone who unlawfully occupies a vacant property or other real estate. Your occupation, however, will be entirely lawful…

Another important fact to consider is that a “squatter” has the reputation of being someone who breaks in to homes, unlawfully, “brings down the neighborhood”, and is generally annoying to neighbors.

You, on the other hand, will be doing none of those things, and your only interest or involvement in Adverse Possession is as a professional real estate business. This is an important point to cover, as you will be treating your Adverse Possession claims in just the same way as you would any other professional, high-potential business!

Your property claims will still need to be occupied, however. But you can easily fulfil this requirement by having a tenant occupy the property (or vacant land) on your behalf…

Any restrictions or skills needed?

No. As long as you’re old enough to acquire an interest in real estate (this age is usually 18, but varies depending where you live, so please check) then you can get involved and start making your own Adverse Possession claims on real estate in your area.

Like anything that involves money, you will need to be sensible. And, if you want your claims to be successful (which you do) then you’ll need to be organised, and have a willingness to learn more about Adverse Possession.

This is a legal subject, after all, and although you don’t really need a legal aptitude or knowledge to do this, learning as much about the subject as you can will be an obvious advantage for you.

You can work wherever you wish; from home, an office, anywhere… And a major advantage of this business is that you can work on your claims whenever you like. So it can be a very full-time opportunity for you, or just a part-time venture, involving perhaps a single property – it’s up to you.

How much can I make?

In less than a year from now, you could acquire enough real estate that you never have to worry about money again. On the other hand, you may not do very well at all. As with any “business opportunity”, success is entirely dependant on you.

The Sealand example, given above, shows us what an exceptional person has done with Adverse Possession. But for the rest of us “average” folks, claiming abandoned property and land on the mainland, is well within our reach… and there are plenty of them.

Anything I need to be careful of?

Yes. Please do be careful of some of the other companies claiming to offer advice about Adverse Possession. In our experience, their information and advice is often incorrect, and to follow it could land you in trouble. Don’t forget, this is a legal subject, and if you decide you want to build real estate wealth via Adverse Possession, then you need to ensure you’re on the right side of the law and doing things correctly.

OK, i’m interested!
What now?

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