Joint Regen

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“Joint Pain Isn’t Really
About Your Joints…”

That may sound funny, but it’s true.

So what is it about then?

It’s about not being able to do the things you really want to without pain and/or without paying such a huge price the next day that it’s no  longer worth it.

These are not small things…

Depending on how severe the pain is you can be limited in…

The list goes on and on…

The fact is, there isn’t much we do without our joints.

Yes, I know that’s not PhD level info, but I point it out because the stakes are higher than most people think, and finding a solution is worth our best effort!

Ok, let’s get into it by quickly covering…

“The Primary Causes Of Joint Pain”

In order to understand the causes of joint pain, it helps to know what makes up a joint.

Here’s the makeup of a Synovial joint at a very high level.

(a Synovial joint is the most common joint in humans and it achieves movement at the point of contact of the articulating bones…think hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, etc.)

For illustration purposes, we will look at a knee…

Some of the specifics change (e.g. certain ligaments, bones and tendons), but joint pain is typically explained by issues in one or more of these components.

Of course, the range of causes for joint pain are too numerous to get into in this presentation, but the three most common in the people I work with are…

“A Solution That Can Get You Back To Doing The Things You Really Want To Do”

First, the bad news…

For a long time doctors believed there wasn’t anything that could be done about cartilage after it was gone (i.e. it doesn’t grow back).

Today, researchers believe there are supplements that can help improve each of the components of the joint, but almost none of common products available deliver a comprehensive solution based on the most cutting edge safe and natural ingredients available on the market today.

Let me explain…

In order to have a joint that functions properly without pain, you need to ensure each component is healthy and strong.

For example, you could have enough cartilage, but if you lack sufficient lubrication or have weak tendons, there can still be pain. This is one reason why Glucosamine and Chondroitin are a good start, but not everybody sees progress when taking them alone.

With this in mind, I asked the team at my lab to pour through all the latest studies and supplements on the market today so we could develop a comprehensive solution that would benefit the entire joint and really help people with their joint pain.

The results were profound, and frankly, not what I expected.

Based on our research…

“These Are the Safest Natural Supplements That Can Dramatically Reduce Your Joint Pain…”

There you have it! Based on our research, these are the most effective ingredients available for joints.

we knew we had a formula for a product that could really help people.

And the end result is something we call Joint Regen

Check out the label…

Yep, it’s no coincidence that it has every joint benefitting ingredient discovered in our research…in one product!

As you can imagine, to purchase each of these separately would be pretty expensive and ALOT of pills.

How expensive?

Well, I went online to one of the major supplement retailers to check it out, and here’s what my shopping cart looked like when I was done…


(And that doesn’t even include Vitamin C, Manganese, Zinc Copper and Chromium!!)

**Like Joint Regen, the products shown have 120 capsules (or less) for comparison purposes. Prices are current as of the time of the search. Not all of the products were an exact one for one match, but those shown do feature the ingredient**

But my goal isn’t to gouge you for $164.41…it’s to get the best joint solution in your hands so you can start doing the things you really want to do again.

In fact, I’m not even asking for half that at $82, or even $50…

“How Can I Know If It Will Work For Me?”

Almost all of us have dropped our hard earned money on a supplement that hasn’t delivered.

In fact, even without getting scammed there is a chance that your body won’t react as substantially as others…so bottom line is this:

Our guaranteeYou can’t know without trying…

And with that in mind, I’m willing to assume 100% of the risk to let you figure it out.

That’s right – I will send you a bottle of Joint Regen, let you try every capsule, and if within 60 days for ANY reason whatsoever you’re not satisfied, I will refund the ENTIRE purchase price.


I firmly believe you shouldn’t be on the hook to pay for a product that doesn’t perform consistent with what I claim it will.

That’s my pledge to you and why I’m willing to take all the risk.

But I need to be up front with you about something…

After investing significant time and money into researching and generating the precise formula you see above, my management team wasn’t too excited about me offering Joint Regen for only $39.95.

I won them over by promising that this would only be the introductory price.

So if you are currently suffering from joint pain and want to get back to the things you really want to be doing, the time to act is now.

Again, I am so confident that I am willing to put my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee on the results.

This is not a gimmick.

My staff and I are highly accessible via your preferred communication method and we aim to ensure you are satisfied…no matter what.

Now is the time start making progress towards getting back to what you really want to be doing…without joint pain!

Go ahead and choose how many months’ supply you want above, and we’ll get your Joint Regen shipped out right away!

Best of luck to you and I look forward to hearing about your results with Joint Regen!

Train Hard,

Rick Gray

PS: If joint pain is keeping you from doing the things you want to do, the time to act is now because I am personally giving you 60 days to try Joint Regen with absolutely zero risk. Yep, you can take every pill and if you’re not satisfied I will refund the entire purchase price.

PPS: If you have been taking an incomplete solution featuring 1 or 2 of the ingredients we discussed, you owe it to yourself to try a comprehensive solution while there is zero risk to do so.

PPPS: Remember, not only do the ingredients in Joint Regen offer a comprehensive solution, they have been shown to work synergistically…in other words, they offer the greatest benefit to your joints when taken together…something you can’t get elsewhere from single product!

Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!