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Never Worry About Weight Loss Again

Scientists Discovering Inner Energy Practices Impacts and Changes Your Genes, DNA1,4-6,13-20,23

All practitioners of inner energy know that it changes them from the inside out.

While the main stream media and medical community still trying the fully understand the reasons, you shouldn’t be waiting for the government agencies to tell you that you should be practicing inner energy for your health and weight.  A Few Science Research into Inner Energy and Genes:

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The truth is inner energy is difficult to understand to an outsider and beginner.  Inner Energy Masters have taken a lifetime to master the practices and to fully change their DNA.  It gets even harder when there are so many ways.

Yet it really comes down how much inner energy is generated by the practices and to where the energy is being redirected.  That’s really the difference between all the methods.

Many methods are difficult to master and if you don’t do them right you may never see any result. On the other hand, some are too easy and results will never add to anything significant.

This is why there are so few “Masters” and so many “Students” who never make it…


Inner Energy Weight Loss has taken the different methods and filter them down to the ones that require “No Mastering”, “Gives Result Right Away”, and “Still Incredibly Powerful”.

More than enough for losing weight, changing your internal genetics, and becoming athletic.



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This is probably the single most important habit you can do that will make or break your weight loss effort.  Get this wrong, you’re almost guaranteed to become overweight no matter how much exercise or inner energy practice you do.

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You may never have to worry about slimming or weight loss again

You may be able to go on a bad lifestyle for a little awhile and not get fat…

This is because you’ll be different from within. Your digestive tracts will become stronger and more efficient.

The inner energy of your digestive tracts will run smoothly without many blockages.

It would seem like you were born different. In fact, you will feel more alive and look livelier.

That’s what you will achieve when you learn to build inner energy.1,4-6,13-20,23

You’ll change from the inside … all the way to your outside appearance

As your internal organs improve, your external appearance changes too.2,3,7,8,12,15,35,37,

The pounds will go away, your physical body will slim down and you will look fit.2,3,7

You will look energized and strong.9-12,14,29,35,37,53 (Weight loss programs not adhering to the law of nature will leave you weak and tired – as well as other complications)

Your weight will unlikely come back because your internal organs have changed.

You will also become those people who can eat whatever they want and won’t worry about getting fat. That’s because you will also be different from the inside.

Why Intense Exercise Doesn’t Really Work…

This is also why an intense and improper exercise will leave you with a great appetite afterwards. You’ve depleted your inner energy in great amount. You’ll then very likely eat a huge meal which will put great strain on your digestive system.

If you don’t eat a big meal, you can’t recover those inner energy quickly, and you may get sick and other complications may occur.

This is why modern fitness experts have discovered that intense exercises one day and full rest huge meals the other day give so much great result than intense exercise every single day.

However, with inner energy practice, you will not have that problem because you’re working with the true law of nature.

And you’ll slim down and become fit at far quicker rate than conventional exercise.  And most important of all, much less effort!

28 Foods with The Highest Inner Energy – Will Have You Losing Fat on the First Day

More Inner Energy = Less Food


More energy is equivalent to less food consumption. With more inner energy, you’ll have less cravings for food. You’ll feel energetic, enthusiastic, and alive.

This is why Chinese Inner Energy Master use the saying “When Energy is Full, One Doesn’t Think About Food”.


Now You Know Why Inner Energy Masters Can Go On Weeks Without Food and Stay Energetic


Yes.  You’ve probably seen or heard of Inner Energy Masters not eating for weeks or months yet remain energetic and focused.  It’s a bit extreme for everyday people like you and me but it is just a law of nature.

Once the science is understand then there’s no such thing as miracle.

More Inner Energy = Less Food.

More energy is equivalent to less food consumption. With more inner energy, you’ll have less cravings for food. You’ll feel energetic, enthusiastic, and alive.

This is why Chinese Inner Energy Master use the saying “When Energy is Full, One Doesn’t Think About Food”.

What does this mean for you and me?

This Means You’ll See The Pounds Go Away From Day 1

Simply eating less food naturally yet remaining energetic with no cravings or hunger (because More Inner Energy = Less Food), you’ll see the pounds go away starting from the day you start building inner energy for your body.

This is the great part about inner energy practice because the results will come in noticeably and easily as you build inner energy.

As you continue to build inner energy through powerful methods, you’ll find your internal organs starting to change too at the deepest level.1,4-6,13-20,23

With your physical body transformed, you’ll also start to see that you are unlikely to get fat ever again1,4-6,13-20,23

Even when you partake in some bad lifestyles once in awhile.

