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Rachel2From: Rachelle Gordon, BSN, RN

Veteran Nurse, Medical Researcher, Health Consultant & Author

Dear Kidney Disease Sufferer,

You are about to discover what might be the most powerful system that was ever created to manage kidney diseases. It’s the same system that hundreds of kidney patients, just like you, have been using since the dawn of this decade.

These methods were originally kept secret by the leading nephrologists and dietitians for reasons that I will discuss in a while. You will be blown away why this has not gone mainstream yet.

My name is Rachelle Gordon, and over the past 10 years, I’ve been working extensively in hospitals mainly in the Intensive Care Unit and in the out-patient department– two places where you normally see a whole lot of kidney disease sufferers ranging from acute/chronic renal failure, diabetic renal disease, kidney stones to polycystic kidney disease.

My experience as a kidney/renal nurse for 10 years has taught me a sure-fire, proven and tested system that is backed by some of the top nephrologists in the country today.

In addition, the active medical research that I have been doing for the past 7 years specifically for kidney disease sufferers has led me to deliver this diet method to more kidney disease sufferers.

In addition, my private practice as a health consultant for kidney sufferers since early 2003 has given me an avenue to test this system out on clients with various kidney diseases. Hence, you see the unsolicited testimonials on this website.

As you will see in a little while, I have been devouring all the information that I can about the ongoing research on kidney diseases. So caught up that I often get a research finding even before they get published in the medical journals.

I studied all of this from any angle you would look at it in the academe, I have been exposed to countless kidney disease patients in my extensive years of clinical rotations and being a researcher myself, there is very little that I don’t know about kidney diseases.



More strongly, I believe it took them so long to realize this fact.

Here’s why:

Since late 1990′s, a lot of medical journal articles have been springing like mushrooms showing feasibility of delaying the progression of kidney diseases through diet treatments. They have been well-documented and well-received by the leading nephrologists from renowned hospitals in the country.

The sad reality is… Patients never receive these treatments.

Untreated kidney/renal failures progress to end stage renal disease or ESRD. This is the point where dialysis or kidney transplantation become inevitable.

To add credibility to this, the US Renal Data system for 1999 even states “1 out of 5 people withdraws from dialysis before death”. Think about that for a second. Do you really want this to happen to you?

In a recently conducted review, medical records of an insanely large number of kidney patients were examined. The records reviewed totalled 157,057 kidney disease patients in what have become one of the largest medical reviews ever done.

Data showed  60% had abnormal albumin concentrations indicating malnutrition, 51% had some form of anemia, diabetes and kidney stone formation.

Researchers of the said review concluded “… an alarmingly poor quality pre-renal failure care among patients with kidney disease in the United States”

In fact, a well-renowned nephrologist from Johns Hopkins University Hospital by the name of Dr. M. Alser even stated in one of his books “Kidney Failure is under treated by doctors. More often, patients only come back when they are ready for dialysis.”


Yes, it’s true. Throughout medical history, Science has provided us with 3 treatment options…

Dont worry, it will not take a rocket scientist to figure out which one is the best for you.

Anyways, here they are – Try to figure out which of these best suites you…

1.) Hemodialysis – Before the mid 70′s, having kidney failure meant death. That’s the sad fact that was eliminated with the advent of hemodialysis. But come to think of it, do you really want to be hooked to a dialysis machine every 2-3 days for the rest of your life?

2.) Kidney Transplantation – If at all 100% successful, leads to lower mortality rate than hemodialysis. The problem lies in finding a donor and the waiting time. You might actually degenerate and lead to hemodialysis before a donor shows up. If your body does not reject it, you still have to take harmful and toxic drugs for life which carries with it its own danger.

3.) Low Protein Diet (Pre-Dialysis Diet) – You may not have heard of this treatment yet, or maybe you vaguely came across this while researching. More often than I ever care to count, physicians fail to tell their clients that they are having signs of kidney failure. They would tend to wait until symptoms show and then prescribe medications and wait for their patient to get into dialysis stage.

Among the three, I’m pretty sure you will pick the last one. Right? It’s the safest, cheapest, and it gives out the best outcome among the three.

Alright, let me break it down to explain how a pre-dialysis treatment using low protein diet can change your life starting today…

What You Didn’t Know…

The earliest attempt of this diet is back in 1960′s when Giordano and Giovanetti limited the protein intake of patients with impending renal failure. Though they have seen dramatic kidney function improvements, it was far from perfect.

Since then, nephrologists who saw the need for pre-dialysis treatment of kidney disease patients applied this approach to their patients. And I have to tell you, there were very few of them.

A team of nephrologists from a well-renowned hospital in United States used this method back in 1999. On that hospital alone, they were able to improve the kidney function of all 176 patients that year.

A similar study was conducted in France by nephrologist/researcher Michel Aparicio and his colleagues. To everyone’s amazement, the same results occurred– better kidney functioning as evidenced by blood creatinine levels.

Why You May Never Have Known This Proven Effective Method…

Sad fact be bluntly told, physicians tend to prefer giving medications than giving specific dietary treatments.

Until such time that kidney diseases have progressed enough to need dialysis, most physicians do not regularly check urine samples to verify kidney degradation.