Most Efficient Weight Loss, Least Possible Effort

With Inner Energy Weight Loss, you will become healthier and stronger (most of all, slim, fit, and athlete) at the most efficient rate possible without the unnecessary strain of intense exercise.

Moreover, the best of all, the least possible effort!

You’ve always seen people who doesn’t eat much yet they’re so energetic. With more energy, the food actually taste better, too.

More Inner Energy = More Natural Charm, Attraction

With more inner energy, you’ll feel better and look better. You’ll look fit and athletic.

You will energize people around you. They will naturally like you, get attracted to you, and want to be around you because of the high energy emitted by you.

“Shedding The Embryo and Changing The Bones”

Chinese Inner Energy Masters use the term “Shedding the Embryo and Changing the Bones” (脫胎換骨) to the practice of inner energy. This is to describe how inner energy practice will literally change your inner physical body – your genetics – your DNA.1,4-6,13-20,23

You will feel like a different person and look like a different person.

In a sense, reborn…

Your outside appearance is a reflection of your inside

You’ll also notice as your inner energy increases and your inner organs improve, your personality will actually change. In addition to changed appetite, no more cravings, you will see a reduction in negative emotions.5,12,22,38,39,42,47-49

While something before may annoy you, now it doesn’t. Maybe when something before will cause you to feel down, now it doesn’t. Everything about you will change.

Your external appearance will improve and so will your personality.2,3,5,7,8,12,15,22,35,37-39,42,47-49

This is why the Chinese Inner Energy Masters say “Away From the Embryo and Changing the Bones” (脫胎換骨).

This is because…

You will be transformed and re-birthed.





Features from the Book


There are so many methods for visualizations in the modern day. It is very confusing and counter-productive. Most of all, they are time-consuming.

This visualization (2-minutes is all you need) will achieve your goal by directly addressing the mental blocks as well as the blocks in your physical body that are causing you to be overweight and accumulating fat around the belly. This will help change your harmful habits into healthy ones automatically. Sometimes, you don’t even know which habits are harmful. But it will take care of them for you. Fighting our own habits is difficult without the proper tools. This gives you an unique advantage over your subconscious self.


This positive affirmation will create inner energy for your physical body — showing you that our mind do affect the physical body. With more positive inner energy, your body will become more efficient and your digestive tracts will improve.


monk-458491_1280A simple yet powerful inner energy practice used by Ancient Monks to bring their physical body to peak health.  Buddhist practices sometimes are “better” than Taoist practices in their simplistic approach.  Most of time, simple always beats complicated.  This is far better than Yoga, QiGong, Exercise, Meditation due to its immediate result, no detrimental side effects, and quick level up of energy circulation.  This is one of the easiest, fastest way, most powerful way to build inner energy.  This technique encompasses all three of the basic inner energy practices, Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), and Nei-Gong (內功). Done correctly, you’ll find yourself greatly energized.


The abundant energy generated will clear your energy channels. Freely flowing inner energy channels will make your visualization efforts significantly stronger. This is a prerequisite to making visualization truly work wonders for you. When people say that visualization doesn’t work, this is because their energy channels are blocked in many places.

With enough inner energy generated, your body will also find blockages in your mind and body that are causing you to be overweight and then clear them with great force. This great force can’t be generated by visualization, positive affirmation, or hypnosis (Popular nowadays. Again, time-consuming vs benefits). It’s like the difference of taking down a wall with a hammer vs. a knife.


sweat-1576382_1280There are two kinds of sweat. One is good (sign of ample inner energy) and one is not so good (losing inner energy). Are you sweating the right ones?


I’ve seen so many people running trying to lose their weight. Yet despite all the sweat and excruciating efforts, the results are minimal to damaging. As you understand how to build inner energy, you’ll know why running doesn’t work for most people.



Intestinal Energy for Losing Belly Fat and Maintaining Flat Abs

This simple meditation technique in two parts will strengthen your metabolism and your digestive tracts without any significant effort on your part. You can do this while sitting down and anywhere you like.  This is essential for maintaining a flat abs since bad qi circulation in this area is the reason for belly fat.


The secret behind generating inner energy. If you understand this, then you understand what are all inner energy methods trying to achieve.


What is the biggest enemy in all inner energy practices? If you don’t know this and actively address this, you may never see any inner energy benefits.


You’ve probably heard about how acupuncture can help with your inner energy flow. In the past decade, new discovery by Taiwanese Doctor Dr. Zhao-Han Chang have shown that specific points on the body are the Big Switches that can open all small switches (acupressure points). No more needles yet drastically more effective. If you have serious digestive tract problems, then this will truly a game-changer.