In support of this, Consumer Reports featured an article entitled “Taking Charge of Diabetes: Self-Care Is Crucial and Widely Neglected.” Yet the article makes no mention of testing for urine protein and instead is devoted entirely to testing blood sugar.

This goes to show that the proper funding authorities have not yet given much emphasis on dietary treatments.


If you think very low of yourself because of your kidney disease, I would like you to meet Anna Williams, 53…

I met Anna when she came to the hospital out-patient department. She was noted to have protein in her urine which signified she had declining kidney function or fewer amount of blood was draining through her kidneys.

She was 42 then. And was overweight.

Her medical history showed she had kidney stones 16 years earlier and developed anemia, declining heart function and signs of diabetic renal disease as she grew older.

On top of everything, she had progressive renal failure.

Pretty hard to manage, don’t you think so?

Her physician told her to be ready for dialysis in 6 months time and that she might eventually have to go through dialysis in a year or two.

She was just devastated. She has a family to look after, had a well-paying job that she thought she had to give up.

This was when she came up to me and asked for my help.

And here’s what we did…

I spent some time explaining to her how her CKD developed, what treatment she’s going through.

I gave her the exact same 3-step process mentioned above and  I instructed her to follow a regular exercise program.

In a few weeks time, we were ecstatic to find out that her kidney function tests began to improve. Her blood pressure eventually came down as well after she followed the diet system in place.

As we progressed, she even lowered her weight down to normal levels after she followed my advise.

As the years passed, she told me the system had become a part of her and that she barely even know she’s following a kidney diet.

She now lives with her retired husband, she’s as happy as ever and even told me the phrase I will never forget…

“Thanks to your diet system, I have my life back…”

It was then that I realized that my technique could help out thousands more people all over the world.

So I decided to put everything in a book… Every technique, every single bit of information that I knew could help and change the lives of more and more people with kidney diseases.

One of my private practice clients knew someone who makes a websites for a living, thus this website was born…


Regular Price $67 Today $47

That is, if you want them to be.

You see, the real beauty of this system is that it is individualized according to your preferences.

You are not forced to eat this, that and what not… You have complete control.

Can you imagine what its like being able to be in charge of your own health knowing you keep on getting better and better?

You can still eat the food you love the most and never compromise your health.

Let me tell you, with the effectivity and versatility of this diet program, your dreadful kidney disease years are as good as over.

But that’s just 3/4 of the problem, in most cases. Because having a kidney disease is not just about treating the kidneys. Right?

It’s all about holistic healing. You still need to worry about the complications it might have caused to your heart where problems are shared almost immediately.

There is still your weight issue that needs to be addressed as your fluid balance was taken out of equilibrium.

Your vitamin and mineral needs has to be taken into consideration as well.

…when it comes down to it, the sad fact is, unless you act very soon, a lot of other organs will be affected as well.

But don’t worry – the Kidney Diet Secret strategy is a holistic approach to help you reverse kidney failure and keep all other organs in balance just as they were before your kidney disease.

It is an all-in-one treatment strategy based on over 3 decades of research, testing and proving. I poured everything I learned, experienced, and assimilated over the years on this book.

In short, the Kidney Diet Secrets guide is the last thing you will ever need to manage your kidney disease!

If you are suffering from any kidney disease at all, you might have already realized how the Kidney Diet Secrets can help you.

So do me a favor, and please think about that for  a moment instead of worrying how much it really costs…

…which by the way, with such proven effectiveness, is not even close to what you are thinking.

Think of how much this kidney diet guide could turn your life for the better.

Really picture it.

Imagine your life without burden, frustrations or limitations.

All the fear of “the inevitable” is gone. You will no longer worry about tomorrow or the day after that. In fact, you will be excited to face it. Just like anyone should. You deserve it.

After all, it’s possible.

And that’s exactly what will happen to you when you learn how to beat your kidney disease by using the Kidney Diet Secrets guide.

You just have to decide if it’s really what you want and then take action.

Let me tell you something as a friend who has been on the kidney disease scene for quite a long time:

You are your own doctor. All too often, patients make the mistake of quitting and leaving everything to the doctor.

Well, they are just waiting for the day when dialysis/renal transplants will be advised.

And that’s when the costs skyrocket. Imagine how much tri-weekly dialysis would cost? How about renal transplants and the maintenance medicines that you need to take for the rest of your life? Doctor fees? Private duty nurses’ fees?

To make matters worse, think about the time you would lose, events you will not be able to attend to and potentials that you are throwing away once you go on dialysis or transplants.

I’m not going to ask you thousands of dollars here… Not even half that.

In fact, not even going to ask you a tenth.

You see, if you go ahead and buy the Kidney Diet Secrets guide right now, you can get full access for the special price of $99  … (keep reading and you’ll see I’ve even lowered the price for an indefinite period of time, today might be the last!)


Earlier, I promised a great price for this, and I wasn’t kidding…

For a product that has this much content and value and has been proven to work for kidney patients time and time again, you might also expect a high price…

But you’re wrong. It’s really not.

If you download a copy right now, at this very minute, you can get it for just $47.

For just $47, you will be able to turn your life around… It’s a no-brainer purchase for you as we have put up our iron clad, no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee along with the lifetime bonuses that you will receive.

All for a one time fee of $47.

The Kidney Diet System is the last guide you will ever going to need.

So take action!

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