Powerful External Energy for Short-Term Weight Loss:

human-digestive-system-163714_1280Building inner energy on your own whether through the mind or body takes time and practice. There are many methods to get extra inner energy right away without much effort. This method significantly strengthens your digestive tracts with much effort on your part.

I will also show a powerful Energy drink to help you slim and lose fat right from day 1 and increase your sex drive.

With your Inner Energy level higher each day, your intestinal energy circulation will increase, the fat residing the belly area will met away.  Most important, it will unlikely to come back because this is NOT just a quick-fix.


Building inner energy is long-term process that changes you from within starting from your internal organs. Some people have more from birth. Some have less. Generally, this is called genetics. Building inner energy changes you internally and eventually externally. To make this process more efficient, you’ll want to know the specific foods that actually hurt your inner energy. Just by stopping the consumption of these foods will make a world of difference for your stomach fat in the short-run and dramatic weight loss for long-term.


magic-1442661_1280One would be wise to take any assistance available in nature to achieve your goal.

Powerful inner energy masters have all used various external energy sources to achieve their state of mind and physical bodies. One of the powerful energy sources is listed here.

By applying this powerful energy source, specifically to your digestive tracts (your belly area), will make weight loss a simple task.  Increased metabolism, strong digestion, and weight loss are easy with this readily available energy source.  Not to mention the simple task of reducing belly fat.


The rich and powerful throughout history have all recognize the powerful energy of different stones to augment their own energy to stay in power.

Like I said before, more inner energy equals more natural attraction. In fact, there are a lot more of it. More persuasion, more confidence, more will, more manifestation power, etc. The list goes on.

I will show you specific stones that augment the energy of your digestive tracts to make your weight loss goal even easier.

While these stones carry freely available energy to assist you, it is not a comparable substitute for the food supplements and external energy source discussed in the previous sections.

You’ve also have learned how to walk to generate immense inner energy – more than any energy stone can give you.

Therefore, these stones are good aids for beginning stages of inner energy building.


When your digestive tracts improve, you’ll find these things may happen and what you should do in response to them.


Socializing the right way will generate great inner energy for you without much effort. Not all socializing are created equal… Socializing the right way will bring you significant inner energy and help you clear your energy blockages that are causing you to be overweight.


There are many methods for building inner energy. Like all methods, they range from simple to advanced practices.

Simple methods are straightforward, easy to practice, and you’ll see results right away. These are the everyday QiGong or Taichi practices you see people do. You have seen so many people practice these supposedly great energy exercises. Yet have you wondered why many of them still look weak and fragile? In this section you will find out why…

The only exception are the masters who dedicated their lives to QiGong and Taichi and knows very advanced inner energy practices that are very difficult to master. But you already know you don’t have a lifetime to practice these methods… right?

The practices of our inner energy weight loss methods are focused for fast and dramatic results. You’ll not only get weight loss results the fastest possible way but with the least effort.

You will also find this is also one of fastest way to get fit, get strong, and get athlete.

Dear Health Seeker,

In ancient China, the practice of inner energy is called Nei-Gong (內功), meaning Internal-Kung Fu. It is the basic energy practice to return one’s inner physical body to a truly healthy state.

It plays an essential role in a set of practices to attain a truly healthy state of mind and body.

The order is Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), Nei-Gong (內功). Then Tao-Gong (道功). Finally Zen-Gong (禪功). The latter two, Tao- and Zen-Gong is more geared toward spiritual enlightenment.

In this book, you will find out a technique that encompasses all three of the inner energy practices specifically on transforming your physical body, Wu-Gong (武功), Qi-Gong (氣功), and Nei-Gong (內功).

It is one of the most efficient inner energy practices and requires no complicated instructions.

On top of that, you’ll get an array of powerful energy sources available to you without any practice to lead you to weight loss.

The true goal of strengthening your body is so you can go on to pursue your heart’s desire.

Life is short. Time is limited. I want you to lose weight and get fit in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort.

That’s why you want to practice the most efficient inner energy weight loss methods and use the simplest and most powerful inner energy sources available.

I don’t want you get trapped into an endless addiction of playing around with Qigong or some fitness fads that could get you nowhere.

Get your body right, fast, and go on to pursue your life’s true calling.

I promise when your body is back to optimal state, your calling will come.


David Hsi-yuan Teng

Publisher & Inner Energy Practitioner
Karma & Enlightenment, Inc.




What You’ll Receive to Start Losing Weight Today:




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Price: Just $47.00 USD







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